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nikkibeckettcsm replied to your post:tbh I don’t really care when they use stand ins….

I wonder if these people even realize that the exchanging of the rings in 7x06 probably wasn’t even Stana and nathan,doesn’t mean it makes the scene any less iconic or special. They need to be like Elsa and let it go

Nikki, don’t you know that because it wasn’t Nathan and Stana exchanging rings that Castle and Beckett aren’t actually married? COME ON.

I love how everyone judges Ereri because Levi’s older yet no one says anything about Ymir and Historia since Ymir is a gat damn ancestor.

I cannot wait to go to our cottage this friday, im rlly pumped up

A lot of peiple were angry abiut nancy and Steve back together but I think the fact that he realized how much he fucked up and how much nancy meant to him. I mean he did run in and help fight the demogorgon (sure lets csll it that)
He cleaned up after himself, went to go apologize to johnathan, and apologized to nancy. For a guy like him thats big. For anyone thats big.

I really love the dichotomy between nancy and johnathan and glad theyre still really close and that he got his camera replaced.

I wish we had more barb grieving because she got sidelined HARD. Her disappearance is a convenience and plot hook to move nancy into league with johnathan and that is undeniable. She served very little purpose besides that and giving us a hint of nancy before steve.

Nancy steve and johnathan will likely become closer but not as close as the younger trio but still… pretty good reconciled friends.
So chillax people. I think nancy x steve is okay.

Happy birthday @finalprocrastinator !!

Many months ago there was an art prompt going around that was like “draw yourself as a league champion with your ace pokemon,” and he constructed this ridiculous OC:

A former dark-type gym leader who rose up the Kalos League ranks and took an Elite Four spot after Malva’s criminal activity got her fired. He soon won the championship with his zygarde, which is so tame it will chillax and let him lounge on its massive body, earning it the nickname “Sofa King.”

Outside of battle he is a chill bro and a bit of a memelord. He looks all cool until he opens up his dramatic overcoat to reveal…… a dunsparce screenprint t-shirt. This guy fucking loves dunsparce. His battle team? A calculated array of fearsome pokemon. His beloved pets? A bunch of dunsparce.

Gym leader Valerie hates him for some reason, mostly because someone so unstylish is now leading her region’s league. Can anyone challenge his title and restore Kalos’s reputation?? (I tried to shoehorn in my very fashionable Kalos girl to do it by rebuilding Team Flare, only with a new motto: “No Genocide, Only Fashion.” But I don’t think Peyton has it in her to lead a whole team, let alone take up the reigns of championship. She kinda lazy.)

The name of this unpredictable man who has shaken the Kalos League so?


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FYI she has never confirmed she was "straight" so..... Well anyway lets just wait and see i guess 👀 the truth cant be hidden forever, latest events hv proven us that 😉 so lets all chillax and watch it all happen soon 🙃!! Im sorry for the longest rant of ur life 😂 but i had to get it off my chest. Part 6++


KENTA - A1079880

Please Share: TO BE DESTROYED 07/15/16 A volunteer writes: Who’s my handsome escort you want to know? The one with the jaunty step, good leash manners and wagging tail? The one in the gorgeous, golden coat and smiling face? Why, that’s Kenta and he’d love to make friends with you too! This awesome fellow was my last walk of the day, and talk about saving the best for last! He’s housetrained and has an elegant step that makes you smile to watch him. He gives hugs and kisses and was so content to simply chillax on a bench with me, tail gently waving, stealing a kiss or two, or three. He’s such a nice, gentle boy – there’s an air about him – of acceptance, of kindness, of an ease with himself and people….that something something that I can’t put a finger on, but is just there. The friend that will always accept you for what you are, never be judgmental and always give you what you need. That’s Kenta and someone is going to be very lucky. Please Share: