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An ambitious performer who, so far, has made the right moves in order to make his dreams come true.

Being the main choreographer and leader of an unit sounds like an exhausting combination, specially when those two things involve leading twelve people to pull many different choreographies that will be seen by everyone around the world; but despite the huge responsibility those two titles have, you’ve carry them all perfectly to the point of receiving lots of praise both from outsiders who see the value of your work and from the industry itself, who even rewarded you and your members’ efforts with a World Performer Award which was widely acknowledged by your own group members as a major prop of yours. Plus, all this previously mentioned is topped with your joyful personality and your contagious laugh, always accompanied with that bright smile of yours.

Happy Birthday Hoshi, may your many talents keep blooming as the time goes. Thank you for being a wonderful person who inspires both the people around you and Carats as well 🌟 #PRINCEHOSHIDAY #호시왕댯님_탄신일 입니다

The first time is serious business - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

#10. Making love for the first time. Only slightly NSFW, mostly fluffy. And not great…Thank for the compliment by the way :), hope you’ll like it :

THERE’S SOME SORT OF PART TWO HERE : Titus likes you…too much

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The first time he saw you, he was barely ten years old. You were in the same class than him in Gotham Academy, and he noticed you right away because your uniform was old and had clearly been used before. He guessed pretty fast that you were one of those kids from poor families that his father gave a scholarship to, which meant, you were a smart one. 

“Smart”, didn’t even do justice to your intelligence. He never met anyone (that wasn’t his father or brothers) like you, you were extra-brainy, sometimes he even thought you were almost as astute as him…But not only, you were also full of wit and quick responses, and so damn brave. You were a short one, and yet, when he saw you get bullied by sixteen years old, he didn’t even had time to react and come help you that you already shot your foot to one of the guy’s crotch mercilessly. And then kicked his face. The two others bullies were so stunned, they just ran away. They ran away from a short ten year old girl…You were amazing. 

He pleaded to his father so that you wouldn’t get fired from school for kicking that guy’s ass, and Bruce was so impressed with you, and how his son defended you, that he pressured the school into keeping you. 

-I know it’s thanks to you I’m still here, so…yeah, thank you dude. 

-I didn’t do anything. 

-Lier. I know who your dad is. I know it’s thanks to him I have the opportunity to be in the best school of Gotham. And I know he convinced the school’s board not to fire me. My guts are telling me you’re the one responsible for your father’s intervention. So…Thanks. 

And that’s how you became friend with him. You quickly guessed he was the night vigilante “Robin”, and it wasn’t really a big deal. Maybe it was your child’s brain telling you that a hero, with all the costume wearing a people saving, such as him was just wicked cool, that you thought it really wasn’t a big deal On the contrary, you thought Damian was like, the coolest guy you ever met. After Batman and Nightwing of course. He made it his life goal to show you he was better than them…and it made you slowly fall for him as the years went by, and as you grew up together. 

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Tron (1982)

Magnus forgets how many dates he’s been on throughout his life.

For a long time, some of them were secrets in the shadows, kisses that couldn’t be shown for fear of ridicule and death. Magnus remembers those times in memories that take over his mind sometimes, times of lovers and fighters, of men and women who he loved and who loved him, and memories of saying goodbye.

Walking with Alec by his side, Magnus thinks these memories are still important. Because even though he’s here, now, with this shadowhunter who’s looking at him like he’s hung the sky, a hand gripped tight in his own, those past memories are still important, and Magnus doesn’t think he’d change any of them. Even if some were less pleasant than others, they lead him to this park, this path with this man that he loves, that, for the first time, he thinks he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

He looks at Alec, who is already glancing at Magnus himself. Alec has a relaxed smile curving at his lips, and his cheeks are flushed, even in the cool air of a spring night in Brooklyn. Magnus wonders what Alec is thinking of, speculates if it’s anything like Magnus’ thoughts of memories. Instead of asking, Magnus returns Alec’s soft smile and leans in to kiss him on his chapped lips.


Alec has been on thirty-three dates in his life; he counts them all. Memories of his husband and him are effortless to remember, and Alec finds it easy to look back on those memories while still looking forward to the new ones they will make together.

Looking at Magnus at his side, Alec thinks about those memories that they will experience. Of the places they want to see and the new friends they want to meet and the old friends they want to visit. He also knows of the subjects they’ve also danced around; remembers the way Magnus’ eyes shone as he watched Alec hold Izzy’s day-old daughter just that morning. Alec has watched Magnus with Madzie throughout the years as she has grown up, knows they both enjoy doting on her like she is their own child, and wonders absently about having their own children.

Thankfully, the thought isn’t as obscure as it might have been a decade ago. Both Alec and Magnus have worked to fight the prejudice that has plagued the Clave for centuries, working with the other downworld leaders to create an unbiased world, where people from the two different sides can be equals.

Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, the deep set racism and homophobia from the Clave is not easy to eradicate, but Alec is still proud of the slow-moving progress they have made. He knows the problems won’t be solved quickly; they may take lifetimes, long after today’s mortals are long dead, but that makes him all the more proud to be apart of it.

It hurts to think about, hurts to look at his sister and brothers and know he won’t have them around one day. But those negative thoughts often change to ideas of spending the rest of Alec’s long life with the man he loves, running the Institute and changing lives for the better, and that makes the past choices that much easier to bear.


Magnus doesn’t think he’d change much in his life that has led him here, not the amount of dates he’s been on, not the kisses he’s shared before, not the people who he has loved, and who have loved him. Not when they have led him to this; this immortal love he’s fallen into, and never wants to leave.


Alec often looks forward to the rest of his immortal life he is going to live with Magnus. He thinks about their future; a peaceful world between the downworld and the Clave, a world they will be happy to raise their future kids in. Alec has never experienced a world like that, but he is happy to be apart of creating it, awaiting the day in ten, one hundred, or even five hundred years from now that he can walk down this path again, with his husband by his side, and look back with no regrets.

Lance x Pidge AU idea / Fanfic idea

Alright so call this a school AU - whatever you want but here are my idea’s;

- Pidge is somewhat well know at school; she’s not incredibly popular but also isn’t completely at the end of the scale.

-She’s Good friends with a lot of people but has a couple close friends, one being Keith.

- She’s also captain of them mathletes and is a straight A student

- Then the principal assigns her to tour some of the new kids transferring to the school; This is how she meets Lance

- Lance, being new to the school, takes time to let his true, flirty, personality show - Although within a couple of seconds of seeing and meeting Pidge, he already knows he’s screwed.

- She’s cute, small, but confident, strong-minded, smart, witty, and is quick to comeback at anything Lance says in a sweet and joking manner.

- Pidge doesn’t feel anything for Lance straight away, nor does she realise Lance’s all too obvious crush on her

- They have lockers next to each other he makes sure he’s at her locker whenever class ends

- Lance also meets Matt; Pidge’s brother; and he can already tell by the way Lance looks at her that he really likes her

- Lance’s grades are average and has no actual need to raise them - He then comes up with a way to get closer to Katie and see her more often - He asks her to tutor him in both Math and Science

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anonymous asked:

Hi! So hapy to know you're doing something special for the Choi boys! Can I request MC deciding to give a cat to Saeyoung for his birthday?

Countdown to the Cake: 4

The Rainbow Code


You feet hurt. You’ve been strolling in the mall for almost 2 hours now, trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your fiancée, it wouldn’t be that hard if it wasn’t for the two whining messes complaining behind you.

“My back hurt.” Yes, Yoosung, we got it when you said the 9 times before.

“Ugh… I’m bored. Can we stop and get some ice cream?”

“No, not yet. Let’s stroll a little more, Saeran. Please… bare with me, guys.”

“MC, we’ve wandered around these shops before,there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before.”

“I know, but what if we passed for the right gift and I didn’t notice?”

“You know you could give him a pair of socks and he would still squeal like an idiot because it’s coming from you, right?” Saeran says, crossing his arms.

“Ugh… but I can’t give him socks, Saeran. I… he really didn’t give you any hint on what he would like?”

“Nope. And I would have noticed since he is not really subtle at hinting, that fool.” You groan in annoyance. “Just… accept you’re not finding anything here, MC.”

“What about some fancy hair products? I saw this shampoo that revitalizes color and…” Saeran shuts down and stops listening, it’s not like you cared as you keep blabbering and walking inside the cosmetic store.

He sits next to Yoosung in the bench and groans in annoyance.

“What’s wrong with her? Why she doesn’t just give up? Ugh… my brother and her are such a match in that sense.”

“But, Saeran… if you don’t like helping her, why are you here?”

“I can’t help it, she… she called the violet code.”

“The what?”

“Violet stands for ‘MC needs help’. It’s a stupidity Saeyoung created, we have these secret codes between us to make sure MC is happy, it’s… it’s so cheesy and stupid!”

“And whatever this is, you’re still following it.”

“Well, yeah! It’s simple, happy MC means happy Saeyoung, and happy couple means less problems for me to deal with. Seriously, you have no idea the hell these two fools make when they fight.”

“Oh, I do. Last time they fought, Saeyoung called me crying because MC apparently hated him and he wanted to rent a zeppelin to win her back.” Saeran rolls his eyes, yeah… he knew everything about the zeppelin ordeal.

“So you know why I follow Saeyoung stupid’s rainbow code.”

“Rainbow? Oh my God, there are 7 codes for this? You gotta tell me which are the other codes!”

“Yoosung, have you found something for him?” you walk out of the store and stop in front of them.

“I did, MC. I bought these comic books I thought he would like while you were seeing those customized sweaters.” Which, thankfully… you didn’t buy.

“Oh… comic books, yeah… that’s so thoughtful and adorable, Yoosung. Ugh… you should be his fiancé instead of me…”

“I’ll pass, but… don’t feel down, MC. I’m sure you’ll think of something meaningful to both of you that expresses your feelings very well.”

“How about cat lingerie, then?”

“He already has cat lingerie…” you sigh. Saeran feels like saying something, but… nah, better pretend he didn’t hear this.  

“Okay, have you ever considered asking him directly what he wants, like you did to me?”

“I did, but… I want to think of this myself, you know? We’re getting married pretty soon, I have to be able to give him what he wants without him telling me.”

“MC… don’t you think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself? You’ve been engaged for less than a year now…”

“Don’t even try, Yoosung. She’s stubborn just like him. And…” he gets up and starts to walk “I have no patience for any of this!”

“But Saeran, the violet code…”

“Fuck the violet code, MC”

“Wait, isn’t the rainbow code a thing just between the twins?”

“Yeah, and there’s the blue code in this.”

“Which means ‘MC is spending too much time with us and learning how to hack, so she knows the codes.’” Saeran explains in total boredom.

“Yeah…I called the violet code, not Saeyoung. So you still have to help me, Saeran!”

“I’m trying to help you, but there’s nothing I can do if you can’t take my help, you know? Ugh… fuck this, I’m gonna get some ice cream.”

“Ugh… what do I do, Yoosung?”

“Right now? Tell me all the codes, I’m so curious,MC!”

Saeran goes all the way to the ice cream shop muttering. How can you and his brother be so alike? It’s almost disturbing! Too bad you’re actually likeable most of the times and now he really feels this need to help you…

He picks the flavor he wants and pays to the girl in the cashier, who… happens to look vaguely familiar. What the hell?

“Have a nice day, sir!”

“You too… Saeyoung.” The girl widens her eyes before lowering her head and chuckling.

“Guess I can’t fool you, brother.”

“I’m not sure if I really want to know, but… what the fuck, Saeyoung?”

“Well, you know those days when you just want to put on a cute dress and infiltrate into the ice cream shop in the mall where your fiancée is buying your birthday gift? It’s… one of those days.”

“So you’re spying on her.”

“I prefer ‘watching her steps attentively’, please.”

“And why are you s… watching her steps attentively?”

“Yes, Saeyoung, why are you spying on me?” holy shit! You and Yoosung are standing next to the balcony.

“Saeyoung? Who is this handsome man named Saeyoung you all keep talking about?” he does this weird high voice, and you cross your arms, glaring at him and making him sigh. “Hi, honey…”

“What are you doing, Saeyoung? I told you before how creepy it is when you do things like that!”

“I know, and I’m trying to stop, but… I couldn’t stay at home knowing you and my brother were trying to get something for me. I… don’t know, MC, I panicked, okay?”

“Why did you panic?”

“Because… it’s… it’s still hard to believe, MC. My fiancée going to the mall with my brother and my best friend to get me a birthday present, is this real? Is this… happiness real? I… can’t really stay home while something like this is happening, I can’t miss all the happiness that is surrounding my life right now, because… what if it ends?”

Yoosung looks at you and Saeran, he’s honestly shocked, he knew how much Saeyoung still struggled with his depressive thoughts from time to time, but he never really saw one of these moments in person. You and Saeran apparently did, though.

“You’re such a moron, Saeyoung.” Whoa… not the reaction he was expecting from Saeran.

“Ugh… I know. And I’m really sorry, bro. I’m sorry, Yoosung. And I’m sorry… MC.”

“I… told you more than once you don’t have to apologize so much, silly. And… I also told you it won’t end, Saeyoung. I’m here, we’re getting married in less than a month, and your brother is here too. This is just your first birthday we’re spending together, the first of many. I’ll be here for you getting older with you every year of our lives. So… don’t worry about missing moments, there are so many important ones to come.” You just feel your own tears when you see his.

“I can’t believe you two are really crying and making a scene in an ice cream shop. Can you believe it, Yoosung?”

“I can…” of course, because he’s crying too.

The four of you finally leave the shop. Saeran still can’t believe he’s the one to apologize for his friends’ weirdness. He, of all people.

He really needs a break from you two, and Yoosung needs to recompose yourself. So now it’s just the two of you sitting in the bench.

“So, uhm… thank you for what you said, MC.I… am sure you’re tired of always repeating the same stuff to me, but I appreciate it, you know, the way you appreciate me. The way you love me.”

“I do love you, don’t I?”

“Yes, you do… and that makes me realize that’s the best gift I could possibly have, and not only for my birthday.” You blush, and he giggles. You don’t really mind getting flustered if he makes him smile like this. “The idea of us being this old couple, sitting on our rocking chairs in the porch, talking about how young people have no respect and… surrounded by cats, and…”

“Wait, what?”

“What what?”

“Surrounded by cats?”

“Well, yeah… I… love cats, and  despite of what Jumin think, I would be a good owner, if you… helped me.” then it hits you, the perfect birthday gift!



“I’m calling the red code.”





“YEEEESS!” he gets up and takes your hand, hugging you. Then he lifts you up before pulling you closer for a kiss. And you two laugh.

“Whew… they’re okay. I thought we would have to call the zepellin guy again…” Yoosung whispers to Saeran. But you and Saeyoung notice their presence again pretty quickly.

“Hey, Saeran, guess what?” you ask him.


“She called the red code!” you two giggle, still hugging each other.





“SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT DOES THE RED CODE MEAN, FOR GOD’S SAKE!” Yoosung almost shouts in confusion.

“MC WANTS TO ADOPT A CAT!” you and Saeyoung say at the same time.

You can see the other days here!

My fellow Russians, every time you hear the song American Boy by Комбинация on radio somewhere and get really embarassed, it’s okay. Just remember that an equally cheesy song Baby’s a Red by House of Heroes exists.

So yeah, there’s a Soviet 1990 hit song in which Russian girl dreams about some upper middle class American guy, but there’s also a song about American guy falling in love with Soviet girl (and, by extension, with Russia). The song with lines like “If the bombs fall on our lands / Then all politics won’t matter / Only that I loved you until death”

So, like

We’re even. Kinda.

A Dream and a Wish Part 1

Word Count: 2,255

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s Bucky’s first birthday since joining the Avengers. Tony insists on throwing a party. However, being close to you, he’ll only agree if you are the one to plan it. Using this to your advantage to get even closer to him, Wanda and Natasha help plan a surprise for the former winter soilder. ((After CA:CW. All issues have been resolved))

Warning: Fluff, language, drinking, suggestive smut, dirty talking.

A/N: I know I’m late but this is in honor of Sebastian Stan’s birthday that was on Sunday. This was suppose to be a one shot until I got carried away. I also LOVE Wanda and Nat as the sneaky best friends. Next part will have my attempt at SMUT. Feedback is definitely appreciated. ((There also maybe some spelling and grammar errors. I typed this up on my phone and edited it on the computer.))

Part 2 

Originally posted by dolorioushaze

“No.” You said simply as Natasha and Wanda heaved a sigh.

“Oh come on (Y/N)! Who wouldn’t love a costume party? you could dress in something sexy!” Natasha said. “I still have that sexy pirate costume from Halloween!” Wanda nodded in agreement.

“No! That’s trying to hard! Besides, do you think Bucky really wants to dress up? Remember his Halloween costume?” You asked crossing your arms.

“Oh my God yes!” Wands giggled. “He just put on a cape and claimed to be a ‘vampire’.”

“I know who’s neck he wanted to suck that night.” Nat said as she wiggled her eyebrows at you. Your cheeks turned red.

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Oh boy oh boy these head cannon fun sounds great! Let's start with....... Peter Parker is the best at sciences and maths but does not have a musical bone in his body at all, no matter how much he appreciates it

Peter watched in awe as your fingers danced over the piano keys, the soft melody filling your tiny apartment. The light of the setting sun filtered through the blinds, casting an orange glow over your face as you concentrated on the music.
“You’re amazing,” he said honestly, resting his chin on his arms to look at you. He was lying on his belly on the sofa, his arms resting on the arm of the sofa and serving as a pillow for his head.
You chuckled softly, ducking your head down and feeling your cheeks heating up. “It’s not that difficult. C'mon, I’ll teach you.”
Panic wrote itself all over your boyfriend’s face, making you giggle. “C'mon!” you encouraged, holding your hand out to him and shifting over on the bench.
He got to his feet slowly, sitting beside you on the bench before looking to you for guidance. Smiling softly, you took his hands gently and positioned them over the keys. His thin fingers wobbled slightly as you moved them, before you placed your own hands over his.
Peter found his eyes drifting from the keys to look at you as you guided his fingers over the piano, making slow, clumsy music fill the air.
Your bottom lip was held between your teeth as you concentrated, and he longed to rub away the frown line forming between your eyebrows. He knew he wouldn’t remember any of the tune you had him playing, but he’d never forget the way you looked in the setting sunlight as soft piano music filled the room.

Hold Onto Me

This is a gift for my lovely friend @hikaru9. She requested a fluff fic for after 2x15 and it took me forever to get it done, but still here it is, Yuks! <3

Thank you so much to my lovely Parabeta, @sfjessii. She inspired me to finished this fic and I could not be more happy for it!

You can also read it here: Hold Onto Me

Also the rune is modeled after the plus happiness rune Matthew Daddario created. I have no art skills so it is cheesy but whatever I tried XD <3

The song they dance to is Unsteady by Mo

Alec wakes up, fully prepared to count this as the fifth morning that he wakes up to an empty bed. He understands that Magnus has opened up to him about what he endured in Valentine’s body, but he doesn’t expect Magnus to just get better because of it. He wishes he could take the pain away from Magnus, make everything better. He rolls over and to his surprise Magnus is still in bed, and finally sleeping.

He moves closer, a soft smile on his face as he watches Magnus sleep. His fingers trace Magnus’ jawline, starting just behind his ear and making his way all the way down, over his chin, up to ghost over his lips. He watches as a tear slips from Magnus’ eye before kissing it away.

At least he is getting some sleep, Alec should be glad for that, but his sleep is not restful if he’s still seeing the memories, memories that would still be repressed if Alec had only believed Magnus when he told him he was trapped in Valentine’s body. He had a part in this, in making Magnus relive his most horrifying memory.

He rolls back over onto his back staring up at the ceiling, one hand resting on his stomach, the other finding Magnus’ hand. He promised Magnus he would always be here and he meant it, nothing else matters right now.

“Alexander.” It is a soft whisper, followed by a series of kisses along his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“I think I should be the one to ask you that, Magnus.” He sighs, turning his head to meet his love’s eyes, “Did you dream of it again?” Magnus nods.

“Talking about it didn’t really help.” He sighs, his chin resting on Alec’s shoulder. “I mean I am glad you know now, and that you still love me, but I just want the memories to go away.”

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they’re definitely a bit tipsy

  • Me: *Shares what I want to do with my life*
  • People: I mean that's a nice dream to have but it's going to be pretty hard to achieve. Why don't you try something more attainable?
  • Me:
  • Me: Okay, as I was saying, I wanna do the thing :) So I'm gonna do the thing :) Because I have the motivation needed to do the thing :) And you're not gonna take that away :)
  • Me:
  • Me: :)