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Does the face of a person ever just randomly pop into your head and you can’t help but smile (internally or externally) You can either: A) Relate this to rl B) Or be like me, hopelessly in love with fictional characters

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Sherlock Holmes never missed a day without saying i love you to Molly Hooper.

Some days more than once with a kiss on the cheek or hug or even both.

And it was sweet at first, really sweet.

But she began to get tired.

It wasn’t like she didn’t appreciate him opening his heart for her.

But she thought he didn’t need to vocalize it every single day .

They weren’t some kind of new young lovers who build their relationship with sweet words.

They were more than that.

Till he forgot.

She woke up early to find him already fully dressed and talking fast about a case out of London and he was already late for meeting John at the train station and would stay there for few days and he left.

she didn’t think about it at first but it hit her in the middle of her working day.

he didn’t tell her he loves her.

The unease she felt surprised her.

Isn’t this what she wanted?

But she felt something were missing.

It annoyed her all the day and even when she reached her home.

She tried to call him but there was no connection for hours.

She promised herself to call him the next day and tell him she loves him with all her heart, even if he forgot a day she would never forget.

She knew from experience now maybe words aren’t the only proof of love but she can’t underestimate them, they are the soothing part you don’t know how important till you lose it.

She was about to sleep but she heard the door of her apartment got opened.

She ran to close her room’s door and call the police but stopped when she heard his voice.

“It’s just me” he raised his voice.

she left the room in hurry.

“I thought you won’t come back before a week, did you solve the case already?”

“No” he answered quietly.

She frowned deeply.

He walked slowly and surrounded his arms around her.

She lied her head on his shoulder still confused but feeling relaxed.

“I love you” he said it and kissed her hair and sighed peacefully.

She grinned.

“You know a phone call could also work” she teased him looking to his beautiful eyes.

He looked guilty for a moment.

“I… I forgot, I got a notice about this case which is at least nine and I was in hurry that I only remembered after getting out of the train” he said feeling ashamed.

“I know you said before we don’t need to say it everyday but I need you to know Molly you are the first priority in my life, nothing else, and this is the only way I know how to show this to you” 

She was dazzled, she never thought he was thinking of it this way.

She took his hand between hers and kissed his knuckle, he inhaled sharply.

“Then you can count on me if you forgot one day, I would definitely remind you”she said smiling.

He hugged her tighter, burying her head in his chest and burying his nose on her hair.

He left to the train station in the same night, but never missed a day without calling her and telling her he loves her.

He never missed a day in his life.

She didn’t mind anymore.

That apartment has become a home to them. Every corner is overflowing with knock-knacks or memorabilia, and it give that flat such a Dan and Phil vibe. It’s grown with them over these five years, from vacant rooms to a lively place that they could truly call a home. They’ve gone through so much in these past five years: starting and finishing a radio show, starting a gaming channel, developing an app, finishing The Super Amazing Project, doing four Krave challenges, five phil is not on fire videos, voicing two characters in a Disney movie, two characters in a Disney show, going to Japan and traveling the world, writing two books together, doing an entire world tour, and so, so much more. They’ve made so many memories together that will always stay with them, and I’m so happy to have been along for the ride.

sooo. this came out while listening to Wild World - thank you darling @ivegotfirefouraheart for recommending it to me !! 💖💛

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Classic Margherita pizza from Via Napoli located in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion.

Imagine young Sam Drake being protective of you.

Having finished taking down the last few notes on the board, you heard the school bell ring as the class stated to gather noise of students leaving. You were always the last one to pack up your stuff and leave the classroom when the whole commotion and noise had gone out the room. This was mostly due to the fact of you wanting to avoid a certain group of people.

Swinging your bag over your shoulder, you picked up the few remaining books off the desk and headed out the door. So far it seemed pretty quiet and you felt rather at ease of finally getting the chance to walk peacefully to your next class, but soon all that changed when you turned the corner.

“Well, look who it is!” Your worst nightmare had come true the minute you heard that voice. Focusing your gaze on the group of three in front of you, you felt your heart race as they began to approach you.

These were the exact people you were trying to avoid, and it would be just your luck that you managed to run into them. Trying to divert your attention away from their menacing stares, you walked as fast as you could to avoid having to confront them. But they soon caught up to you, blocking your path so you couldn’t go any further.

“Why the rush, are you in a hurry?” One of them spoke to you, using their hand to practically push you back.

“Please, just leave me alone.” You barely managed to get out a whisper.

“Huh, did you say something? Why don’t you just speak up.” They pushed you again, as laughter erupted from the other two. “Maybe cause she can’t speak.” They continued to laugh.

You felt a lump growing in your throat as you tried to swallow it down, holding back the tears. “Go on, say something!” They continued to jab at you, until one of them knocked the books out of your hand which sent them flying to the floor. “That will teach you to ignore us.”

Feeling your hands shake, you look down at your feet waiting for them to push you again but this time nothing happened.

“That’s enough, why don’t you pick on someone your own size.” You heard a familiar voice of a boy, which made you instantly look up.

You watched Sam who was a good couple of inches taller than the other three, stand in front of them blocking their path to you. His hand formed into a ball of fist ready to throw a punch, but before he could do that you stopped him. “Sam, it’s okay just let them go.” The last thing you wanted to do was get him into to trouble. Saying that you almost saw relief flushed across the faces of the other three, as no one in their right mind would pick a fight with Sam Morgan.

“We were leaving anyways.” A nervous laugh escaped their lips as the three of them scattered away to probably pick on someone else.

Relaxing the tension in his hand, Sam finally tuned his front to face you, “You okay?” He asked you, with a look of concern shown across his face. You nodded to his question, feeling your cheeks slightly burning from his continuous gaze which made you look down at your books.

You bend down to reach your hand over to your books, feeling his hand brushing against yours in the process. “Here, I’ll help you with that.” He managed to collect all your scattered books, which were now in his hands.

“Thank you Sam.” You finally manage to look up at him, as a smile spread across his lips. “Anytime (Y/N), if those assholes give you any more trouble just tell me.” “Okay.” You gave him a weak smile in return, holding out your hand for him to give your books back. But instead of handing them over, he uses his free hand to hold yours.

“C’mon, I’ll walk you to class.”

A/N: Alright guys here’s another young Sam Drake for you. I thought this one would fit the younger one more so yeah here it is. This sounded better in my head than written but I hope you guys will like it anyways.

Katie Bell: The Hogwarts Years

- Her parents were purebloods so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she got her letter
- They just hoped that she’d be a Hufflepuff like them
- On the train to Hogwarts, she got pushed around by all of the students walking through the corridors and hid in the closest train compartment
- It just happened to have Angelina and Alicia sitting in it
- The two were discussing what position they wanted to try out for on the Quidditch team
- Katie sat in silence, listening to them talk
- When she got to Hogwarts, she was so terrified because she had no one to talk to
- She almost had a heart attack when she was sorted into Gryffindor
- She knew her parents wouldn’t be disappointed in her but she didn’t think she was all that brave
- During the first meal, she forced herself to turn and start a conversation with the boy sitting next to her
- He had bright red hair and was sitting next to a boy who looked almost identical to him
- “I’m Gred” he’d introduced himself
- His brother had said “I’m Forge” while sitting down on her other side
- She’d reached for her drink and they’d out a hand on the top of her goblet
- “You might not want to do that” came from Fred
- “Just watch” George said at her curious gaze
- One, two, three beats later and the entire Great Hall was coughing up a fit
- Katie took a tentative sniff of her drink and found that it smelled of vinegar
- They’d changed all of the drinks in the Great Hall
- Into vinegar
- Katie was glad the two boys seemed to like her
- She didn’t want to get on her bad side
- “That was quite rude of you” she said as she giggled
- The effect of her scolding was cancelled out
- She spent the first year at Hogwarts being herded away from certain things by the twins, who protected her from whatever prank they’d began
- “You remind us of Ginny” they’d said when she’d asked why
- By the end of the first year she’d found herself with two new friends
- As well as the knowledge that she wasn’t exceptionally talented in magic
- But still quite competent
- Second year arrived
- And as she hopped on the train she actively searched out the twins
- In the compartment once again she found Angelina and Alicia
- The four third years were all on the Quidditch team together
- George and Fred had informed her that they’d seen Harry Potter
- Katie cried bullshit
- Angelina pointed towards Katie and, while looking at the twins, said, “I like her she doesn’t take any of your shit.”
- The twins convinced Katie to join the Quidditch team with them
- She ended up spending a lot of time with Angelina and Alicia and they became good friends
- Everyone always teased her but figured out they shouldn’t mess with her when she decked a Slytherin for messing with a first year
- Even though it was a one time thing and she was otherwise fairly tolerant and kind, people would still treat her with a little more respect
- Except for the Slytherins
- Who gave her a wide berth
- Alicia gave Katie a necklace when she started her third year
- It was her grandmothers and was going to be thrown away
- But Alicia knew Katie liked jewelry and brought it for her
- Angelina bought her a bracelet on their first visit to Hogsmeade together
- It was silver and had turquoise stones and was one of Katie’s most prized possessions
- Katie was shocked to find her mother had one that was almost identical
- So when she showed up to school after Christmas with two
- Angelina wondered if she’d been hit in the head and was seeing double
- She wasn’t
- Katie just really liked jewelry
- In her fourth year Katie spent most of it traumatized
- She was terrified of dogs
- So all of this news about “The Grim”, a black dog who was an omen of death was enough to have her sent to the hospital wing
- Angelina and Alicia did their best to keep her distracted
- And the twins tried their hardest to make her laugh
- In her fifth year, she focused extra hard on her school work
- And almost ended up being cut from the Quidditch team
- It took a lot of energy out of her
- And she ended up snapping at her friends fairly often
- They understood though
- After they got over the initial shock of calm and peaceful Katie all angry
- In sixth year
- It was a little bit sad
- Because all of her friends were leaving
- She spent a lot of time hiding in the girls bathroom
- Crying
- Especially after Alicia and Angelina discussed their job opportunities
- Which was a lot more frequently
- It only stopped once Fred had followed her to the bathroom and stopped her just before going in
- He’d taken one look at her face and pulled her in for a hug
- “It’s gonna be ok” he’d whispered
- “We’re not going to leave you. You’ll always have us around.”
- Katie laughed as she leaned back, giving him a half-hearted smile
- “I’m holding you to that.” She’d chuckled
- In seventh year, she befriended a sixth year named Leanne
- They liked to go to Hogsmeade together
- Leanne had been with Katie when she’d bought a beautiful set of earrings
- She had them in her pocket when she was cursed
- Once Katie was out of the hospital, she immediately gave the earrings to Leanne
- Katie wrote to her old friends constantly
- It was difficult though
- They were all exceptionally busy
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year due to all the time she’d missed
- It wasn’t pleasant
- Being in the school with Snape as headmaster
- She was almost happy when the Battle started
- Knowing that it would end one way or another
- She wasn’t as happy when it turned out that Fred couldn’t keep his promise
- She watched as George crumbled to the ground
- This was not how she’d wanted their reunion to go
- There were supposed to be tears
- But tears of happiness
- Angelina was crying as well
- Katie had to hold her up to make sure she hadn’t fainted
- Alicia and Leanne were nowhere to be found and Katie was terrified
- The end of the Battle was a relief
- Alicia and Leanne were alive
- But it was a bitter victory
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year a second time
- She was nineteen at this point
- And would go visit her friends as much as possible as she finished up school
- All was not well
- But most of it was

Just something Sheithy I’ve been wanting to write out.  After Shiro’s rescue....

The garrison trio had gathered together on Keith’s couch, exchanging words in anxious yet elated conversation.  

“Man, that was so close.  Imagine if they’d caught us.  We’d be kicked out of garrison.”

“Kicked out of the garrison?  We could have gotten arrested.”

“All I know is, I’m glad to be off that bike.  I thought I was going to puke.”

In his cramped shack, there couldn’t have been more than eleven or twelve feet in between him and the group, but their voices began to fade farther and farther away as Keith turned his back to them and faced the window.  An old, ratty sheet covered the glass, obstructing his view of the outside.  When he carefully pulled it away from the window, Keith felt his throat tighten.

He was there.  Shiro was there, and he was alive.  Breathing.  On Earth.  With Keith.

Shiro was standing on a small mound of dirt, his gazed fixed upon his arm.  The right arm that was all tech, no flesh.  A sharp chill ran through Keith.  What the hell happened to him?  What was out there in the vastness of space that could do this to him?

Keith breathed in slowly through his nose, as if readying himself.  He didn’t know how many times he had imagined this moment until he finally just gave up hope of it ever happening.  For the first few months, he was so sure; he knew it in his bones that Shiro was alive.  But as the year dragged on, the uncertainty crept in and settled itself inside of Keith’s chest.  Everyone else seemed to believe Shiro was dead.  Maybe they were right.  Maybe Keith had truly missed his chance to tell Shiro how he felt.  And he hated himself for it.

And then Keith got booted from the garrison and ended up here.  Never in his dreams did he think Shiro would too.

He left the shack, and as he made his way toward Shiro, he could feel his heart start to race.  What was the matter with him?  Why, in the midst of his friend’s incredible return, did he feel the need to turn around and run as far away as he could?  As Keith stopped beside Shiro and reached out to set a hand on his shoulder, the answer struck him square in the chest.  

He was terrified.  If he touched him now, would his friend disappear in a cloud of smog, like in his nightmares?  

Keith clasped his hand gingerly on Shiro’s shoulder and cool relief flooded through him.  This was real, and Shiro was here.  “It’s good to have you back,” Keith said as evenly as he could.  

Shiro turned his head to look at Keith, breathing out a soft laugh.  “It’s good to be back.”

“I… Shiro, I missed you.” The words tumbled out of Keith’s mouth before could stop them.  He pulled his hand away from Shiro’s shoulder, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

But there was no confusion on Shiro’s face and certainly no shame.  Without a hint of irony, he smiled at Keith, a warm, understanding smile that banished away any tension Keith felt in his muscles.  “I missed you, too, Keith,” he said quietly.

Keith stood there, stunned by the sincerity in his words.  He didn’t know how to respond, but Shiro had spared him a heavy silence and continued, his gaze then turned toward the rising sun, “I wish I could tell you what happened.  It’s all a blur.  There was pain.  A lot of it.  I remember… wanting to die.”

“Shiro…” Keith had to whisper to keep his voice from breaking.

“But,” his friend went on wistfully, and Keith wasn’t prepared for the tender look in Shiro’s eyes when they met his, “I thought of you, constantly, and I knew I needed to survive somehow and get back to Earth.  I remember thinking that I needed to find my way back to you, no matter what.”

This had to be a dream.  A cruel, hyper-realistic dream that was just stemming from his months of isolation in this god-forsaken desert.  How could Keith have gone from missing his chance to having it thrust back into his arms overnight?  How could Shiro have gone from dead in space to alive and breathing, here on Earth.  With Keith.  “What.. what are you saying?” he manage to stammer out, feeling more and more foolish that he couldn’t find anything worth while to say.

Without warning, Shiro pulled Keith into a tight embrace, so tight it almost hurt.  Keith could feel his warm breath on his neck, and a shudder rippled through him.  Forsaking any more muddled thoughts, he clasped his arms behind Shiro’s back and squeezed, pressing his cheek against his chest.  He could feel Shiro’s heart against his ear, beating steady but fast.

“I’m saying that I’m not going anywhere, ever again.” Though muffled, the promise and certainty rang clear in his voice.  “I’m not going to leave you again.  Okay?”

Something was coming to earth; Keith could feel it.  It was something dangerous, and it had everything to do with the strange energy that drew him to the deserts.  But in that moment, none of that mattered.  Whatever was coming, they would face it, and if it was Shiro they were after, they’d have to go through Keith first.  He was not going to lose him again.  He closed his eyes and just let himself feel Shiro’s embrace before whispering back, “Okay.”



It’s cheesy but I couldn’t stop watching cause it was so adorable and now I can’t stop smiling (especially at the end omg lmfao) @artistefish (man we enjoy inudisney together I gotta tag you)
And @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns thanks for sharing the link! I just had to post the video too :)