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Fill-a-Page February

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any artist who aspires to improve should be drawing every day. 

Being told to draw more, draw daily, draw while you eat, sleep, breathe, is probably the single most common piece of advice given in response to the question “how do I get better?” - I know I’ve certainly told people to do this.

But I have a confession to make.

I am a hypocrite and I don’t draw every day. Not even close. 

I always seem to have a ready excuse for why I didn’t set aside 10, 20, 30 minutes a day to draw: I’m too tired, I got home late, I didn’t have any drawing materials on me, I was too busy. And yet I still grumble when my art feels like it’s stagnating. I feel disatisfied and frustrated with my lack of progress or the inconsistency of my style or with my inability to draw something in the moment (looking at you, anatomy, clothing folds, perspective). So I want to do something about it.

Every day for the month of February, I will fill a page in a sketchbook, much like I did with this page of scribbles. New day, new page. I don’t have a specific “improvement” goal in mind nor any particular subjects, but I want to get myself into the habit of drawing more freely and regularly, without the pressure of producing a finished piece of art. 

I’ve already persuaded a few people to do this with me because I know I’ll need the support and motivation, but please feel free to join me in giving the challenge a go if you fancy it!

You will need:

  • a sketchbook or pad (I’ve chosen A5 because the size isn’t too intimidating)
  • a pencil
  • an eraser (although I plan to use this sparingly)

The reason I’m doing this challenge traditionally is to get away from all the distracting bells and whistles that come with a digital art program and focus on the act of drawing itself. I also want to get over my fear of ruining a sketchbook with mediocre art. This is me giving myself permission to be bad at art for a while, because it really is the only way I’m going to get better.

The challenge commences February 1st - wish me luck!

Victon Sejun meeting Kookmin
  • Sejun: OMG, Jimin sunbaenim! I'm a big fan of yours! You are my role model! I lo-
  • Jeongguk: *start hissing while hugging Jimin*
  • Jimin: Jeongguk what are you-
  • Jeongguk: *glares* He. is. MINE
  • Sejun: umm.. *blinks weirdly*
  • Jeongguk: I SAID MINE
  • Jimin: Jeongguk, no!

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

i’m feelin much better and i have a lot of free time now with holidays and such so i’ll be arting a lot-
another thiNG IS i wanted to let you know i’m gonna be doing a lot of original art instead of only doing fandom related and all, bc it’s real fun but i want to get known for my stuff too right??
so i’ll be posting that here but eventually i might make a side blog of some sort to post it there and have it all organized and all, so yea!! hope to have your support on that, even tho ik practically all of you follow me for the hijack(but fear not i love these dorks and ill still draw em tons,so just leave suggestions for them in the as box and ill keep em coming)

Aww geez thx guys, all these sweet messages, ya kinda flooded me!
Sry I didn’t replied ‘em all yet and I’ll most likely reply ‘em privately, ‘s the most comfortable way for me rn.

It rly was a lil cheer up


my chemical romance for @mcryinq and @-givemeareasontobelieve- :))

My Dearest Inquisitor,

It came to my attention early this morning that you were not at my side when I awoke. As your military advisor, I must inform you that this action has dealt a significant blow to morale.

Indeed, I fear that your Commander is quite beside himself. He continues to sigh and gaze at the drawbridge as if doing so will magically bring about your appearance. There have been multiple attempts to console him, but I believe his condition to be a serious one—one that will only grow worse until he can hold you in his arms again.

To ensure proper time to recover from not being able to kiss you before your departure, I have formally submitted a requisition for two full days of your time in which the two of you shall be entirely alone.

I highly recommend that you fulfill this requisition at your earliest convenience. 

Sincerely Yours,


I’m not the only one who feels great one day and like a complete and utter failure the next, right?


What better way to celebrate love winning than with some happy, lovin’ mermaids? <3

This piece will be on display and for sale at Spectrum, an LGBTQIA+ art show at Gallery 788 in Baltimore from July 9th to August 2nd. If you’re around, it’d put a big ol’ grin on my face if you stopped by to check it out.

Gif Pack: Sutton Foster

Below the cut you will find +550 gifs of Sutton Foster as Liza Miller in Younger. All of these gifs were made by me. The gifs all come from the episodes “The Exes” (s01e04) and “Broke and Panty-less” (s01e07). These gifs were made for roleplay usage. The pack includes mostly textless gifs, with few gifs with text and faceless gifs. The sizes of the gifs are all 245px in width, with varying heights. All of them are below 2.0 MB. The size of the download is +390.84 MB. The download link can be found by her picture in my gif directory. While not necessary, a quick like or reblog if you found these gifs helpful would be appreciated!

Trigger/Content Warnings: Sex (NSFW), Alcohol
Gif Pack Features: Nico Tortorella, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar
Important Note: Do not repost my gifs. Do not claim my gifs as your own. Do not remove my watermarks. Do no redistribute my gifs. Do not repost my gifs in a gif hunt. Link to this gif pack instead. Do not use my gifs to make crackship gifs. {Download}

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