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Sakura reaches for the crown shaped wreath, feeling the dream around her shiver. “I am no devil, but this is my dream and I will be its GOD.”

She crowns herself and her destruction is undone in darkness as the world falls away.

Here is a doodle of Sakura in @vesperlionheart‘s Obelisk series. This comes from the end of the last gate in part four, the Gladiator Boneyard. Originally I was going to draw some of the other characters featured in this part of the story before deciding to draw Sakura alone. It’s her crowning moment of awesome pun intended.

Everyone needs to treat themselves to this story which can be read here. If you are new to the series, start with Kingdom of Man. Happy reading!

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The boy's reaction to seeing their big tough cream puff s/o beating an MT with another MT. aka beating a motherfucker with another motherfucker.


Listen to me, every single one of these boys will look at their big tough cream puff s/o and be SO DAMN PROUD. You just decimated an MT with another MT. You knocked its arm straight off and swung it like a bat as soon as another advanced on you. The things never stood a freaking chance. Noctis literally freezes and stares, eyes wide for a few moments to take in what exactly he’s seeing, and then he’s cheering SO LOUD and praising you, “HELL YEAH, y/n!” And then he probably gets hit by something because he isn’t paying attention. Prompto sees an MT arm soaring through the air, and when he looks to the source, he’s SO EXCITED. Kinda turned on, but so excited. He’d come over and high five you before rushing back into the fight. Gladio hears the metal tearing behind him and looks back to see you kicking some fucking ass. God damn, that’s his bae and they’re holding their own against a bunch of MT’s. The first words out of his mouth are, “FUCK YEAH, THAT’S IT y/n!” Ignis is just as excited as the others, but he doesn’t go screaming about it. When he catches your eye, he nods and says, “Very nice.” Although, later that night you do realize that he made your favorite thing for dinner.

the signs as I know them
  • Aries: Starts more internet fights than is strictly necessary
  • Taurus: Needs hugs
  • Gemini: A lot smarter than you think
  • Cancer: Will love you a lot but will also be a salty bitch
  • Leo: You will want to fight them at some point. They will want to fight you at many points.
  • Virgo: Do it right or don't do it at all
  • Libra: Life of the party, but like, in a calm way
  • Scorpio: Don't cross them
  • Sagittarius: So goddamn cheerful. Like... Chill...
  • Capricorn: Quiet and kind of salty
  • Pisces: Pretty weird

a small quick present for @nighte-goggles as she’s had a long day and then a terrible anon, so I wanted to cheer her up! Plus she’s a great friend and I’m always stealing her night elf Nighte for art xD <3

I hope you like this and have a much better day tomorrow!

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Question anon here! I hope you're feeling better :) My question today is out of all games you've been to,which one was your absolute favorite?

Last season when Tyler Seguin got a hat trick in Boston. That will always be my favorite game. 

The whole game when Tyler had the puck the arena would erupt in boos and people yelling that he sucks, which I don’t even understand since he was traded and didn’t leave willingly. 

After his first goal I say to my friend “he needs a hatty to shut these people up.” Then he scored his other goal and I say “oh my god, it’s going to happen. It has to happen.” and it happened. He scored his third goal and the place went silent besides my friend and I and the two Stars fans sitting in the row in front of us, we all stood up and cheered so loudly for him. It was amazing.

The whole day in Boston had one of my favorite interactions with him. It was an overall good day. It’s going to be hard to top that. (although when he walked over to me and said “I’m lost” in Buffalo on Monday was amazing in itself)

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Just thought you should know, I get alerted every time you post, and it's a lovely constant. It's so comforting to see you post. If I'm having a bad day I'll look at my notifications and be like "they made it this far too, I can do this too " so yeah ty friend

Oh my gosh. All of my vital organs have been replaced with gentle shimmering stars. Your words mean so much to me. I’m so honored that I’ve been able to touch your life somehow. 

Thank you for looking my way, and thank you so much for cheering me on!! We’ll make it there together!!

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ok tbh every time i see a pansy parkinson aesthetic i get a little sad because it's like dark lipstick and blunt bangs and dark hair and confidence and i want that so badly but i am afraid of wearing dark lipstick and i have very little confidence and everyone hates me

But you are beautiful! And most people are dicks, so who cares what they think?

The trick to confidence (says the woman with social anxiety, but it’s still the trick) is to remember that almost every single person is equally terrified that everyone is judging them, and are far too consumed with their own fears to pay you much mind.

You, my darling anon, have this. Get a dark lipstick, apply it, and go forth knowing you are a bit of divinity and magic and anyone who fails to see that is blind.

And tag me in a selfie so I can cheer for you.