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“Things have changed.”

Dan's Hobbit Hair | 17.01.17
  • Dan: When I have short hair, I can kind of just shower and leave it, which is like now. And sometimes, I feel like I prefer it to being straight, cause it's kind of hard to control when it's straight as my hair doesn't want to be straight - insert jokes. So here I am, wavy Dan is rising.
  • Outside: *sirens*
  • Dan: Hello. Can you get stabbed somewhere else? I'm trying to communicate with my audience.
  • Someone in chat: We love your hobbit hair.
  • Dan: Thank you.
  • Someone else in chat: Just like you.
  • Dan: Thank you.

stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening

great comet on broadway

i saw great comet on december 28 and my life has never been the same, this is a summary of my experience 

buckle up this is gonna be a long post

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Sonic is unique as a hero character, when you really think about it. 

- a speedster but not quite “hyper” like one
- calm and laidback, yet has the fiercest temper when he sees injustice
- aversion to crying and negativity
- loves nature but encourages the beneficial use of technology (i.e., the Tornado, Tails’ inventions)
- likes reading for fun but is more “street smart” than book smart
- amicable, can befriend almost anyone
- stubborn but not blindly so
- vivid imagination, cheeky, a bit of a smartass
- sometimes irritable
- a narcissistic tongue, yet humble
- somewhat tense around violent characters (like Metal and Shadow)

Late night thought:
  • Lotor: You have very pretty eyes Blue paladin~ 💖
  • Lance: *while shooting at Lotor* I really do, don't I? 😏
  • See also:
  • Lotor: Oh it's the pretty one again~💕
  • Lance: I prefer Sharpshooter *Snipes some critical air vent that destroys the death star*

Walking in a winter wonderland~
Fluffy jongkey gift for @herewegobebe​ ♥
Thanks to @choiminoh for helping me get their faces right!!