so changjo


During today TOUCH Talk via V Live, everybody including me could see that Kim Dong Wan was not really him today T^T
He didn’t talk.
He didn’t laugh.
He didn’t smile.
He didn’t pay attention.
He was not the Kim Dong Wan I know…

Suddenly the other 5 members accidentally found out the way to make Kim Dong Wan laugh and they knew it that it was his first smile since the broadcast started 45 minutes ago ^ ^ Andy’s weird ‘Tonight’ choreography made him bursted out laughing and everybody wanted Andy to do it one more time because they just wanted Kim Dong Wan to smile once again. Andy was willing to do it with more intense choreograph xD

Isn’t their friendship beautiful? They are Shinhwa everyone. They are Shinhwa, the longest-running idol group in Korea.

Dongwan’s breathtaking voice goosebumped me .


This might be the cutest thing you’ll see today! ♥♥ 
How sweet of Eric!! He wasn’t just happy that fans were waiting for him, but the first thing he cared about after getting outta KBS building was the fans’ heath & he kept on saying “Go home to not catch a cold”. Thank you our caring leader! That’s how special Shinhwa - SHCJ relationship is ♥♥
(fc © @yoom0324 & H yan)