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It’s Saturday and I decided to draw something that makes myself happy :D

Not sure if you had played paper doll dress-up when you were young, but it was a really common game among my friends back then here. So I think “hey why not draw a Tony version?”

Hope you like it ;D

(Below is the template that you can print out to play if you are interested ;D)


I remember reading a post about Hera and the crew when they got sick… And the one with Ezra… It was perfect.

Give me Hera and Ezra moments goddamnit.


👉Trans women are male. They were born male and they’ll die male. We will all decompose in the ground and centuries later archaeologists will find our skeletons and be able to tell if we were of the sex that produces sperm or ovum. Is that not the definition of a trans woman? someone born male who ‘identifies’ with being a woman? 

👉Acknowledging the reality of the sex you obviously are is not violence. It may hurt your feelings, but it is not violence. Being critical of gender and males defining womanhood does not make someone transphobic.

👉Lesbians are female homosexuals. You can’t come up with your own definitions for words and get pissed when people don’t use your definition. 

👉Homosexuals are people attracted to the same sex that they are.

👉Sexuality is about attraction to primary and secondary sex characteristics, not an elusive sparkly ‘feminine’ feeling that you display with sexist stereotypes, presentations, and roles. No one is sexually attracted to gender identity.

👉Saying women have vaginas is not the same this as saying women ARE vaginas. it’s a classification. If i say dogs have fur, am i ‘reducing’ them to their fur? No, i’m just pointing out one of their defining features.

👉Defining woman as anything other than female is sexist garbage.

👉Lesbians don’t have to date, have sex with, or be attracted to trans women. To berate and harass them for the natural preferences that come with their sexuality is misogynistic rape-apologism.

👉‘Cis’ women are not privileged over trans women. An equivalent sentence is 'females are not privileged over males’

👉Sex is not a social construct. Social constructs exist only in the context of human culture and are variable. Sex is a biological reality manifested by gonads, reproductive organs, skeletal structure, secondary sex characteristics, chromosomes, etc. Humans are sexually dimorphic with .05% being intersex.

👉Socialization based on birth sex is real. It manifests as differential treatment throughout life based on sex. Socialization starts the second the doctor says 'it’s a girl!’ and the mother gets showered in bows, dresses, Disney princess, toy kitchens and cleaning equipment, all in sparkles and shades of pink while the father is simultaneously disappointed he won’t get to play catch with his offspring and worried about boys victimizing and harassing his daughter, knowing firsthand how that plays out.

👉Gender is socially constructed. It is the roles assigned to males and females. It is 'women wear dresses, aren’t good at math and science, have to shave and wear makeup, don’t do sports, are fragile and sensitive, are overly emotional and totally nurturing, should not be assertive or in positions of power, should have a goal to get married have kids and take their husbands name’

👉There is no such thing as brain sex. When trans women see an article saying trans women have a similar sized hippocampus as ‘cis’ women and they’ll say to themselves ’SEE!This means my made up gender identity is valid and genetic!’ when in reality the discussion section will mention that even for cis women it is a spectrum/distribution and that the results do not automatically imply that those differences are not due to brain plasticity, experience-dependent development, and socialization (half the time they’re not even studying causal factors). So you may be thinking, ‘well what ARE those differences present from birth?’. Experiments studying male and female differences from birth as displayed in children and infants show that the only cognitive differences are few and minuscule, such as higher visuospatial ability in males. And these articles never even mention some correlation to ‘gender identity’. Thats left for psychologists and social theorists, because there’s no way to empirically study the bullshit gender identity in your head when you can’t even come up with a definitive, operationally sound definition for ‘woman’

👉Bathrooms are separated by sex, not gender identity. Males do not belong in female only safe spaces, bathrooms, lockerooms, rape shelters, etc.

nerd!jimin + unknown territory (pt3) 

Jimin stared at the larvae sitting across from him, warily, it was currently trying to eat spaghetti with a knife. He should probably stop it, but that meant touching the thing and then he would—

“Stop looking at my kid like that.” You roll your eyes before replacing her knife with a fork and watching a happy little grin stretch across her face.

“Like what?” Jimin clears his throat.

“Like you’re having an entire internal monologue listing all the reasons you’ll never have kids.” You mutter, using a napkin to wipe stray sauce from Mina’s face.

“I’m not doing that.” He says and he shrinks when you pin him with a hard stare, “What? I’m not! I did that on the drive over here – now I’m just watching in mild fascination at the eating habits of—”

“Oh my God.”

“I’m kidding! I’m kidding!” He laughs when you move to get up, he tugs you back down by the wrist and you ignore the butterflies erupting your chest when he takes a second too long to remove his hand, “Will you relax already? You’ve barely spoken to me since we’ve ordered. Tell me about yourself, how have you been how did all of this happen?”

“It’s not exactly exciting.” You sigh, “It’s actually a very long story.”

“Let’s start with the basics then – are you still with her father?” Jimin lowers his voice, sparing Mina a glance.

“He left about as soon as I took the pregnancy test so no.” You laugh bitterly, picking up your own slice of pizza to dig in.

You watch helplessly as Mina nearly swipes her pasta off the table but Jimin is on top of it, grabbing her bowl before it makes its crash landing and sending the little girl a stern look before handing her back her fork. She grins unabashedly.

“Do I know him?” Jimin queries, keeping a careful eye on the brat now that she’s decided to make toys out of the cutlery. He sighs but waves over the waitress, “Do you guys have like one of those coloring sheets for kids or something?”

“Sorry sir.” The waitress sends an apologetic smile before moving to refill everyone’s water. Jimin glares but begrudgingly unlocks his phone before opening one of the few games he has stored.

“She’ll crack your phone.” You say mildly, watching in only half amusement as Jimin glares at your daughter when she keeps pressing buttons.

“I’ll buy a new one.” He snaps before he remembers he supposed to be wooing you.

It was too easy, too easy to fall back into the pattern of your old friendship.

You had begrudgingly agreed to dinner with him, only because in turn he allowed you to pick the restaurant, a quaint little mom and pop pizza parlor not too far from your office that you frequented. It wasn’t anything he was used to, at least not in light of recent events and his acquisition of millions, but it was good. One of those places that hand made their crust, they were popular and bustling with business but still managed to find a seat for you. Jimin took quick notice of the warm, familiar smiles sent your way from the old man working the front of house, going as far to boop the little girl you were toting, on one cherub cheek.

He was scared someone might break into his car in this neighborhood and you could only roll your eyes because this place was a suburban dream compared to where you stayed.

“No you don’t know him.” You say when you find your heart doing weird floppy things at the sight of your daughter and Jimin interacting so causally – it was something you wanted to erase from your memory because it hurt. “He was some guy I met at college, well before I dropped out to take care of Mina.”

“And your parents?” He asks, a frown marring his face at the thought.

“Disowned me when I wouldn’t abort her.” You shrug as though the words didn’t feel like nails clawing their way up your throat – an old wound re-opened but you feigned indifference pretty well now a days. Even you almost believed your lies.

“So who helps you? You don’t get child support or—”

“Jimin.” You say softly, because it’s in your nature to treat him with kid gloves on, even if he is overstepping, “I’ve been doing this for a while now. It’s tough but I manage. I’m fine – we’re fine. Now can we talk about something less, I don’t know, depressing.”

Jimin lets out a long suffering sigh but he relents with a curt nod, you don’t miss the way the muscle in his jaw jumps – and what a chiseled jaw it’s become over time. You nearly lose track staring at it.

“Where do you work at now?” He asks, momentarily distracted by a piece of cheese hanging from his chin. He lets out an expletive before wincing at Mina.

You stifle a grin because it’s so much like the old Jimin you couldn’t help the elation that bubbled over in your chest. Instead you choose to rest your chin in your palm while watching him.

“I sale time shares at a realty office, though I’m sure you already know that since you tracked me down and sent me gifts.” You murmur dryly when he smiles, “It was very Tony Stark of you.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me.” Jimin says honestly, putting a hand over his heart.

“Mmm.” You hum sarcastically, “So how are your parents, living lavish at the hands of their millionaire son I assume?”

“Living lavish.” He scoffs, “You’ve met my parents. My mom barely let me renovate our old house and only did so because I threw a bitch fit that she wouldn’t accept the beachside bungalow I had lined up for them.”

You grin at the thought of a very stern and self sufficient Mrs. Park arguing with her mogul son, because she probably won… but still you making tsking noise anyway.

“Well, in her defense you can be a bit… frivolous with your spending.” You say, nodding towards the bag of gifts seated next to him.

“I work damn hard to be frivolous. You two always did love ganging up on me.” He glared, “You’re so much like her it’s scary.”

“It’s why she loved me.” You tease back. “I’m her favorite child, even Jihyunnie has accepted it.”

Something changes in his face and his expression is softening. You scramble to change the topic because you knew how easy it was to get caught up in the old days, where things were much easier and there was less pressure on you, less weighing on your mind.

“How is he now?” You ask suddenly and Jimin’s features shutter closed – back to the calm, cool and collected Jimin that had picked you up.

“He’s doing good. He’ll graduate in a year.” He says mildly, “He’s still a brat and beating me up on visits.”

“I would hope so. You need someone to keep you grounded, remind you where you came from.” You harrumph.

“They miss you, you know.” Jimin says quietly, suddenly unable to meet your gaze. He’s taken to staring at Mina who was currently taking about a thousand pictures with his front camera. “My mom misses you. You know how she always complained about being the only woman in the house.”

He looks up at you and it’s your turn to look away. Because you had shoved back so many memories that were associated with him, but now sitting here at dinner, reminiscing it was easy to remember the bond you shared with the elder Park. It was something you also couldn’t have back and again, it hurt knowing that.

“I’m sure she’d love to see you again—love to meet Mina too.” He says softly.

“Jimin.” You say curtly and he returns your tone.


“I don’t think that's—”

“You think too much is the problem.” He sighs, before signaling the waitress for the check, “Just because you… because we ended on rough terms… I know it’s a lot to ask but, I hope you don’t hold that against my parents. You were great to have around and they miss you. I’ve never gotten so much shit over something in my life—you would think that we were actually dating.”

You averted your gaze for the millionth time that night because it was true. Though there was no official label between the two of you, you were caught in an open limbo between more than friends but not quite dating. Even if Jimin couldn’t admit a lot of things to himself he was forced to acknowledge that things had been almost domestic between the two of you – between the sheer amount of time you spent over at each other’s places, or in his bed, lazing around doing nothing. When his parents would ask for his whereabouts it was always the same—

“____.” He says quietly, before handing his credit card off to the server, “Think about what I said, yeah?”

“I will.” You reply with a stiff smile.

The silence that was once comfortable between the two of you had some how shifted to a stilted, and unwelcome one at the mention of the past. You find yourself fidgeting in your seat at the weight of his words, because despite it all it was something that you desperately wanted as well.

“Tell me more about your job,” Jimin says, returning the topic to a lighter subject, it didn’t take a genius to notice how tense you’d gotten at the mention of seeing his family again.

“I’m sure it’s not as exciting as being a billionaire.” You say off handedly, going to sip at your wine.

Millionaire.” Jimin corrects and you scoff at him, “But being rich isn’t as exciting as you’d expect either.”

“How very modest of you,” you roll your eyes before sucking at your teeth, “I would kill for middle class these days.”

“I could help you get there.” He says lightly with a shrug and your spine straightens, “Not a hand out, a job, ____. I looked into your company the other day—”

“You did what?” You ask, indignantly.

And just like that the switch had been flipped again and you were on your guard.

“Is this really a surprise, you knew I was looking for you, it only makes sense that I would check the companies shares and stocks while I was at it. I know you don’t believe me, but we’re friends and I wanted to make sure that you were doing okay for yourself.”

“No Jimin, we were friends ten years ago.” You correct, ears turning pink at his audacity, “And I know you’re out of practice but friends ask friends how they’re doing, they don’t run a financial background check on them.”

“Hey, I didn’t run a financial background check on you,” he scoffs, “I didn’t even peek at your credit score even though it was right their in front of me.”

You threw your napkin down on the table before narrowing your eyes at him, “You’re a real ass you know that?”

“That may be true but you know as well as I do that you wouldn’t be half as defensive if it weren’t for the fact that the companies going
bankrupt.” He says calmly but his knuckles going white around his grip on the table cloth, “They’re going under and you have—”

“Five maybe six months left there, I’m well aware.” You scowl, “but that doesn’t give you the right to invade my privacy like this. And besides, a job? Let me guess you want me to be your assistant so you can bend me over and —”

You chance a look at Mina, who’s still well engrossed with the apps on Jimin’s phone and let out an exasperated sigh.

“You’re lucky if you have four months there.” He says mildly, “Looking at their financial statements I can tell they barely have enough to pay you minimum wage, so let me guess you’ve been working there for going on six years and you’ve yet to get a pay increase am I right?”

“God, you’re so condescending.” You laugh bitterly.

“Only when I’m right.” He says, “And for the record, you wouldn’t be working for me. If you think I stand chance getting any work done while you’re around you’d be delusional. I have a friend who owns a small law firm, he’s looking for a secretary and you’ve had more than enough experience doing clerical work.”

“Your head must be impossibly thick if I have to say this again but I don’t need your help,” you glare.

“Think about Mina.” He argues.

“I am thinking about Mina,” you say, much louder than you intend. You clear your throat before lowering your voice, “She’s the only thing I think about and you don’t get to bulldoze in ten years later and try to pick up where things left off. We’re not in high school anymore. This is real life, it’s my life.”

“You’re right, we’re not in high school anymore but things sure haven’t changed, have they?” He spat, “You still have to be in control of everything.”

“Of my life? Yes! Of my daughters life? You bet your ass.” You scowl.

“Fine. You’re coming across loud and clear, you don’t need or want my help.” He says, pinching the bridge of his nose, “But at least—”

He stops mid sentence when the shrill ring of your phone pierces through the otherwise comfortably quiet restaurant and you’re shuffling through your purse for your phone. You look up at him before sighing, “It’s work. I have to take this.”

“Hello? Yes, hi Mr. Kim.” You’re already rising to your feet when one chubby hand comes up to clutch your shirt.

“Momma,” Mina calls and it garners both your attention, “It was an accident.”

“Oh no.” You sigh, a frown marring your face as you go to your knees to collect the remainder of spaghetti off the floor, the rest found their way all down the front of her little tank top and you groan, “I’m sorry not you sir, I just—yes I understand the severity of this contract I…. yes sir I'm—”

“Go.” Jimin mouths, before shooing you away with the flick of his wrist. You stare up at him wide eyed, phone still pressed to your ear and an indecisive look marring your face.

Jimin sighs but rises to his feet, lifting you with him and all but pushing you in the direction of the exit before he’s turning to Mina. You send a curt nod of gratitude at him before bustling out and attempting to placate your boss on the phone.

Jimin has never carried a child before. He has especially never carried one covered nearly head to toe in an Italian red sauce delicacy. He had however carried a sack of potatoes and gauging the insufferable little brats weight, she was about the same size. So he applies all the knowledge he’s accumulated in twenty some years of carrying groceries into the house for his mother and keeps the little girl at a giggling arm’s length from his body while he fast walks into the men’s room.

He’s already had her set down on the porcelain countertop before his gaze catches on something in the mirror. A man maybe in his mid twenties is staring at him from the urinal. Jimin’s brows slash down at the inquisitive look before sending him a nod, “What? You’ve never seen a kid before?”

The man is a flurry of movement, zipping up his jeans before sending an apologetic bow at Jimin and shuffling out of the room.

Jimin sighs at the sweet smile Mina’s sending his way, an adorable dimple winking at him, before he rolls his eyes and swipes at her glasses lens where a stray splatter of meat sauce has found its way. He sends her a stern look, “Yah. I bet that smiles gotten you out of a lot of trouble. It won’t work on me.”

You pinch the bridge of your nose in exasperation as you try and explain to your boss for maybe the millionth time (that night) why the Henderson case you got handed a week ago wasn’t moving as quickly as he’d like it.

For all it was worth your boss wasn’t a bad guy, and the company you worked for didn’t cheat you out of money the way Jimin had made it sound. Now, did you deserve a raise after all the time and hours you had put in? Did you need it? Hell yes. But things weren’t always black and white, in fact your entire life seemed to be sat in one huge area of gray.

The company you worked for was family owned and every person in it was sweet, soft hearted, and genuine and all things considered those were good traits to have—except when you were working in the realty field. It was cut throat and competitive. More than once you had seen your boss caught up with loan sharks, renting out time shares at a discounted price to homeless shelters. And then there was the fact that he was just a tad dimwitted, but your heart had gone soft for the old man that had taken both you and Mina under his wing. So you owed him that. You couldn’t give him much but loyalty anyway.

When you returned to the restaurant with a headache you hadn’t had five minutes ago, you look for Jimin to apologize but your footsteps stutter and your heart drops to your belly when you see the two seats still vacant. You turn to the hostess and nearly fall into hysteria when she tells you they left.

Your phone chimes.

Unknown [7:23:45]: meet us at Fro-zone

“What did I say?” Jimin scowls, “One scoop.”

“But Jiminnie,”

“Your moms gonna kick my ass if I—”

“Jimin.” You call out, hair wind blown from the jog over here and when you meet his gaze he tips his head up at you in acknowledgement.

He was hunched over a whining Mina who had shed her white tank top in place of a pink shirt with a sparkling heart in the middle. He was looking at her sternly and if you weren’t careful you would mistake Mina for one of his business associates with the way he was carefully explaining to her why she couldn’t have more than a handful of sugar before bed—it involved you and him in an oiled up cage match which he would inevitably lose.

You took that as your cue to step in.

“Momma!” She cried gleefully, “Where’d you go?”

“Where did you go?” You retort, poking a finger at her protruding belly and making her jump back with a giggle, “I like your shirt.”

“Jiminnie picked it out!” she grins proudly and Jimin sends a dry look your direction.

“It was either this or the neon pink sweater with seven bows on it and a giant pop up unicorn head—I don’t care how old your kid is, not even she could pull off something so ridiculous.”

“She likes pink.” You shrug but Jimin spots the mirth in your eyes.

“Jiminnie knows a lot of bad words.” Mina tattles and Jimin glares at the little demon. “He owes like ten dollars to the swear jar.”

“The fee’s twenty five scents a swear word just how much did you cuss with my kid?” You cock a brow.

“Is that the only way you’re accepting money?” He retorts with a snarky expression, “Let me stick around after you put Mina to bed and I’ll give you enough material for her college fund.”

You grin but don’t say anything as he leads you to his car.

It isn’t all that much later when he pulls up to your car in the parking garage. A glance back in his rearview tells you that Mina is out cold and you sigh with the thought that she is way too big to be getting carried anymore. You turn in your seat to wake her up but Jimin shakes his head at you before opening his car door and heading to the back.

It’s probably the fact that a man hasn’t carried Mina since she was born that attributes more to the pain in your chest than it is that it’s Jimin. Jimin of all people putting a sturdy hand on the back of your daughters head and tucking her tiny glasses in his hand so she doesn’t hurt her face. He waits for you to unlock the door to your car before setting her down in her car seat and leaving you to buckle her in.

He’s still holding her specs when you turn back to him, fiddling with a small scratch on one of the lenses before handing them back to you.

You can’t quite put a finger on the atmosphere that resonates in the otherwise abandoned parking garage—nonetheless words find their way to your lips that you had no intent of sharing with him.

“I’ll take you up on your offer.” You utter.

“The job?” He brightens at your words and you wince.

“No,” you say quietly. “I… maybe if me and Mina have time we’ll stop by your parents sometime. I’m sure your Mom would love to meet her.”

His expression doesn’t dull at your words, if anything it only gets that much brighter at he mention of his parents and for the briefest of moments your caught up in your old feelings, because this was too much like the old Jimin. The one who wore his heart on his sleeve, and was never sly or cool or charming in a way that wasn’t dorky.

“You really mean that?”

“It couldn’t hurt to rekindle that relationship.” You shrug.

Could it?

Games and Piercings Part 3

Part 3 is here and ready to go! Surprise!!! I’ve decided that this series needed a couple more things to make it truly complete. The fourth and final part will be out soon! So please keep an eye out for it!

           The game did not rest in peace. It had simply been a pause menu for Lance he guessed, and he wasn’t sure what would’ve hurt worse. Them never caring at all and letting him continue on letting go and . Or getting his hopes up just to practically let him fall and crunch onto the cold metal ground.

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trying to embrace the new(ish) neck. because I know my boy Saitama would think it’s cool.

My Fake Boyfriend Part 5

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2200

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Part 4 

credits to the gif owner

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Saying that shopping with your mother was the most boring and tiring thing you have ever done in your life was an understatement. She made you try every single dress that she found cute or that she thought you would look cute on you. It didn’t matter if you liked it or not, she was in charge.

After hours of trying things on and not finding anything that you and your mother agreed on, you decide to go to a small boutique outside the city. You used to always go shopping there when you lived here and you had faith that you would find something that you liked and your mother agreed.

“You should have bought that last dress, you looked beautiful in it.” You watch as your mother starts the car “It was a white lace dress, the bride would kill me and I’m planning on going back home safe and sound.” You say in a serious tone, you didn’t want to cause any more drama.

“You could always use it with James; I don’t know, you were just so beautiful in that dress.” You put your hand on your mother's shoulder squeezing it lightly “It’s a little earlier to start thinking about wedding dresses, don’t you think?”

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Things the anime Free doesn’t understand about competitive swim

Yes, this is super late since the anime came out sometime ago, but who cares. For some context, I’m in my 20′s and for over half my life I swam competitively, currently I swim recreationally.  Some of the coaches will use me as an example of correct form.

Now a little disclaimer, I did honestly enjoy the anime I just felt like sharing some thoughts from someone who actually did competitive swim. Also, this is going to be long, but hopefully it’s funny and that makes up for it.

Now onto the list;

1. Swimmer appetites. Swimming burns through a lot of energy and makes you incredibly hungry. A single swimmer can eat an XL pizza with a large salad and still be hungry. Haru’s dinner of a mackerel fish is not enough food for a swimmer. Actually, there was surprising little food shone in a show about swimming. We eat a lot almost constantly actually.

2. The sheer amount confusing rules that, can you DQed (disqualified). The number of dolphin kicks allowed for breaststroke. The number of kicks when approaching a wall during backstroke as well as the number of freestyle strokes taken before doing a flip turn. One hand or two hand touch of the wall depending on stroke. (Back and free are 1 hand while breast and fly are 2). And everyone’s favorite form. Breaststroke is the least forgiving with form and probably why breaststrokers can’t do any other stroke (This is a joke but partially true.)

3. Having four of five of nearly identical suits is normal, so is causal stripping. Every swimmer has that one suit that fits perfectly and is reserved for meets only, but then there’s always that comfy one (i mean that somewhat jokingly) you wear to practice that is almost sheer and you have to wear a second suit on top of it. So Haru’s suit dilemma and causal stripping not so out of place. Actually, it’s more weird that Makoto is trying to stop him, especially when they are on a pool deck everyone strips on a pool deck.

4. Never and I NEVER help someone out of the water using one hand. It is dangerous and stupid. ALWAYS use two hands. Their right hand with your right hand and their left hand with your left hand. Using one hand can cause you to dislocate your arm or theirs as well as flip you into the water landing on top of them leading to all kinds of fun injuries like concussions.

5. I don’t care how naturally gifted you are but butterfly is technically complicated and painful. Very painful, everyone hates butterfly, even butterfly swimmers. Rei’s ability of going from being unable to swim to sprint butterfly after not even a month (Not sure on the exact timeline) of practice is ridiculous and not practical.

6. You have to practice relays before you do them because there’s this thing that can happen if you don’t. Which diving off the block and into the person who just finished. Yes, it happens, yes, it sucks and doing a relay last minute is nerve wracking. I’ve done them last minute and someone landed on my ankles, this is why you practice relays. 

7. Goggles. They are literally the worst. I’ve had them snap before a race, get torn off in a dive, and even fill completely with water and have to swim like that to avoid getting DQed. Also, you always end up with this indent where they were, that makes it look like you got into a fight because they were one too tight in the hopes of stopping the things previously mentioned from happening. None of this looking amazing while tearing off a cap and goggles, no.

8. Tan-lines. Literally Makoto’s legs would be so much lighter than the rest of him, which I sorta wish more people knew or recognized. Same for everyone else in the show really what their swimsuits cover is going to be lighter than the rest of them but Makoto’s makes me smile the most.

9. Bruises… Lane lines hurt when you hit them and it is a pain every swimmer is familiar with. They don’t have a large team so they don’t have to worry about a lot of bruises that happen when you share a lane, but there’s still hitting your head doing back stroke or messing up a flip turn and even slamming into the wall. Oh! And shin bruises from getting out of the pool without using the stairs because who uses stairs? Injuries are really common.

10.Shaving. Generally, if you can avoid it, every swimmer will until there’s a meet and that’s when swimmers get weird at least to non-swimmers eyes. I’ve had my best friend help me shave to make sure I got everything because I wanted to try and drop a second at a meet. Also dropping a second is a BIG DEAL. So that drama CD where Nagis helps Rei shave, completely normal.

11. Swim camps are hell. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun, but you will never take oxygen for granted again. Also, everything will hurt when you finally get out of the water. Actually, that’s true for most practices, but camps are worse, at least in my experience.

12. Cold water. Swimmers are the worst when it comes to cold water. We aren’t ‘used to it’ we hate it with a passion and will avoid going into the water for as long as we possibly can. So Haru jumping into a pool of cold water isn’t normal, it’s weird. No one likes cold water.

13. Gou or/and Makoto don’t yell enough, I’m honestly confused on who the coach is but whoever they are they don’t yell enough. Coaches yell loud enough so you can hear them underwater, even when you try not to. They know, they always know.

14. For the most part swimmers can swim miles during practice, but light jogging leaves us winded. Stairs are a pain as well. Rei of course would be an exception, and there are certainly swimmers that can run, but for the most part forget it. We just aren’t made for land.

15. Hair, so it’s anime and they all have cool hair and they wear caps, which is normal but let me tell you. Chlorine is extremely harsh on hair. The amount of work that goes into keeping hair from breaking or feeling like straw is insane, mainly kids conditioner and detangler but it’s a hassle that I would have liked to see.

So that’s all I got there’s probably more, but it’s 3am so I’m going to end it here.

#26 [Dean Ambrose]

Requested, #26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” (Prompt from here.)

AUTHOR NOTE: This is shorter than my usual stuff. Just something cute and fluffy.

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“We’re getting married in a couple days.”

We are?”

You narrowed your eyes at your fiancé’s sarcastic response. The typical rueful grin came to his face at your look, making him appear years younger, and entirely nonthreatening. Taking it a step further, you kicked at him lightly, your foot making contact with his thigh. You were settled back against the arm of the couch, taking up one cushion, as Dean was seated on the next cushion, leaned back and legs wide.

“Hey! Be nice,” he demanded at your action. You pushed harder at this leg, grinning. “I’ll leave you at the altar if you keep it up darlin’.”

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Could you do a smutty/sweet Nico one. Idk, I want to see that little SMOL bean in a bed. That’s sounded wrong. You don’t have to, but if ya do, I would absolutely love it. Thank you.

This is long overdue…Still, I hope you enjoy!

Nico didn’t like this feeling. He didn’t like this burning feeling in his stomach, was it his stomach? No it was his heart. It was a wrenching feeling, as if someone reached into his chest with their bare hands and squeezed his heart tight.his breaths were shallow and his hands which were balled into tight fists shook at his sides.
Today was supposed to be relaxing, just you, him, and nothing or no one
else. So when your journey to the lake near the of camp had been deterred by none other than Conner Stoll- The same guy that’s had a crush on you for over a year- he was a little more than frustrated. He watched the way Conner leaned a little too close to your face for comfort, the way Conner would oh so causally rub his hand against yours. He turned his head away from your conversation with the son of Hermes, the smile stretching across your lips was not caused by him and Nico wasn’t too fond of that thought.
Conner pulled out a small yellow Polaroid camera and nudged your side with a hopeful smile, “Can I get a picture with the beautiful model?” He asked with a smirk and a quirk of his eyebrow. You laughed and nodded once and stood close to him as he held out the camera to take the picture, noticing the furious look your boyfriend had sported when Conner wrapped an arm around your waist from the corner of your eye.
Barely after the click of the camera finished Nico had your hand in his hold and was tugging you rather forcefully away from Conner who stood with a dumbfounded look whilst staring after your retreating figures. You pulled and pried at his grip to no avail, his pale hand was locked your small one in a death grip.
Nico tuned out the curses that you shouted at him as he dragged you back to the confines of his dark cabin, ready to show you who you were to him. He pulled you through the door, slamming it with force before he pushed you up against it. You gasped, (e/c) eyes opened wide in shock.
“N-Nico what are you doing?” You squeaked out. It was a stupid question really, he made it quite clear what his intentions were when he squeezed your butt -which earned a yelp from you- and growled for you to jump. You complied without hesitation, wrapping your legs around his waist. He growled and pressed his body against yours, lips locking and tongues tangling.
Nico pulled back from the kiss and moved you over to his bed, dropping you down and making the springs screech before he climbed to hover over you. “Let’s get this off,” he muttered darkly. He pulled off your camp half-blood tee and tossed it somewhere in the room, he immediately leaned down to press kisses to the side of your neck.
You moaned out as he trailed down to your collar bone and breasts, sucking dark bruises to mark you as his.
He reached behind your back to unclasp your bra before sliding it off to gain access to your breasts, licking and flicking each hardened nipple with eagerness and want. You bit your lip and ran your hand through his silky mop of dark hair, “Mm~ Nico~ I want to taste you, baby.”
Nico lifted his head, staring at your saliva clad nipple with lust before meeting your gaze with his own. He nodded before sitting up and pulling his shirt and jeans off, “Come here, baby girl.. I need your pretty mouth,”
He leaned back against his headboard with a lust filled look.
You smirked and made your way over to him and leaned over his crotch, licking your lips and peeling away his boxers. His member sprung up and smacked his stomach. Grasping his length and spreading the pre-cum across the head of his thick length, kissing the tip before closing your lips around him. Nico hissed and rested his head against the headboard, “Oh gods..”
You took as much as you could into your mouth, grasping the rest in your hands and began to pump his member. Nico groaned out and let a few curses slip out, “Shit… Y/n~”
You pulled your mouth off of him with a pop, instead you replace your mouth with your tongue, teasing him was always something you adored.
You traced the vein on the back of his member with your tongue, slowly dragging it to the tip where you teased his slit with the tip of your tongue. He hissed and balled his fists into the black sheets, “Stop teasing. I won’t be able to last if you continue,” he threatened with hooded eyes studying your movements. You smirked and wrapped your mouth around his tip once more before letting him take control.
Oh he took control.
It was like a hungry animal seeking it’s prey. He quickly pinned you down and nearly ripped off your shorts and panties, your core almost embarrassingly dripping wet for him. Nico chuckled darkly while he slid a finger through your slit, “Oh I wonder, who did this to you?” You shivered with anticipation, barely able to form a proper answer,“Y-You did,” You managed to stutter out.
He hummed and pushed your legs apart and over his shoulders so he could get a better angle. He placed sweet, open-mouthed kisses on your inner thighs, returning the teasing you bestowed upon him just minutes ago. He slowly kissed your heat before letting his tongue dip down between your folds, savoring your sweet juices that for him and him alone. He poked his tongue at your entrance, barely letting it trace the rim of it and then licking back up to your clit. You mewled softly as he kitten licked your clit, gazing up at you through hooded eyes while he pleasures you. Your hands threaded through his silky,dark locks while he wrapped his lips around your clit and started to suck gently,“Will you stop teasing? Oh gods…” You whimpered out.
Nico chuckled against your clit, the vibrations sending shivers down your spine. Without any warning, Nico began to insert a finger inside of you while he sucked harshly at your bundle of nerves. His actions made your back arch off the mattress and you to moan his name loudly. He quickly added another finger into the mix, scissoring your opening apart for his member. Your breaths became ragged as you listed for more, “Nico,” you breathed out, “I need you so badly.”
His member was so hard already that it felt almost painful, but he needed you to cum for him. He groaned against your heat and added a third finger, plunging them as far as possible with he ravished your clit with his tongue. You let out a high pitched moan and started to grind on his fingers, the coil in your stomach building up tightly and waiting for release.
“Oh gods, Nico. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” You yelled out, “I’m gonna cum!” He pushed his face deper into your heat and sped up his fingers, his hair tickling your pelvis.
It felt so good.
You came hard while moaning out his name multiple times and breathing heavily. Nico let you ride out your high while he cleaned you up, you tasted so sweet he simply cannot get enough of you. He lifted up to smirk at you, his beautiful olive tone face was glistening with your juices and he looked so unbelievably hot. He wiped his face off with his hand then leaned down to bring you into a kiss. You could taste yourself on his tongue, he was right, it really was sweet.
Nico began lining himself up with your entrance before easing himself in, letting you adjust to his thickness and length. You took a sharp inhale of breath, he was so… Satisfying. You gave a slight nod, giving him the okay to move; He rammed in and out of you without any hesitation, he was clearly eager to show you that he was the only guy you need.
He alone can satisfy and please you.
You moaned at the pleasure, reaching your hand up to your breast and fondling it gently. Nico took the chance and continued to mark you up with hickeys, there was no way you can hide all of these, and there was no way he wanted you to.
Nico somehow sped up his pace to almost inhumanly possible which felt like absolute bliss. He groaned out your name as his pace became more sloppy and erratic as he reached his high, finally being able to release his load into you after all the waiting he’s done. You came shortly after him just as hard as you did when he was eating you out.
Nico’s face twisted as he slowly reached his high’s end, you coming around him only adding to that pleasure. He didn’t bother to pull out just yet, only burying his face in the crook of your neck, mumbling how much he loves you repeatedly.
“Was someone jealous?” You asked while playing with his messed up hair, his head still in your neck. He leaned up and pulled out of you, you making a whining sound at how empty you felt after he pulled out. He simply rolled his eyes and pulled your sweaty, naked body to his so you two could cuddle, “No. I just know what’s mine is mine.”
You smiled and snuggled closer to him, “Okay you’re not jealous, you’re just territorial.”
“That is correct, my darling.”

i like that the entire riverdale creative team has just started referring to betty and jughead as bughead. they don’t do it with any of the other pairings, and they do it so causally. it has become natural to refer to them as bughead 

anonymous asked:

Aside from the songs being played, what do you remember of Tay's personality? And I bet she's soooo gorgeous in person

She is SOOO GORGEOUS an absolute goddess but like I don’t know It’s like you see pictures of her and you’re like wow she’s so beautiful and flawless she can’t be real but then in person it’s just on a whole other level. Everything about her is so much more enhanced in person. Her eyes are SOOO insanely blue and they truly do sparkle. Her smile and laugh are just the most entrancing things in the world, her face was glowing she’s just so warm, she makes you feel like you’ve been best friends with her for years. There’s nothing awkward about it. She’s the most animated person you’ll ever meet like she makes all these dry but hilarious jokes but at the same time she’s so wise and she talks with her hands and you can really tell that she’s truly having a good time. She’s just so full of life and so passionate about her music and us. It’s an incredible thing to witness. She’s just so real, she wasn’t afraid to share things with us and she truly cared and recognized a bunch of us. Everything was so causal and laid back….she’s just so kind and caring. I’ve never met anyone like her before, people like her are so rare I just can’t believe I got to experience her in that way like nothing was rushed and spending time with her is enough to make every bad thing going on for you disappear from your mind her happiness is contagious and her personality is so unique. I love her so much I can’t…when she gave descriptions about what all the songs were about I never felt like she was holding things back from us and the way she danced in her chair was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. She’s so incredible!!

(Oh wow Ki is actually taking a request? Wow what a miracle)


-When you told him, jealously took over.
-You guys had barely even made it to that point in your relationship and now you were “doing it” with Zen of all people?!
-He read over the lines and there was some things even he didn’t understand.
-“Babe….” You started once you saw his face. “I won’t do the role….they’ll have to find someone else, okay?”
-He smiled at you, “Thank you..” he sighed in relief.
-No one was allowed to say those things to you besides him.
-And that was final.


-She was so excited that you got to be in a play with Zen!
-Her two favorite people on stage, acting together!
-She was having a little fangirl attack.
-She wanted to see the script, she even promised not to say a word about it to the other fans.
-But when you handed it over she realized… was a very explicit play.
-Her face had a hint of blush just from reading a few pages in.
-But she wasn’t jealous for some reason, she was more concerned about you.
-She looked up from the script, “MC are you sure you’re comfortable with this, Zen is our friend and I trust him but I know that since your friends it might be weird.”
-You were taken aback, she wasn’t mad? “A-Actually I’m kind of….excited for the role.” You admitted, blushing slightly.
-She smiled and grabbed your hand, “Then I’m excited too!”
-And when the opening night for the show happened, Jaehee was sitting right up front, she was happy because you were happy.
-She would always be your number one fan no matter what.


-When you first told him he thought t was a joke.
-“That wasn’t very funny darling.” He glared at you as he took a sip of wine. “But I would love to see the script since you won’t tell me yourself.”
-You sighed and handed it over, bracing yourself for what was about to happen.
-He turned the page, ‘1…..’ You thought.
-’….2’ he turned another page as he took a bigger drink of his wine glass. -‘And-“ You heard him start to cough as he choked slightly on his wine.
-'He found it.’
-He looked up to you as he caught his breath, “Darling what is the meaning of this?” He pointed to the third page, which honestly was just the beginning of worst things to come.
-“Just like I tried to tell you, I’m in a play with Zen and there is a sex scene.” You said so causally, but on the inside you were mentally freaking out.
-He scowled but handed the script back to you, he never understood why you took every role you got and you were above such naughty plays like that.
-And not to mention you were doing it with Zen, it made his blood boil. -Only he was allowed to do those things to you, to say those special words that’s made you turn into putty in his grasp.
-He let you do the play, bit to entire time he was watching all he could think was, “I’ve seen the private performance, and it was a hell of a lot better of what he was getting.”


-He wasn’t mad at all when he found out. He was…excited?
-“Babe you gotta let me me dress up as you and do it, please?” He begged for the third time that day.
-“Saeyoung no! Do you have any idea how much trouble you could get in?” You paused for a moment. “How much trouble I coulee get in? And if you do it, it will be obvious it isn’t me. I’m a professional Saeyoung!”
-He sat there for a minute, you never yelled back at him.
-He got up and you thought he was leaving, that you had been to harsh, but no he got closer and closer until he held your chin up with his hand and leaned in to bite your bottom lip before pulling away.
-“If you’re a professional….then give me a private show…”


In every single drawing in these drawings, Error is smaller than Ink.

F I n a l l y


3(2?)/4 of all of these drawings are Ink and Error as kids, Ink being older than error

and also, sorry if my cursive in one of the drawings is bad :’) I was in a car, so- yeah-

Anyway. .

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

(Causally crawls away, then jumps into your pillow case.)

My response:

This is too cute!!! finally ink is taller than error :3….

But, 18 years later.. Wonk wonk

Inky is short again, Poor ink, will always be short 

(btw, i love it <3 k33p at the great work!!)