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Literally the only thing I wish had happened from the episode is at the end, when Claire is saying goodbye, she would have told Dean "say hi to Cas for me" or something similar. I don't necessarily think Cas always needs to be in Claire episodes because she deserves her own narrative. But Cas is a major character, and one that has a special connection to Claire. I just wish they'd acknowledge that rather than ignoring it completely.

Yeah, I mean I think pretty much everyone and their uncle assumes Dean went out to get some fresh air and tried to call/pray to Cas there…

And they may not have mentioned him once, but there was so much stuff in the episode that was about Cas that it’s ridiculous.

Mick and his best “Cas Impression” outfit with the tan coat. The fact that Mick’s storyline throughout the episode served as a major dark mirror for things we associate with Cas (he was faced with a very similar “rebellion against the organization” opportunity that Cas was in s4, and… he chose wrong. I mean there were other parallels to be made as well, but that was the primary one).

(not to mention the random guy in the hotel lobby– the only other person we saw inside the hotel other than staff and Dean– was wearing a beige trenchcoat)

Claire standing under the Gas N Sip sign and it being prominently featured throughout that whole first scene. The fact it wasn’t a traditional blue sign, but one in the Winchester Family Color of maroon– and also reflected beautifully off her maroon colored car– was a nice nod to both Claire’s status as someone the Winchesters consider family, as well as CAS’S status as an Official Winchester.

The fact that Claire was communicating with her family on the phone (texting Jody), when the last time we saw Cas he was on the phone with Dean. The fact that each of them neglected to tell their family member what they were actually up to mirrors them as well.

While they’re in the hotel lobby, Sam asks Claire the last time she had a hot meal that didn’t come from a Gas N Sip microwave… and Dean gets tetchy and defensive and says “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

It’s like Dean was doubling down on Dad Mode because he was having to fill in for Cas.

And honestly, yeah it might’ve been nice for her to at least say, “Tell Cas I said hi,” or “You better still be looking out for him,” or even “are you gonna tell Cas what happened?” But I get it. I get why she didn’t.

How hard must it have been two years ago to finally find her mother only to lose her forever? And then for Sam, Dean, and Cas to send her off to live with Jody and Alex? We saw where she was about a year ago, finally starting to feel like she was building a new family with them. We know she’d had a lot of ups and downs with it, and she’s fought like hell to figure out who she is and what she wants to be.

So, yeah. This episode may have had a TON of visual and narrative Cas references, but it was about Claire. And the fact that she IS finally feeling like she’s in a place where she can make her own way in life, with not only Jody and Alex there for her emotional support as the family she’s grown to love (she called Jody MOM! <3), and the Winchesters there to have her back if she needs them, but really the times that Cas has popped up in her life haven’t exactly involved wonderful memories, you know?

And she even said in this episode that she’s still barely holding herself together most of the time. I mean, she’s been through some stuff in her life… I’m still not sure she feels ready to try and form any sort of relationship with Cas, you know? She forgave him, she’s grateful to him for helping her back in s10… she doesn’t wish him ill (she told Dean to look out for him, but I think that was more about DEAN than Cas, just like Dean asking Cas to look out for Sam in 11.23 was more about CAS… essentially telling Cas to stay, to let Sam be there for him too…). But maybe someday she’ll be ready to look at this guy who stole her father’s face and then got him killed, and be able to deal with that.

I know this still doesn’t cover all the Cas references in the episode. There were A LOT. But I get why she didn’t mention him.

(still never letting go of that headcanon that Dean was pretty much praying to him nonstop during that whole scene at the cabin tho)

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so you're saying there's still hope for romantic destiel? cause to me, 'brother' felt more like closing the door to this route... :(

Well, personally, even before this I’d given up hope for textual canon, but that’s just me looking at the show’s way of handling ALL it’s subtext and mirrors/themes and how that RARELY translates into TEXT.  

Honestly, some things to consider tho…

We are getting a new showrunner.  Things could change quickly (just look at S7 vs S8).  Dean and Sam letting each other go was a door finally shut, a door that needed to be shut in order for them both to form outside bonds in a more permanent way.  The brother vs brother extreme codependency storyline (and how much that affected Dean and Cas’ relationship) very much looks DONE. Dabb firmly rooted Cas as family and gave him a good starting point with Dean IF the show wants to go there, but really there’s just no telling.  Dabb has had good Destiel subtext/mirrors (see: Bloodlines for all it’s horror still gave us the strong David/Violet Destiel parallel, plus the Cas as Colette in Cain’s prophecy bit), but he was beating Carver’s drum, not altogether his own, so there’s no way of knowing how he’ll treat the relationship well and truly on his own.  On the better side, Dabb had Dean textually admit to liking something he textually denied early, showing us Dean’s ability to accept things out loud he wasn’t able to in the past.  That’s huge for Dean, imo.  It’s Dean saying “this is who I am” finally, after years of me thinking this was impossible.  It honestly gives me hope for Dean’s future where previously I had NONE because he just couldn’t change.  But now he has.  He’s crossed the bridge.  And from here Dabb could handle things VASTLY different from his predecessors and it looks like he already wants to.  

I’ll never say THERE’S NO HOPE because things could always change, but for me, personally, I’d rather just ride the “family” theme at this point and keep an open mind.  I think the show, at worst, will push the family theme with romantic subtext right up until the end.  They can’t really get rid of the romantic subtext at this point imo, which finally culminated in Dean, not Sam, telling Cas all the things he needed (in the most strong way Dean knows how, lbr) to hear for anything to start between them.  It was Dabb’s own 6x20, only instead of being “like family” and “like a brother”, Cas just is these things (and we all saw how the romantic subtext proceeded after that text, so…), and they are far better off now, than they were when S7-S9 explored where things go when Cas and Dean are being pulled in different directions by duty and Cas’ lack of understanding “what broke the connection?”.  Things are different now, so much different.  

I’m not watching with any HOPE per se, but I’m also not watching thinking things are going to be the same as they were if that makes any sense.  I already see change and hope with Dean and a less extreme big bad (by appearances) means less needing to make extremely detrimental decisions that adversely affect relationship bonds.  Basically, every checkpoint for the possibility of Destiel has finally been met (Cas’ body solidly is his own and Dean sees it this way as well, Heaven has left Cas alone - cleanly severing ties, Dean no longer has to choose between Sam and Cas in an extreme way, Dean doesn’t feel the need to stay on the merry go round and Sam lets him do this, Cas has experienced human emotions and favors them and appreciates them… I’m sure there’s more but those are all the checkpoints I spoke of at the season 8 finale) and there’s nothing organically stopping them from recoloring it at this point, but that’s still not enough for me to actively HOPE THAT THE SHOW WILL BE DIFFERENT UNDER DABB, but I by no means think this is 100% the closing of the door as we saw what we got post 6x20 under much the same “family” banner.

I don’t ever think I’ll be “absolutely YES” or “absolutely NOT” one way or the other because of how much the show is likely to change next year under a lot of new writers and a new boss.  Dabb loves Cas.  And I just hope he does right by him (especially after leaving me devastated in 10x22 as Cas was slotted beaten and bloody into Colette’s place in Cain’s prophecy) however that may come.  :)

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English is not my first language so I don't ///really/// understand what meta is. I think I get it, you guys speculate about stuff but when Dabb said "the most meta finale" it doesn't make sense to me. Could you please explain it? I don't know if it is explainable but still...

Meta: A term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential. 

What this means is it looks at itself, the idea is for example in The French Mistake when Supernatural referenced Supernatural. Does that make sense?

In the way that we do it meta is the taking apart of the subtext of the show, looking into it and analysing it to find the ‘hidden meanings’. For example how the angled camera means that something ‘off’ or ‘bad’ is happening e.g.:

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Or how Metatron says Castiel is ‘in love… with Humanity’

Meanwhile, Dean is constantly referred to as the personification of ‘Humanity’


before season 9 and then this is reiterated afterwards by GOD HIMSELF and AMARA, and when Amara says it they intersperse the scene with a scene of Metatron and Castiel, you know, just to REMIND US OF THE TIME METATRON SAID THAT CASTIEL WAS IN LOVE WITH HUMANITY…

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 So…. the most meta finale means that they are TELLING US TAHT THEY ARE AWARE AND PURPOSEFULLY WROTE the subtext so far (and this is why I love this especially this season, because the biggest subtext going this season is all the heavy Destiel subtext that is hardly even in the sub, but pretty much all out there in the text at this point it is so blatant). 

There is other stuff too of course, e.g. the plot points in the MotW episodes around blood family causing pain and death for Magda, Ellie, Alesha etc. That found family can be much more powerful. That Cas is family. That Cas has always been different to other Angels, the reminder that he didn’t want to kill the first 2 nephilim but felt he had no choice, but now he DOES have a choice, because Dean convinced him to rebel and choose his own free will years ago…

That they will be using this subtext, although not necessarily all Destiel related of course, it still gives me real ‘Destiel subtext readings are definitely valid and are on purpose’ vibes so *yay*.

Probably therefore we can expect some SUBVERSIONS (e.g. flipping the script) on some storylines, where we saw mirrors and parallels and expect it to go one way or another and they will play with this. Probably we can expect some surprises out of left field that make all the meta readers go WHAT? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? WE WERE NOT EXPECTING THAT! Probably some parts that are really obvious to us meta readers but not the casual viewers….

Basically it means that they are AWARE of the subtext, that they are AWARE that some of us are really reading into it and that they are going to play with it.

It means it is going to be complex and casual viewers may have to watch it twice to grasp it fully and meta readers will definitely have to watch it a few times to catch all the intricate details… 

It means they’ve put a lot of thought into it and it is going to make us FLAIL.


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I'm crossing my fingers for s12 Cas arc as well. I've been waiting for Cas to be cared for forever: 8x08 when Cas said that he was suicidal, 9x01 when Cas became human, 9x21 when it was revealed that the stolen grace was slowly killing Cas. I remember being quite irritated when Cas's grace thing just got solved without any emotional catharsis (Sam and Dean still in the dark about how dangerously closed to dying Cas came to 10x03) I'm so ready for comfort to come.

Hi, thanks for that - and thanks for reminding me about Sam and Dean never knowing (and seemingly, never caring) that Cas was dying - now my day is definitely ruined. :/

Yes, Cas definitely needs some care. I mean, I’m not in the camp of Let Cas just be happy and grow flowers, because this is not the story they’re telling (though fingers crossed for the series finale) and pain - when used right - is a powerful way to move things forward. It is, however, undeniable that Cas has been mistreated both by the writers and by the boys themselves.

Sometimes I’m hugely disappointed in Sam and Dean (and especially Dean, because, come on), but then I remember all those other things - that Dean never had a friend, not one, so he doesn’t know how to act in this situation, and he definitely doesn’t know how to act around people who love him. And what’s even worse? Cas is the only person (or something) out there to know everything about Dean, because, yeah, so Sam’s been in the Cage, but that was different from what Dean experienced in Hell. The thing that were done to him, okay, but the things they had him do - Jesus - and that’s without mentioning everything else - the complicated feelings Dean has for John, but also for Sam himself - and Cas knows all of that. He doesn’t understand, perhaps, everything (though it seems to me he understands more and more), but he still knows, and it’s obvious this was the main reason Dean was so wary of him in the beginning.

So if we choose to be positive about this, there’s the reason for Cas’ weird storyline - Dean’s own emotional problems. For him, there is no middle ground. If he chooses to consider Cas family (which he has now done), then he’s 100% committed to Cas’ wellbeing and happiness and safety, same as he is for Sam’s, and that’s a huge deal. Dean’s not capable of being close to someone without putting his life on the line for them (he routinely does it for complete strangers, after all), and Cas is into absolutes himself, so we can choose te believe this is what kept them apart: the certainty that saying yes to each other, in whichever way, would be forever.

For Cas, who doesn’t understand human feelings very well, that commitment was taken early on, when his allegiance shifted from Heaven to Dean; but it isn’t until his deal with Crowley that he starts to understand caring for someone doesn’t mean heading into battle with them - it also (and mostly) means shielding them from battle. It means, sometimes, stepping away.

And Dean - Dean’s been unwilling to get there completely because he already has no self to speak of - everything he is has been, since forever, about taking care of his brother, so I’m sure he’s bloody terrified of adding another person to that list of people he truly loves - and also, he knows that whatever he does, those people will be taken from him, or walk away, because that always happens. So Dean finally admitting to himself (and that was the key: admitting this to himself, out loud) that yes, it’s scary and awful but there is no way around it - Cas is ‘always there’, just as Sam is - that, in a way, was everything.

That said, I don’t see things getting better for Cas anytime soon (narratively speaking). What I do hope is that things will get better for him as a character, because now Dean has acknowledged how important Cas is, he’s not about to let him wander off again. Or, at the very least, he’ll be clearly upset and unhappy if that happens.

So, my season 12 wishlist for Cas would be - definitely him living in the Bunker, because he deserves a home and that’s where he feels at peace; joining Dean on hunts, because that makes him happy (being with Dean, helping people); making his peace with Heaven in some way, because, yes, his siblings are dicks, but they’re still family and Cas is clearly still upset about the matter.

(And, of course, an epic scene with Mary where she mistakes him for Dean’s boyfriend, because, come on, we’ve been so patient and forgiven so much and endured that stupid Stynes storyline - still not over it - can you imagine Dean’s face? Sam’s face?)


…you see him/her everywhere, even though you know it is impossible, because for all you know he/she is no longer alive" - A Comparative Look at The Love Narrative on “Being Human US” and “Supernatural”

Part 1

by dreamercas and dustydreamsanddirtyscars

[[Disclaimer: This series is not trying to say that Deancas will become canon at some point and with that raise false expectations, but is merely meant to highlight and point out the similarities in how Jeremy Carver explored the love story of Aidan and Sally on “Being Human US” and how their interactions resemble a lot of interactions we see between Dean and Castiel on “Supernatural”. Basically, this series is meant to explore and showcase different aspects of how Dean’s and Cas’ interactions have been framed in a romantic light when comparing it to the love narrative on “Being Human”.]]

So let’s take a look at Sally and Aidan’s relationship and Dean and Castiel’s.

For everybody, who is not familiar with “Being Human US”, have a very short summary: It’s about three supernatural beings (Sally, a ghost - Aidan, a vampire and Josh - a werewolf) living together and trying to keep one another grounded and human. Fairly early in the show it is alluded to Aidan and Sally feeling more for one another than just deep friendship, them loving one another not only as friends and family, but in a romantic way though only truly and openly becomes text in the final season of “Being Human”, because beforehand there are too many obstacles in the way.

That being said, now let’s talk about what we see above and how what we see in the gifs of “Being Human US” (4x13 “There Goes the Neighbourhood III”) and “Supernatural” (8x07 “A Little Slice of Kevin”) and how it relates to one another.

On “Being Human” those scenes play out after Sally has died (because she decided to use the last bits of her life energy to save Aidan and turn him from vampire to human - yes, pretty suggestive isn’t it? Doesn’t spark thoughts on what a certain angel might do to cure Dean from being a demon, right? - this will be the topic of another post, but I couldn’t refrain from saying this already, because the parallels are so glaring) and Aidan heartbroken and weighed down by survivor’s guilt starts seeing Sally everywhere he goes and starts questioning his own sanity.

On Supernatural we have a very similar storyline playing out after Dean returns from purgatory in S8 and has the memory of Cas slipping through his fingers and with that staying back in purgatory still fresh in his mind. For all Dean knows Cas could be dead since they were attacked by Leviathan just minutes before he escapes through the portal carrying Benny in his arm. All throughout the first couple of episodes of S8 we witness Deann not only displaying signs of PTSD, but also survivor’s guilt over not being able to save Cas. In 8x07 the situation reaches its climax with Dean first seeing Cas walking along the side of the road, but not being able to trust his judgement, because the moment he realizes it’s Cas, Cas disappears again. Later on the same thing happens when Dean is on the laptop and Sam is asleep.

Now, of course this alone only draws one parallel (but there will be more added over time) and yes, I do agree, thinking you are seeing a loved one you lost, doesn’t automatically translate to “love”, but it’s a nice catch phrase for the series, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

So…is the reason why Dean couldn’t feel anything with Amara because he’s already empty? That dude kept talking about how he was just going through the motions so much that it has to be some kind of parallel and/or foreshadowing and Dean’s really the only one who makes sense at this point? Maybe getting rid of the Mark didn’t completely return him back to normal? I mean Sam had to remind him that they’re in the business of saving people. Also makes me think of the whole thing with Famine where Dean didn’t hunger for anything because he’s basically already dead inside. :( I wonder if that’s the storyline they’re going to explore for Dean this season, and if so, it would make sense from the perspective that Dean still kinda has to acknowledge and overcome his own darkness before he can achieve any real character growth. He might’ve started to last season, but we never really saw the fruit of it before things went to hell again. Although the only part that doesn’t quite fit with this theory is that he cares enough to feel horribly guilty about what he did to Cas. Not to mention that moment in the warehouse was more than just going through the motions lol. Either way, this is already shaping up to be a better season than the last two so count me in. (See was a simple Cas mention really that hard?)