so canon sigh


Magilou’s prolly the sorta gal who likes grabbing Velvet by the bootycheeks to pull her in for a hug. She likes koala huggin’ but hasn’t gotten over the fact Velvet can cradle her scrawny butt in the palms of her hands with ease.

Also lemme pretend Velvet would like tugging on Magilou’s ears whenever she’s being a little shit okay bye these two took over my life and ruined it

  • Me: I'm going to be productive once I get back from spring break! No more fucking around!!!
  • Also me: *stays up until 3 AM pacing and day-dreaming even though I'm exhausted and my legs are so sore I could cry, then sleeps until noon and misses first class the next day*

- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

from last night’s stream ´w`;; i thought i could finish colouring and shading it and then i realised.. i really want to play borderlands 2 and finish it

so here’s the lineart for now lol

YEA FIRST TIME I DREW FIONA i can draw girls haha people have actually approached me about that -laughing but really nervously sweating in reality-

Future Rhys and Fiona©Tales from the Borderlands
poor art©me

ok so i think it would be edging on idiocy to not make dean and cas’s story an epic love story. i mean you have this angel who is a stoic soldier with no emotions, only follows orders and doesnt care to understand humans. then he pulls out the righteous man, a broken hero whose life is only to save the world from destruction. over time castiel turns from this hard edged statue to someone who is in love with this one insignificant human. and dean, someone who thinks he deserves nothing and constantly blames himself is now looking in to the eyes of someone who would give up galaxies and whole worlds just for him, and finding that he would do the same for this one angel. dean is fighting for cas and cas will stay with dean forever. i dont think a story will ever be as epic or more intense with emotions as this one is. if the writers dont make this a love story, it really is a loss, for everyone

Kagehina Colors

I just realized Hinata and Kageyama’s hair colors are Karasuno’s school colors. The school ships them.

i needed a pinch of salt amidst the tears apparently but ––

is anyone else like… bothered… by the fact that the only way stevetony could be anointed in the hallowed hall of fame in kris anka’s panel of Actual Goddamn Canon Marvel Ships is with 3490?? where tony has to be a (most likely) cis-woman to be rOMANTICALLY INVOLVED with steve?