so cannon it melts my mind

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Okay, so I feel like sharing a head cannon of mine with you cause u r awesome. Sirius proposed to Remus when Harry was six months old, but because of the war and everything they had to postpone their marriage, and Sirius started to suspect Remus might be a traitor and that made things strained. Sirius lost his ring after he got arrested, and Remus threw his angrily into the fireplace, where it melted to form a full moon.

No, you are awesooome

Anyways too much angst my love. Let’s recap.

  • Sirius made up his mind to ask Remus to marry him by 7th year. The war was raging on he kept postponing it. Bad Padfoot.
  • After James and Lily got married, Sirius thought if they can do it we can fucking do it, too.
  • When Harry was born, Sirius had the ring, it was the simplest wedding ring, no obvious rocks or anything, just moon phases carved onto it, it was charmed to turn black when it was full moon.
  • When they were celebrating Harry’s half-anniversary -Lily celebrated everything she found relatively interesting- Sirius was just watching Remus play with Harry and before he knew it he was on his knees, Lily was crying, Peter was about to faint and James was jumping up and down.
  • A simple “yes” and Sirius forgot there was a war going on outside. That night, oh he never forgot that night.
  • October 31st, 1981 James and Lily are gone, Remus blames Sirius for their death but also he “killed” Peter, Remus is back to black.
  • Sirius expects someone to come help him because he’s so deep in this shit he can’t even defend himself, he just lets it be.
  • At least Moony could have believed him, he never showed up to help him.
  • Sirius still follows full moons from his tattoo, but he wants his ring. Why did they have to take it?
  • Sirius starts losing his mind, Dementors are not helping his already fragile state. He needs his Moony
  • Every night he dreams of Remus and every night he wakes up screaming because he didn’t come for him.
  • How could he? Unless.. No. Padfoot is so angry.
  • Dumbledore shows up at Remus’ -for lack of a better word- house one day, “Azkaban guards told me he keeps saying your name in his sleep, Moony right? That’s you?”
  • Remus’ heart sinks, he hates his guts but it’s Sirius. The stars to his moon.
  • “They think he might come after you Remus, they say he sounds angry”
  • “Thank you headmaster, I can look after myself.”
  • He is angry with me? He is angry with me?
  • With a sudden movement, Remus reaches to the drawer where he kept the ring hidden.
  • He takes a good long look at it. So.. Sirius is angry with me? He throws the ring into the small fire he had to keep himself warm.
  • The ring falls next to the fire, Remus falls asleep when his eyes give up.
  • The next morning Remus sees a small black circle on the floor, that won’t budge whatever he did.

Does this work? I think it does, I mean I hope it does.