so can we just follow the rule please

Things Corrin’s army is no longer allowed to do

1. Greasing up the kitchen utensils when Felicia is on mess hall duty is forbidden, and quite frankly overkill.

2. Giving Dwyer a notebook and telling him to write names in it is no longer allowed. We’re pretty sure it was just coincidence last time, but we’re not taking any chances.

3. Please stop offering Keaton dog treats to complete whatever menial task you have for him. It’s probably very offensive.

4. Disregard the above. -Keaton

5. Peri does not cook and serve human beings, and it is wrong to encourage this rumor.

6. Smiling and winking when someone asks what’s on the menu counts as “encouraging this rumor.”

7. Kiragi, please stop leaving your traps where Setsuna can find them.

8. Lilith is not a fish. Placing her in a bowl filled with water will kill her. Please stop trying to do so.

9. Please do not read Nina’s diary aloud at dinner.

10. Being a “proud father trying to share his daughter’s magnum opus” is not an excuse.

11. There has been a general failure to follow rule 2. Therefore, stricter enforcement is necessary. Further violators will lose bath house privileges.

12. As an addendum, events of recent days are still just a coincidence.

13. We are now implementing a Daily Setsuna Hunt. Participation is mandatory until all holes in the area have been patched.

14. The nonhuman members of this army are not mounts when in their transformed states.

15. Do not hide things in Ryoma’s hair.

16. Do not hide in Ryoma’s hair.

17. We do not have a “casual Friday.” Even if we did, it would not be an excuse to wear a bath towel into battle.

18. It is inappropriate to shout “flame on!” whenever Rinkah walks into the room.

19. Likewise, it is also inappropriate to greet Felicia or Flora with “ice to meet you.”

20. Missing a 99% hit chance is grounds for an immediate dishonorable discharge.

21. Azama, please stop sharing your philosophy on life and death with Midori. She’s been crying for three days now.

22. The Stoneborn are dangerous weapons, not pets.

23. Keaton and Velouria, please stop hiding your “treasures” in the kitchen. It is a major health code violation.

24. Stop telling Odin all the generic Fire tomes are special. We don’t have the funds for this.

25. Niles, we’re serious about this.

26. Corrin, we have received numerous complaints about noise from your treehouse. Please refrain from playing the drums at night.

27. To whoever has been hanging unflattering portraits of Xander and Ryoma around the castle, please stop. They are negatively affecting morale.

28. Full apologies to the artist in question.

29. Midori does not “got dat dank kush.” Stop asking.

30. Complaints submitted in haiku will be dismissed. Please stop, Mitama.

31. Saizo’s face under the mask is completely normal, and he does not moonlight as an opera singer. Stop telling new recruits otherwise.

32. Orochi cannot give you tomorrow’s lottery numbers. Her fortunes do not work that way.

33. As a matter of fact, our lottery doesn’t even work that way.

34. “Lost In Thoughts All Alone” is no longer allowed at karaoke night.

35. All of Dwyer’s notebooks are to be burned immediately.

Idea stolen directly from this. Credit to /u/clicky_pen on reddit for number 24 and 25.

Do you like Keith? Do you LOVE Keith? WOULD YOU DIE FOR KEITH???

@koganetwork reached 1000 followers in just a couple short months, and to celebrate this milestone, we are having a giveaway!!!


  • In order to enter, you have to like or reblog this post. You can do both but you’ll only be counted once
  • 10 winners will be chosen. Their prize will be any keith creation of their choice. Art, gifs, screencaps, fanfic etc. 
    But please be wary. There is only so much each of us can do so if we can’t do your request, you will be asked to pick something else. 
  • There’s no 1st place, 2nd place, etc. so everyone is getting equal!
  • Shaladin ships, au, nsfw, etc. are allowed!
  • No antis. We don’t mean to be exclusionary but all the members here are uncomfortable with antis so we’d rather not use up our time to create something for people we do not care for.
  • Giveaway ends July 30th. Reply within 48 hours or Keith will come to your house at 3 am and blast country music outside your window ominously. (and we’ll have to pick someone else.)
  • Following is not necessary but you should follow anyway because our blog is just 100% that good Keith kontent 

If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in the inbox or IMs

On July 15th, 2017, we’ll be celebrating Pokeshipping Christmas in July!

What is it? Basically just a day to create and post as much pokeshipping content as we can! Fanart, fanfic, edits, headcanons, AMVs–anything’s welcome. The fandom has been a little sleepy lately, so let’s shake things up!

Are there rules? Only the basics:
- Your work must be posted on July 15th;
- As always, NSFW works won’t be reblogged here;
- Please tag your works with Pokeshipping Christmas in July (and remember to put it among the first 5 tags).

Aside from that, anyone can participate and you can do anything you wan’t. Your work doesn’t need to follow a theme–it just needs to be pokeshipping related! You can also participate with as many entries as you wish. The goal is to have a day full of pokeshipping stuff!

For those who do prefer working with themes, here are a few optional prompts (all were suggested in reply to the post where I collected ideas): summer; first days traveling together; getting older; Ash talking to Misty about his journeys; alternate first meeting; movie 20 with Misty; celebrating Christmas in July.
Again, these are optional! If you prefer working with your own ideas, go ahead.

Only one more rule: have fun!

Hello! Welcome to the 1st EXO-L pen pal project!

hosted by @kaisoothirst & collaborating with @sebaek-scum@sulay-network & @thexonet

We hope you guys are just as excited as we are to join this project :). We hope to create friendships and spread the love of EXO. Writing letters seems to old-fashioned but having something sent in the mail is so nice and sentimental so we hope that you guys feel the same way and join :D. We hope you guys have fun and make friend :) 


- you do not have to be in our network, however, joining is always welcomed 
- you do not have to following any of the admins, but again:) if you want to you can. 
- if you are under 16 years of age, please make sure to get permission from your parents/guardian to share your address. 
- MUST be an EXO stan 
- this is open internationally 
- Please keep in mind to always be respectful towards others. 
- you MUST fill out THIS FORM to be matched with another pen pal.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the SU critical tag? Could the show improve its visual style (consistency), or do you like the fluidity of it?

I haven’t seen the most most recent ep (last batch I saw were the blue diamond shenanigans), and I’ve heard ppl being rly critical on the newest ones so I can’t share my opinion on those ones until I see them, but in my opinion I haven’t seen anything wrong w the show. I’ve heard skepticism on how recent episodes have lost their imperfections and those imperfections being what made people become attached to the show in the first place, but honestly I’m behind the crewniverse 100% with this. Just like people grow, so do shows and styles. Being an artist myself I can appreciate the new depth and fluidity of su bc I can see how the artists behind the show are growing. Plus a lot of real fuckin deep and serious topics have been brought up so it makes sense why we haven’t seen a whole lot of this

or this

lately. The artists behind su are trying their hardest and people are complaining over things they simply can’t change on a whim. All newest episodes were made MONTHS in advance so they can’t just snap their fingers and please everyone. And I follow by the rule that audience wise, the majority has shit taste in just what they want. It’s always good to take what viewers want into consideration but this is coming from the same people who were livid captain america said “hail hydra” bc they didn’t bother to look up the actual comic book plotline or realize that non relatable conflict does still occur in media, and HAS to happen every now and then for a series to be truly relatable. My only complaint is how steven went from fat to whatever the hell the su crew calls his body type now but that’s p much it.

Purging a bunch of asks and An Announcement

Is there any more Aquatic Transformations. Coming up? I really loved part 1 and part 2.
Is there going to be more parts to aquatic transformations from  a while back?

Does “Imagine you won a cruise in space” have any other parts (other than part 1)? If so can you link them? If not, is the author ever going to finish it?
Imagine You Won a Cruise in Space Part 1 is there more?            

Can I get a part 2 of the Doll Shop?            
when is the next doll shop coming?            
I have a thing for unbirth and I was wondering if there will be a second part to the “imagine you worked in a doll shop” coming soon.            

The answer to all these is the same: We’ve posted everything we have, and we don’t know if either author will be continuing the story.

I don’t think this story was ever on this blog, but I know it was written by someone who writes stories for the this blog so i hope you can help find them: basically you’re a woman taken by a female dragon to fuck and lay eggs in, and it ends with you being pushed into the dragons womb and later birthed as a dragon yourself.

Attn a:Nona are you ever going to finish tentacle date? Or post a sequel to Werewolf Harem? I’m eager for both.            

These go to the same writer: supernona. They wrote the story in question (which I had also thought we posted oh well) and they can answer your question.

Can you please send the link to the one where the girl breaks into like the wizard’s home and ends up being caught and he gives her a potion which make her horny and then she ends up pregnant because I can’t find it

That would be “Imagine You’re a Thief…” by Kiera Metz.


Part 2 for the seahorse mermaid one where the whaleshark mermaid babies are huge and take a minimum of 4 hours just to start crowning and its really painful             

Next part for the TV reality birth show with the reader being in the most pain and torture? Like having a helper keep forcing the baby back in           

Part two of Reality TV competition where it’s fpreg and the reader in the first part has a HUGE triplets and the people on the sidelines keep pushing the first baby back in and make it really painful and slow for the reader. Please make the pain described alot and no tearing            

NOW FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re making a Rules/FAQ page!

We are now over 14k followers! Because of this, we felt it was time to make some proper “rules”. Don’t worry, it’s mostly the same stuff as always just written down on paper. Also, as you can see, we get a lot of similar kinds of asks coming in. So we’ve decided to make an FAQ page. Miscellaneous asks about the same topics clutter up the blog and (frankly) are very tedious to answer over and over again. So look for that soon.

anonymous asked:

As someone who's been into Astrology for over 25 years and I find it terrible how you speak about and continue to speak about death related topics. I can tell you're not part of a major organization for Astrology because someone who is would know not to speak about death so freely. Your analyses aren't even accuarate and complete. Some is alright, but, in general, it doesn't work. Good luck.

Ok listen here, I analyse people who are already dead and I have my free-will to do so. Also, please tell me where any of my analyses are wrong and don’t come to the same conclusion of how the person died. It is for fun and from interest. I never do it on a living person because it is unethical. Also, I know many people in major organizations who find my work very interesting since it’s a different a fresh approach. We Millennials are trying our best here and then people like you come to us telling us we aren’t shit to the community. Maybe if you got your head out of your ass and actually appreciate we are trying to keep the topic alive. Also, another thing, before you attack my analyses, come with YOUR own research and sources my work is wrong please. I know an astrologer who has been doing astrology for 35 years, so yes longer than you, and he said my work is very interesting. It’s a topic of interest. I follow the rules on how to analyse a death from rules on how to, I don’t just make this shit up. I make sure i do research before I hit that post button. You can try to tell me that astrology doesn’t line up to Abe Lincoln’s assassination or John Lennon’s brutal 4-shot to the back assassination all you want. I have the facts and charts, you have your closed-mind. I wish YOU good luck because you need it more than I do. I’m doing very well thank you. Have a lovely rest of the week.

What did they do to you?

Pairing: Right hand woman!Reader x Rick’s group

Word count: 814

Warnings: Bad language, blood, lots of blood, Negan.

* English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for possible grammatical errors.

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2.6k mini celebration??

Alright guys! I brought it up last night that I was about to hit 2.6k followers. And you have helped me do just that! So to all of my new followers, welcome! And to those of you who’ve been around for awhile, HI!!!

So what are we gonna do??

GIF DRABBLES. Well, 3-liners.

So, you can submit a gif (submit only please, no messages.)
And in return you’ll get a little drabble written by yours truly <3 (With the occasional assistance from @afanofmanystuffs or @greenappleeyes or both - but it’s cool, they’re pretty awesome writers)

Only a few rules!
-Team Free Will only please!
-Please specify if you don’t want it to be smutty/nsfw.
-You can send any type of gif. (Yes, including nsfw gifs.)
-Please include your preferred pairing if the gif you submit does not include Sam, Dean, or Cas.
-Reader inserts only, no ships (please)

(all nsfw content will be tagged #nsfw)

And thats it! My submissions are open! I’m not sure how long I’ll do this for, but it’ll be at least until tomorrow, maybe a couple days. If I get an overwhelming amount, I may close submissions temporarily, but I will finish what I receive (or try to).

Go forth! Submit to me!

Psssst. If you’re on a computer, my submissions button is on the bottom left hand side of the screen, under navigate. Right here:

Hello TFSN members!

Good news! New members will be posted this weekend…along with some new updates for all of you! We will be unveiling a new revamped version of the member’s page (and list)! We have been working on this for awhile, so we are very excited to release it.

For the new member’s page, we’ve gone through all member blogs in order to be able to streamline the member’s page. 

What does this mean? Members who haven’t been active in over a year (meaning no AoS/FS content has been reblogged within the last year) will be removed from the page, along with anyone who hasn’t followed the rules of admission listed in our sidebar. Obviously, we are keeping everyone’s information, so should you come back after a long hiatus or need to fill out the form, you can do so and quickly be added. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect people who haven’t submitted an icon—you will just be given the default one we use. But if you haven’t submitted information at all, we can’t put you on the page!) 
All members will be listed in alphabetical order, so if you change URLs after the update, please let us know. 

We made these changes in the hope that they will allow the member’s page to be a truly useful function for finding active FS blogs and be a better promotional tool for all of you! 

Given this update, if you’d like to make any changes to your icon/information, please SUBMIT it to us before the weekend so that it can be included! 

ALSO! Now that Tumblr allows chat blogs to be added by URL (it was only by email before and we were missing a lot of emails), we will be adding all of our active members to our chat blog and making sure that remains an active place for you all. (Active members means reblogged content within the last year/following rules of admission, but you don’t need to have submitted information for the member’s page).

All of this will come with more “members-only” perks that we’ll be releasing information about soon to help foster more friendship and interaction for you awesome peeps. 

(Don’t worry if you’re not interested in membership—this will not affect our open activities or EvB! The vast majority of our activities, challenges, events and exchanges will still remain open for everyone to participate in.)


i’m going to give a very tentative shot at commissions?? again? so here’s the scoop:

i’m offering chibi and headshot commissions to try and offset some pretty serious medical bills i have piling up. i have my tablet working again for now, so why not, right? i’ll draw whom or whatever, but follow these rules, please!

* while my focus here is warcraft OC commissions, i’ll probably draw whomever!
* i’m not great at furry or anthro art, but we can talk about it
* i can’t imagine how one could make commissions like these nsfw but let’s not do nsfw this round
* you’ll pay me after i get it done. so if i crumple under pressure you don’t lose any money!
* for now, no extra armor charge unless you give me something just ridiculous
* gore and body horror are absolutely fine <3
* PayPal only!!!!

other than that, feel free to DM me here on tumblr or email me at

Olivarry Week 2017 Info

The final votes are in! Here are your themes for Olivarry Week 2017! 

Day 1 - Sunday July 9th: Dark!Olivarry
Day 2 - Monday July 10th: Memory Loss
Day 3 - Tuesday July 11th: Soulmates AU
Day 4 - Wednesday July 12th: Free Day
Day 5 - Thursday July 13th: Secret Relationship AU
Day 6 - Friday July 14th: Hostage/Kidnapped
Day 7 - Saturday July 15th: Power/Body Swap AU 

 In case you haven’t seen our previous posts, here is a reminder of a few things: 

 Olivarry Week 2017 will be running from Sunday July 9th until Saturday July 15th. We will be reblogging the posts according to American EST, and things will be reblogged twice a day - once at 10am, and once at 10pm. Don’t worry if you miss the cut off due to your time zone, we will just reblog it on the next one. 
ANYTHING can be posted - fics, art, playlists, gifsets, fanvids, etc. The only requirement is that they follow the prompt and that it is Olivarry.
Any works that you post should be under the tag #olivarryweek2017. Please make sure to include this in your first five tags so that we can track it properly. The rest of the rules can be found here. Please familiarize yourself with these so that everything runs smoothly!
Day 4 (Free Day) is the day that you can post ANYTHING you want as long as it’s Olivarry. For any questions regarding any of the chosen themes, take a look at our FAQ and feel free to send us an ask if that doesn’t help!
 Everything else is self-explanatory but we are here if you have any questions. List of admins can be found here if you’d rather speak to one of us individually.

This is being posted because the Original Olivarry Week information post has been marked as sensitive content by Tumblr. This is for those under 18/ effected by Sensitive Content. Please go to @olivarryweek​ if you have any questions on the event


    EDWARD’S ISLAND. One of many FASCINATING sites when vacationing at Camena, Oregon  —  at least from what you ONCE heard. The rich history of the island attracts quite the visitors due to its advancement in radio technologies  …  and the SINKING of the USS KANALOA   —   the WWII submarine targeted by Japanese submarine chaser Tokisada. The isolated land ALWAYS CHANGES and so have the people COMING and GOING. This doesn’t seem to be the first time the school has thrown one. Attending a beach party located on the infamous ex-military base was something to do, right ?
8 PM. You feel the chill in the air as the sounds of the rushing waves fills your ears. The garrulous chatter of gulls perched on rocks and the quiet, DARK yet serene scenery kept you wide awake and distracted. Fellow cohorts appear with MIXTURE of emotions ranging from ANXIOUSNESS to EXCITEMENT. You’ve seen the CLICHE horror movies of the rebellious group of teenagers throwing such extravagant celebrations only to TURN for the WORST. You can only HOPE it doesn’t end that way You finally arrive to the destination, seeming to be the last ferry ride to the island. Calling the place ABANDONED felt like an under statement. The MISSING presence soon replace by LIVELY, INNOCENT souls. Some familiar faces while others new. Your hostess seems to have her hands full until a voice came through the crowd : “ LET’S GET THIS STARTED ! “ Guests settle down, allowing the hostess to speak once more, “ I ONLY INVITED THE SELECTED FEW BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE GETTING CAUGHT OR I’LL GET IN TROUBLE FOR IT. THIS ISLAND ISN’T GOING TO HOLD HUNDREDS OF US, YOU KNOW ? 

Trapped on EDWARD’S ISLAND and subjected to CHILDISH games and CHALLENGING puzzles, a group of people eventually find they have made the GRAVE mistake of coming. They knew they should NOT have trusted everything they hear


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[FANACCT] IMFACT- Tension Up Fansign+Fanmeeting (IMFACTORY) 170521- PLUS tips for these events! (Fanboy)

Hi everyone~ I’m here to share my amazing experience at IMFACT’s Fansign + Fanmeeting Event! If you were looking for reasons to stan IMFACT, I’m here to help you. Simply put, IMFACT treats their fans very well, and especially care for their international fans, as they want to have many opportunities to perform in all the countries around the world. 

I love this concept; it’s so bright, vivid, and screams energetic!

Information about this event:
- IMFACT has not had an actual fansign event in Korea for a really long time, probably since “Feel So Good” era. They had a CD signing event in Japan not too long ago, but they said it was not the same as a real fansign event. So this was a special event prepared for fans, and doubled as a fanmeeting (involves live performances).
- The event participation was carried out first-come first-serve to 120 people.
- To apply for this event, the process was different from the traditional fansign process. Instead of buying an album on-site or online, two requirements had to be fulfilled:
* We had to send Star Empire Ent. an email with the appropriate information (name, account number, Daum fancafe ID, etc.) before the deadline
* We had to send the money (20,000 won) through an account transfer at the appropriate time slot. In this case, when it hit 8pm on the day the payment period started, we could proceed with the account transfer. Because of this, having a Korean bank account was extremely helpful and made the process much easier. 
- The staff provided the CD on-site, which made sense because we had to do an account transfer instead of the usual process. The CD had no wrapper and might be a special edition for this event. Nothing seems different about this album than a normal one, except the fact that it seemed like it was opened (plus there was no photocard, idk if the actual album has one or not).

I transferred my money right when it struck 8 and played the waiting game. After worrying about getting in, I finally found out that I had gotten in… Thank goodness. I was waiting for a chance to meet them since “In the Club” came out.

Okay. So the event would start at around 2pm according to the post on the fancafe. I woke up at 10ish and left right before noon. The event was held at a Catholic Youth Center (of all places) in Hongdae. I knew Hongdae somewhat but not the exact whereabouts of this site, so I wanted to leave earlier just in case I wandered too much. It turns out, the location was very easy to find, so I grabbed a bite at the convenience store and then went to the Youth Center.

I had to say, at first when everyone was lining up, things were a bit confusing. We were told to go down to the lobby floor (accessible by staircase) to check-in. Apparently, the staff were calling us in by numerical order, but on the fancafe post with the official list of participants, there weren’t any numbers by our names. Instead, we had to manually count down the list of people to find our number, and we would tell that to the staff. That must have been a bit annoying for the people who were farther down the list, especially in the 100′s. Luckily, I was only number 40. The order of our names was actually our seat order. That means I was in seat 40. The staff called us in by groups of 5-10. I confirmed my identity with only an ID needed to prove it. Once I was verified, the staff gave me a piece of paper with my seat number and a bottle of sparkling water (how thoughtful!) Then it was waiting time again.

Don’t lose any piece of paper, especially one with your seat number, given to you by staff at the event. They also gave us a complementary sticky note where we write our name. We would stick this on the inside of our albums, opposite of the photo pages for the members’ reference when they sign your album. 
I brought extra sticky notes to mark where each member would sign. You should always bring spare notes because you can use this chance to ask the members a question or write a lovely note for them. Note: Some groups do not allow questions, so always follow the rules and read the information carefully on fancafe updates. After a bit more waiting, we could go in!

I should probably get started on the actual event and the members. OK!

We were waiting when all of a sudden, THE LIGHTS JUST DIMMED AND TURNED OFF. LIKE WHAT THE. The room was silent until Please Be My First Love” CAME ON AND IMFACT WALKED ONSTAGE, SINGING IT LIVE! My heart died for a little instant, as my brain struggled to comprehend and process what was happening. Everyone seemed to be shook because there was not a single noise from the audience when IMFACT began singing. That was such a nice surprise and ahhhh I just love that song so much. Listen and love it lots.

After that impromptu performance, the boys sat at the table for the start of the fansigning. They greeted us and said a few words, thanking us for coming to this long-awaited event. Jian tried to add some things, but he kinda hesitated and seemed so cutely awkward like awww it’s okay, you’re so precious!! 

ONE RANDOM CUTE NOTE: The members commented about how many people came to this event, specially international fans (there was a handful of English-speaking fans there, and a lot of Japanese fans ((yay!))) BUT SANG ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED, “There’s a male fan here too!” AND THAT WAS ME Y’ALL. I WAS THE ONLY MALE FAN THERE AND AHHH I FELT SO SPECIAL. I waved like crazy when Sang said that, and some fans laughed. Taeho and Jian seemed pleasantly amused at this. Soon, the fansigning portion officially began.

Let’s move on to individual member interactions I had~ (warning: FEELS AHEAD!!)
The order was like this: Jeup→Ungjae(bias!!)→Sang→Taeho→Jian

Jeup was so friendly and talkative!! Even though my Korean isn’t perfect, we talked the whole time. What really makes me appreciate a group is when they take into consideration your level of Korean if you’re an international fan. Some groups (not going to name names) make the situation awkward for international fans because of the language barrier. I’m not bashing these groups just for that reason, but it still is disappointing when you want to be open and flexible to your diverse fanbase, wherever they may be from. What I mean is, I had an experience with an idol group or two where members did not talk to me much, in English nor Korean, even when I was trying my hardest to speak in Korean. Thankfully, Jeup complimented my Korean skills.

Anyway, he asked when I became a fan of them. I told him ever since “Feel So Good” era, and that I especially liked that track. I asked him, what was his favorite song, and he first replied, “Tension Up”, but also added, “In the Club” and “Please Be My First Love”. I agreed, saying that the trio of songs were all great. I commented that I especially think of PBMFL as 강추 (strong recommendation). Jeup burst out in laughter and complimented me again, saying that I even knew slang like “강추". 

He also asked where I came from, which is like a customary question we international fans get from idols. I told him America, specifically Hawaii, and pointed at the post-it note for him.

Q:This isn’t a question, but please come to Hawaii!
A: All right. We’ll definitely go.

Jeup looked at the note and actually said he really wants to visit Hawaii. I advertised the islands to him, saying that the weather is nice, the sceneries are great, and he added, “the beaches are good too”. So, he expressed that he wants to take all of the members there to have fun. Please do, we’ll welcome you warmly~

Finally, I told him his hairstyle was really nice today. It was spiked up and it really suited him! He thanked me, and I asked what he personally thought of it.

J: I like it. Styling the hair upward is very masculine.
Me: Right, I agree. Do you prefer having your hair styled up or bangs down?
J: *thinks for a bit* I think both is good, but now, having your hair styled up is rather cool now. So I personally like it this way.
Me: Yeah! Especially since nowadays it’s quite hot, right?
J: Right!

Then I told him I’d continue supporting IMFACT in the future. Such a cool guy~ Gonna hold you to your words, Jeup. See you guys in Hawaii. A hui ho!

Okay, I’m already dying of feels again and I haven’t even told you guys my interaction. So I can’t believe I was actually meeting Ungjae. I spazzed about him so much recently before and I had so many feels, but it’s always so different when you meet idols in real life. I told him I’m from Hawaii, like I always do. 

U: Hawaii? Wow.
Me: Am I the first fan from Hawaii?
U: *kind of confused* Sorry?
Me: Am I the first fan from Hawaii that you’ve met?
U: Ah, yes *laughs*
Me: *proud*
U: And you’ve come all the way to Korea.
Me: Yeah, I’m actually an exchange student.
U: Wow, really? *impressed* You’re really good at Korean.
Me: Ah, thank you. I still got a long way to go. But I’ve been in Korea for around 9 months. 

And, since this was a golden opportunity, thanks to my friend’s suggestion, I decided to just wing it and see what would happen if I wrote my bias a cute joking question.

Translation: Ungjae-yah, I like you the best ㅎㅎ Wanna go shopping together later? (I’m older so I’m using banmal/informal language)
Bottom right corner of signature: Thank you!!

I WAS SO SHY WHEN HE KEPT LOOKING AT THE NOTE, I WAS LIKE OMG OKAY MAYBE I SHOULDN’T HAVE WRITTEN IT, WHAT IF HE REPLIES NEGATIVELY?! But that was just my panic mode. Most idols with a good heart would play along! But since this was the first time I met my bias face to face, I was slightly worried what he would think. This is how the convo basically went:

U:  Ah, shopping? *curious*
Me: Yeah *laughs uncomfortably, shy shy shy af*
U: *genuinely interested* What kinds of clothes do you want?
Me: I like casual clothes
U: *smiles* Ah, casual? Ah, I like hip-hop style so… Hongdae has a few places, not a lot. But for casual clothes… *recommends some stuff but I forgot what he said exactly, sorry bb*

We talked a bit more about stores and things. It felt more like he was giving me recommendations HAHA but since he wrote, “Cool~!” on my note, then I’ll take that as a yes ❤ Anyway, I got pretty bold at this point and thought, well, might as well just go all out.

Me: Actually, you’re my favorite member. You’re really handsome.
U: *shyly smiles* *bows head slowly in appreciation*


Lastly, I asked him about his work as IMFACT’s lyricist.

Me: So, you’re in charge of composing lyrics?
U: Of course.
Me: When you write lyrics, where do you usually draw your inspiration?
U: *thinks* hmm… Well, I just draw inspiration from real life. When I’m thinking about something or when I watch a show or drama, I just get thoughts and write them.

It was time to move on, so I gave him one last firm handshake and moved on. Thanks to his sunny smile, I was able to feel accomplished after talking to him. I officially didn’t mess up royally in front of my bias!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS GUY. HE WAS SO NICE!! He already pointed me out in the beginning but seriously, this guy is awesome. Right when I moved to him, he extended his hand out and gave me a big, friendly handshake. He greeted me, “What’s up?!!” in English.

S: Ah, Hawaii~ my sister went to America. (I love that random transition of topics)
Me: Really? Where in America?
S: *says in English* America. For study.
Me: *internally: I know Sang, I’m asking where* Where, in America? *says it again*
S: *I think he didn’t specify, or he forgot, but he said she just studied abroad, and came back. I just accepted that answer lol*
Me: You should come visit Hawaii!!

And then he proceeds to tell me that he really wants to go. He looks at my post-it.

Q: Do you have a favorite Nine Muses song? (NM and IMFACT are same company)

I told him that I really like Namyu and that they’re my favorite group, and since the two groups are the same company, I wanted to ask him what his fave song from them was. He wrote Drama, and ofc I love that song too. Darn, I forgot some other little things I might have talked to him about. But here’s another thing~ (I was just speaking my mind at this point)

Me: Since there’s a lot I don’t know, who is the visual in IMFACT?
S: Actually, we leave it up to the fans, who see members as visuals in their own viewpoints. Like, if a fan watches us, they’ll think “Ah, I like this one! He’s a visual!” These kinds of thoughts. So it’s an individual’s preference. *how precious is this*
Me: Really? Well, honestly, I think you’re the visual.
S: Ah, really? *short shy moment, gives me another handshake for the compliment*
Me: Yeah, you’re really, really handsome.

I can’t stress this enough, THIS GUY IS SO GREAT!! I forget what else we talked about, but at the end, I got flustered lol just…. ahhhhhhh > <

Taeho is really cool and just polite and nice~ I just loved his reaction when I said I was from Hawaii. He was like, “Wa, Hawaii?” like aw. And I had to tell him about how cool it was that he got more lines this comeback. Seriously, seems like all the vocals in this group can be main. 

Me: Also, I really like how you got a lot of parts this time around.
T: Ah, really? *smiles* You like my vocals?
Me: Yeah! Compared to the older songs, you got a lot of parts. Isn’t it nice? 
T: Yep~ *high-five* Thank you~
Me: Hm, how are the parts distributed, anyway?
T: Actually, we each get together and divide the parts based on who fits the lines the most. We come to an agreement and split the parts that way. Like we say, “Oh, I think you would fit this part well”, and so on.
Me: Wow, that’s nice~ What do you honestly think of the title track, “Tension Up”?
T: I do like it. It’s really exciting. I also like In the Club and especially Please Be My First Love. That kind of style. *sly self-promo as always*
Me; I agree! 
T: We have more songs in store, so please anticipate them.
Me: Ah, could you give me a little hint about the next track?
T: Compared to “Tension Up”, the next one is a bit… slower tempo. It’s hip-hop, but more… relaxing? Chill?
Me: Ah, really? Sounds exciting. I’ll continue supporting IMFACT in the future~

I don’t remember much else that we talked about, but that was still a lot~ Such a sweet guy. Really cares for his fans, like all of them. 

Last but definitely not least, I met Jian~ Awkward little greetings ftw.
Me: Hi~ Jian-ssi~ Oh, where’d your note go?
JA: Hi, it’s right here~ *looks at said note*
Me: Oh *flustered af, drops head in embarrassment*

Q: Is an IMFACT X Nine Muses collab possible??
A: We’ve done one!
On the picture: Nine Muses Noonas are coming back soon, so please give them lots of support, and if a chance for a collab presents itself, we’ll do it for sure!

In response to my surprise at his answer, we had a convo.

JA: We collaborated before.
Me: Oh right, “Dream”, right? (referring to Sang x Keumjo’s duet)
JA: Actually, during the Star Empire Family Concert in Japan.
Me: Oh, really?
JA: Yeah. It was me and Keumjo-noona, we did a collab.
Me: Ah, which song? I didn’t know.
JA: Taeyang-sunbaenim’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.
Me: Oh, I’ve never seen it. Do you think it would be on YouTube?
JA: I think it’ll come up if you search it there.

I told him about Nine Muses being my favorite girl group, and he mentioned that they helped IMFACT a lot, and he really appreciates them. AND HERE’S WHEN I LITERALLY SAID WHAT HAS BEEN BOTHERING ME FOR SOME TIME LOL HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?

Me: Okay, this isn’t an insult, but I have something to say…
JA: Okay, what is it?
Me: When I look at you, Jian, I think of Euaerin. You remind me of her a lot. Like your tone… And I remember when you impersonated her.
JA: Ah, really?~ *smiling* Actually, I really look up to her. She’s helped me a lot. *I forgot what he said specifically, but he was really chill and nice about this LOL I hope it didn’t offend him cuz they could be counterparts! Killer rappers and amazing dancers.*

Like look at this goddess

And then look at this hunk! LOL. Their sharp features stand out, and they’re really charismatic. (God I miss Euaerin now). 

And then it was time to continue my attack on Jian. But this time, I wanted to give him a direct compliment~

Me: But Jian-ssi.
JA: *interested* yes?
Me:You’re really handsome.
JA: *amused at my straightforwardness* Ah, thank you~ *laughs*
Me: Yeah, especially this… *gestures at the amazing tie he’s wearing, bless his outfit and his whole existence* It suits you very much. Did you pick it yourself?
JA: Actually, the stylists did it… 
Me: Oh, well it still looks good!

Then it was time to go *sad face*
Me: *reads Jian’s message on my album* Ah, but don’t worry~ I’m not just a Nine Muses fan, I’m also IMFACT’s fan~ I’ll support you in the future!
JA: Thank you! See you!
Me: Bye bye!
JA: Bye~ Junior~~

Just the way he said my name at the end made me so warm on the inside hehehehe~ they are all sweethearts.
It took a long while to go through all 120 fans, but it was great. They had a little game session with the fans, where they would draw something on a notepad and then the fans guess the answer. The ones who answered would get a chance to take a selca with them. *ahhh jelly* Honestly, during that game, I was confused AF about what they were drawing LMAO I did not know how the fans could get all the right answers! I was stumped.

Then IMFACT performed some songs, as this was the “fanmeeting” part of the event. They performed some fan favorites- Tension Up (of course) and Lollipop. And during Lollipop, Sang was EXTRA and ran offstage momentarily and I GOT TO TOUCH HIS HAND AGAIN~! HE’S SO GREAT WITH FANSERVICE. LOVE YOU SANG!! Seriously, they know how to charm their fans and make them feel loved!

It was almost time to go, but IMFACT asked the staff if they could do one more encore stage of Please Be My First Love. The fans were cheering, wanting it, AND SO WAS I, LIKE THIS SONG IS SUCH A TREASURE. BEST CHILL SONG RIGHT NOW. Refreshing like a breath of spring air~
Their vocals were on point and it was cute because in the middle, when Ungjae started rapping, his mic turned off for some reasons and had some difficulties but the members helped and lent him a mic until it started working again. So talented and thoughtful agh. 

Then, it was time to go~ they waved goodbye and the lights dimmed and turned off again, just like the beginning. Just as they had come. They all disappeared backstage, except Jeup who straggled and stayed back a little to say one last cute farewell to the audience. And that was it. A great day well spent.

It was so worth the trouble of applying, even if it was a different format than I was used to. IMFACT is so underrated, and I think Star Empire is not doing the best that they can to help them succeed. Like, the members are all charming and talented and exceptional, but their title songs are not innovative, unique, or otherwise outstanding to really catch the public’s eye. Star Empire failed ZE:A and they messed up Namyu, and I feel so bad for IMFACT. But hope remains, and I will keep supporting them in their journey. I wish them all the luck for stardom. 

Please give IMFACT a try. Listen to their b-sides too, they have really good side tracks, which seem to be the real hidden gems of their music.
Please Be My First Love (If I didn’t stress this enough)
In The Club (an excellent r&b, more somber song of theirs)
Feel So Good (a really underrated title track, really hype-worthy)

And that’s it for my fanaccount!! It’s super long but it’s all my thoughts~ I’m going to make a video for this whole experience, hopefully by tomorrow. I spent so much time on this, hahaha. Until next time~

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i’m all for seeing creative content, but please respect the fansites you’re making all this content from.

so ive decided something...

I’d like to feature more lyric edits on my blog but not only am i terrible at editing but i dont have the proper software to do it either. so im going to hold a contest. i want as many of my followers to submit their edits as possible, the only rule is one edit per person and one submission per person (to make picking winners more fair). you can submit any lyrics from any band you would like (just try to stick to the pop punk, alternative, metal genres so we can keep the theme of the blog) and I’ll pick how ever many winners depending on how many submissions come in (ill prolly pick like 10 or something) please submit only your work no plagiarism and the contest ends Friday July 28 so thats 2 weeks from today


So you might be wondering why the hell is it called like this? well it’s because peach is my fav fruit and also because i just love the color even though it might not go with my theme hah

So this is basically a group for anyone who wants to make friends, follow each other and just get to know more people so it doesn’t matter what kind of blog type you have or how many followers because everyone is welcome!

If you want to join here are some rules but i hope its not too much: 

-follow me and my personal blog since i will probably be managing from there plus we will all follow each other anyway

-reblog this post because likes don’t count (you can like to bookmark though) also please reblog only once so i can have a nice list of people who did thanks!

-this is not a must but you can send me a message telling me why you’d like to join

For now i’ll add 15-30 people (maybe more depending how many of you reblog) but in a few weeks i will add a lot more people. I will message you after you are accepted so i can send you a link to join. I hope we can all be friends ok i love you all.

if no one reblogs this never happened :))))

queue is very low; mod applications still open

Over a week ago, I posted a call for applications. You can see it here: [link]. So far, I have received zero applications.

I can’t be here all the time. So from June 25 until about July 12, this blog will ONLY be able to post previously queued submissions.

But there are only four submissions in the queue right now, so we’re going to need a lot, or else this blog will just stop posting for a few weeks.

Please send in submissions (and read the rules, please – I keep having to delete submissions that don’t follow the rules) and keep ‘em coming!

Attention all people on the autistic spectrum!

I’m an autistic radio DJ at 91.5 WDBK (DJ Hippie, host of That Gosh Darn Hippie Show), and I’m planning out a series of one minute clips for April for Autism Acceptance month that will star all of US! The rules for this are super simple…. All you need to do is make a recording introducing yourself, then share your experiences as an autistic person, info-dump about your special interest, share autistic headcanons for your favourite characters, tell people what you want them to know about actually autistic people, organizations that you like for autism (So people know other places to give besides Autism $peaks), or basically anything you want for 60 seconds (It can go a little over, too, if needed)! Then, send your recording to ! You can make more than one, too, if you want (Note: If we get a lot of people for this, though, we might narrow down multiple submissions from the same person)! These clips will play almost like commercials or PSAs in between songs during breaks all throughout the month of April!

The main rule right now is just to not curse and to stay appropriate (This is going on the air, after all! Have to follow FCC rules). I’m hoping to get as many people as possible for this (Which is why I’m starting on this so early) so please spread the word around! If you have any questions, send me an ask, private message, or e-mail. Can’t wait to hear from you! Stay groovy!

Edit: A friend of mine told me that there are non-verbal autistic people who want to be involved, too. If you want a chance to share your experiences/special interest/ect. on the air and you’re nonverbal, you can have someone else read what you want to say on the air, or use a text-to-speech program if you can’t find someone else to help you. Also, if you want, you can send an e-mail with what you want to say and I can read it for you, too. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention, Tim! Peace and love!

Edit 2: I noticed some people are saying they’re too nervous to speak on the air… For those who are too scared to or maybe even have anxiety, hopefully this will ease your worries a little bit: This won’t be live. Any mistakes or bloopers that you make can be edited out if you want to make it sound perfect (I often have to edit some shows myself for pre-recorded episodes). If that doesn’t help, you can also just send an e-mail with what you want to say and I can read on your behalf if you wish. Stay groovy!

Edit 3: Yes, Self-DXers are allowed!