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i love you so much, Keaton, both as a poet and as a human being. i've never sent a prompt before, i think. anyway, prompt: the book of revelation (my personal favorite book of the bible).

I. the call of the distant temple
haunts me, lord; my bones
thunder. exile is a word that reeks
of roman bronze. see how the guards
laugh at me, their foreign captive,

a wingless starling who they say
curses the dawn winds. i curse nothing
save the hands that robbed you
from me. promise, my king,
your return will taste of ashishot.

II. i saw you sitting on my bed quilts,
columbines in your hair, constellations
in your eyes, the wounds open.

you touched my mouth with bloodied
fingers & i knew then that to wait
for the psalms of your ribs is better

than to run from sun to sun seeking
ounces of finite heats. you weave
my dreams, lord, so i’ll carry the arc

of your throat as far as ink & my lungs
allow; your throat which is both
the hammer & the home being built.

III. night will fall as red as a martyr’s
corpse. lions will walk toothless,
dragons shed their scales. alleluia
to the mirrors melting & the bones
exhuming themselves. alleluia to fears

clotting shut & music clinging
in chainmail to our bodies. alleluia,
your ghost will be blooming green
as veins & we shall bite into it.

IV. when red tides lie
pregnant with salt,

baptize me there
& kiss me

clean again.

Pro-choice Christians exist (and that’s not debatable because hi I’m right here)

Pro-choice Christians are not bad Christians.

Pro-choice Christians are not heretical. .

God does not hate pro-choice Christians (or pro-choice anybody)

Thank you and goodnight.

Things in the skam tag that’s annoys the shit out of me: non Norwegians complaining about the Russ bus.

Like, people are complaining and literally just want them to cut the bus part out. “But this is the last season, so we won’t see them as Russ so why bother still have it?!!” Some complains, well, because it’s a norwegian show! Aimed for 15-16 years old girl! The bus is still an important thing for them! Norwegian fans are also sad that we won’t get more seasons, or the fact we get a season with Vilde as russ. But just because they won’t make the season doesn’t stop just stop the girls from going to become russ!
And it’s also so important in that this season is about culture identity, and it’s such a big thing to have a Muslim, hijabi girl on a Russ bus!! Because you wanna know what happens when I think back? I can’t EVER remember seeing a hijabi girl being russ. Ever. And that is way it’s important to have Sana. This is why it’s important TO Sana.

I don’t shop Hobby Lobby since that greedy hypocritical so-called Christian family pulled that stunt with healthcare forcing their beliefs on their workers regarding birth control. Look who is immoral now. They make me sick.

I think the better part of the story is that hobby lobby supplied birth control and abortionmedication to their employees before the ACA. So their outrage about birth control is hilarious at best.

  • things i want to see adena doing bc im writing kadena stories and im desperate come talk to me abt adena and her relationship w islam yall
  • casually doing her namaz/salah in her own workplace! saying different surats, reveling in her private time with Allah!
    • namaz/salah means prayer its just two different ways of saying it
    • surats are the verses in the quran
    • Allah is God,,,,and while i have ur attention Allah isnt just “muslims God” it literally means just got in arabic. so like christian arabs call God Allah as well lmfao
  • the adhan going off on her phone in the morning, middle of the day, evening, night etc.
    • adhan is the call to prayer and it comes 5 times
  • messing around with her hijab in the beginning of her day depending on the weather and her outfit eruheahu i want to see her hiding the 300 pins we all do okay
  • seeing her leaving and entering the masjid with food for some event or without because shes jut there to do her namaz and go
    • masgid is what we call the mosque
  • saying ‘astaghfirullah’ whenever the slightest thing goes wrong eriuheah
    • astaghfirullah is just a term that means disapproval
  • reading the quran at some point
  • i wanna know her fave surats from the quran 
  • getting with muslim friends and laughing and joking around in the #MuslimWay erheuah
  • making duas, for her friends, her family, strangers who are suffering, for everyone and then finally herself
  • having serious talks abt islam, with other muslims, with kat etc. everyone getting along trying to understand each others perspective
  • i want to see adena exist shes a muslim and these are aspects of our lives N I WANNA SEE THEM come talk to me abt her eirheauh
Balkanic Islam is ignored and misunderstood, perhaps because it is an integrated Islam, compatible with the cultural picture , with the formative values of the countries of the old Europe  and therefore there is no need for any special protection.
These choices have the effect of depriving the entire memory of the community, of misunderstanding values and experiences of longevity elaboration, delivering to the ranks of the “reborn” of Islam - and hence to fundamentalism - individuals and groups that have developed instead an experience of secularization of religious and cultural values of considerable interest in Europe. It is not alien  to this policy the need to enhance the so-called Jewish-Christian roots of Europe to the detriment of the competition of other cultural components and religious backgrounds that have also fueled cultural richness overall of the continent and have made it a privileged place to development of scientific thought.
—  G. Cimbalo: The Islamic experience of Eastern Europe as a contribution to a shared regulation of religious freedom in Italy
Dispensing abortifacients & contraceptives during pharmacy school...I Need to Vent, I Really Need Advice and Prayers Please

I’m faced with a moral dilemma about my career choice. I wanted to become a pharmacist and I was SO excited about it. It was one of my dreams for the longest time, I even planned my whole academic life around my desire to become a pharmacist.
I made a promise to myself and prayed to God that I would be a Pro-Life pharmacist no matter what, even if I have to run my own pro-life pharmacy business, or avoid retail pharmacy altogether and go into another pharmacy specialty to avoid dispensing abortifacients, lethal doses of drugs known for euthanasia, and contraceptives.

However, what’s stopping me now is the rotations/internships during pharmacy school, because I would be required to work in a retail pharmacy setting under their own policies. There are no Christian/Catholic pharmacy schools in my areas (and even if there was, we all know how a lot of so-called Christian/Catholic schools don’t really practice Church teachings and morals…).
I tried contacting my available pharmacy schools to ask if they will allow me to avoid dispensing abortifacients and contraceptives during rotations/internships and so far, only one school replied back saying, “I cannot guarantee a rotation schedule that would reflect this student’s preferences”.

I was praying and thinking that if all the pharmacy schools I contact reply back telling me I can’t avoid dispensing abortifacients and contraceptives during their rotations/internships, then I will know that it’s not God’s will for me and I won’t become a pharmacist…

Although I trust God and His will for me, I’m still devastated. I really wanted to study pharmacy. I really wanted to learn and become a professional to use this knowledge to help people and possibly make a difference by being pro-life. All I wanted was to go to pharmacy school and become a pharmacist without having to dispense abortifacients, lethal drugs, and contraceptives. How is this not possible? Pharmacy and healthcare are SO MUCH MORE than abortifacients, euthanasia, and contraceptives.

I wonder how many intelligent, skilled, compassionate people have been turned away or discouraged from pursuing a healthcare career because of situations like this…
If anyone tries to make an argument and tell you that most doctors and healthcare professionals support abortion, euthanasia, contraceptives, etc., that’s not accurate - a lot of that probably has more to do with the fact that a lot of schools and laws make it nearly impossible for pro-life students and healthcare professionals to object.

To top it off, almost everyone I know in my life was so thrilled, happy, and proud of me that I wanted to become a pharmacist. I come from a family/culture where becoming a doctor (or any other similar career) is highly preferred and admired, some of them and their children are in those careers, so if I’m unable to pursue my career anymore, I’m going to be disappointing my family and a few certain people will probably gossip about me.
I’m already known in my family for being “too much” Catholic, so now I might be ridiculed for my decision.

My mom is very intelligent and working towards her career as well, but out of love, she sacrificed her dream so that I could pursue mine first. She’s the one who’s supporting me and helping me by paying for my college (God bless her) and she was also really excited, proud of me, and helping me plan to become a pharmacist, so when I told her my concerns, she either didn’t take what I said seriously or she was disappointed in what I said, and she noticed how I haven’t been showing much interest in my academic life for a while lately, so she commented, “You just don’t want to become a pharmacist, that’s what it is.” which kinda stung, cause since she’s Catholic like me, I thought she would’ve been more supportive…

But even though she’s also Catholic and doesn’t support abortifacients, euthanasia, and contraceptives either, she thinks it’s not a sin by dispensing them since “it’s not you who’s taking them” and “even if you don’t dispense it, the patient will still find another way to get it anyway”, but I know for a fact that it’s still partaking in someone’s sin and that’s a sin in itself, and after researching and reading/seeing all the horrible effects that abortifacients, euthanasia, and contraceptives have on people and society, there is NO way I could ever support these in any way for anyone.

Like I said, whatever happens, I trust God and His will for me. It’s just…I was really set on becoming a pharmacist already, I really wanted to become knowledgeable in medicine and help people live healthier and make a difference by being pro-life, now I don’t know what I’m going to do for a career and how to support my family in the future, and I’m going to be disappointing the people I love in my life and they’re going to be judging me. I’m worried that I’ll succumb to pressure and follow through with pharmacy school despite the moral implications…

The only other career I was equally interested in was becoming a naturopathic doctor because I love natural and holistic medicine, but even with that career, in the naturopathic medicine school, I would potentially have to deal with various sketchy New Age and false spirituality practices that are also dangerous.
It’s like I can’t pursue any of my dream careers, and the people in my life don’t understand me fully, cause they think I’m just being “too much” again. It’s really confusing and frustrating.

What should I do, guys? Should I still become a pharmacist? What would you do if you were in my situation?
Have any of you been in a situation like this? What did you do?
Does anyone have suggestions for other medical/healthcare careers I can pursue that are similar to a pharmacist and naturopathic doctor, that help people heal and live healthier and that have a good salary to support a family, without having to deal with grave immoral practices?

I would really love some advice and prayers please.

I hope you guys don’t mind if I tag you @by-grace-of-god , @patron-saint-of-smart-asses , @alwaysabeautifullife , @emeraldboreas , @saulof-tarsus , @tradcatmaria , @cathy-sienna-40 , since you guys are aware of things like this happening and so more people can read and reblog this and possibly offer advice and prayers. Thank you, God bless <3


Your attention please. It has come to my attention, Ms. Dlomo is the target of very concentrated and intense “hate speech” and other rhetoric on Twitter and Tumblr. I visited @LongLukeArnold aka Long John Silver’s account (to spread the #Joadi love) and saw all manner of evil directed at Ms. Dlomo by SilverFlint fans. It’s heartbreaking. I especially felt uncomfortable for Mr. Arnold, who plays Madi’s love interest on the show. His feed was filled with hate for his co-star, when all he asked was we flood Tumblr with John x Madi. What he got was Silver & Flint. 😱 Over and Over and we hate Madi/Zethu.

Although, I am unable to confirm. Sources say, prior to Ms. Dlomo’s making her own Twitter Account private, Ms. Dlomo posted her personal religious beliefs on HER OWN account. Someone took offense and began a “homophobic” smear campaign, which explains the SilverFlint Movement. These individuals have made it their mission to destroy any professional satisfaction, the award winning actress may get from playing Madi. And it appears TPTB are bowing to the pressure as well. Can anyone show me where Ms. Dlomo has been featured in a Press Junket or Con? Is she even in the pictures? Despite playing a significant role in the Show’s final season?! Sad. Especially, when TPTB had a potential cash cow in featuring a WOC. Minorities control style, culture and What’s hot! We Cosplay too! (Fact: see Music. Fashion. Hair. Film. Small Business growth & development..etc). With women supporting this show… But I digress.

As a person who grew up in a religious home, with gay family and friends; Hell, I was a Fag Hag and Beard before I even understood what those terms meant! 🤣 I know the pain my Black brothers and sisters endured because of who they loved and they would NEVER stoop to the dirty depths these folk are wallowing in.

I find what the SilverFlint faction and others are doing to Ms. Dlomo just as appalling as what so called “Christians” do. Currently, I see no difference between the two.

The best way to soften a heart towards your plight is to show love and to educate. Not steal, kill and destroy.

So, if you are so inclined to be an agent of change, please let’s make Ms. Dlomo’s and Mr. Arnold’s final season special. Let’s show the Black Sails fandom, what love and appreciation looks like ( because ain’t no way I can do what they do, naked even) 😜via tweets and posts and whatever you do best. 😍

So-called Christians love to cherry-pick the Old Testament. If the Christian-Right doesn’t like a particular passage or book in the Old Testament, well the Old Testament is for the Jews and the New Testament, except the Sermon on the Mount, is for Christians. But when the topic of Biblical Law being the Law of the United States comes up for discussion, well, the Old Testament must be adhered to by every citizen regardless of their personal beliefs. These people are so disingenuous.

“Thecomicsnixlegacy” Goes Back Into Hiding... For Now...

Our buddy “@comicsnixlegacy” (also known as “Ask-Tovolar” and many other names) has been shut down for the time being.

He claims to have shut his account down by choice, in reaction to unspecified threats that nobody ever saw.

However, others are claiming he was banned.

I reserve judgement of how his account bit the dust until some evidence surfaces proving one of the two theories. 

However, it doesn’t really matter, because we already know the modus operandi under which this guy operates. Regardless of if he deleted of his own free will or was banned, we know that HE WILL BE BACK.

He has done this many times before. When he makes too much of an ass out of himself, such that the majority of people he wants to harass have blocked him (or are simply laughing at his stupidity too hard to realize that they are being harassed), he simply creates a series of new sock puppet accounts and reappears under the new identities to harass many of the same people he was harassing before

He even got outed as a gay furry pedophile once, but he just deleted those accounts and came back with new ones again.

So in the future, be on the look out for any SJW blogs that constantly repeat these same tactics;

If you encounter an SJW blog engaging in all these acts of blatant hypocrisy, it’s probably the same guy again.

@redbloodedamerica, @bransrath, @anscathmarcach, @arcenciel-par-une-larme, @antisjwalliance, @stopmakingliberalslookbad, @lilypaw, @antifashaming, @anti-sjw-movement, @loodeeloo, @sneakygraf, @kitty-peach, @bi-brit-rereborn, @jewishmagpie, @catalogingthedeclineofthewest