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  • white person: I am not racist!!
  • white person: I am racist :)

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Women of Color against Patriarchy, first post.

Men of Color (MoC) do not get a free pass on misogyny!!!!

This blog was created so that I could post content that is intended to present problems within communities of culture that exist due to patriarchal influences. Due to so-called “anti-racist” liberal discourses, it has become increasingly difficult on the Left to openly criticize men of color for their misogyny, violence against women and girls, and perpetuation of patriarchy. To openly criticize men of color for being male chauvinists or misogynists runs the risk of being deemed a “racist” by well-intended liberals who prioritize men of color and multiculturalism over the safety, freedom, and liberty of women and girls who are oppressed by men, no matter the race or ethnicity of the men.

This blog is founded by a woman of color who is completely fed up and done with liberal politicians and activists that care more about not offending men of color than they do about defending, protecting, and advocating for oppressed women and girls of color.

Left-Wing (liberal and Leftist) social justice activists and politicians must decide whether or not they’re going to tolerate female oppression in the name of being “anti-racist” and “multicultural” or whether they’re going to stand up against female oppression even at the risk of being unfairly deemed a “racist” or even worse.

If you’re a woman of color who is over with politics that ignores or minimizes male violence and patriarchy when it is perpetuated by men of color, please reblog this post.

If you’re a woman of color who is fed up and done with politics that demands that you do not advocate on behalf of women because there are “bigger issues” (that “oppress” men and not women, of course), please reblog this post.

If you’re a woman of color who is not a cultural relativist and you realize that it is necessary to have cultural criticisms from feminist perspectives since most cultures are male-dominated, please reblog this post.

If you’re a woman (a woman of color or white) and you believe that “culture” and/or “tradition” is not a suitable excuse or explanation to justify men (any men of any race or ethnicity) oppressing women and girls, please reblog this post.

We have had enough.

We have had enough with cultural codes of silence that insist we remain silent when men of color who are our fathers, brothers, husbands, uncles, sons, men who are the same race or ethnicity as us, and religious brethren, beat us, rape us, mistreat us, abuse us in many various ways, exploit our labor, and so much more.

We have had enough with cultural codes of silence that insist we shut our mouths because when we speak out against our own patriarchal cultures (dominated by men of color) we are told that we’re “airing dirty laundry” and making our race or ethnic community “look bad.” Women of color are not responsible for men of color oppressing us, we are not to blame for the violence and oppression men of color inflict upon us.

We have had enough with outdated cultural customs and practices that are either irrelevant in this current century, and/or are harmful to our physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional health and well-being. We have had enough with cultural customs, traditions, practices, and values that are torturous, dehumanizing, misogynistic, and inhumane.

Cultures can change and advocating for cultural changes aren’t always bad, racist, colonialist, or imperialist.

Stop acting as if the only people who want to see patriarchal cultures of color change are white, Western, (neo)colonialists and imperialists. Many people who want to see patriarchal cultures of color change are not white, not Western, and are both reformist and radical people of color advocating within their own racial and ethnic communities in the hopes that the culture is able to adjust to accommodate women’s rights, freedoms, and liberation. Furthermore, following the “logic” of cultural relativists, all feminists are so-called colonialists and imperialists since the goal of feminism is to dismantle patriarchal societal and cultural structures. Feminism aims to end female oppression without exception. In order to accomplish this, all male-dominated cultures and societies are going to have to change. If you’re a pro-female or pro-feminist activist, then your priorities should be obvious here. Women’s rights and freedoms surpasses men’s “rights” to oppress women in the name of continuing patriarchal cultural traditions, values, and practices.

Block or blacklist this blog all you want but know that women of color are rising up. So many of us are exhausted with being oppressed and silenced within our own ethnic and racial communities. So many of us are fed up with being told to pretend as if there’s no female oppression in our communities of color because these male-dominated cultures fear what white, Western outsiders might think. Racism is real, racial and ethnic oppression is real, but so is female oppression and so is the oppression of women of color by men of color. It’s time we acknowledged this and it’s time we opened up critical discussion and dialogue about this fact. Women of color need to strategize and organize with one another and find ways to advance our rights and freedoms and the Left needs to know that when their anti-racist politics makes it extremely difficult or impossible for women of color to speak out against misogyny in their own communities, that their anti-racist politics need to be re-evaluated for misogynistic flaws.

einemelodieimwind replied to your post “Wow…saw another so-called ‘anti-racist’ blog defending…”

The amount of hate towards Jews and antisemitism on this site is disturbing.

yeah, it really is. And not being Jewish myself, I can imagine there’s a lot more I haven’t seen.

I find it disturbing the way a lot of bloggers who identify as progressive basically support collective punishment against all Jewish people across the world because they use the Israel-Palestine issue as a justification to dismiss antisemitism. I’ve even seen people who said the Hyper Cacher massacre was understandable “because Israel”. How can you completely fail to separate these situations? What have the French Jews shot dead there got to do with the IDF? People think Jewish = Israel even though loads of European Jews here aren’t Israeli citizens but citizens of various European countries. 

Like, this makes as much sense as questioning me whether I support every single thing the government of mainland China has done whenever they oppress minorities (like Tibetans) when I’m not even a Chinese citizen just because I’m ethnically Han Chinese. Yet so many people do this, as if Jewish people everywhere are collectively responsible for Israel’s atrocities or that having power in Israel magically means antisemitism in places where they’re NOT the majority (aka the rest of the world) goes away.