so cal ragnar

Ragnar Reality!

robbsadventure sent out our So Cal Ragnar legs and I will run a little over 33 miles for our ultra team.  I am pretty sure this is twice as much as my first and only other Ragnar (17 miles - non ultra team).  Thank you Robb for placing my longest run toward the beginning of the race!  But why does it say “hard” next to most of my legs???? Highlights- it  looks like I will be running an “easy” 5K at 2:30 in the morning followed by a 10k around 7:30AM.  Good times ahead!!!!  I am going to need serious coffee.  Time to focus on running strong the next few weeks.  I made it through a crazytown Solvang Century, I can make it through anything!!!!  Let’s do this thing trivialbob mar-kicksass happyfitrunnergirl robbsadventure