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Thomaven Headcanon #6

Cal finds out about Maven and Thomas dating and he goes into overprotective brother mode because “Mavey, he’s older than you he could be trying to take advantage of you.”. The only problem is, is that Maven and Thomas can’t take him seriously. Like not at all. 

Cal tries to be intimidating and scare Thomas but Thomas is just so amused and trying so hard not to laugh because “oh god, fireball, your brother’s hilarious." 

Maven is equal parts annoyed and embarrassed like "shut up Cal. I’m not a CHILD”

And then there’s Cal in the middle of his speech, oblivious to the fact that Maven secretly wants to kill him and Thomas is shaking with silent laughter.

Fratboy Calum

Pairing: Y/N/Calum

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 9.000+

Summary: I thought the ending of my Fratboy Preference was too open and too good to leave and end it like that. So this is a continuing part from Calum’s version x Enjoy and here’s the links to the other parts: Fratboy College AU Part 1Fratboy College AU Part 2 |  Fratboy College AU Part 3

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  • Me: wow so Lil Cal's influence turned Bro into a capricious abusive plaything for Lord English
  • Homestuck fandom: yeah that's what it looks like
  • Me: so it's entirely possible that the same thing happened to Gamzee
  • Homestuck fandom: whoa no fuck off with that Gamzee apologism
  • Me: but Gamzee showed no sign of being violent before coming across Lil Cal and Gamzee explictly clarifies in canon that Lil Cal is responsible--
  • Homestuck fandom: Stop trying to excuse his actions
  • Me: i'm not i'm just trying to explain them--
  • Homestuck fandom: he's evil end of story

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