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“Life Beside the Tracks 419“

Nothing like a friendly comic about text messaging betweens mates to welcome the feeling of summer.

Now this is a little reminder of the friendship that Jason Huntley and Judy Hopps is still a thing, if not an excuse to draw either one in a comic strip.

This comic is actually autobiographical for one thing: My great aunt owns a house in Hermosa Beach, and the sidewalk is actually a feature along the coast, in front of the most expensive houses you’ll ever see. The names “Furmosa” and “Manehattan” are pun names for Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches respectively (although the latter pun name was borrowed from My Little Pony).

The t-shirt Jason is wearing is reference to two things: Both Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches were once stops along the Pacific Electric tracks towards Redondo Beach, and @st-james-railyard is a volunteer at the Orange Empire Railroad Museum in Perris CA, which houses the largest collection of Pacific Electric rolling stock.

Anyway, enjoy the comic!!!!!!!