so by so what

learning languages without actually studying them

smoking outside in the rain: +2 French words

sharing a glass of sherry with Miguel de Cervantes ghost: +3 Spanish

cursing the Britsh: +3 Spanish words & +9 French

wandering around Siberia with an existential crisis: +5 Russian words

look at an english dictionary, we’ve probably already stolen some of your native words: +7 English

subs not dubs!!!: -3 Japanese words for being annoying

arriving on time and queuing up properly: +1 German word

feeling dead inside: +2 Latin


the Old Man has a cough, so he’s on antibiotics for a month. I thought he’d loathe me for making him swallow the stuff, but… tastes like strawberry? after his first mouthful he spent 1.5 seconds working himself up for a stomping tantrum, but then the FLAVOUR HIT & you could see his little rabbit brain consider 🤔

that plastic injector got thoroughly cleaned by his gross Old Man tongue 

  • <p> <b>us:</b> we need updates, it's been too long<p/><b>mark:</b> *drops by casually in the airport with his new hair looking like the definition of perfection and looking good like always, trying to attack us*<p/><b>us:</b> what the-<p/><b>us:</b> suddenly im a mark stan<p/></p>

oh my allah the amount of …. toxicity and hatred and islamophobia i’m seeing on dash right now, and in the asks my mutuals and friends have gotten is indescribable. i don’t even know what to say anymore. y’all won’t even listen to us muslims explaining our faith to you?

so, who the hell are you gonna to listen to? ohhhhhhh, i know! y’all need a white guy you folk can “relate” to, to speak your terminology, to come through and teach you a thing or two, don’t you? maybe, hmmm, idk, someone like even or isak

but then i think to myself, would these folk listen, despite that, and understand or not?

honestly, this is so, so depressing. that y’all won’t even listen to us muslims who are trying so hard to explain to you. 

Every time I see a post about young Leia that mentions Bail approximately 1500 times and never once mentions Breha, I lose another year of life.