so butchered omg


Special thanks to the Turtle crew for being amazing and always making this game and experience a more positive one. There’s captions!

featuring @kukurubean , @theseventhdawn@korpokkur-kid , @zenathered , @emilyplaysgames , @snurbleberry , @themeifantasy , @finalrespite ! I can’t tag the others atm but I was very happy to be part of this set!

thiskrysmas-deactivated20161222  asked:

doodle idea! >8:30 AM >phil walks into living room, coffee mug in hand >dan is slumped in sofa crease in a v uncomfortable position >phil smiles, endeared >endearment turns to concern >feels dan's forehead >it is warm - dan is alive >mini celebration

Helluuw, that’s a great idea :D I’m so sorry this is so freaking messy though. Also I couldn’t really help myself so I drew some “bonus” drawings  ¯\(◡‿◡ ) /¯