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smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


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Wait wait, ok so jikook first kiss check, but now i need more info abt that vmin first kiss for very scientific reasons

“you’re leaving?” jimin mumbles sleepily. taehyung pauses at the door; turns around to see jimin stumbling up to him, scrubbing at his eyes with his fists and yawning into his sleeves.

“yeah. filming, remember?” taehyung says gently. just-woken-up jimin is delicate in his half-conscious state, eyes bleary and squinting without his glasses and taehyung is so gut-wrenchingly fond.

jimin frowns at the reminder, deep and pouting. taehyung reaches out, unable to resist pinching at his cheek with his thumb and forefinger. jimin swats his hand away, but his next, “go safely,” is said so softly that it makes taehyung’s heart lurch a little. sometimes, he wishes he had an even smaller version of jimin to carry around in his pocket to bring around everywhere. then they’d never have to miss each other.

“i will. i’ll be back soon. go back to sleep.”

jimin hums but makes no move to go. taehyung finds himself rooted to the spot, unable to go forwards or backwards. and when jimin leans up to give him his perfunctory peck on the cheek - for good luck! jimin would always insist - taehyung finds himself turning his head just in time to meet his lips with his own.

it’s brief - so chaste that taehyung doesn’t have the time to even shut his eyes. maybe that’s a good thing, because jimin is staring at him, shocked into wide-awakeness, his fingers pressed to his lips.

“i…” taehyung swallows, wondering if he’d just gone and ruined everything. he’d been planning a confession for months now, always second-guessing it last minute. his plans had never included something like this. “my bad. i didn’t know you were going to do that,” he says, and the excuse sounds pathetic even to his own ears. 

then he waits, in long painful silence, for jimin to inevitably snap at him to just go already. for jimin to land a few weak hits before ushering him out the door and pretending that nothing had happened. he expects a lot of things, but none of them come. instead, jimin yanks him down by his shirt collar until their mouths collide.

and this time, it lasts. it’s molten, sweet, and taehyung doesn’t fight it now that he knows jimin wants it too.

he cups jimin’s face in his palms, marvelling at how easy it is to twine their tongues together, to angle his head just right. they’ve always been easy. it’s always been them. in hindsight, it had taken them far too long to get here. it feels a little like coming home in the best possible way.

jimin is pulling him closer - as close as physically possible until taehyung isn’t sure where he ends and jimin begins - until he doesn’t know which breaths he’d taken for himself. all he knows is jimin’s lips against his, plush, soft, not at all unfamiliar but still so new, and taehyung’s heart could probably burst with love.

then, before he knows it, his hands trail down, skimming jimin’s back to palm his ass.

jimin yelps, breaking away with reddened cheeks. “tae!” he exclaims.

taehyung chases his lips with a sound of frustration. “come on, one more. one more for good luck - ”

jimin sighs but obliges, wrapping his arms around taehyung’s neck and dragging him down so he doesn’t have to lean up as far. this time, it burns a little hotter when their mouths touch - and taehyung’s hands get a little antsier. a little more curious. this time, jimin doesn’t complain.

jimin leans back again, turning his head away from taehyung’s eager kiss with a laugh caught somewhere between their chests. he rests his forehead on taehyung’s shoulder. “you’re going to be late.”

“one more?” taehyung bargains.

“no more.”

“half. a brief one,” taehyung wheedles, squeezing jimin’s ass for added effect.

“… half,” jimin says sternly, his glare half-hearted at best. taehyung, who’s dealt with jimin’s worst and come back out alive, is unfazed. he dives in eagerly. 

and contradictory to his tone, jimin’s enthusiasm is an even match.

Hi everyone! I feel a little burnt out so I’m going to take it easy today. I will post my what I read this week, update my master list and maybe post a fic rec list, but I hope it’s okay with you all if I just take a break today.

Thank you for understanding, I love you all! 💙

Just One Last Time

Eliot is immortal. The leverage team was not. Future-fic. Angst, character death flashback, Damien Moreau, mostly an Eliot character study I guess. (Highlander fusion)

Eliot felt the presence of another immortal well before the shadow stepped into place beside his own, darkening the otherwise bright green grass at his feet. He squinted against the bright sunlight but didn’t bother to look or otherwise react. He already knew who it was.

A voice he’d known for centuries broke the silence. “How many times must you do this to yourself before you learn? Mortals…they always die in the end.”

Damien Moreau always managed to show up at the worst possible times in Eliot’s life, and today apparently wasn’t gonna be the exception.

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❤❤❤ (good luck at work and please don't stop with the ask memes!!)

Thank you <3 I havent had a day off in about three weeks so today i burnt out and had a three hour nap BUT I only cried once today!! So the ask memes will INDEED continue!

okay my new rule

 is that mondays are my positivity day cuz i spend so much of my time online fighting people lately and im gettin a lil burnt out SO today im not gonna whip out the sass or law on anyone im JUST gonna be silly fun bunny all day and all haterz will collect dust in my inbox *red dress emoji* *celebratory ghost emoji*