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Okay! So, we have a bit of a problem! Yeah… it’s come to my attention that some of my fave people are feeling a little down… unappreciated… uncared for… and we cannot let this stand! SO, I have some things to say. And… yes, this will probably be one long a** post but… please bear with me?

First things first. I’m still relatively new to this community. I don’t know everyone. I’m 10000% sure of that. Which means I will probably not get everyone… (I’m like 100000% sure I /haven’t/ gotten everyone!) And for that I am sorry… BUT, if you’d like to help me fix it you can! Please do! It’s super easy! Just send me one of the <3 + URL things, and I’ll do my best to add them to the list! Or, or, or! You could reblog this and add them yourself!!

Off we go!!

@smolsickficwriter : You are honestly the best! Like, whether you choose to write sickfic again or not I love you! I wouldn’t even be on Tumblr if not for you! I’m always here if you wanna chat! *hugs* <333 Plus Kel and Anslem are the first ocs I read about on here, and I love them so freaking much! There are a great many of your fics which I keep bumping to the top of my likes!

@cabbagespoon : Your writing is flipping gold! And I know I’ve already commented that on a fic but it’s true. Entirely true. Your fics are beyond fabulous, and I look forward to every single one!

@dontfeelsogood : Hey! We’ve been chatting lately, and I think you’re super, super cool! Your ocs make me kinda crazy as well? Like tbh, Nik and Edi are such sweethearts, and I love them so much! And that prompt you filled for me? It was so great! I honestly just want to wrap those boys up and cuddle them!

@its-a-goddamn-heartbreak : You literally encourage every. Single. Freaking. Blog. I don’t really know how you do it? You sent my first ever ask, and I know I took forever and a half to fill it (im sorry) but I will never forget that! Your ocs are also really, really awesome! I especially like Ruairi and Saoirse!

@anonyony1 : Right, so you’re just plain incredible! Like… the superwoman of sickfic! I sometimes wonder if you’re ever not writing? The stuff you put out is fantastic A+++ content, and I’m in love with every single one of your ocs! Also, I’m ridiculously excited for more Ozzy and Julien… as well as Joel and Max… and Ira and Eno… and Porter and Becca… and Liam and Vera… just… I think you get the point. All of them. They are all my faves.

@dont-look-so-good : You’re one of the first people I got up the courage to talk to, and I really couldn’t be more thankful? You’re one of the sweetest people I know! And I love you so much! I love reading your fics! Alistair and Julius are the actual cutest. Like, ever. And /Jasper/!! That boy is adorable! *legit gathering all the blankets to wrap him in rn*

@i-am-too-sick : Heey hun! You’re gorgeous, and your writing is gorgeous… just all the gorgeousness is on this blog. You’re also one of the first blogs I followed, and I love, love, love reading your fics! *sighs* You always manage to fill my Soleangelo cravings. And you do it so well! I love those two, but I don’t think I could ever write them and you just… basically blow my mind with how good you are at it??

@brites : SO, I’ve been sorta high-key stalking this blog… the fics are all superb, and there is. So. Much. Fic. Like, to the point where I’m dubious about my ability to read it all? And I read a Lot… But basically I love this blog so much, and everyone should check them out! *waves v nervously* You guys are all crazy good writers and I really admire you all!

@sickandvomiting : Okay, so Victor and Saoirse are really adorable! I love them so much! And also… Max and Oscar! I really, really like those two! You’re also another one of the blogs I followed when I first joined Tumblr, and I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to talk! Btw that garlic pan seared steak was so, so, SO good! Thank you for enlightening me and broadening my steak eating horizons!

@sickficlover : Eek! Hi! You were both my second note and the second person I followed on Tumblr!! I love your blog! You’re such a great writer, and I honestly admire your skill so much! I can’t wait for more fics!

@tomato-sickfics : Your ocs give me life! Pretty much everything about Bradley and Cade is my favourite! They’re so freaking adorable! And their interactions are the best! I’m always excited to read your fics, and I think you seem like a really cool person! I’d love to get to know you!

@feelingalittlesick : Overdose is so cool! I love it! How did you guys come up with that idea?! Junsu and Daehyun are perfect! The characters are all so well developed, and I kinda want to punch Changmin in the face… like… a lot? … All the time? … Forever and always? Eh, I think you get the idea:)

@nerdlycharming : Hiya! We haven’t talked in a while! I’d love to talk more if you’re up for it! You always reblog the best stuff though! Like I stalk your blog pretty much anytime I’m bored because I know you’ll have reblogged something great! I think I found a good 10% of the blogs I follow through your reblogs? And your art is fan/freaking/tastic! I wish I had even an ounce of your skill!

@itisasign : *squeals* Okay! So! I love your Voltron fanfics so much! You write them so well! And you seem like a really nice person, and I’d love to chat sometime!

@totallyexhausted : Here’s the deal. You are an incredible writer!! Your Yuri on Ice fics are SO FLIPPING GOOD! And your headcanons are the actual best! I want to write like every single one of them and I hardly even write fanfiction, and when I do I’m like maybe sorta really bad at it? Ugh! I love your writing! Keep it up!

@thesickficsideblog : You’re another of my fave Voltron blogs! I love all your writing and hope to see more of it in the future!! *hugs*

@emetoandotherthings : Est!! I hope you know that I love pretty much every single thing about every single one of your ocs!! … Except for Mattie… *shudders* that boy can stay away. Far, far away. It’s honestly not fair though! I’m like really high-key in love with Lyle and /why is he not real/?? Ugh. Life is /soOOoO/ unfair. But for real, I’m always looking forward to your next fic! Love you! (ps: yes! tummy sleepers!! <3)

@taylor-tut : Hey there! So I may have had a mini freak out when I saw that little notification that you had followed me… You’re like the best Lump Mother one could ever ask for, and I love you so much? I hope you’re doing well and I can’t wait to read more fics!

@emetofiend2dand3d : Both your art and your writing is fabulous! I love it all! And I’m crazy excited for the next part of the fic where Rei witnesses a car accident! That fic is gold, and I’m so, SO ready for more!

@tossing-cookies : Your YOI fics are super great! I honestly love them so much and have read and reread them more times than I can count… Like… I think I’ve bumped a few of them to the top of my likes at least 4 or 5 times!

@yoisickfics : Ah! I love your fics! Your ideas are so great, and I love reading your work! I’m really excited to read more in the future!!

@toosicktoocare : You’re one of my favourite blogs ever! Ki, you have such great content! And for all my fave fandoms? You write so much and so well and I really, really admire your skill! You’re actually the whole reason I got into BMC!!

@sneezehq : Okay, Domestic Bliss is the BEST!! I love it so freaking much!! I’ve rec’d it to multiple friends, and they all really liked it as well! So we fangirled over it for hours! And I still can’t pick a fave chapter since they’re all so good, but I think one of my fave lines is: ‘Maybe Yuri tried to summon a demon in his room again, and was successful this time?’ I can’t wait for more! And this goes for all of your writing as well!!

@mypoorfaves : So, this blog I stalked. I def stalked this blog… Because the fics are so good and I love them all so much, and you and Casper are the reason I started watching YOI. I just love all of your fics incredibly much!

@lickstynine : James, your ocs honestly feel /so real/! Like I told you this before, but it’s honestly so true. I feel like you’re writing fics about real people and not ocs! They are all so well developed, and it makes me so happy whenever I see that you’ve posted a new fic! Russ and Cody and the Di Roma boys are my faves! I love it when Lucas starts talking soothingly to his brothers in French! It’s just so cute! And I love them so much!!

@feelingsick : I’ve been following you for ages and for some reason I didn’t realise that I wasn’t following the OriginalSickfics… like I honestly don’t know how but anyways I love, love, love your writing! Angel… is an actual angel? I really, really hope you write more with him! Foster and Rory too! Those two are great! And your other ocs are all fabulous as well!

@fluffyllamas22 : Your Voltron fanfics are everything! They are so, so flipping good! I’m always ready for more fics from you! Like you write Shiro so well? And I really don’t know how? It’s sorta mindblowing? Also, Shiro can be your Space Husband so long as I can be your guy’s Space Daughter.

@hold-my-hair-back : Do I have enough words to express how much I love your writing? I don’t think so… But I can try!! I love your fics SOOO MUCH! Emmett and Aiden? Yeah, they are like THE OTP. They’re so lovely, and I just want to hug them and, and, and..! Basically if anyone doesn’t like them they can fight me. I will win. They are incredible. Nuff said.

@cubesickocs : I only found this blog recently, but already I have so many questions! Like, I wanna know everything about all your ocs!! Especially Elias and Vic and Blaine!! I love everything I’ve read about them so far!

@seasicklover : I am in love with your ocs Jax and Marcus! I love their relationship so much! I can’t wait for more fics with the two of them!!

@emetofeels : So, I’m kinda obsessed with Jay and Elliot? They’re such sweeties! I love 'em so much! When I found your blog, I binge read basically everything about them! I’m ridiculously excited for more!

@builder051 : Okay, another blog I just recently found! I LOVE your fics though, and I can’t wait for more! You write Bucky and Steve so well? I’ve been looking for more stuff for them, so I’m really glad I found you!!

Alright! There we go! Please let me know who I’ve missed! Or reblog and add them yourself! I’m sure there are tons of creators out there who should be on this list as well!

Never Read the Comments

Summary - Just another day live streaming to Steven’s TubuTube channel. And he’s even got Connie over to help him! What could possibly go wrong?

Words - 1376

AO3 Link


“Hey, everyone! Steven here! Back with another TubeTube tutorial video!”

Steven backed away from the laptop, though not before checking to make sure the video “Live” icon was under the feed. Steven couldn’t help but smile. This was the first live video he was doing for his channel. He was both nervous and excited, but luckily he had some help.

“So, prom season is coming up. Not that it really affects me,” Steven rubbed the back of his neck. “But, I know it does a lot of you guys, so I’m going to try and help you out. This is my live Q&A and demonstration session.”

Steven noticed a flicker on the screen. Someone had said something in the videos chat feed. Steven leaned into the screen to read it.

TomatoModest77: “youre not gonna try and demenstrate by yourself are you

“Oh. No, of course not,” Steven said, smiling into the laptop’s camera. “I have some help today.” He gestured off to his side, signaling said help. “This is my friend Connie. She’s going to help me.”

Connie slowly walked into frame, smiling bashfully as she waved at her laptop. “Hi, everyone,” she said, before realizing that the microphone probably didn’t pick her up. She repeated, louder, “Hi, everyone.”

“Unlike me, Connie does go to school.” He turned away from laptop and looked at her. “Have you been to a prom, Connie?”

“Um, no Steven. Proms are more a high school thing. I’m still in middle school.”


Another message appeared on the feed.

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And what the promo DIDN’T tell us...

Disclaimer: I really suck at not spoiling spoilers. I’m sorry. I spend so much time trying to put together clues from the obscure (and let’s be real, frequently misleading) comments Martin Gero and the cast make that I forget the rest of you might not be QUITE as obsessed with Blindspot as I am. (In which case, I’m not entirely sure why you’re following me, but thank you and I’m glad you’re here!) I will TRY to remember to tag my posts as spoilers, but honestly, anything that looks like me rambling on trying to figure out what’s going on probably contains some sort of spoilers, so feel free to skip to the ones that are obviously gifs or clearly labeled as “fanfic.”

Anyway…. we got a few clues from the S3 Blindspot promo that NBC slipped onto the air without telling anyone. But a few huge questions remain:

When/where/how was Jane tattooed? MG told us that Roman is behind them and that the new tattoos sometimes refer to the first layer of tattoos, which made sense since 1) Roman is hella mad at Jane, and 2) he is one of the few people (or the only one?) left with the knowledge of the first layer of tattoos. But Jane seemed pretty surprised to discover she turns into a human Lite Brite, so apparently she didn’t know she had been tattooed. So when would Roman have done this? Jane would ostensibly have gone into hiding immediately after she left Kurt. So if the assassins couldn’t find her… how would Roman? Unless… Jane has been in contact with Roman. It seems in character for Jane to decide that if she was going to be a fugitive anyway, she might as well use that time to hunt her brother down. (And she might suspect him of being behind the hit.) When Kurt found her in Nepal, she immediately asked if Roman was behind the team being abducted… which would suggest that she is aware that he is still out there and up to something, which is information she didn’t just happen to hear from the monks while hanging out on a mountain for eighteen months. So what was Jane up to while she was running from assassins?

We’ve been told that the tattoos contain secrets about the team. Now are they secrets from before she joined the team (I assume that Shepherd knew every deep, dark secret about every single thing they ever did, so Roman would likely have known too) or secrets from what they’ve been up to during the two year time gap? If the latter, then the tattoos must be fairly recent, in order for the team to have had time to acquire said secrets and for Roman to have learned about them and incorporated them into the tattoos. (Although I still want Jane to learn about Tasha’s gambling and the fact that she sold Jane out to Carter in order to pay her debts.)

All of which means…. Jane left Weller, was off doing something somewhere for some period of time (trying to find the person who ordered the hit, perhaps?) before coming back into contact somehow with Roman (either with or without her knowledge).

Which brings us to the second big question: Who ordered the hit on Jane? It can’t have been Roman. If he wanted her dead, he would have just killed her, instead of going through all the trouble of designing fancy tattoos and abducting her. But since he didn’t, he must not have been the one to order the hit. So who else would want Jane dead? 

Shepherd would be a likely candidate, since Jane ruined her grand plan. But Shepherd is in jail and apparently isn’t going to play a major role this season. And it’s not very likely that Nas and Keaton are letting her have visitors or access to her bank account in whatever hole she is occupying. So someone else in Sandstorm? We know that her inner circle is basically dead, except for Jane and Roman. So someone above Shepherd? Where did Sandstorm get their money? We saw Roman withdrawing money from a trust fund with Alice’s name on it, but where did that money come from originally? Was it really Alice’s, or was it from someone else, just being held there for Alice to come and collect, or Ian in the case of her untimely demise?

Or was the hit ordered by someone outside of Sandstorm? We know that Orion had ordered a hit on Remi once before. If Shepherd gave them any information at all, it was likely of the “I am writing all the wrongs of the universe” variety, which would probably include information about Orion/how corrupt the government is. (Honestly, I would expect Shepherd to mysteriously die in custody before she could talk too much.) So whoever was in charge of Orion– remember, there are still a few players we have yet to meet, like the White House Chief of Staff or the Director of the CIA– is still out there and might want Jane silenced before she has a chance to reveal anything that she knows. (And I’m gonna guess that since they were hinting so heavily about it at the end of last season, her memory is coming back, which would increase her liability to the Orion side.) Plus, if it’s the government, they’ve got some pretty deep pockets to hire assassins, ahem, consultants

All of which is a really long way of saying that in the world of Blindspot, we are all Jon Snow.

Reflections: At the Waterfall

For @reiswonderlanduk.  Happy Birthday!  Sorry, it’s a little late in posting.  We were busy this morning and I couldn’t decide on names.  I thought you’d like a little Kristanna family time and I’ve been needing to update this for forever.

First part here

Anna leans against a tree sitting on a blanket, belly full and watching her children play. Kristoff’s head rests in her lap with their youngest laying on his chest.  She runs her fingers through his hair as he and Elise sing a sweet melody. Anna remembers her mother singing the same song to her.  It’s funny, Anna thinks, that even though they were brought up in different worlds, there are constant subtle hints that seem to pop up to say that Anna and Kristoff were never that far apart.  There’s no reason for them to both know this song.  She’s never heard him sing it among the countless ones he’s sung to the other three children.  Perhaps the song is just a coincidence.  Perhaps not.

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Thrift store cosplay? $81. Being the best dressed jedi at the Star Wars Original Trilogy Marathon? Priceless. :D

Sadly my phone camera is being even crappier than usual, but maybe I can wheedle one of my friends into taking some better photos for me later. 

I had a ton of fun making this - needed to decompress from Nanowrimo and I really miss the excitement of pulling together a costume. Especially last-minute costumes. Woo impulse cosplay! I think it turned out pretty rad too, given the time constraint and budget.

Bless you @cosplaying-on-a-budget for the tip about ironing seams. <3

A few WIP pics under the cut!

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Nottz - Shine So Brite

anonymous asked:

Hi i have a prompt for you (if you want to write it of course) bellarke. Boy: i want to be a superhero. Guess my name Girl: superman? ironman? Boy: no! yourman Pleeeaseee 😊😊😊

Well, look at that, I’m finally writing prompts again! And I have to say, it feels really good. Anyways, I took some leeway with this one, but I actually am liking the turn it took - hope you do too, nonny!

Her hair tie had torn. That was how Clarke knew it was going to be a bad night working at the bar. And it only went downhill from there. One of the favorite beers on tap was out, gaining her endless dirty looks from just about every type of customer. The ice machine broke, and so Harper had to run out to get bags of ice to compensate, leaving Clarke alone behind the counter with Murphy for a substantial amount of time, which was never a good combination. Then a bachelorette party had come in and proceeded to break three rounds of shot glasses followed by insistently, crudely yelling for strippers, even though Clarke firmly and repeatedly explained we’re not that kind of bar, ladies, sorry to disappoint.

Now, as she twisted her hair at the nape of her neck for the umpteenth time, trying to keep it out of the way (she had yet to succeed at that), a hazy-eyed frat bro in a violently bright collared shirt had sprawled across the bar counter, calling for honey, hey honey, got a minute?

“Does it look like I have a minute?” She barked, pulling four beers at once from the cooler, popping their tops, and sliding them to the girl on her right. As Clarke grabbed the cash they left and stowed it in her apron, she continued, “You have three seconds to give me your drink order before I move on.”

“I just need one minute, blondie,” he slurred. “I gotta ask you something.”

She just continued filling other customers’ orders, hoping he would go away. No such luck, though, not on a night like this.

He waved his hand jerkily, obviously trying (and failing) to get her attention. “This is my question: did it hurt? When you fell?”

Clarke stopped dead in her tracks, tequila bottle in one hand, glass of ice in the other, and just stared so disbelievingly at this idiot who was trying to hit on her using the most cliché pickup line known on earth. Somewhere to her left she thought she heard Murphy’s nasty chuckle, and the guy just continued grinning at her dopily. Fucking hell. She did not need this tonight.

Before she could respond, or, you know, throw the tequila bottle at the guy’s head, and maybe even the glass too, someone else interjected.

“Hey, Glo-Brite. Can I ask you a question?”

Both Clarke’s and the guy’s attention turned to who was speaking, which would be another guy, this one dressed in a simple black T-shirt and a backwards baseball cap. A half-finished beer sat in front of him on the counter, and he was perfectly positioned to be watching the baseball game playing on the TV above the bar. He wasn’t looking at the screen though, instead staring with a narrowed, almost disgusted gaze at the guy in the collared shirt. Or, Glo-Brite, as Baseball Cap had so aptly observed.

Glo-Brite scoffed, turning his gaze back to Clarke, but she was still looking at Baseball Cap, who, locked eyes with hers and raised his eyebrows in question.

You got it, or can I help?

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piscesjoanofarc  asked:

Hey Zoe! First of all- thanks so much for running this blog. I've bought a vintage sweater through this blog and I love it. You're the bomb. Second of all- do you know of anything that resembles what Tai from Clueless wore post-makeover? It's for my Halloween costume. Thanks again 💖💖💖

i’m guessing this is the post makeover look u want? i dig this idea a lot. p.s. peek amber in the background looking like rainbow brite 

ok so some options for tai: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13