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Names (BTS #3)


I find Jin a very classic kind of guy so I think he would call his s/o something like Honey, Baby and the like.

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The first thing I thought of was Baby girl/boy. He loves taking care of his s/o.

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I can just already hear him say it. “Kitten” the word would roll off of his tongue.

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He´s so bright and happy I think he´d love calling his s/o, Sunshine.

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Jimin is a little prince and deserves a princess.

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He would call you a new name every day. And each day it would be very weird, but that´s why you love him.

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I feel like Jungkook is quite a simple guy, so Jagi, would be enough for him.

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Admin note: Please request scenarios and mtl´s and reactions. I write these with joy and want to make people happy.

Did someone say MABEL BRACELET?


Well, that would have been perfect. BUT LOOK I MADE ONE ANYWAY.

Imagine letting Dokyeom know how much you love his energy and his smile.

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Your art makes me happy, the bright colours and shapes just.. so much happiness amd I really needed this happiness in my life, thank B)! Also have by anychance thought/created a choro&jyu fusion??

Thank you so much!! I’m glad I could bring you happiness ^^ I actually just recently made the Wakaba-fusion, his name is Choroshi! He’s a very analytic baseball player who strives to impress his idols, I imagine.


happy birthday to the love of my life, jeon wonwoo. you’ve been ill for months and i can only worry and pray for you to recover. soon, you’ll be able to join the rest of your brothers on stage as a healthy, happy jeon wonwoo. all of us carats, not just your personal fans, are waiting for you. come back soon.

i cannot do much for you but watch from afar; granted, my love for you is endless. although you’ll never see this, it’s the thought that counts, right? (i can’t express my words well, forgive me)

you’re a beautiful young boy with big dreams that you’ve yet to completely accomplish. i know you’ll do even bigger things with seventeen and individually. i’m rooting for you, love.

thank you for bringing me joy with your old man jokes, your nose crinkle, your smile, your baritone voice, your awkwardness, your shyness, your geeky side, your professional side, your raps, your laughs, your creativity, your love for your members, family, and carats. thank you for being you.

jeon wonwoo, thank you for being born.

Scrolling through the Ghostbusters tag, I just have to say after the season of TV we had, I’m so happy to read all the post of lesbians melting down over Holtzmann. We’ve needed some light-hearted, joyously badass lesbians who were at no risk of dying (because you’re not going to kill one of your Ghostbusters in their debut movie). So good to see brightness and happiness in the community again. Thank you, Ghostbusters.

(Also now I kind of want fanart of Holtzmann with the ghosts of the lesbian characters we’ve lost this year…)


“Kuroo and Hinata soon find out that there are a lot of first times in their relationship.The first kiss after an harsh argument. Lips still firm and eyes burning from held back tears. The first time they buy their own vacuum cleaner. It feels like they are finally proper adults.The first time Kuroos favorite cup slides through Hinas hands and shatters into thousand tiny pieces. Slience lies heavy between them, Hinata doesn’t dare to look up. Doesn’t dare to see the disappointment in Kuroos eyes. Until he feels warm hands on his shoulders, wandering up to caress his cheeks. “It is okay, sweetheart.”

The first time they realise the fireworks are gone. There are no longer butterflies and nervousness, but security and the feeling that home is not a place but a person. “I love you”, Hinas grin is so bright it takes Kuroos breath away, leaving him unable to answer”- @cutiepiehinata

Happy Birthday


For @auderyjensen , hope you like it, darling. <3


You stared at your wall as pictures ran through your mind. You had just moved into your new apartment and everything was so…plain. You were always into bright colors and happy things that lit up the room. Your last place was covered in your friends’ handprints and every wall was a different color with Christmas lights hung at the top year round. You never understood how people lived with white walls that had no character. No matter how bad your life got, you always found the silver lining in things and tried your best to see light and make people smile even in the worst of circumstances.

               Yet, here you were. Sitting in an empty apartment surrounded by plain walls and empty hallways. You tried to look at this as a new beginning; a new canvas for you to do with it as you pleased. The sun shone in through the window of your living room, eliciting a rainbow to reflect onto your wall. You smiled as you had an idea, pulling out your phone.

               Me: Will you go to the store with me? I have an idea for my walls.

               Audrey: This is gonna be a whole thing isn’t it?

               Me: See you soon!

               You smiled at your phone and picked up your purse and headed to your car. The entire drive over to Audrey’s house was filled with you running ideas through your mind, trying to figure out which one would be best for your living room wall. You started getting giddy and smiling at the prospect of being able to do whatever you wanted with a place you could finally call yours.

               Just as you had expected, Audrey was waiting outside when you pulled into her driveway. You had a giant smile on your face and waved, making her smile at you with wonder while she walked towards the passenger seat.

               “I see you’ve had a strike of inspiration.” She buckled herself in and you began to reverse and head towards your local paint store.

               “I was walking around and I saw that when the light hits the window correctly, something really beautiful happens. I have an idea on how to make that even better. Also, none of my furniture is there yet so we can put the plastic out as far as possible so nothing gets too messy.” You had a tendency to go on rants when you were excited, and you hadn’t been this excited in a while.

               “Y/N, you know I can’t paint.”

               “I don’t care, you’re helping me.” She moved her hand to your thigh and squeezed lightly. She could never say no to you.

               You pulled into the parking lot and hopped out in seconds. Audrey was giggling at you as she stuffed her hands into the pockets of her ripped, black jeans and followed you around. You two were polar opposite; she was dark and twisty with a heart of gold and you were light and optimistic with a drive to please everyone. No one really knew how it worked, but she looked at you like you hung the stars and you never felt more grounded and safe than when you were with Audrey.

               “Will you hold these?” You handed her two different pales of paint without looking at her. You knew you probably caught her off guard and knew the expression that was on her face, but you kept walking and looking through the pallets.

               “How many of these are you getting?” She was struggling to balance both of the paint cans while walking fast enough to keep up with you.

               “Only a few more,” You sped through the aisles and found the last two colors you were looking for. “Okay, I’m done.” You turned around and smiled at her with a smile that stretched from ear to ear. She tried smiling back but was still struggling with the cans.

               “Good because this is ridiculous.” Her hair was falling in her face and she was trying to blow it out of her eyes. You stepped forward and laughed slightly, pushing it behind her ear while gently kissing her lips.

               “I love you. Thank you.” You had caught her off guard; she wasn’t used to you two doing anything related to PDA, but you could tell she loved it. Before she had a chance to respond, you walked past her up to the cash register. You talked happily to the man behind the counter and explained how happy you were to have a new project. You headed back out to the car as soon as everything was settled.

               When you two got back to your apartment, you went to shake the paint and find your brushes while Audrey put out the plastic cover over your floor. She had her red flannel tied around her waist and a black tank top on, making her key necklaces stand out more than usual.

               “Alright. You ready?” She had her hands on her hips and took a deep breath before she walked over to you. She slipped her arm around your waist and kissed your cheek.

               “Yes! Okay, you paint that side of the wall with the light blue here, and I’ll start with the yellow.” You handed her a brush and a paint can and pointed to where she needed to be.

               “Got it, boss.” She walked back over to where she was before, setting her supplies down so she could open the paint. You brought a chair over to your side of the wall and climbed on it with the yellow paint in one hand and your brush ready to go in the other. She looked at you like you were crazy but was laughing while doing so. “What are you doing?”

               “Don’t question my methods, Jensen. Go, do your thing.” You pointed at her and she threw her hands up in surrender.

               As she started taking long strokes with her brush, you began to paint in a circular motion at the top corner of the wall with the yellow. You two continued to make jokes and laugh together as you progressed through the wall. She had reached to where you were standing, her hands splattered with paint but untouched anywhere else.

               “Want me to keep going? Or do you want me to wait until you’re off the chair?” She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, barely avoiding spreading light blue paint across her face.

               “You can keep going, I still have a little left.” You kept your eyes on the sun you were perfecting, dipping your brush back into the paint. As you lifted it back up to the wall, you saw some of it drop as your eyes widened.

               “Hey!” Audrey wiped the yellow on her arm, only causing it to smear further across her arm.

               “My bad.” You smiled at her and laughed under your breath.

               “Think that’s funny, don’t you?” She continued to face you while she dipped her brush into her can.

               “Audrey…it was an accident; don’t start something you can’t finish. The paint belongs on the wall, not on me.” You pointed your brush at her as you stepped off the chair. Neither of you broke eye contact as you had warning smiles on your face.

               “Oh, I did not start this, Y/N. And trust me, I will finish it.” You took another step back as she bit her bottom lip. You were about to respond when she flicked her brush at you, covering your face and front of your shirt in light blue splatter. She was laughing to the point of tears while you stood frozen.

               “I’m glad you find this amusing.” You wiped some of the paint off your eyes as you closed the distance between you two. You slipped your fingers into your paint and dragged it down her cheek. She screamed as you laughed, prompting her to bring her brush to your face and paint the side of your face. You two were both smiling and laughing, running around, flinging paint at each other.

               “Okay, okay! I surrender!” She was laughing and your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

               “Told you.” You had a smug look on your face as you accepted your victory.

               “I look like a damn sunflower.” Audrey had stopped moving when she realized her entire body was splattered with bright yellow paint.

               “I’d say more of a bumblebee, but I see your point.” You bit your bottom lip as you tried to hold back your laughter. She rolled her eyes as she set down her paint. You walked over to her and she put her finger in the air to you as a warning. “Relax, I have an idea.”

               “I swear to God, Y/N.” She backed up again, smiling at you.

               “First of all, you’re an atheist so that really isn’t a threat. Second, trust me. Just let me do something.” You dipped your brush back into your can and flipped your hand upside down. You painted your palm a bright yellow and reached for hers. She looked at you questioningly but outreached her hand to you. You repeated the movement and pointed at the can of purple that was next to her. She got the hint and painted her opposite hand with the purple and did the same with yours.

               You walked back over to the wall and tried to measure where the rainbow was in relation to the window. You were pretty sure you remembered where it shined, directly in the line of the sun you had painted earlier. You placed both of your hands on the wall and looked at her to do the same. When you both backed away, it seemed as if you two had made your own sort of rainbow on the wall with blue, purple and yellow.

               “This way, when the light comes in, the rainbow will hit where our hands are. It’ll look like it’s coming from the sun I painted up there.” You said quietly as you felt her eyes on you. You felt your cheeks grow red as she stayed silent. “Too weird?”

               “No,” She shook her head and turned you to face her, ignoring that her hands were still wet with paint. “Not at all. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life when I needed it the most.” She traced your jaw with her thumb and looked at you with nothing but adoration and love in her eyes.

               “Thank you for letting me.” You kissed her and reminded yourself to never let the girl in front of you feel anything less than warmth for the rest of your life.