so brave so rebel

maybe i’m just drunk and emotional but i’m actually crying right now thinking about Finn because he’s so good even though he has no reason to be? Like his entire life he’s been treated like shit and not shown love and yet he still makes such an effort and a choice to be GOOD. Finn would honestly have every right to be a bit of an asshole after everything he’s been through, but he’s NOT. He’s just not. He’s the bright center of the universe. And he just treats people with such goodness and handles things with such a level of grace that is incredible to me. Like he would be well within his right to snap at people and scream and break things after the amount of trauma he’s been through but he doesn’t because that’s just not who he is. Being a good, kind person is his act of rebellion, from the harsh universe around him and the life he knew before. He looks hate and corruption and evil in the eye and says “This is not me. I reject this” and then chooses to do everything in his power to be the opposite of that and to me that’s just so incredible and so fucking brave


Bellamy Blake/Robb Stark + Parallels

Imperial Cadet - Zare Leonis

Request for loth-cat! I hope that his story arc will be expanded on in Season 2.

I’m so grateful to Star Wars Rebels for creating an Imperial child character and then making him just as brave, complex and sympathetic as the Rebel protagonists.

Why the Bellarke Hug for me it’s worth all the hype it’s getting (besides the ship thing)

I’m a Bellarke shipper, I admit it, but this post it’s not intended to be ship oriented in any way, I’m just gonna analyze why this particular moment is so important.
I want to do this because I saw quite a few The 100 fans going around like: dude stop talking about the hug, there are other things!
I absolutely agree, there are other, but as a fan that prefers to focus her attention on the character development more than anything else my main focus -and not as a shipper, may I remind you- is the hug right now, and this are the reasons.

A)It’s their first hug. Yeah Guys, You heard me right it’s the fist time we have Clarke in Bellamy’s arms and Bellamy in Clarke’s. I know, my friends, it’s okay to cry, go ahead.

B) They are equals. It’s not the first important hug that in the second season: we had Bellamy and Octavia’s hug and Jasper & Monty hugging Clarke. The difference? It’s in their roles. That is what I mean when I talk about equals, because Octavia and J&M are not equals to Clarke and Bellamy. They rely on them as family and leaders, Clarke and Bellamy are in charge and they have to be strong, taking care of the other kids. It doesn’t matter how independent Octavia ever becomes because Bell is always gonna be her big brother and Clarke is always gonna be the Princess. Bellamy and Clarke rely on each other equally, knowing they have not all the answers but it’s always easier to step in the dark if you are not alone.
So that is what I think differentiates the hugs here: with Octavia, Monty and Jasper, Bellamy and Clarke are GIVING a hug (happy to have the ones they care for back and safe) when they hug each other they are RECEIVING it in two ways: they comfort each other knowing that the other is - safe because they care for the other- and also they comfort themselves because they are not alone anymore. It’s maybe a selfish hug but that is why is so beautiful and special.

C) This is where they have come: it’s not the first time we were in hug territory but we didn’t get it. I’m talking about the episode in which Clarke and Finn where taken and Bellamy almost got killed by my pretty-pretty Murphy. That time if you remember Jasper -the compulsive hugger- stepped in…because even if in the situation a hug would have been perfectly understandable for anybody else for them…it was not their territory yet.
They where fine trusting their life to the other but not to push their connection on a physical level…I know they are ridiculous but that’s how they work. Gotta suck it up and deal with it.

(I’m not counting the little -yet important- touches we got so Bellarke shippers YES I remember all of them please don’t come bursting through my windows screaming).

D)They close their eyes. It’s a blind hug.
I think you can all picture a hug quite easily but a Blind Hug?
Try, please.
The world is black and all around you can count only on the other senses: that is all you feel. Touch (his/her body), smell (his/her scent), hearing (his/her breathing).

You got that? Okay, I’ll let you meditate over it.

This is not a ship post, I thought I’d remind you here at the end. I am talking besides the ship, about the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke just as I would think if I considered other characters and I think that more than one Flarke fan could agree with me on what I said in this post even if maybe he/her does not enjoy this as much as I do.

So, this is my point of view…waiting for the impact of actually seeing the hug come to life.
It’s gonna kill me and it’s gonna be GOOD.