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Mayor's brother Len flirting with Secretary Mick while he waits for his sis to get off work. (I adore fire fighter Mick but it's an amusing idea.)

“Hello, Hot Stuff.” purrs someone from the opening elevator.

Mick Rory fights the urge to stick his fist in his mouth and scream and forces himself to look up and smile pleasantly at Senator Leonard Snart.

“Good afternoon, sir.” Mick says, successfully swallowing the urge to say something like ‘please just fucking kiss me this time’ or ‘if you just asked me to suck your dick in the bathroom I would’. He only manages such a feat by means of a voice in his head - that sounds remarkably like Senator Snart’s assistant Amaya – reminding him that the Senator was his boss’s brother and therefore it was even more of a terrible idea than it might otherwise be.

“And how are you this pleasant afternoon?” Senator Snart asks, swaggering over to Mick’s desk and then propping a hip on it so he can loom in Mick’s general direction. Well, it’s not looming. It’s more like aura-projecting, and it mostly serves to make Mick want to slide off his chair onto his knees and get the Senator’s pants open.

“I’m very good, thank you, sir.” says Mick, and swallows, looking away. “The Mayor is free, if you want to go in.”

Senator Snart smirks a little, and then pushes off the desk. 

“Thank you, Mister Rory.” he says, and Mick shudders, just a little. The door to Mayor Snart’s office clicks closed while Mick’s eyes are squeezed shut. 

“That was fucking painful to watch.” says Amaya. Mick’s eyes snap open. He hadn’t even seen her come in with the Senator.

“Shut up.”

“Are you going to tell him that you want him to fuck you six ways to Sunday sometime soon, or is the unresolved sexual tension going to suffocate all of the rest of us first?”

“Shut up shut up shut up.” says Mick, and lets his forehead fall down onto his desk. 

“The second option, then.” says Amaya, and she puts the cup of hot coffee she was carrying down on the desk next to his face. 

“Are you going to tell Commissioner West you want her to sit on your face?” hisses Mick, in retaliation. Amaya – who is a very chatty drunk, the only reason Mick knows that particular piece of information regarding her very large crush on Central City Police Commissioner Iris West – goes bright red and shoves the base of her iced coffee against the exposed back of Mick’s neck, making him yelp and slap his hand over the cold spot.

“So you have no leg to stand on.” he says.

“We’ll both suffer in silence.” she responds, and the two of them settle in to wait.

“You know,” says Mayor Snart, later, as the two of them watch the elevator doors close behind the Senator and Amaya, “I can tell him to back off with the flirting if it’s making you uncomfortable.”

Mick looks over at her in alarm. He loves working for Lisa, and he very much does not want the Senator to stop, and honestly he doesn’t know if there’s a right answer in this situation. Lisa gives him a cryptic look that seems to originate sidelong out of the corners of her eyes.

“Or not. That’s fine too.”

Mick shuffles his feet a little.

“The second option, then.” she says, and shakes her head. “I need the budget documents formatted and rounded up and bound tonight. Could be a late one.”

“You have a dinner meeting with the part of the City Council you don’t like tonight.” Mick says. “You’ve already rescheduled once. You’re not getting out of it.” 

Lisa hisses out a breath between her clenched teeth. 

“I’ll find you some company.” she says.

Mick pats her on the shoulder and heads back to his desk, fully prepared to be there until one or two in the morning.

Lisa’s lucky he likes her so much. 


Naturally, Mick just about jumps out of his skin when the elevator doors slide open at eight, and reveal Senator Snart, with a plastic bag that smells like Indian and his tie off and the first three buttons on his shirt undone.

“Lisa says you need the company.” he says, and looks around a little. “Is there somewhere I can put this without disrupting anything?”

Mick gestures at two square feet of floor not currently covered by the budget he’s binding and prepping with the highlighter in his fingertips, and then seems to fully take in who’s standing there.

“Don’t you have more important things to do than keep me company?”

Senator Snart shrugs. 

“It’s either this or get kicked out of yet another Congressional event for punching Paul Ryan.” 

To be fair, the Senator has done that an alarming amount of times. Mick’s considering having a desk calendar made. 

Two hours later, Mick realizes the Senator is still there, sitting with his back against the drawers of Mick’s desk, answering emails on his phone. He looks up when he realizes Mick’s stopped.

“Am I disturbing you?” 

“I’m done.” says Mick, tilting his head to indicate the pile of marked-up and properly bound documents. “I didn’t realize you were planning to stay.”

“Do you want me to go?”

The Senator stands, putting himself back in that same spot he’d been when he was flirting obnoxiously that morning. Mick doesn’t know if that’s a deliberate choice or not, but it does make up Mick’s mind.

“I want to know if you’re serious when you’re flirting with me.” he says.

The Senator’s eyes widen, and then they’re kissing. Senator Leonard Snart is currently straddling Mick’s lap in Mick’s ridiculous office swivel chair at one in the morning and kissing him like it’s the last thing he will ever be able to do.

“Does that answer your question?” says Len. His eyes are even bluer up-close like this.

Mick smiles, and wraps his arms a little more securely around Len’s waist.

“Yeah, I think it does.”


“Hello, Hot Stuff!” Len calls, when the elevator doors open. Lisa, standing behind Mick’s desk while she drops off a new round of memos, shakes her head.

“Hello yourself, Snowflake.” says Mick. Behind him, he can hear Lisa choking on air, and Amaya trips over her own feet.

“There’s a dinner tonight I could use a date to.” Len says, propping his hip against Mick’s desk.

Mick pretends to consider it, mostly so he can focus on not thinking about how Len had fucked him over that particular bit of desk just under 36 hours ago.

“Is Paul Ryan going to be there?”

“Yes, but I had to promise that I wouldn’t punch him.”

“I didn’t.” says Mick, and Len leans over and kisses him. 

“Finding loopholes already – you’re a natural.” deadpans Amaya.

“Maybe if you found a clue –“ Mick starts.

“Mikaere Rory.” Amaya snarls.

Len tilts his head back and laughs, and Mick can hear Lisa laughing with him.

They make the papers the next day, side by side and handsome in their tuxes. Mick pins the article to the wall of his desk.

HC Request from my IRL Friend

Here’s a hc that my irl friend gave me lol. It’s “What would the RFA + V + Saeran do if MC came home with a kitten/puppy/other random animal that they impulsively bought?”

All I can think of is that one post where someone goes “Question: Where do I put a baby goat that I impulsively bought?” lolol


     = Let’s be honest

     = After he gets his degree and joins the practice, there are probably a lot of little animal friends that make their way through your house.

     = Like you guys have to watch them overnight to make sure everything’s okay, or you’re keeping them in a loving home until someone can adopt them or something

     = Because Yoosung is precious like that, and so are you <3

     = Anyway so he’s really not that surprised when you come home with a random puppy one day

     = The only thing he’s potentially worried about is how Lisa and your new puppy will get along, but it’s only a small one

     = Soon that puppy’s got him wrapped around their paw lol

     = Bonus: You come home from work one day to find Yoosung and the puppy sleeping together on the couch, the puppy lying on his chest and drool coming from both of their mouths <3


     = Don’t be mean to this boy and bring home a kitten even tho they’re super cute

     = He’d feel like you’re trying to send subliminal messages or something lol

     = “It’s the cat or you Hyun”

     = “No babe we can talk about this”

     = In all seriousness though he wouldn’t really mind if you brought home a puppy, but he would be worried for it

     = You guys are gone a lot, who’s gonna take care of the little one?

     = He might agree to leave them with Yoosung or Jaehee, but he wouldn’t really be happy about it since he grows attached to them so fast

     = If he can, he always tries to get the Director that he’s working with at the time to allow him to bring the puppy with him on set

     = The press quickly starts talking about you three, calling you “The Perfect Family” and “Loving Parents, Who Cares if their Kid has Fur?”

     = It’s his favorite thing lol


     = She’s not normally crazy about pets

     = Especially cats and dogs as she’s said before

     = But one day she gets back to ya’ll’s apartment from the cafe

     = And there you are, looking up at her like a deer in the headlights with a little gecko in your hands.

     = She can see a cage for it in the corner of the room

     = It looks filled with lots of different things although she’s not really sure what geckos need

     = She just stands there for a moment, watching you sweat under her gaze with the gecko calmly crawling around in your hands

     = “Well? Aren’t you going to tell me their name?”

     = I’m just picturing Jaehee with a lil leopard gecko omg bless

     = She much prefers ya’ll’s gecko to cats and dogs, and it’s so cute she can’t help but to fall in love with it

     = Momma Jaehee ftw : ‘ )


     = You come home with another lil kitty

     = “Jumin!! Look isn’t he handsome???”

     = “MC is that cat able to be around Elizabeth the 3rd I don’t want him harrassing her”

     = “Jumin he’s like a month old”

     = After making sure that Elizabeth likes the new addition, he’ll be all over it

     = He does love all cats after all

     = Elizabeth and your new cat are so pampered like

     = New guards have to be warned by seasoned veterans not to say anything ANYTHING about how you two treat your cats like they’re royalty literally

     = They made the mistake of not doing that one time and that poor recruit was sent home in teARS

     = Definitely he would film little home videos of things that they did, like the first time Elizabeth drank wine or when your new kitten chose him over you for once

     = Super cute family, ya’ll have matching cups and stuff 100/10


     = Buckle up lil kitty

     = You’re in for a ride

     = In all actuality tho you brought home not one kitten, but three

     = Their names are Honey, Butter, and Chips respectively

     = I ain’t joking and you know it

     = He would get ya’ll matching outfits

     = He would also get them little outfits that match your typical ones, and the two of you cat outfits

     = “We’re cosplaying each other MC isn’t it great!!!”

     = You would have to stop him from feeding them food that wasn’t for cats, because he would always try to give them Phd. Pepper or something like that and you’d have to stop him because “NO SAEYOUNG THAT’S DANGEROUS FOR THEM”

     = At the end of the day though he’s surprisingly really good with them

     = Like he can’t take care of himself but nothing’s gonna stop him from spoiling his precious cat babies

     = Another cute family, 100/10


     = Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he hated cats lmao

     = Saeyoung would be like “Gasp! My own flesh and blood!” And I firmly believe he would literally say gasp out loud

     = But you know what he doesn’t hate?

     = Hamsters

     = I’m picturing Phichit from YoI with his hamsters crawling all over him

     = Now take the same but put Saeran there instead

     = These aren’t tears on my face there’s like 50 onions here

     = You didn’t think that he’d really be that invested in it

     = But oh boy

     = Where you wrong

     = He’ll make like little baby swings but for hamsters for him to wear around when you’re at home so he’s always got them safely on his person

     = Sometimes he reads them bed time stories

     = Takes SUPERB care of them

     = They’re just,,,so loved and well cared for

     = He doesn’t even deny how much he cares for them bless and really I’m not crying what are you talking about


     = Bring home a lil baby rabbit

     = He automatically loves it

     = It is his child now

     = A child he will love, protect, and nurture

     = There are s,,o many pictures in your house of the lil bun

     = He has several exhibitions where the bun is the focus

     = Random person at an exhibit: “Ah V, what’s the theme this time”

     = “On Love: Agape” lol

     = “Oh? What’s that?”

     = “Unconditional love, like from a parent to a child because that is my baby”

     = You’ll walk into the living room and see him quietly tinkering with a camera while the lil bun is nestled up in his shoulder, asleep


      = 100/10 amazing, great parents and great family

There’s a taste of my writing style!! I hope you like it, and remember: everyone is welcome to submit a request!!!
On Maggie and Kara in Episode 2x19

What can you share about Supergirl, more specifically Season 2, Episode 19? Anything you can give away about Alex/Maggie/Kara ? —Lisa
As revealed in the synopsis for the episode “Alex” (airing May 1), the titular DEO badass is kidnapped, leading Kara and Maggie to find her — if, that is, they can agree on how to go about doing that. “They both have such strong feelings for Alex, and they’re both strong opinionated women who really are passionate about their work,” Floriana Lima shared with me between takes of filming the episode. “So they’re going to butt heads a little bit.” Adds Melissa Benoist: “They don’t necessarily agree on how to deal with the fact that the person that’s the most important to both of them is missing and in danger.”

playing house | 7

Originally posted by gotjhope

member: hoseok x reader
word count: 1,775
warnings: hoseok is only in this for like, a millisecond

summary: it’s not like you’re hard pressed for cash, but there is that spring break trip you need to save up for, so why not grab your best friend and pretend to be a couple for some research study? what could possibly go wrong?

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Ianto used to be REALLY insecure about his tum.

I’m so glad that we’re going back to my roots and talking about Ianto’s tum. His tum is…extremely important to me.

One of the best things about suits and waistcoats is that they’re very restrictive. They create sharp lines and angles that can work like a corset and subtly hide any so-called “imperfections” that Ianto might not like about his looks. But, luckily, Jack loves Ianto both in and out of the suit, and tells him so quite frequently. He also reminds Ianto that, even though tums might not be considered the standard of 21st century beauty (which is bullshit anyways), Ianto’s tum means that he’s eating more and taking care of himself. Not using his work or taking care of Lisa as an excuse to skip a meal or two. And that is beautiful and worth being proud of, much more so than a flat stomach and a slim waist.

A new project???

Following James Norton’s career is a rather tough job. I can hardly imagine a more reserved man, with an almost non-existing activity on social media, and constantly moving under the radars both in his private and professional life. And that’s exactly one of the reasons why I love him so much; but…
Today an Instagram post has revealed some details about a new project. We can guess it’s related to the photos we’ve seen lately.
I copy its content here, without further details because I couldn’t find anything about it.
I hope we’ll know more about it soon. 

Lisa Strautmann on Instagram
The way to work could look worse. So so lucky to have worked with an incredible skilled team on freddie fox first film as director. Starring James Norton and Jessica Brown Findlay. I shot the stills and behind the scenes for the film, poster and dvd cover. All shots analog on film of course. Next stop Nice in two weeks.
#filmproduction #femalephotographer #stillphotography #analogphotography #freddiefox #jamesnorton #onset #filmphotography

a long walk to a dark house - masterpost

title: a long walk to a dark house

author: @freakintveit

beta: @acciomoondew

artist: @thisisanotherhunter

overall word count: 45k

rating: pg-13

warnings: self harm, abusive relationship, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, itp (disease), depression, iron deficiency anemia (disease)

summary: dan didn’t plan to run away, but then again, it may have been for the best. he has an abusive girlfriend, a strange disease, and, in his opinion, nothing to live for. but when a stranger with brilliant blue eyes finds him and offers him a place to stay, dan discovers that he does have a reason to live after all. love.

author’s notes: I’ve been working on this for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally done, I’d like to thank my lovely beta, Lisa, and my amazing artist, Dani. Dani’s art can be found here. I’m eternally grateful for both of their hard work on this, and without them, I wouldn’t be posting this today. Enjoy!


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Taylor Thanksgiving / Brennen Taylor

Anonymous: said: Omg you should do a brennen taylor imagine where your super close with him mom and it’s cute and funny

Anonymous said: Can you do a brennen imagine where you are really close with him mom

Author’s Note: It ended up being more fluffy than planned so it’s not that funny lmao oops. 

You and your boyfriend of two years, were heading over to his family’s house for Thanksgiving. You sat in the front seat, next to Brennen, with Kobe in your lap and some pie for after dinner. Lisa, Brennen’s mom, had invited the two of you over for dinner when she found out that you weren’t going home for Thanksgiving, considering Christmas was right around the corner and it was too expensive to buy a ticket home and back then again in less then a month.

After a while in the car, you arrive to the Taylor residence, getting Lisa and Jess at the door. Jake was spending Thanksgiving with his girlfriend again.

“Y/N!” Lisa greets, giving  you a giant hug. You and Lisa had been extremely close, before you and Brennen had even met. You and Jess had take a fitness class together, and one day she brought along her mom, and you and Lisa instantly clicked. You exchanged numbers, then she introduced you to Brennen. She had insisted that Brennen and you would be amazing together, which she happened to be right. Before you moved in with Brennen, and Kobe, you lived about half was between Lisa and Brennen. You would hang out with Lisa, even though she was about the same age as your own mother, you got along great and soon she became your California mother, considering your mother lived in Y/H/S. It is nice to have a female opinion around, especially hanging around Brennen and his friends most days.

“Lisa!” You smile, hugging her, before following her into the kitchen with the pie you baked. Lisa didn’t even greet Brennen, which made him grumble something to his vlog camera. “How have you been?” You ask.

“Good, good.” She smiles, taking the pie from you and placing it in the fridge. “You? How are you and Bren?”

“Good. We’ve both been incredibly busy though.” You were also a YouTuber, but you put out sit down videos, instead of his crazy vlogs. “Brennen’s been trying to do daily vlogs for the fans, and I have been working on a collab month for December. With it being so close, I’ve been meeting up and filming with multiple YouTubers daily.” You say, taking a spoon and helping her in the kitchen. You can hear Brennen and Jess in the living room, yelling for a bit. “What have you been up to?” You ask.

“Mm.. Mainly just getting ready for the holidays.” She turns and looks at you. “Sad you aren’t gonna be here for that, by the way.” I giggle a little.

“Me too. I wish my parents lived closer so I could go to both.”

“Me too.” Lisa agrees. “At least I get you for Thanksgiving.” She says, putting her arm around your shoulders, giving you a quick squeeze, before continuing to prepare the meal.


During dinner, Brennen films bits and pieces, mainly about how much Lisa loves you more than himself, which she says that it’s pretty obvious, jokingly. He does the bit where he puts Jake’s picture at the table, just like last year.

“Mom, why do you love Y/N more than me?” Brennen asks, pouting.

“Why do you love Y/N more than me?” She retorts, eating some mashed potatoes.

“Because she’s nicer to me than you.” Brennen states.

“Well, there’s your answer.” Lisa tells, Brennen mocks shock before turning off the camera.


You all retire to the living room after dinner. It had gotten dark a few hours ago and the dogs were running around the house, after Brennen gave them some turkey for their Thanksgiving meal.

Lisa and Jess sit on one couch and you and Brennen on the other. You put your head on his shoulder, and his arm is wrapped around your shoulders, pressing you even closer than you already were. The TV is on playing various videos, including your’s and Brennen’s that Lisa hadn’t had a chance to watch yet. When one of your’s comes on, you end up falling asleep on Brennen’s lap. He post a cute picture on his snapchat.

“You’re a good boyfriend.” Lisa smiles, making Brennen blush and mutter a thanks. “I’m glad, because she is way to good for you.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Always be yourself. If you want to be sad, honey, be sad. We’ll ride it out with you. And when you get finished feeling sad, we’ll still be there. From now on, let me do the smiling for both of us.”


I wanted to share some recent works. It’s nice to have an outlet to talk about what I do instead of just speaking to myself or my cat. 

I’ve been playing with simplicity lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote from Paul Simon- “It’s actually very difficult to make something both simple and good.” 

I also still love playing with new fabrics & quotes (both stupid & serious) so my work tends to be all over the map as a whole but that’s fine with me. I’m just happy that I’m still passionate about embroidery. My biggest fear was that I would come to hate it pretty quickly but I’m still happily stitching away the days. 

These are all for sale, of course, if you’re so inclined, or rather if you just want to check out what other things I’m working on you can see them (here)  

Love Child 3

Well you ladies can blame @mimigemrose for this update so quickly. I only got two hours of sleep last night cause she had me so worked up over Jai. Leave it to a Jai Sister Wife to do you like that. LOL! You can read part one and part two here.

You looked over your shoulder as you, Lisa and the kids pushed your shopping carts to Lisa’s small SUV.

“How do you do it?” You asked Lisa as she opened her trunk.

“Do what?”

“Ignore the paparazzi.” You grabbed your shopping totes and put them on one side of the trunk and Lisa put her shopping tote bags on the other side of the trunk so your items won’t get mixed up.

“You get used to it. They are out more than usual because of the premiere last night but they will die down soon enough.” Lisa slammed the trunk down as you helped the kids in the back seat.

“Jason showed me some of the pics that were posted online and they included some of you with us. Don’t worry you are still unknown. They have you listed as usual as a family friend. However since Jai is back in your life I don’t know how much longer you will have autonomy.” Lisa told you as she climbed in and started the car. You sighed as you thought about last night and how your life was going to change.

“I don’t even know why I am so nervous about him coming over later.”

“It has been five plus years Y/N. You have to get to know one another again. I was thinking of sending Zoe over about four to pick up Lil Jai to give you and Jai time to talk. You guys still have a lot to work out plus Jai can be a lot to handle even in small doses.”

“Big or little?” You chuckled.

“Both!” Lisa laughed.

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Fic that swaps the Snart siblings with the Lance siblings or the Queen siblings. Fic where Detective Lance is in Central City and Detective West is in Star(ling) City. Fic where Barry gets taken in by Detective Lance instead of the Wests. Fic where Caitlin and Cisco have the others' powers. Fic where the Snarts become bounty hunters like that one time in comics. SO MANY FIC IDEAS IN MY NOGGIN BUT NO WRITING ABILITY WHATSOEVER THIS IS HELL I'M IN HELL

Wow, all of these are great. If anyone wants to snag some, feel free.

I want to attack the first one.

Imagine a world where Lewis Snart was the sometimes faltering but good father Detective Lance is, and raised a kickass District Attorney in Leonard and a badass daughter who ran off with Oliver Queen and they’ve assumed she is dead all this time until—ta da, Lisa comes back as the Golden Glider.

Len and Oliver were both best friends with Tommy, though Len wasn’t too happy with the idea of Oliver seeing his sister, given his track record for being a player, which was why they snuck around together. So When Oliver comes back, Len is torn between wanting to hate him for Lisa being gone, and still loving him as a friend, which they do eventually work out.

I can’t picture Len and Oliver together, but for some reason I can picture Len with Tommy. Imagine them finally having become a couple very recently just before Oliver returns, after pining after reach other for years. Maybe Tommy was always half in love with Oliver, which was part of what kept them apart. Now Oliver’s back and Tommy is torn about confessing his feelings when he and Len have been so good together.

It all goes down the same with Tommy dying and Len blaming the Arrow, which gets jumbled when he finds out Oliver is the Arrow and then Lisa comes back from the dead, but somewhere in the end—we have Lisa as Glider, Len as Cold because he can’t stand to see his friends fight without him, and Ollie as Arrow all on a team together with Dig and Felicity.

Len is the one who really pushes Oliver to go after Felicity.

Lisa and Nyssa are an item.

Lewis has drinking issues but would never hit his kids, and ends up as a surly but amazing father figure to them all.

Meanwhile, in Central, Quentin is a crooked cop who raised his daughters to be ruthless, eventually becoming the Black and White Canary respectively, and everyone knows that ‘white’ does not mean anything nicer when it comes to Sara. The Canaries run the Rogues. Laurel and Mick are a thing. Sara flirts incessantly with Caitlin during encounters with Team Flash.

But ya know, Barry still sees good in both sisters.

What if they’re both metas, since they would have been in Central during the Particle Accelerator explosion? Laurel has her cry, Sara a whisper? Like Laurel’s scream can do what we always see it does, but Sara also has a voice related power, where her whisper can lull people to sleep or hold them under her sway so she controls them.

Cisco would have the same awestruck feelings for Cold and Glider that he did for Black Canary, because their guns are amazing—which they built themselves in this world. Team Flash gets in contact with Oliver to ask Len for his cold gun to help against all the evil speedsters, which he totally agrees to. The gun Cisco built was still made and stolen, but they got it back, and Cisco eventually gives it to Len so he can duel wield and have a backup.

The Canaries end up on the Waverider with Mick and do help out on occasion, once they put Quentin in the ground for basically being the type of father Lewis is in canon (which kills me to do, because I love Quentin, but hey, AU).

If Lisa still ends up dead and then brought back like Sara was, she’d eventually be on the Waverider too, and we’d have this amazing group of four with Sara and Lisa likely hooking up, but I imagine Len would just want to be away from Starling when that happens, and transfers to Central City as DA, partly because Barry attracts other speedsters and Len is a great tool against them, so he splits his time between helping Oliver still and helping Barry and we get…ColdFlash.

I just love the idea of Len as a DA helping out heroes and putting on his own costume at night, flirting with everyone but being entirely professional at his day job. At night, though, he gets to have a little more fun, and ‘Scarlet’ sure does blush easily.

Len and Iris would be amazing friends.  

so I think I’ve finally figured out how I reconcile Coldwave with my own headcanons about Len and Mick

because I’ve always imagined Len as being (intensely demi) panromantic, but mostly asexual. not necessarily sex repulsed, but he could literally go his entire life without getting laid and be peachy.

whereas my understanding of Mick is bi-flexible AT LEAST (he has, like, preferences and stuff, but he’ll take it where he can get it) but really aromantic.

which is why they’ve developed this really intense intimate qp relationship where they would obviously both die for each other but also would maybe kill each other, because they both have really strong feelings about each other but are obviously both too emotionally incompetent to actually Talk About It and Make It Work, so they’re just kind of… perpetually frustrated. and have been for, like, thirty years.


Len talking to Barry in prison AU

I’m bummed and breaking my rule of only NaNo writing this month for a brief ColdFlash headcanon.

“How much does that pay again?”

“How much do you want?”


“Humor me. How much of a salary would it take for you to work for me?”

“For you?”

“For STAR Labs, as…a security consultant.”

“You can’t afford me.”

“Try me.”

“I work as part of a team, Barry.”

“So include salaries for Lisa and Rory. Try me.”

Len thinks the figures he gives the kid are pretty high, but Barry just nods.

“Let’s say I can make that happen. If you agree to work for me instead of stealing, maybe the Flash makes a statement, says all this was self-defense.”

“It was self-defense.”

“You and I both know you could have taken your father down without killing him. I’m not saying I judge you for it—though I’m sure you think otherwise, I don’t. Not about this. I wish you hadn’t done it, but I get it. I mean, I know I can never GET IT, but I understand. But you’re better than this, Snart. Let me help you. This time, for once, please, let me help.”

“What’ll I owe you?”

“It isn’t about owing. It’s a transaction. Money for services. And no stealing on the side.”

“Lisa and Mick might not go for that.”

“I expect you to convince them. And I can promise you…it’ll never be boring.”

“You’re on, kid.”

Security consultant was from you, I think, @lisellevelvet

a long walk to a dark house - part fourteen

title: a long walk to a dark house

author: @freakintveit

beta: @acciomoondew

artist: @thisisanotherhunter

overall word count: 45k

rating: pg-13

warnings: self harm, abusive relationship, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, itp (disease), depression, iron deficiency anemia (disease)

summary: dan didn’t plan to run away, but then again, it may have been for the best. he has an abusive girlfriend, a strange disease, and, in his opinion, nothing to live for. but when a stranger with brilliant blue eyes finds him and offers him a place to stay, dan discovers that he does have a reason to live after all. love.

author’s notes: I’ve been working on this for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally done, I’d like to thank my lovely beta, Lisa, and my amazing artist, Dani. Dani’s art can be found here. I’m eternally grateful for both of their hard work on this, and without them, I wouldn’t be posting this today. Enjoy!

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Jojo’s Bizarre Cafe 

(more stuff written about this AU under cut)

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travel au’s for your otp

- “i’m visiting this city for the first time and they drive on the opposite side of the road here and when i looked the wrong way before trying to cross the street, you were the stranger who yanked me back and stopped me from being completely flattened by that bus. can i buy you a drink?”
- “we’re doing the same study abroad program and we didn’t get along at first, but you helped me with the language in an emergency and maybe you’re not so bad after all.”
- “we’re both lost and have run into each other like six times trying to find this obscure place. want to work together?”
- “the mona lisa is possibly the biggest letdown in all of france.”
- “you’re a tour guide in this insanely ancient, historical place and you’re the biggest nerd i’ve ever encountered in my life, but you’re also insanely hot and i’m enjoying your tour immensely so i’m going to ask all the questions i can think of and you actually seem pretty impressed.”
- “i’m having a spiritual epiphany looking out over the world and the incredible structures built in ancient times and you’re an amateur photographer who snapped some seriously breathtaking pictures of me.”
- “i asked you for directions and you spoke to me in broken english with a native accent but i ran into you again later and it turns out you actually grew up in the next town over from me.”
- “i’m an art student pursuing my degree abroad and i’m supposed to be sketching pieces in the museum but instead i’ve been sketching you and oh no i think you just saw me.”
- “i decided to move and work abroad but i’m pretty homesick and have no friends to speak of and you’re the insanely hot bartender who listened to my woes. i’m not entirely sure you understood much of what i was saying, but you invited me out with you and some of your friends and despite the language barrier, i think we have something here.”
- “i’m the only foreign student in this art history class and we were taking a class trip to a museum and we both ended up staying and going through the museum afterwards, and even though we’ve never spoken we’re kind of moving through at the same pace.”
- “i’ve never been to this country before and you’re the tour guide on this trip who just got me to eat this ‘local delicacy’ and holy shit what did i just put in my mouth?”
- “okay i’ve been touring around several cities and countries over the past few weeks and i’ve definitely seen you in several of them and also on a few of my trains. are you following me?”
- “i’ve gotten really into the local music scene in this city and you are in one of the bands and have seen me at a bunch of your shows.”
- “you’re very obviously new to this city and wow you suck at speaking this language here let me give you some key phrases. the most important one is how you ask someone out on a date. now repeat it back to me. oh, yes, i would like to go on a date with you i’m so glad you asked.”

- Barry fucked up and now him and Leonard are stuck in a day long time loop

- Leonard decides to rob the playboy of Starling, Oliver Queen, whilst he’s at a cocktail party but arrives to find Barry half asleep watching Netflix on the couch

- Barry stops a fight between mobsters only to find a severely injured Leonard. He takes him to the hospital, using an alias, but they don’t let him leave until all the tests have gone through and he paperworks done

- Someone hires Leonard to take out the Flash but his sense of honour won’t let him do it so he and Barry end up working together to take this guy down

- Barry was just at the bank when suddenly Lisa has taken him hostage and he can’t get away without blowing his cover and Len is just laughing at his indecision which makes Barry laugh because they have no idea but there’s nothing he can do now and none of the Rogues know what’s so funny

- they find each other on tinder and both swipe right but then try to convince the other that they only wanted to see what way the other swiped and it’s just a disaster

- Barry is at a bar and Leonard catches someone slipping something in his drink

- Leonard finds Barry’s old fan blog about the Arrow and teases him with quotes from it whenever they fight

- both somehow stuck on the island together

- Cisco and Lisa are together and decide to match Barry and Leonard on a blind date for a laugh but it backfired when they go along with it to mess with them (and of course eventually because they like it)

- Step Up AU

- some new bad guy Mafia people in town they both keep trying to take down and goddamn it this is my job stop messing up all my plans

- normal fight until it becomes apparent that Leonard is fucking terrified of spiders when he spots one on the wall and Barry’s laughing too hard to even try and fight him anymore

- 21 Jump Street AU

- supernatural AU where Len is a hunter but he can’t work out what the fuck Barry is

I should stop

a long walk to a dark house - part twelve

title: a long walk to a dark house

author: @freakintveit

beta: @acciomoondew

artist: @thisisanotherhunter

overall word count: 45k

rating: pg-13

warnings: self harm, abusive relationship, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, itp (disease), depression, iron deficiency anemia (disease)

summary: dan didn’t plan to run away, but then again, it may have been for the best. he has an abusive girlfriend, a strange disease, and, in his opinion, nothing to live for. but when a stranger with brilliant blue eyes finds him and offers him a place to stay, dan discovers that he does have a reason to live after all. love.

author’s notes: I’ve been working on this for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally done, I’d like to thank my lovely beta, Lisa, and my amazing artist, Dani. Dani’s art can be found here. I’m eternally grateful for both of their hard work on this, and without them, I wouldn’t be posting this today. Enjoy!

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