so boring this year

Typical sunday

Me: I need to write this fanfic

*A minute later* 

*After figuring out his hand size* 

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Me: How much bigger is it compared to mine…

*Sprints to find a ruler* 

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she had the world // panic! at the disco

“I don’t know what to do, Tae,” Jimin fisted a hand through his thick brown hair and sighed. “The model didn’t show up but the photographer says we have to pay him anyway, for wasting his time or something, and if we pay him now then we’re not gonna be able to afford to pay him when we do get a model to come. I told you we should have let Joonie and Jin help but, no, you just had to prove that we could do things on our own. And now look at us, no model, no photos and your useless ass isn’t even answering the phone.” Jimin paused to glance through the dusky window of the tattoo parlor that his best friend insisted they buy. The photographer waiting inside noticed his gaze and dropped a pointed look to the watch on his wrist. Jimin frowned and turned away, “I know you’re gonna tell me not to worry and that things will work out and all that, but I’m not like you, Tae. I am worried and…” Jimin trailed off, his eyes locked on the slouched figure emerging from the coffee shop across the street. “Actually never mind. I’m still kicking your ass whenever you decide to show up, but I think I found the answer to our problems.”

Jimin ended the long winded voicemail to his best friend and shoved his phone in his pocket, darting across the street without bothering to check for traffic.

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Vampire AU where Yuuri looks out his window one evening to find a heart-shaped cloud of bats hovering outside.


anyway so Victor has been a vampire for upwards of eight hundred years and he’s just bored, so so bored: nobody told him how boring being a vampire would be. sometimes you have to fake being dead and dye your hair. Then you have to move continents. Then you accidentally acquire a younger brother that you didn’t actually make but follows you around anyway. He’s so bored. He’s just so bored all the time. Regular humans are only interesting for a few years, and then they get old, and other vampires are never surprising after you’ve known them a hundred years. 

Victor goes to Japan just to have something mildly interesting to do. He hasn’t been there since they opened up the ports: he went in with the Dutch traders and it was a lot of fun, then, but he hears that it’s interesting now, too, so he spends a week in Tokyo - dull, just parties and nightclubs and people trying to get his attention. Kyoto’s a little more interesting, but temples make his skin itch, too much holy energy. A priest came out of a little one and watched him very carefully, making it clear he wouldn’t have a problem with Victor, if Victor didn’t cause any problems.

Well. You don’t get to be eight hundred without knowing when to gracefully leave the domain of a god, so Victor wanders to a little town called Hasetsu. He’s never been there before, at least. 

He pokes around for a while, trying to find something interesting. It’s dull here, too, too quiet, like St Petersburg when he had been human. He’s starting to consider if he shouldn’t take a nap for a decade or so and chance little Yuri bursting into his lair and yelling when – 

oh. OH. What’s that. There’s a boy, walking with a backpack slung over one shoulder, very graceful, his head held like a dancer. He smells delicious, all sweet and rich iron, and before he quite knows what he’s doing Victor drifts closer, comes up to the boy and gives him a big, practiced smile.

“Do you speak English?” he chirps. “I’m lost!”

The boy – and now Victor’s close enough to see how beautiful he really is, hair like ink and eyes like dark amber, a mouth made for kisses and a neck begging for bruises and bites– looks up. 

Oh, oh, Victor’s so interested.

“The tourist center is right there,” says the boy, pointing, and walks off. 

Later, trying to express himself to an extremely unimpressed little Yuri, he says, “I couldn’t help it, I had to catch him.”