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dezacoke  asked:

Maybe Le Equius or Nepeta cuddle with whoever

i had to shrink the photo a lil bit ri p,, but i think?? this is what you meant :0

Think... Ink: Part 1

Okay, so I wrote a good chunk of this last night at a ridiculous time and worked on it a bit more a little bit ago and just got it to what that I thought was a good stopping point. So yeah. 

Also I need to say this next bit in bold so bear with me a sec.

Please understand, this is just me musing about stuff, and has no bearing on @shinyzango‘s stuff. Zango will decide what they want to do with Ink Henry all in good time. I just wanted to put my thoughts down in writing, and then this spawned out of it. 

Also go congratulate Zango for hitting 2k followers today! Because Zango is awesome and deserves all the nice messages! 

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Got7 Reaction #19 - They see you (their future s/o) for the first time

@praisefandoms asked: BTS and Got7 reaction to seeing their future girlfriend for the first time. Have a good one.

>>BTS Version Here<<

Mark: -Thinking-  ‘That person is so beautiful… It looks like they’re so elegant too- TURN!! TURN AND WALK AWAY THEY SAY YOU STARING!! RUN! THIS IS SO EMBARASSING WHYYYYY’

Originally posted by marksseunie

Jaebum: He’s on the stage so he’s feeling braver than he usually does, so he sees them and waves, winking for good measure. When his future s/o winks back he can’t stop smiling and laughing, slightly embarrassed now. His eyes follow them the whole performance…

Little did he know that they had backstage passes and they’d meed up with him right after the performance

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Jackson: He’d bump into them on the street when he got distracted by a food cart on the other side of the street.

“Oh! I’m so sorry are you okay??”

You: “Jeeze it’s like your shoulder is made of granite! I think I’m going to get a bruise now!” *laughing*

Him: “No, I’m seriously so sorry!” *smiles a bit since you joked it off* “Hey, I’ll buy you some food to make it up to you, okay?”

*after he buys his future s/o food and they have good conversation and seriously click, he gets their twitter username and possibly their snapchat (since it’s not as private as a phone number and he wants to respect their space for now) and he walks away freaking TF out like *gif* because YOU WERE SO FUNNY AND SWEET AND HE WAS GOING TO MESSAGE YOU ASAP!!

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

Jinyoung: A trainee at JYP and him were talking, and he knew deep in his soul that this was his future s/o when they weren’t afraid to playfully joke back when he started giving his signature sass. Though they were a little flustered, it was cute to him and they still made him laugh with their witty comeback.

*gif* “Well then if you’re going to sass me like that then I’ll have to punish you by making you pay for my coffee tomorrow morning. Sound good?”

Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae: There’s no doubt he’d be doing something silly to make one of the members laugh when he noticed his future s/o staring (you) at him, laughing along with the other members.

Where had you come from?!

He’d be a mess and start blushing and stuttering. You made his heart race by calling him cute, but you started acting silly too and that was what made him fall for you then knowing he could be himself around you.

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

Kunpimook: He was walking with Yugyeom when he met your eyes from across the street. He instantly changed the way he was walking and talking, trying to look and sound cooler to get you to look over at them.

Yugyeom would be super confused why he’d gone from silly to swagger in .3 second, but instantly realize what was happening when BamBam kept looking across the street to see if you were looking.

Instantly Yugyeom would be making fun of BamBam as loudly as possible and you’d end up staring and laughing at them for their silliness rather than BamBam’s swagger.

BamBam was mad now but he’d thank Yugyeom later when you two started going out. His loud mocking was what made you really notice them at first after all.

Originally posted by chattyang

Yugyeom: Shy muffin.

We can all agree that Yugyeom has grown up a LOT in the past year, but he’s still the shy, goofy, lovable tol bean he’s always been.

He wouldn’t be able to stop staring at you after he saw you looking at him the first time during an award show. You two would be staring at each other the rest of the night, glancing away quickly and giggling every time your eyes met.

He’d be too embarrassed to try to talk to you after the show, but you weren’t.

You: “So um, do I have something on my clothes or do you find me as cute as I find you?”

He couldn’t stop laughing after you started furiously blushing, obviously feeling awkward after saying something so bold. He admired you beyond words for being so brave though and he ended up being the one shyly asking if you’d go on a date with him sometime.

Originally posted by jypnior

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting dear! I hope you liked it~

anonymous asked:

Can you do the napping prompt with tianshan

I can, though I’m not sure I can do it well… I added an extra GIF just because. Not much napping because the latest chapter threw me off, but well, here it is. Thanks for the prompt!

8) He Tian x Mo Guan Shan ~ Napping.

As he scrubbed the bottom of the pot, Guan Shan found himself thinking that He Tian was oddly quiet that day. He hadn’t harassed him so far, and he’d even helped take the plates and other stuff to the kitchen once their lunch was over. Of course the bastard had run away at the sight of dirty dishes and such, but that was his usual nature. And in any case, it was fine, right? That guy could be a fucking brute sometimes and he really didn’t know how to handle the fine crockery.

He rinsed his hands and took off the rubber gloves. “Oi,” he called out. “There’s enough left for you to reheat tonight and tomorrow, so…” He saw Tian skulking away. “… The fuck is this guy doing,” he muttered. His eyes opened wide when he checked out the living room. “Huh?! What the hell?” The couches had been stripped off the cushions, and He Tian had laid them down by the windowed wall.

“It’s a napping nook,” Tian grinned as he sprawled on his side. “It’s always bothered me that the sunlight is blocked by the back of the couches, and napping like this,” he yawned as he covered his eyes with his arm, “is paradise.”

Mo gaped at him. “But your bed is right there! Now this place looks like a pigsty again, you asshole!”

He Tian peeked out and smirked. “Ah… So you’re saying you’d share the bed with me. How bold, Don’t Close Mountain.”

“Fuck off, you jerk!” Guan Shan began to yell, but… Did that mean that He Tian knew that he’d refuse to go to bed with him? Had he done that so that he’d be more comfortable as well? Shit. “A-anyway, the food is in the re—”

“Shut up and just lie down for a while,” Tian said, turning around and lying on his stomach, nuzzling the thin pillow he’d brought from his bed.

He looks like a cat, Guan Shan thought. His straight, black hair appeared almost warm in the early afternoon sunlight. His muscular back was relaxed, and his t-shirt had crawled up a little after his wiggling, revealing his pale skin.  

“I’m gonna start charging you if you keep staring,” Tian teased.

“I didn’t—! I wasn’t staring!”

“You were totally checking out my ass,” Tian grinned, wiggling his butt.

“I was not!”

“Aaah, your smoldering gaze makes me feel naked. I’m gonna go har—”

“Shut up, you major chicken dick!”

He Tian stretched out his leg and kicked Mo in the back of the knee, making him lose balance and land on the cushions with a thud and a groan. “Stop being so fucking confrontational and relax!” He threw one of the blankets over him and grinned. “There. Doesn’t it feel good?”

Guan Shan wriggled underneath the blanket and glared at Tian. “Why are you always hitting me?”

“Hitting on you?”

That too, Mo thought, but he just furrowed his brow deeper in response.

He Tian sighed. “Because you’re fucking stubborn.”

“I can’t understand why you’re so popular. You don’t know how to treat people. I bet you never had a pet.”

“Interested in the position?”

“What position?”

“I meant being my pet, but now I don’t know. Do you have a favorite position you wanna try?”

“… You’re so fucking dirty.”

“You’re the one that went there.” He Tian yawned and stretched. “I’m not that popular. And I did have a pet. Briefly.”

“What was it?”

“A dog. Golden Retriever.”

“Where is it now?”

“With another owner.” He smirked. “Its name was Jian Yi.”

Guan Shan rolled his eyes and snuggled under the blanket. “Fuck off.”

“Jerk off, you said? Okay,” Tian said merrily, his thumb toying with the elastic band of his briefs.

“Don’t put your hands in your pants, you chicken tit! Ugh, it’s impossible to talk to you…” Guan Shan grumbled.

And yet, he was lying there, chatting with that guy. He couldn’t comprehend it himself. Many times he had thought about the feelings that He Tian stirred in him. Being close was painful, but being far was now almost unthinkable. The people he used to hang out with had left his side, and all of them had been replaced by He Tian. What did it mean when one person was worth a dozen? But even though that guy had gone so far as to tell his brother about him, Guan Shan didn’t think he was as prominent in He Tian’s life as…

“… Jian Yi,” he muttered.

“Hmmm? What about Yiyi?” Tian wondered sleepily.

Was your dog actually called Jian Yi, or did you mean something else when you said it now had another owner? No, he could never ask that question. “You two… You have been friends for long?”

Tian raised his head and watched him closely.

“What,” Guan Shan said defensively.

“What’s with all this questioning? It’s as if you finally wanted to know more about me. It’s almost cute.”

“In your dreams.”

“You’re gonna torture me there too?”

“Shut your mouth.”

Tian rested his body on his right arm and looked at him frankly. “Can’t be honest for once, can you? Guess it’s better this way, though. We’re all alone here, and who knows what I’d do to you.”

Retreat! Guan Shan thought. He curled up and scowled at Tian. “You’re not going to tell me.”

“Jian Yi? Let’s see… We’ve been friends for some years, but it’s not exactly like we hang out. He only does that with Zhan Zheng Xi. There’s nobody else in the world for him.” His voice turned unusually soft. “Nobody else can get in there.” He shrugged and lay back down. “I guess it’s nice to have that one person that means the world to you. Someone you wanna protect…”

For a moment, Guan Shan knew that he was inexplicably jealous. It was ridiculous. He opened his mouth to say something equally ridiculous, but saying too much might leave him exposed, and he realized that he was afraid of losing something that had become precious somewhere along the line.

He Tian yawned and covered himself with the other blanket. “The food today… It was good. You should come over more often. Or just live here…”

“Learn to cook, fucker,” he grunted unconvincingly.

“I’ve learned a bit… These past few days… Still, your food tastes better…”

Guan Shan’s chest felt warmer than usual when he grumbled, “… I guess you’ve learned how to chop the onions.” He took a peek at He Tian, whose eyes were closed now.

“Mo has finally complimented me. Good…” His breathing became even and his mouth relaxed.

Only a couple of weeks before, Guan Shan would have taken advantage of that defenselessness and he would have looked for a way to hurt that guy, the guy that had bullied him. The one that had stuck his neck for him. The one that had chased after him day after day. The one that had helped him out of a toxic “friendship”. The one that had talked to him, touched him, and…

Guan Shan shut his eyes tight. That guy was infuriating. Smug. Meddling. Rough. Strong. Caring. Surprisingly warm, like the blood that had stained his shirt, like the jacket he’d put round his shoulders; like the afternoon sun shining down on that nest Tian had built for the two of them. He wasn’t used to this warmth, he thought, as those mixed feelings he always had became a little more concrete, a little stronger. Gradually, he let his body relax. He turned his back on He Tian and rested his head on his arm.

He Tian’s fingers reached out and touched his, entwining gently. He didn’t speak. He didn’t push.

Unpredictable. That was what that guy was to him.

Mo’s lips twitched into a little smile, and with warm thoughts swimming through his mind and that hand in his, he fell asleep.

“What happened?” Jaal asks, barely keeping the question from becoming a demand.

“Oh, well, long story short, our date night got cancelled because Peebee decided my time was better spent in a fucking volcano.”


(Jaal/Gemma Ryder, spoilers for both Jaal and Peebee’s loyalty missions, as well as the Jaal romance.) 

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@ineedalife014 sent me a message: Imagine that Credence is into chubby girls. Like he likes to hug his s/o because he feels anything but pain, just softness and warmth.

I absolutely had to write (as close as I can get to) a drabble about it. Not sure if I did it justice because brevity is not my thing, but.

Word Count: 741

 You had rolls. Your stomach pooched out, your thighs rubbed together, and you knew your arms flattened out against your sides when they rested there. You woke up each morning, looked in the mirror, and saw where your body stretched to fit you inside. You’d never been particularly fond of your body—not that you hated it, of course not, but you definitely knew that it wasn’t the “ideal” body, not the body you’d been told you should have. So when you bumped into the skinniest boy you’d ever seen, you had felt…self-conscious to say the least; honestly, you were incredibly relieved that you hadn’t knocked him over. He was tall and lean and honestly so beautiful you had to do a double-take. He was all fine angles and angelic structure, and you caught a glimpse of the roundness of your cheeks in a nearby window and blushed. His eyes stared wide back at you—well, more at your feet than at you—as he hurried to pick up his pamphlets.

You had rushed out an apology and started to help him, and he seemed quite taken aback at your effort to collect the pamphlets with him. He told you his name was Credence, and the kindness that ensued is where it all began. You had been intrigued by the intensity in his honey-brown eyes and the grace of his fluid movements and the cadence of his voice, and so you had returned to every NSPS rally afterward—if only to see him. But, more often than not, you engaged him in friendly conversation. Now, there you were, six months after the initial encounter, hiding out in a nearby library and avoiding his mother (who, you had learned, abused him terribly), to talk to him privately. Because you were in a relationship with him and had been for about three months now.

Which is exactly why you were starting to get a little more self-conscious of the way your body bowed and stretched. You wanted to be…desirable, and you felt like maybe, to be that, you should lose a few pounds, just so you could feel a little bit better when you stood next to Credence “I-I’ve been thinking about losing some weight,” you said bravely, nervously, to Credence.

His eyes looked back at you, curious and (if you didn’t know better) a little offended. Now, Credence wasn’t one to initiate physical contact, preferring to wait for you so he was sure it would be accepted, but this time, he awkwardly lunged at you, burying his face into your neck and squeezing you close. “W-Why?” His voice was soft, but you could still hear the incredulity behind it.

“Well, to be—to be prettier, Credence.” Your reply was quiet and a little embarrassed.

To that, he squeezed you even tighter and leaned into the feel of your arms around his waist and into the way your body caved against his to fit him there. “I-I like you, now. I like how soft you are, and how warm you are, and how you—how it feels like I—like I fit here.” His voice was so quiet and shy, and you knew it took a lot for him to say something so bold when he had been taught everything he had ever done deserved punishment. “M-My Ma, she… You know, s-she doesn’t—she isn’t nice. S-She’s cold and she’s h-hard, and so are m-most people. But not you. Y-Your body is as s-soft as your v-voice. Y-You’re the only soft place I have. The o-only place that I can feel l-literally accept me.” He wanted you to know how much he admired you, how beautiful he thought you were. Honestly, he thought your body was filled with all the good things in the world, like you held them inside of you and like he could embrace all that goodness, could have it, when he hugged you. He wanted to be close to you all the time, and he hoped you knew that now, that he thought you were absolutely perfect.

You blushed so deeply you could feel the heat on your face, but you could have cried. You didn’t know that someone could like you so much, could accept you like this. “Okay, Credence,” you whispered against his shoulder, feeling his head bury further into your neck. “I’ll always be soft for you.” And you knew you wouldn’t lose a single pound.

Not All Wounds Heal (Part 5/?) (Stark/Rogers x reader)

Part 4

“The doctors say he shattered L4 through S1, extreme laceration to the spinal cord.  Probably would be looking at some form of paralysis,” Tony explained to Natasha quietly as the two stood overlooking the compound lawn, “but she fixed it.  She fixed it and almost gave her own life because it’s what I wanted her to do.”

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Go Easy

Originally posted by aestheticvbts


can I request a bts smut with hoseok or yoongi where their gf is recovering from an eating disorder so she’s super self conscious, and the doctors want her to have some fat on her to show she’s recovering; so he’s super supportive and loving about her thickness ?? you’re the greatest oppa💕💕💕

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Word Count: 1,095

A/N: I hope you like my lame attempt at smut.

Warnings: Eating Disorder tw, sex, language.

Your name: submit What is this?

You were never confident with your body. You’d always struggled with self- image and your self- confidence seemed to dwindle with every passing day. Your weight was what made you the most self- conscious, you hated looking in the mirror and seeing yourself. Even though you were beautiful, everyone but you seemed to see it. Your boyfriend Hoseok was one of those people.

He fell in love with you ever since he saw you, he thought you were absolutely stunning. He was basically your number one fan. He always supported you, Hoseok truly was an angel. Even though he loved you to bits, it was hard when you fell into an eating disorder. The obsession over the way you look, exhausting him; but he continued to show nothing but love and support for your recovery. He was always making sure that you were eating, that you were healthy. It pained him to see you killing yourself slowly. He always kept hope for better days to come.

Eventually, they did. You sought out help, and underwent treatment. You needed to get back to a healthy weight, so the doctor recommended you gain a few pounds. The road to recovery is a long one, but it didn’t deter you. Time heals.

Some days were really good, some were really hard to get through. It often seemed like the bad days outnumbered the good, you felt like giving up and falling back into your habits; but Hoseok always kept you moving forward, for no matter how unbearable the days felt he’d always be there by your side. Never letting you forget how much you mean to him, how beautiful you are, and how much he loves you.  He always reminded you how much he loved your body, he never could keep his hands off you.

On a relatively good day, you still felt a little insecure and couldn’t help but complain a little about how your thighs still touched and the little rolls you got when you sat. However, Hoseok wasn’t having it.

“Hobi, I want a thigh gap and for this fat to go away” You said grabbing at your tummy. As soon as the words left your mouth, he rested his hand on your thigh.

“The only time you should have a gap between your thighs is when I’m between them.” His voice smooth, his tone laced with lust. His fingertips dragged up and down your thigh until they settled right where your legs met, sending a tingle through your body. “Besides, why would you want to lose any more weight? I wouldn’t be able to grip you properly when I’m teaching you a lesson, now would I?” His index finger tracing your clothed core, you moved forward a little looking for more. “Eager are we?” He asked, you nodded hoping he’d give you more. He could never say no to you. He then retracted his hand and continued watching T.V. as if nothing had happened.

You looked at him confused, did he really just tease you like that? You took some initiative and decided to straddle him and put your arms on either side of his head. He couldn’t ignore you now, he just couldn’t. He had to finish what he started. He seemed rather dedicated to ignore your needy pleas, so you sunk your hips onto his and began grinding against him. His expression gave it all away, he was enjoying the little show you were putting on for him. Until you, too, just pretended like that hadn’t happened and got off him and took your place on the couch next to him. Unlike you, he wouldn’t stand your teasing. Before you really processed what was going on, he was between your legs. And so it begun.

“You think you’re so clever, teasing me like that don’t you, (y/n)? Two can play that game.” He whispered into your ear, as one hand travelled down to grab at your ass and the other held your hip to hold you in place. He ground into you, long and roughly. He showed no mercy as he painted your neck and collarbones with hickeys. You let out soft moans as his mouth travelled down to your chest. Just as you thought that he’d undress you, he withdrew and sat back to watch as your face changed entirely. He was too good at this game, it was almost unfair.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that, (y/n). You know that if I wanted I could make you come without touching you.”

Well he wasn’t wrong, his words sent a wave of wetness to your core. How he did it was a mystery to you, all he did was speak. You felt bold so you spoke,

“Whatever you say, Hobi.”

He didn’t take your words lightly, he leaned forward and pulled you into his lap. He held onto your hips tightly, you just knew his hands would still be there tomorrow. He pulled you deep into his own hips. You could feel the growing beneath you, and ground your hips against it only to be stopped by his hands gripping you harder.

“I’ll make you regret challenging me.”

As soon as the words left his lips he pushed up into you, eliciting a moan from you. Just like that, he got you wetter and wetter.  As if every moan motivated him, he never slowed his pace and never softened his strokes.

“You’re close already, (y/n)? I can see it in your face, kitten.”

You refused to admit he was right, and instead held on to his shoulders for support. You were nearing your climax embarrassingly fast, but you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing it. Your breathing hitched as he brought you closer and closer.

“Are you going to admit it already?”

You shook your head, and with a single, hard thrust he sent you over the edge. You wrapped your arms around his neck, as you silently came. He didn’t stop his ministrations though, helping you ride it out. By the time he was done with you, you’d made a mass on his lap.

“Next time I won’t be so forgiving, (y/n). Let’s go get you cleaned up.

With that, he carried you to your bedroom and set up a bath for you. He praised your body endlessly, you couldn’t help the hue of red that bloomed on your cheeks. After that, both of you went to bed, letting you forget your worries for the night, thankful that you had a guardian angel to take care of you.

My Real Hero

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Grumpy and kinda drunk Dean and FLUFF! ;-) 

Word count: 964

Summary: Dean is grumpy because he didn’t get to be Y/N’s hero. Little did he know he’s already her hero, her REAL HERO. (Oh well, I suck at this. I’m sorry.) 

Beta: The amazing @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious Thanks!

A/N: This is my first story after the hiatus of almost 5 months. I’ll try to keep on writing as much as I can. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is always appreciated. :-)


“Finally, we ganked those sons of a bitches!” Dean sighed in relief. After all, it was pretty exhausting to clear a vampire nest.

“Yeah, finally.” Y/N dropped her duffle on the big map table in the bunker and started making her way towards the bathroom. “I’m gonna shower first!”

“Let’s go to the bar tonight and celebrate!” Dean chirped.

“Well, it’s not the first time we’ve haunted a vampire's’ nest,” Sam said.

“Oh c’mon, Sammy! Lets have some fun you old soul!”

Dean groaned at his brother’s lack of interest.

“I’m in!” Y/N yelled and closed the bathroom door behind her.

“Alright, fine. I’ll go,” Sam finally agreed.

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Backspin: The Kills Talk Tendon Injuries, Career-Suicidal Tendencies, and 15 Years of Kill-ing It

Anglo-American art-punks the Kills, aka Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, have spent all of 2017 celebrating their 15th anniversary — most recently with their new Echo Home – Non-Electric EP, featuring a cover of Rihanna’s “Desperado” and a re-recording of “Wait,” one of their first songs ever released. But for several of those years, the Kills were largely off the scene, putting out no full-length albums between 2011 and 2016.

Casual fans may have assumed the Kills’ hiatus was due to Mosshart’s high-profile side gig fronting Jack White’s psych-rock supergroup the Dead Weather, or because Hince was focused on his marriage to supermodel Kate Moss (which ended in 2015). But as Hince reveals during the Kills’ career-spanning Backspin interview with Yahoo Music, it was actually a 2013 freak accident that sidelined the group, as guitarist Hince was forced to totally relearn his instrument.

“I used to have this problem with my fingers locking up from just playing guitar, and then they’d inject cortisone into my knuckles — which is the most painful thing you can ever have done, I think,” Hince begins. “It would sort of make it go away. And then I slammed my finger in a car door, and my hand specialist guy said, ‘Oh, I’ll just jab some more cortisone in it.’ And I went away on holiday and I got a deep bone infection, and I lost my tendon.

“I thought I was wiping some pus away from my hand, but it wouldn’t go away,” Hince continues, while a grossed-out Mosshart (and, frankly, everyone in the Yahoo studio) squirms. “And then I was pulling it [out of my hand], and I was like, ‘That is really weird — look, I’ve got this stringy pus!’ And then my wife went, ‘That’s your tendon, you idiot!‘”

Yes, Hince was holding his actual finger tendon — not pus — out in the open, in front of a horrified Kate Moss.

“So I had to have a tendon transplant,” says Hince, who eventually underwent five operations and lost the use of his middle finger, “and it doesn’t really work. I can’t play guitar with it. So that was it — it was kind of like learning to find a way to play guitar again. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play guitar. I thought I was going to be one of those studio dudes with gray skin and, like, loads of [takeout] menus, so I started putting my studio together.”

The Kills (Photo: Paul Rosales)

But the Kills finally returned in 2016 with the critically heralded Ash & Ice, and Hince now says that his gruesome injury helped sparked his creativity while making the album. “It was really good, because something like ‘Doing It to Death,’ I don’t think I’d have written that if I had all my fingers. Because I probably would have done something more with a chord, whereas I had to play individual things.”

Over the past decade and a half, the Kills have gone through their share of struggles, both personal and professional, but the bond that Hince and Mosshart formed when they first met in the U.K. helped them persevere. From the very beginning, the London-based Hince knew that the Florida-born Mosshart was committed to the band, before the band even had a name and before Hince was even sure himself.

“There’s a culture of saying you’re going to do things, and that’s almost enough, just saying you’re going to do this stuff. I’m not sure how convinced I was that our band was really going to happen, and [Mosshart] absolutely flogged me with it — you know, moving over [to London] and whipping me into shape to do this,” Hince says.

Mosshart recalls the fateful meeting that brought her and Hince together in 2001. “I was on tour with [Florida punk band] Discount, which was my first band. We were touring Europe and England a lot, and [Hince’s] roommate drove the van that we were in. His other roommate booked the tours that we went on. We would always go there and sleep on the floor. I heard Jamie playing guitar upstairs through the ceiling, and I didn’t know him, I hadn’t met him yet, but I thought it was the greatest sound I’d ever heard. I was obsessed.”

“I don’t think she spoke to me for the first week,” Hince laughs. “I would say things to her and she would just light up bright red and not say a word. I’m going, like, ‘Wow, this is really bizarre.’ Then she’d kind of say little words every now and again. Then she’d come round to my place and just sit cross-legged on the floor and roll me cigarettes, and I’d play her music she’d never heard, like Charley Patton, Lead Belly, Velvet Underground, and Captain Beefheart.”

The Kills (Photo: Mario Framingheddu)

“I mean, this whole thing kind of happened really organically, but I was on tour with this other band,” Mosshart explains. “He was really encouraging me to write music, and I’d never really written music; I’d just written lyrics to other people’s music. He was really encouraging and he was like, ‘Take this four-track with you on tour and see what you come up with.’ I would stay up all night with whatever stuff I could get my hands on, and I would record people drumming and then take that and put it in, and then record bits of European radio and talking … using the Dictaphone and just kind of making these … they’re more like art collages with sound, really. Just how my brain works. That was the first stuff that I brought back to him. I’d just show him what I made as a present: ‘Here you go.’”

“I know it sounds a bit stupid saying ‘sound collages,’ but it really was,” Hince marvels. “It was like somebody who just didn’t know how to write songs, almost like someone that hadn’t heard a song before. She was making these things, and they were amazing. They were really amazing.”

However, it wasn’t until Mosshart relocated to England, in a dramatic (and comedic) fashion, that Hince realized that this was going to be a real band.

“When Alison moved from Florida to London, she arrived on Gipsy Hill station with two refrigerator-sized suitcases,” Hince chuckles. “The doors of the train opened and she was just about to push one out and go back for the other one, but the doors closed. She was inside — and she pulled the emergency cable to stop the train!”

“I got yelled at so much,” Alison cackles, blushing beet-red.

“They opened the door. There’s all these people yelling at her. She’s pulling the other fridge-freeze out of the train. One rolls down onto the track. This is the beginning of my band.”

Mosshart and Hince decided to go by the mysterious stage names “VV” and “Hotel,” but they still hadn’t settled on an official band name or even a defined sound yet. However, that didn’t stop them from playing their first gig, at London’s now-defunct 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street, on Feb. 14, 2002. And the rest was history.

“I always think it’s funny that we didn’t know what we were going to sound like,” says Hince. “I thought we were going to be like an acoustic band. Or like [England] used to have this terrible cabaret act called Peters & Lee, a blind guy and his wife — I thought we might sound a bit like that, like middle-of-the-road kind of acoustic-y stuff, because we’d never played out loud before.”

“We’d never had anywhere that we could plug anything in and be loud, so we had no idea what it would sound like to sing through a mic in a room,” says Mosshart. “We were very pleased when we played. We kept looking at each other, like, ‘It’s so loud!’”

“It just all really worked. It kind of surprised us that there was loads of people were just really into it,” says Hince. “We had a little crowd of people afterwards asking us what we were doing next, and we said, ‘Well, we’re going to come up with a name,’ because we didn’t have a name. We just got gigs booked one after the other after that.”

The duo’s raw, lo-fi debut album, the blues-punky Keep on Your Mean Side, made them instant critics’ darlings with British music rags like NME when it came out in 2003 — but the Kills instantly bristled at the idea of being categorized with other trendy “the” bands of that “garage rock” era, like the Strokes, the Hives, and the White Stripes. So they stayed true to their “anarcho-punk” backgrounds and willfully committed “commercial suicide” when it came time to record their follow-up, 2005’s sinister, sparse, and severe No Wow.

“We were supposed to be a proper band and do the sort of thing that people do on their second record, like cross over and make much more palatable music — and we made much more unpalatable music,” shrugs Hince. “I couldn’t believe that we were lumped in with this new wave of garage rock. … I was so offended by this ‘garage rock’ thing. I really wanted to be anti-garage.” Hince recalls being delighted when he played the album for Laurence Bell, head of the Kills’ label, Domino Records, and he got the reaction he’d hoped for. “We were all sitting on my bed in Room 105 at the Chelsea Hotel, and I played it on a little boombox. He said, ‘It sounds like LL Cool J.’ I was like, ‘Yes! We’re not a f***ing garage rock band. See?’”

The Kills never wanted to pigeonhole themselves (“I don’t want to get into a rut of playing the same songs and same kind of style of music. … I always wanted to be a band that changed,” says Hince), so the experimentalists took another bold artistic detour with 2008’s immediate and at times almost poppy Midnight Boom, which featured the boisterous breakthrough single “Sour Cherry” and production from Alex Epton of Baltimore indie/hip-hop act Spank Rock. Then the duo’s dynamic changed even more during the making of their fourth album, 2011’s Blood Pressures, as Hince settled into domestic bliss with Moss while Mosshart hit the road with the Dead Weather.

“I started a relationship — I settled down, really,” Hince recalls. “My ex-wife’s social group is a real social environment. There was always tons of people around, and you were always encouraged to perform: ‘Play that song!’ I really hate that stuff, and this is the first time that I broke through it, and it was enjoyable. ‘My God, it’s enjoyable!’ It was actually quite encouraging getting feedback from people when you were writing a song. They’d go, ‘I love that,’ so you think in your head, ‘This is a song that’s gonna work.’ I’ve never had that before. Writing songs was always something you did in private, in secret.

“It was the first time I realized you could make a record being happy,” Hince continues. “I always thought you had to channel a bit of negativity to be creative, and really live hard. We used to talk about that a lot. That’s kind of what ‘keep on your mean side’ meant — it was about keeping in touch with some negativity and misery in order to be able to make something positive. This was the first time I spent most of the time just sitting around with friends, playing guitar and drinking wine, which I’d never done before. … I never had an acoustic guitar before, and it’s the first time I was playing by a fire. Just all these songs just happened. It wasn’t a torture for me, like it normally is.”

At the same time, Mosshart’s Dead Weather experience helped her build her confidence and hone her badass performance skills, and when the Kills finally reconvened, the result was an album with the formerly aloof singer’s growling, rock-goddess vocals front-and-center like never before. “I did learn a lot doing the Dead Weather, because I toured so heavily and did so much stuff I actually hadn’t done before,” Mosshart says. “I was all fired up, so by the time we came back to do this, [Hince] was in a happy place, I was just going a thousand miles an hour, and we made this record.”

Which brings us to the present, as Hince (healed hand and all) and Mosshart look forward to another 15 years of Kill-ing it. “The next 15 years, I don’t know,” Mosshart muses. “I mean, I hope it keeps being as exciting as it is, or more exciting, and we keep feeling creatively inspired. It’s all about that — the reason we’re still doing it is because it still feels so great to do, and it’s still so inspiring, and we still have so much more that we feel like we have to do. So we’ll carry on until something changes.”

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I am so confused as to how Dr. Will vs. Michelle/Natalie started and why it’s even happening…? How random…?


How to Make Friends with Actual Charming Puppy Nyssa al Ghul

anonymous asked:

SS shippers need to know that real intimacy has nothing to do with sex. If I may be so bold to say that what Nar and Sas has. Its the complete epitome of it. *rolls away*

Sasuke and Sakura having sex already seems so unnatural and OOC but you’re right, sex still wouldn’t mean they have real intimacy. To produce a child, you only need to have sex once. In real life, people have one night stands ALL THE TIME, without even knowing the other person’s name. Even forgetting emotional intimacy (what actually matters), Sasuke shows no desire in being physically intimate with her, either. Apparently, he has NEVER kissed her, which would mean any sex they might have had was incredibly impersonal. He won’t show her affection, or even say he loves her. They act nothing like a married couple.They have never communicated well, had good mutual understanding, had anything in common, etc. They have none of the basic things good relationships are built on. Naruto and Sasuke can read each other’s hearts…what about Sakura? Has she been able to reach him on such a level that he cried? Does he share his pain and hopes with her? Did he say she saved him? No?? How is this even a debate…..Naruto and Sasuke have infinitely more intimacy than anyone in the series. SS shippers are so obsessed with what’s canon but pay zero attention to ALL the canon material unrelated to SS, which is everything important. 

There was this craze a couple of months back in my area of people driving upto ATMs in the middle of the night in forklifts and just… driving off with them? And honestly, all I could think was ‘wow, that is such a bold move, I’m impressed, they deserve the money’

So what I’m saying is, we need the FAHC to start doing this in fics because it suits their stupid bolshy criminal style

Ok, but real talk for a second, why can’t the crew keep any of their characters actually in character anymore? Or develop them properly. Don’t really know how to word this better, sorry. :/

For the sake of not making this post longer than it already will be, I’ll just limit myself to 6 characters.

Steven was a goofy yet lovable kid, who made mistakes, like children do, but always tried to do his best. Currently tho, what he says is true and law, all who deny him will be bubbled or sent to neon barn hell. He isn’t affected by any of the horrible and dramatic shit going on in his life by the slightest, except for when he really terribly is for just 1 episode, meant to be a tear jerker™. But don’t worry, we won’t bring that up again til we want to make you feel them feels again.

Pearl is Pearl. One of her only consistent traits at the moment is her creepy obsession with anything and everything Rose. That, and constantly beating her own record in a wonderful game called “how not to be a good parent 101”. Just pick 4 random episodes with her in them, and watch as her character fluctuates and changes like there is no tomorrow, with only the 2 before mentioned points staying the same.

Amethyst seemed to go from “I’m worthless, I’m not good enough, I’ll never feel like I fit in” to “Never mind, I’m good, I’m over it, my only purpose is to be the funny one that eats a lot of food now” in about .3 episodes.

Garnet was the cool and mysterious leader, who was forced into her position. The one that put on a tough and unbreakable mask, to show that she always knew fully well what she was doing, when in fact, she seemingly didn’t. Then jail break happened. Garnet turned out to be a fusion, but she sang that she’s more than the 2 of them, so it’s all fine. And from that point on she stopped being more than the 2 of them and turned into Ruby and Sapphire in a drench coat, only ever taking a major role if fusion was involved with the plot. Good job with that crew!

When Pearl has at least something that loosely makes her seem like her at times, then Lapis doesn’t even get that much. Is she depressed, a jokester, grumpy, friendly, unfriendly, smart, naive, remorseful for her previous actions, not affected by her previous actions whatsoever, moody,  bitter, vindictive, mistrusting, a defeatist etc. etc. ? Look I could go on and on, but point is, Lapis is about as consistent as a 3 year old’s mood.

Peridot was sadly killed off screen by a radioactive neon goblin who replaced her, and no one in the show seems to have noticed yet. A really bold move by the crew, if I do say so myself. Can’t wait for the arc where they discover the goblins true identity and purpose. But I’ll try to not get too excited. We’ll probably get the resolution to that in the last episode of season 5, where we’ll also bring back Bismuth, Centi, Jasper, cure all the corrupted gems, deal with the cluster once and for all, meet and resolve the story of White Diamond and finally see Homeworld, all in 11 minutes. Can’t wait. :)

So in conclusion, please either go take a fucking writing class, or actually talk to each other about what you want your characters to be crewniverse and anyone else involved, that sound doable?

in your dreams - joji (nsfw)

Prompt: That blowjob scene, could you do one where Joji is smoking while reader blows him?

This one is NSFW as well, but I have an SFW coming up soon (not the next post but the one after), thanks for sticking by me on this project. It takes a minute to write these as I’m just one person and I am a full-time college student.

               Watching Joji on stage was something you were sure you’d never get tired of. When he had told you that he was going to do a live show as Pink Guy, he had tried to seem casual about it, but it wasn’t hard to see through his cool guy exterior. He was excited. Of course, as a supportive girlfriend, you had come. You weren’t too obvious, in fact you were watching from the crowd for most of the show to get a better view. You even casually talked to a few of the people that were there, a lot weren’t there to see “Pink Guy”, but there still were a few that were. You felt a bit like you were undercover, but of course who would recognize you? Neither you nor George were the type to put anything too personal online, and even though you’d been seeing each other for over a year, there was nothing more than a few rumors going around about that girl that sometimes showed up in the background of fan’s photos with George.

               But God was it hard not to be obvious while you were watching him on stage. As goofy as the pink suit was, it really actuated every curve and dip of George’s body. You can just tell just how much he was sweating and no matter how vulgar the lyrics were that goofy little smile of his just kept popping up.  His eyes are hidden behind those sunglasses but you know that if you took them off they’d be bright and excited. You really wanted to take them off. You knew which song he was going to do last, so as soon as you hear the opening bars of his final song, you slip backstage. After all, you want to be there when he gets off stage, still excited and bubbly and sweaty, and riding the high of his show. You watch from side stage, staying just out of view of anyone in the audience as you watch Joji finish his last song and say his good byes before he walks off stage. He smiles when he sees you, and as soon as he gets close enough you reach out and plunk the sunglasses off his nose and put them on your own head to get them out of the way. He actually leans in to kiss you before you step away quickly, quietly reminding him that you two can’t do that in public, that you both want to keep your lives private and there are just too many fans around. He sighs and grabs a cigarette from the box he’d left back stage. He hadn’t offered you one in months. He knew by now that you were more a gum chewer than a smoker. “Come out and talk with me while I have a smoke?” he offers. You nod and follow him as he walks towards the back door. As soon as you’re out of sight you pull the hood off him so you can see him better. He looks good sweaty. Really good, especially with the way his hair is curling a little more than it usually does at the ends and the hair matted onto his forehead covers his eyes just a little. He’s already got the cigarette between his lips when he stops short of the door.

               “Shit, there are people out there waiting. I was hoping they’d hold off until a little later. I gotta have a smoke before I’m going to be any fun to be with,” he says, backing up from the door. You take his hand and point at a bathroom near the back of the venue. Everyone else is still near the stage, so if George just had a smoke in the bathroom he’d be all set.

               “Just smoke it in the bathroom and put it out with some water so it doesn’t burn the paper towels when you through it in the trash,” you offer. He smiles and puts the cigarette back between his lips as you enter the bathroom. It’s tiny, a toilet, a urinal and a sink in all one area. You lock the door behind you as George leans against the sink and lights his cigarette. He takes a long drag and relaxes a little, slumping against the sink while he unzips the front of his suit down his torso and slips free of it, tying the top of the suit around his waist so it’s more like a pair of pink pants then a suit. You can’t help but stare. He’s fucking shining from the sweat and that suit really doesn’t leave anything to the imagination when you get close enough. Your eyes get caught on that little bit of fuzz he’s got on his stomach that disappears under the cover of the suit.

               George snaps his fingers to try and get your attention, and when you look at him his got that stupid fucking grin on his face that he gets when he wants something. “What do you want Joj?” He takes another long drag, blowing the smoke out before raising an eyebrow.

               “If I asked you to suck me off right here in this bathroom while I finish my smoke, would you do it ?” he asks. He must be drunk off of the adrenaline of the show because he’s usually not quite so bold as to just flat out say that he wants to be sucked off, even if, as he eloquently put it the last time you’d gone down on him while you were drunk together “I always wanna get sucked off. Everytime I see your mouth I can’t help thinking about it.” Luckily, he gives as good as he gets, and he’s not at all shy when it comes to eating you out. You don’t even bother to answer him, just take a step forward and kiss him deeply for a moment before moving down his body. You place sucking kisses down his torso, leaving light marks on his hips and kissing a line across where his skin meets the pink suit. You tug just a little at the hairs on his lower stomach because the prickling pain turns him on and you know it.

               “Fuck,” he breathes, and when you look up at him, he’s watching you intently, his cigarette forgotten and dangling limply between the fingers of his right hand. His mouth is hanging open dumbly in anticipation and the shine on his cheeks from the sweat really brings out the fevered blush he gets whenever he’s aroused. You look at the cigarette pointedly, telling him with no words to finish it or he’d be too wired later. You know you need to be quick, but it’s just too tempting to tease him. You move a hand up to cup his cock over his suit and he shudders a little. It’s fascinating to watch him grow under the pink fabric until the lyrca is stretched tight and you keep feeling him through the suit until he manages a pathetic “please,” in between drags.

               You smirk up at him, you love it when you gets like this. Twitchy and desperate for the slightest touch. You slowly untie the arms of the suit from around his waist and pull the entire thing down to his knees. You lean forward and mouth at his cock through his boxers and he just whines. “You want it George?” He nodded, wide eyed as he lets out another puff of smoke. “Beg me for it.” He gives you that look that says he’s going to get you back for this as soon as you get home.

               “Come on, Y/N, fuck please? I need to…” he trails off as you softly kiss the base of his cock. “Mmm, yeah, that’s good,” he says. His eyes are starting to close and he’s leaning heavily on the sink, cigarette back between his lips. You let your tongue glide slowly up to his tip, and flatten it against the underside. Joji nearly drops his cigarette, and you have to bring a hand out to hold his shaking thighs still.

               “Patience Joji, I know you’re amped up from the show, but just relax.” He stops shaking a little, and you can see him breathe out another cloud of smoke as you take the pink head of his cock into your mouth. You’ve got a hand on his hip to steady him, and bring the other up to lightly scratch a fingernail across that spot under his balls that drives him insane. He takes in a sharp breath, and he’s biting at his own lip to keep quiet. You can hear the show going on and you know he can too but it just urges you on. He lets the cigarette dangle from his lips as he reaches his hands down to put in your hair. You swipe your tongue across his shaft as you take him in deeper and his grip in your hair tightens. He lets out a string of words in Japanese that you can’t quite understand, but the way he says them, like he can’t control the breathy way each syllable leaves his mouth, lets you guess what he’s saying. You keep changing the amount of pressure, humming to add a little vibration because you know it drives him insane.

               “Okay, okay” he pants, “D-don’t stop doing that,” he arches off against the counter, pressing forward and adjusting his position a little because he’s starting to slide down the sink. His face is twisted in pleasure and he’s got both hands in your hair, cigarette forgotten in the basin of the sink. You push him forward with the hand on his hip, letting him know if he wants to move a little, it’s okay. His hips are twitching as he fucks your mouth shallowly and he’s only being held up by his elbows, which are firmly resting on the sink basin. “Yeah, just like that…Y/N,” he moans, sucking in deep breaths. You can feel his body tense and he’s letting out these anxious little whimpers that he is always embarrassed to admit to making later. “Shit, I gotta-I gotta” he manages before he loses it. You suck him through it and he lets out a satisfied sigh before pulling you up to kiss him.  

               “Feel better now George? Relaxed and ready?” You ask him, he grins lazily and kisses you again before pulling his suit back on and tossing the cigarette butt into the trash.

               “Yeah, the cigarette alone probably wouldn’t have done it though. I might need you to come to all of my shows,” he teases, and kisses you once more before grabbing his sunglasses off of your head and putting them back on. He’s leading you out the door when he turns around.

               “Oh and Y/N? Just so you know, when we get home tonight I’m going to have you screaming for Pink Guy just like everyone else was tonight.” It takes a second for you to process the joke because you’re stuck on the idea of George’s tongue and the bed in your shared apartment.

               “In your dreams Joji, now go and meet some fans.”