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How to Make Friends with Actual Charming Puppy Nyssa al Ghul

What If

What If
What If you were my queen to be
What If you could mend my broken heart
What If you could hold conversation for hours on in
What If you had a smile to brighten my darkest days
What If your love could take all the pain away
What If your favorite color was red and mine was blue
What If purple became our new favorite hue
What If I could share with you all my secrets
What if you told me in your heart is where you would keep them
What If I brought you undeniable joy
What If you cherished me like your favorite childhood toy
What If I gave you my all and for you that was enough
What If you told me you were afraid to fall
What If I told you the way to look at me I feel there is nothing I couldn’t do at all
What If we gazed in each others eyes and never felt a love so true
What If I was bold enough to say hello
What if I let my guard down could this become our truth
What If I just opened my mind to the thought of you
What If

You never know who is waiting for you, we don’t have a sign on our foreheads that says “Hey I was made for John Doe.” If we keep walls up and people out you never know what we may be missing out on. Everything in life has risk and reward. Sometimes we just have to be willing to take one risk to get that ultimate reward.

Forgive Me If I'm Bad With Words

Request: hello. I was wondering if you could do a pan imagine where y/n is evidently in love with pan and felix tries to persuade her to tell him. so when wendy comes a long and pan starts to focus on her, she realises she should tell him. however when y/n does, pan in other words tells her to jump off a cliff(hope that’s not too bold) and that he’d be happier without her. so she says a secret farewell to the boys and goes to the mermaids. when the boys and felix realise y/ns missing they approach peter Felix tells peter that he’s made a mistake because the reader was so devoted to them all and Peter especially. So Peter rushes off to bring y/n back and goes to every place he thinks she’ll be but ends up panicking until he sees her with the mermaids as they are about to drag her in and they have a little argument and he has to explain why he said what he said etc. And could it be dramatic but adorable? I’m sorry about my computer it’s so shifty I’m telling you it wants to causee pain! But tha

Rating: PG

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Note: There are implications of a suicide attempt in this imagine. If it is a trigger for you, please skip over this. Also, I do not support attempting to kill yourself over rejection. You are important and you don’t need to be accepted by someone else to be worth something.

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  • Dazai: You know how everybody has a voice inside them that tells them how they are, mine goes like this: “Hey, buddy! You’re awesome no matter what anybody says, you’re so beautiful and bold anD STRONG AND NO MATTER WHAT, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!”
  • Kunikida: The voice inside my head just says “No, you can't murder that bandage wasting colleague of yours no matter how annoying he gets.”

anonymous asked:

okay I know this is random af but there's something that has been bothering a LOT since episode 1 and it's that I never got Simons joke of "I'm bold... adjacent" it probably is because English isn't my first language but if you were so kind could you please explain it to me? :')

Ah no problem at all!!! Well, Luke says to Simon that he has to be bold, and then Simon says that he is bold…adjacent. adjacent means close to something/near, so Simon is like saying he’s bold and then adds he’s almost bold, close to being bold but not. I mean I hope it makes sense!!! 😂

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     The man wasn’t too sure how the woman would react to his taking her hand, so he was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t pull away. “Why yes, you could say that. In fact, the very thing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about is right here beside me; if I may be so bold as to say such things.Virion gave smile, looking at her as he finished speaking.

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So, in their A Support, Soleil says she’s become bold enough to actually start hitting on F!Corrin…

And instead of saying “ew no i don’t want girls to flirt with me!” or some crap her response is

Canon interaction between two bisexual women is just so cathartic. why couldn’t they marry IS


Something I noticed while rereading Ava’s Demon is that near the beginning of Ava’s transformation after drinking the pact potion, some of her words stand out compared to others. They’re thicker and outlined, almost bolded.

Like when she says: “This isn’t so bad.”


I’m thinking it could imply that the normal, non-murderous Ava we’ve come to know and love over the comic is still in there somewhere? And possibly horrified at what’s happening to her, but unable to stop it.

I can’t be the first one to notice this, but I didn’t see anyone else posting about it so yeah.

Here are the other pages where it’s present (so far):

The last one - “paint red” - doesn’t make as much sense as the others, though.