so bold to say that

i feel like we need to talk just so i make sure y’all understand something

there’s a bunch of people out there who have decided not to watch the bold type just yet, as to “guard their hearts” from god knows what. and to those people i say: you’re gonna be the reason the bold type gets canceled. plain and simple

i’ve been in fandoms for as long as i can remember and i’ve lost my share of f/f ships. i’ve been through hell and back with them and no, sometimes it wasn’t worth it. actually, a lot of times it wasn’t worth it

i get being hurt. i get being guarded, being wary of shows who claim to be forward-thinking, who make vain promises and leave us hanging, who promise to give us the love and protection we crave only to stab us in the back. i get it, and i’ve been there

but the reality is: the bold type hasn’t done that, and it won’t. this is a show with a f/f couple, its main couple, where both of the characters are women of color. two layered women who got storylines of their own, who are powerful, get what they want, and take no shit from no one

the bold type has done a wonderful job in every possible aspect, and kat and adena’s relationship is no exception. they’ve had some ups and downs already, as expected given they’re the main relationship of this show, but nothing too dramatic that they can’t bounce back from - and they are bouncing back

but you wouldn’t know that, because you’re not giving the show a chance. you claim you want to “wait and see” so you won’t get hurt, but guess what? there’ll be nothing to see if the show gets canceled in its first season

please, tell me, if the bold type were to have seven seasons, would you “wait” for those seven seasons to be over to “see” what happened to this ship and then decide to watch it or not? have you done that with, say, w*nonna earp or s*pergirl? or, you know, any other show you’re currently watching? i think it’s safe to say you haven’t

in my opinion, you’re not being honest as to why you’re not watching this show. i’m all for people watching whatever they want to watch, but don’t go around saying you want this and that on a show only to not support it when it actually comes along. you ask for diversity, for women and men of color, you ask for healthy relationships between female characters, you ask for all these things that the bold type is delivering and still… you don’t show up

you want writers and a cast who supports its show, its characters, its ships… aisha, katie, and meghann were cast due to their off-screen chemistry. katie, aisha, nikohl, the writers; they’ve all supported kadena off-screen. actually, katie is easily kadena’s biggest supporter, and she’s not shy about that 

you want writers who respect the show’s viewers, well, just the other day the writers were approached by someone who believed a couple of things on the show had transphobic vibes to them (arguable, in my opinion), and you know what the writers did? they listened. they took their concerns as valid and promised to pay more attention in the future. unlike some other writers i know, from shows you all want to claim as “progressive”

the bold type checks pretty much each and every one of your boxes. so why aren’t you watching it? why are you making excuses?

star crossed rivals

this post is not only about princess allura and prince lotor being foils, but also keith and acxa being set up as rivals season 3

for related tweets, check out these threads !!   

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Writing the Climax & Resolution

Anonymous asked: “Lately I noticed that I’ve been having trouble with the scenes leading up to a climatic moment. They just don’t feel climatic enough. Do you have any tips?”

I want to preface this by saying this is not going to be an end-all-be-all on endings or anything remotely like that. It is a few thoughts here and now specifically for this question. Now, let’s get to it. 

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the bold type honestly reflects me as a person like wanting my dream career as a writer to be my goal in life but so scared to go for it because of worries that i’ll fail and won’t succeed, working on my own budding sexuality as a bi woman in her twenties, and just it’s absolutely funny and relatable.. like.. go off freeform

anonymous asked:

PT would you consider yourself a retired pirate? And what do you do with your free time?

* Phải, well– I… I guess I am. I couldn’t go pirating if I wanted to, and I want to…

* …..……

* –Well, I used to spend most of my time maintaining the ship before I met Zunde, Newton, {..} and Jee.

* Now I have… well… a quaint little… family to consider. If I could be so bold to say.

* So I spend most of my time now doing things with them in mind. 

Genjo: Oh my god, so many stairs. I’d like to find whoever invented stairs, and push him down these stairs, just to show him how stupid stairs are. Then his legs will be broken, and he will no longer be able to climb the stairs anymore. It will be ironic. And then his wife will leave him and go be with the man who invented the elevator. Because everyone knows that elevators are so much sexier than stairs. And oh my god I’m not even halfway to the top why are there so many stairs.

@ineedalife014 sent me a message: Imagine that Credence is into chubby girls. Like he likes to hug his s/o because he feels anything but pain, just softness and warmth.

I absolutely had to write (as close as I can get to) a drabble about it. Not sure if I did it justice because brevity is not my thing, but.

Word Count: 741

 You had rolls. Your stomach pooched out, your thighs rubbed together, and you knew your arms flattened out against your sides when they rested there. You woke up each morning, looked in the mirror, and saw where your body stretched to fit you inside. You’d never been particularly fond of your body—not that you hated it, of course not, but you definitely knew that it wasn’t the “ideal” body, not the body you’d been told you should have. So when you bumped into the skinniest boy you’d ever seen, you had felt…self-conscious to say the least; honestly, you were incredibly relieved that you hadn’t knocked him over. He was tall and lean and honestly so beautiful you had to do a double-take. He was all fine angles and angelic structure, and you caught a glimpse of the roundness of your cheeks in a nearby window and blushed. His eyes stared wide back at you—well, more at your feet than at you—as he hurried to pick up his pamphlets.

You had rushed out an apology and started to help him, and he seemed quite taken aback at your effort to collect the pamphlets with him. He told you his name was Credence, and the kindness that ensued is where it all began. You had been intrigued by the intensity in his honey-brown eyes and the grace of his fluid movements and the cadence of his voice, and so you had returned to every NSPS rally afterward—if only to see him. But, more often than not, you engaged him in friendly conversation. Now, there you were, six months after the initial encounter, hiding out in a nearby library and avoiding his mother (who, you had learned, abused him terribly), to talk to him privately. Because you were in a relationship with him and had been for about three months now.

Which is exactly why you were starting to get a little more self-conscious of the way your body bowed and stretched. You wanted to be…desirable, and you felt like maybe, to be that, you should lose a few pounds, just so you could feel a little bit better when you stood next to Credence “I-I’ve been thinking about losing some weight,” you said bravely, nervously, to Credence.

His eyes looked back at you, curious and (if you didn’t know better) a little offended. Now, Credence wasn’t one to initiate physical contact, preferring to wait for you so he was sure it would be accepted, but this time, he awkwardly lunged at you, burying his face into your neck and squeezing you close. “W-Why?” His voice was soft, but you could still hear the incredulity behind it.

“Well, to be—to be prettier, Credence.” Your reply was quiet and a little embarrassed.

To that, he squeezed you even tighter and leaned into the feel of your arms around his waist and into the way your body caved against his to fit him there. “I-I like you, now. I like how soft you are, and how warm you are, and how you—how it feels like I—like I fit here.” His voice was so quiet and shy, and you knew it took a lot for him to say something so bold when he had been taught everything he had ever done deserved punishment. “M-My Ma, she… You know, s-she doesn’t—she isn’t nice. S-She’s cold and she’s h-hard, and so are m-most people. But not you. Y-Your body is as s-soft as your v-voice. Y-You’re the only soft place I have. The o-only place that I can feel l-literally accept me.” He wanted you to know how much he admired you, how beautiful he thought you were. Honestly, he thought your body was filled with all the good things in the world, like you held them inside of you and like he could embrace all that goodness, could have it, when he hugged you. He wanted to be close to you all the time, and he hoped you knew that now, that he thought you were absolutely perfect.

You blushed so deeply you could feel the heat on your face, but you could have cried. You didn’t know that someone could like you so much, could accept you like this. “Okay, Credence,” you whispered against his shoulder, feeling his head bury further into your neck. “I’ll always be soft for you.” And you knew you wouldn’t lose a single pound.


Low and behold, I am FINALLY doing a follow forever something I said would do after I hit 2k. I may be a little late but it’s here and I am here to dedicate a post to all my fave mutuals and people who I have been following for awhile. 

If I missed anyone, I’m so sorry this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through in my life and I’ve had depression so! thats saying a lot

Bold = my fave mutuals whom I love seeing on my dash and have made Tumblr less hellish.

Italics = mutuals who I silently admire from far away because I’m shy sometimes smh. 

My ultimate faves:

@thirlwallsjade BRUnAAAA!!! you already know your my number one bitch, the most beautiful and smartest and funniest girl i’ve ever met like i don’t know how you always be doing that but you doing it, and everything you say or do is iconic in my eyes just know this, so whenever you feel like you not doing good, i am ALWAYS thinking you doing your greatest, i love you so much and i’m like headass half asleep right now tryna express all my feelings to youhgsihg but!! bitch you should know i always got your back like there is truly nothing i wouldn’t do for you i got your back whenever bitch just lemme know and i’ll pull up on sight for you, like i said before sis, i would fight my FEARS for you.

@harryedwards rachel my love!!1 i cant express enough how much i love you like truly you are the greatest person, everything i could ever ask for in a friend, like honestly thank you so much for making me laugh everyday even when i don’t feel like it, like bitch just talkin to you put me in a good mood bc i KNOW you gon make me smile like i love you bitch, every wholesome loving meme is me to you (even when you say sum dumb shit), aslo youre fucking samrt as hell whenever you be going off to something about me im just sitting there staring a my phone like some damn fool bc i love u and i would really move mountains for you.

@httplaurmani MY WIFEEE!!! bithic we been known each other for like 4-5 months but i LOVE you bitch i would really kill a man for you and we stay talkin shit to each other but its all love bc you probably the only one who call out all my white men faves bc you just tryna show me the light. i love youbtihc thakkns for marrying me and helping me run a drug cartel

@wlwjauregui lizzie u already know i love you bitch like you always make me feel good about myself and u always checkin in on me and i really do love you and i hope life gives you everything you need in life bc you deserve that and more bc youre a literal angel i love u sis.

@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy umm i hate u bitch but u make me laugh everytime we talk and we always talk shit about harry so thanks for listening to me whine about my mans i love you bitch, and the next time you photoshop me bald ima cut you the fuck up

@allwedos i would really go to war for liberty like idk why but i feel so protective over you bitch like i would really lose an arm and a leg to make sure youre happy bc you the softest person i’ve met besides myself and i just want you to have the WORLD because you deserve everything good.

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Welcome Home, My Love ❤️

Dating Kojuro as a Modern Girl

One of the things that I love from Love Scramble is that you can imagine any silly scenario and it’s okay coz MC is a girl of our time while these lords are guys out of their time, and silliness ensues. So In addition of giving, in my opinion, the sexiest Kojuro CG to date, LS’s latest ranking prize card gives us a glimpse of what it is like to be dating Kojuro in modern times, sans reincarnation.

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Got7 Reaction #19 - They see you (their future s/o) for the first time

@praisefandoms asked: BTS and Got7 reaction to seeing their future girlfriend for the first time. Have a good one.

>>BTS Version Here<<

Mark: -Thinking-  ‘That person is so beautiful… It looks like they’re so elegant too- TURN!! TURN AND WALK AWAY THEY SAY YOU STARING!! RUN! THIS IS SO EMBARASSING WHYYYYY’

Originally posted by marksseunie

Jaebum: He’s on the stage so he’s feeling braver than he usually does, so he sees them and waves, winking for good measure. When his future s/o winks back he can’t stop smiling and laughing, slightly embarrassed now. His eyes follow them the whole performance…

Little did he know that they had backstage passes and they’d meed up with him right after the performance

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Jackson: He’d bump into them on the street when he got distracted by a food cart on the other side of the street.

“Oh! I’m so sorry are you okay??”

You: “Jeeze it’s like your shoulder is made of granite! I think I’m going to get a bruise now!” *laughing*

Him: “No, I’m seriously so sorry!” *smiles a bit since you joked it off* “Hey, I’ll buy you some food to make it up to you, okay?”

*after he buys his future s/o food and they have good conversation and seriously click, he gets their twitter username and possibly their snapchat (since it’s not as private as a phone number and he wants to respect their space for now) and he walks away freaking TF out like *gif* because YOU WERE SO FUNNY AND SWEET AND HE WAS GOING TO MESSAGE YOU ASAP!!

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

Jinyoung: A trainee at JYP and him were talking, and he knew deep in his soul that this was his future s/o when they weren’t afraid to playfully joke back when he started giving his signature sass. Though they were a little flustered, it was cute to him and they still made him laugh with their witty comeback.

*gif* “Well then if you’re going to sass me like that then I’ll have to punish you by making you pay for my coffee tomorrow morning. Sound good?”

Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae: There’s no doubt he’d be doing something silly to make one of the members laugh when he noticed his future s/o staring (you) at him, laughing along with the other members.

Where had you come from?!

He’d be a mess and start blushing and stuttering. You made his heart race by calling him cute, but you started acting silly too and that was what made him fall for you then knowing he could be himself around you.

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

Kunpimook: He was walking with Yugyeom when he met your eyes from across the street. He instantly changed the way he was walking and talking, trying to look and sound cooler to get you to look over at them.

Yugyeom would be super confused why he’d gone from silly to swagger in .3 second, but instantly realize what was happening when BamBam kept looking across the street to see if you were looking.

Instantly Yugyeom would be making fun of BamBam as loudly as possible and you’d end up staring and laughing at them for their silliness rather than BamBam’s swagger.

BamBam was mad now but he’d thank Yugyeom later when you two started going out. His loud mocking was what made you really notice them at first after all.

Originally posted by chattyang

Yugyeom: Shy muffin.

We can all agree that Yugyeom has grown up a LOT in the past year, but he’s still the shy, goofy, lovable tol bean he’s always been.

He wouldn’t be able to stop staring at you after he saw you looking at him the first time during an award show. You two would be staring at each other the rest of the night, glancing away quickly and giggling every time your eyes met.

He’d be too embarrassed to try to talk to you after the show, but you weren’t.

You: “So um, do I have something on my clothes or do you find me as cute as I find you?”

He couldn’t stop laughing after you started furiously blushing, obviously feeling awkward after saying something so bold. He admired you beyond words for being so brave though and he ended up being the one shyly asking if you’d go on a date with him sometime.

Originally posted by jypnior

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting dear! I hope you liked it~

Think... Ink: Part 1

Okay, so I wrote a good chunk of this last night at a ridiculous time and worked on it a bit more a little bit ago and just got it to what that I thought was a good stopping point. So yeah. 

Also I need to say this next bit in bold so bear with me a sec.

Please understand, this is just me musing about stuff, and has no bearing on @shinyzango‘s stuff. Zango will decide what they want to do with Ink Henry all in good time. I just wanted to put my thoughts down in writing, and then this spawned out of it. 

Also go congratulate Zango for hitting 2k followers today! Because Zango is awesome and deserves all the nice messages! 

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Aries Risings

Those who have received Aries on the Ascendant are always dressed up for combat. These people project themselves with great strength, and once you’ve met them you can instantly tell there is something rather commanding about them, because of how much desire and passion they put into everything they set themselves to do.

The way these people identify themselves as individuals is linked to the concept of Mars and also to the cardinal fire sign, Aries. This is someone with loads of overflowing fiery energy waiting to be consumed on some daring endeavour, so they may appear like they are always on the move. We would hardly find an Aries Rising resting, unoccupied or still. Their sheer presence may be felt by others as restless. Their walk may be perceived as agitated or stirring.

Because the element of fire is associated with the radiant sparks of life, this cardinal energy gives Aries Rising individuals a lot of vitality. Their bodies may be naturally strong and firm. Their presence may be compelling and assertive, exerting vigour and courage. Such is the way Aries Risings project themselves into the world — and it is, automatically, how they interpret events around them. Through their lenses, life resembles an open battlefield of constant and dynamic action, and they appear to participate actively in it like resolute warriors.

Lonely and independent warriors, one could say. There is so much impulse and boldness in Aries Risings that they are most often seen acting on their own. They are usually running way ahead of us. But it is important to note that this is a rather candid attitude. They may appear individualistic, but they sure wouldn’t mind followers on their journey, people to be on their side. The Aries Rising will lead because it is their instinct to get there first, before anyone else, not because it is their instinct to be private and lonely.

Whether so much fiery energy is used constructively or is rather a matter limited to presentation is usually best described by Mars’ conditions and placement within the natal chart:

Mars/1st house: the great initiator. Energy and drive are focused on the self: bold attitudes. Deals a lot with its own feelings, desires and needs. Their actions remind them how different and unique they are compared to those around them.

Mars/2nd house: a cautious soldier. This Mars needs to feel secure before applying all of its energy into something. Here the element of earth grounds the Aries Rising impulsiveness, toning it down.

Mars/3rd house: a curious soldier moving around excitedly. This Mars has an active mind. Energy is focused on communicating, rather than doing.

Mars/4th house: a hero fighting for (or against) their family. The Aries Rising characteristics are best felt by the family or when at home. Mars’ impulsiveness is focused on a sensitive realm. Anything related to the family will have enormous emotional impact.

Mars/5th house: a most beautiful warrior, wishing to be admired and noticed. This Mars loves having fun. Its impulses are focused on leadership. Giving love and feeling loved.

Mars/6th house: a watchful strategist. Mars’ drive is focused on practicality and analysis. There is a need to use Aries Rising energies to serve somebody else’s wants and needs. Attitudes are logical, systematic and well-thought.

Mars/7th house: a courteous hero. Mars is fighting for justice and is usually fighting other people’s fights. This individual’s identity is often linked to that of somebody else’s. Being competitive, polite and passionate is more than an instinct, it is a constructed social image.

Mars/8th house: a silent investigator. Mars’ energy here is focused on uncovering hidden truths. This Aries Rising seems to be tough, powerful and confident, as if they couldn’t be defeated, not even by Death. This Mars exerts dominance through obtaining information.

Mars/9th house: an idealist fighting for their beliefs, always in search for answers. This warrior is wise and sincere. Their courage is infused with the golden faith that emanates from their minds.

Mars/10th house: a determined champion moving forward like a giant tower. Few things can stop this Mars after it has decided to make a move. The energy is serious and grounded. An example of military discipline and honour.

Mars/11th house: an enlightened volunteer armed with roses, flags and concepts. Mars’ energy here is free, detached, and is focused on looking for solutions for humanity’s contemporary problems.

Mars/12th house: a delicate hero. Mars’ impulses are dissolved and diluted. There may be confusion regarding this Mars accomplishments. Impacts of this Mars’ attitudes are not felt immediately; things take time, but have beautiful results.