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Special thank’s for @simblu and @nornities for allowing me to be one of the tester since the alpha project of this amazing world, “Seturenorn”

Credits: Lighting: (@nilxis)-Moon (@transcendentcacophony)-World (@nornities  @satureja13 @simblu)-Some upgrades and buildings (@willky12)-ITF Plant recolours (@divadoom). I hope I’m not forgot to mention all of the amazing simblrs related to this project :’D

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anonymous asked:

Just imagine you and Warren going out to drink for the first time. Warren (of course) can handle a few drinks before he can actually start getting drunk. You say you don't want to drink but he insists and he finds you red wine (since you said that's the only alcohol you would ever drink). He literally gives you only one glass AND YOU GET SO DRUNK. Like HE CANT EVEN LEAVE YOU BECAUSE HE KNOW YOU'LL disappear. So he ends up babysitting you the whole time but he thinks it adorable when your drunk.

“Warrreennnn yourrr eyEz are so blUEEE?! Have theyyy alwayz looked likeee datt¿?”
“Yes y/n.” He’d chuckle for the hundredth time as you peered at him suspiciously, poking him in the chest “threateningly”.
“Ya sure? Don’t lie to me mr!”
“Im positive.”
You’d just pout before curling up into his chest, “Im sleepy warr…”
A small smile would creep over his lips as he played with your hair, his hands dancing across your scalp, his fingers weaving into your hair.
“I know babygirl.”

                              you’ve ; n e v e r ; been so  used  
                                            as i’m using you

                                                 abusing you

                                 [my little decoy]

Track 05 - School Trip
Track 05 - School Trip

With this, the drama CD is done! Scroll down to an earlier post for Track 4.

This track is actually the same story as a side-story, I think in SQ? Or somewhere, except it featured Ruki in Crea’s place.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Bonus Track 2 - School Trip

Alba & Crea: Okinawa~ Okinawa~! Yahoo!
Alba: I’ve never been to Okinawa before! I’m so excited!
Crea: Me too, me too! Actually, I’ve never even been out of the prefecture!
Alba: Wha- really?
Crea: That’s why I’m really excited to ride the Shinkansen for the first time!
Alba: Eh? Uh, you can’t get to Okinawa by Shinkansen, you know.
Crea: Huh? Then how are we getting there?
Alba: What do you mean how!? We’re at the airport right now! We’re going by airplane, of course! Airplane! AIRPLANE.
Alba: Uwah! Crea-kun’s completely aged! Crea-kun! CREA-KUN! What’s wrong!?
Crea: S-Scary… Airplane… scary…
Alba: You aged out of fear!? I-It’s okay, Crea-kun! Airplanes aren’t scary! Airplanes are friends!
Crea: Uwooh…
Ros: Why are the two of you making such a racket? You’re being loud.
Alba: Ros! Crea-kun was so scared of the airplane that he aged!
Crea: Aaaairplaaane scarrrryyy…..
Alba: Reassure him or something, Ros! Tell him planes aren’t scary!
Ros: Haah… This is what you were screaming about? What a waste of time. There’s no way a hunk of iron like that can fly!
Ros: I don’t want to get on… I don’t want to get on the plane!
Alba: Why did you even come then!? Did you think we were getting to Okinawa by Shinkansen too?
Ros: Of course not!
Alba: Then why?
Ros: Because I want to go to Okinawa, of course!
Alba: Running on pure emotion!? But you don’t have any choice but to get on the plane then.
Ros: No… Don’t want to… It’s scary! But I want to go to Okinawa!! Ugh… Dammit! Someone! Someone invent a Shinkansen that can fly!!
Alba: Isn’t that even scarier!?
Teacher: Oi, everyone gather together!
Alba: Ah- The teacher’s calling! Come on, both of you!
Ros: No! I’m scared!
Crea: Scaaaawawawa…

Crea: Whoa! This is awesome! We’re flying! The town looks tiny!
Ros: We’re flying into a cloud! Amazing, everything looks white!
Crea: WOW! We’re above the clouds now! It’s so pretty! Blueee!
Ros: Please look at this, Prez! Prez! It’s amazing, isn’t it!? Look!
Alba: Uugh… Sorry… My ears hurt because of the air pressure… I feel sick…
Ros: What are you saying, idiot? Just look at it! It’s like the whole landscape is made of clouds!
Crea: We’re so high up! It’s great!
Ros: It’s really great!
Crea: So pretty!
Ros: Look at that!
Alba: Stop it……..