so blacklist it if you want or something

tumblr servant is a godsend with a lot of useful functions but my primary use for it is this

so let’s say you’re a big fan of transformers so obviously you don’t want to blacklist #transformers, and you’ve got this cool friend kyle, but every single time kyle posts or reblogs something about transformers it’s just… it’s garbage. it’s a Bad Post. he has bad opinions and he should feel bad. you know that it’s petty shit but it irritates you every time you see one of his bad, bad transformers posts. but most of what he posts is awesome! you don’t wanna unfollow his ass! so you make a tumblr servant instead and even if he doesn’t tag shit about shit, if the word ‘transformers’ is in the post at all you will never see it. peace is restored on your dash. you are free.

you can also do a lot of other shit like dim posts or highlight posts or give you notifications etc etc etc but i mostly just hide Bad Fandom Opinions because i’m petty

serious advice for those new to tumblr/young and on tumblr

–Don’t let this website become your life.
–Please take this seriously, while you may see a lot of funny posts about ‘I’m deleting’ and ‘I hate tumblr’ the community as a whole on this website is seriously bad.
–Formulate your own opinions, and don’t let this site brainwash them into you.
–The mob mentality that often follows arguments blows stuff really out of proportion, and in the end it doesn’t matter, I promise you.
–Anons are mean. Turn them off if you have to. You aren’t weak for doing so.
–Take care of yourself. Download xkit and blacklist stuff you don’t want to see.
–Sending hate is never worth it.
–The social justice you see here is not an accurate representation of real-world activism. You do not EVER have to post a social justice thing if you don’t want to.
–You do not need to be part of a minority to be loved
–If you are part of a majority, you matter and deserve to love yourself all the same
–Mental illness is NOT pretty

Just, don’t get too swept away by this site. Go outside. Blog other places. Watch Netflix for a while. Do what you gotta do.


I guess I’ll separate by series?  I tend to do series…

I’ll mark ratings.  G = General.  PG = Somewhere between General and Teen.  T = Teen/Content is getting edgy.  M = Mature.  NSFW = Not Safe For Work.  If not rated, it’s probably G.

If there’s no link, it’s a WiP.

If you don’t want personal-ish posts, blacklist that one smiley that I can only do on my phone.  I tag all the personal-ish posts with that.

I’ll start with fics.  Headcanons towards the end.  If you want headcanons for one specific person, try their pairing or name tag. (I’ll list them on the bottom, here, so you can just click.)

Also:  something all my followers should read!

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What I want from the ML panel:

-Season 2 release date

-Season 2 trailer

-More background info on characters (like b-days, traits, skills, likes, ethnicity, family info, etc.)


-When will the webisodes come back from war

-Maybe some more chibi clips cuz the first one was so cute oml

-Oh and also the season 2 trailer please

What I don’t want:


-Spoilery screenshots

-Just don’t let Jeremy say anything (Like he’s cool but I feel the dude’s either gonna keep our hopes up for something that isn’t gonna happen or show spoilers)

-Someone attacking Hawkdaddy with like angry and disrespectful shipping questions. (like I s2g)

(Btw I’m tagging all the comic con ml panel spoilers as ‘ml spoilers’. So blacklist that tag if you don’t want to see anything from me)


Killing Stalking was NOT made to represent all LGBT+, mental illness, etc. so please stop acting like it is and acting like this Manhwa, which is incapable of doing anything other than exist, is attacking you.

The fans, the creator, the F I C T I O N A L characters and the Manhwa haven’t done anything to you, so stop acting like its effecting you.

If you don’t like it, then just blacklist the tag and don’t read it. You don’t need to attack people because you have a different opinion from them, and your opinion does not equal fact, so stop acting like it is.

Do not act like fiction and reality are the same thing.

You’re basically saying that Fictional characters are More important than real people.

If you really want to help, do something for the REAL people who are being abused.

Attacking people for liking a Manhwa is not going to help in any way.

You don’t even know what fetishizing means, so stop acting like you do. Stop acting like you know everything. And for Christ’s sake, stop acting like abuse survivors, LGBT+, mentally ill, etc. people who don’t agree with your opinion are invalid. If you really think you’re helping by telling people what they went through and what/Who they are is invalid SIMPLY because they don’t agree with you, you’re only making things worse.

You being mentally ill, abused, LGBT+, etc. Does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want and attack anyone you want. You being a “minor” doesn’t make it right. NOTHING makes it right.

So just stop.

Why do so many anti-kink people insist on putting themselves in someone else’s life?

“You’re sexualizing my abuse.”

“I was abused and your relationship sexualizes what I went through.”

“I was raped and your fantasy sexualizes my traumatic experience.”

It is fine for you to not like something or want to blacklist it, or not participate in it. However, someone else’s relationship or interests has nothing to do with you unless you are directly involved. 

Please stop using your abuse to guilt trip someone else into changing what they ship or their relationship because you have no idea what they have been through and they don’t owe you any bit of their life to try to justify something to your.

Someone have a BDSM / DDLG kink and you aren’t into it because of your own abuse? That’s fine. However, they aren’t sexualizing your abuse because your experiences are not in any way, shape, form, or fashion related to them. Unless they are fantasizing about you specifically being abused, then what they do with each other has absolutely nothing to do with you, and it isn’t your place to try to tell them what they are / are not doing, especially when you don’t know anything about the traumatic experiences they could have gone through. 

Go to therapy, or do whatever you need to do to heal, however, stop shoving yourself into someone else’s relationship, especially when the bullshit that you say isn’t even related to their relationship beyond what you think is going on, and is your own bias, and not even near what happens in their relationship. ‘Cause unless you are watching from the window, I’m 98% sure you have no idea what is going on in their relationship. 

Recipe for losing followers in blink of an eye:

  • Sprinkles little bit of Otayuri content.

Voila you are done.

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Heya just a friendly reminder to all my fellow Zelda blogs out there, with Breath of the Wild coming out this Friday; please be careful about posting spoilers! If you do want to post spoilers, be sure to tag it with a specific tag (like say for example, “botw spoilers”) so people can block it/blacklist it. I know it’s cool to be the first person to post something but let’s give some people a chance to experience it firsthand when the game comes out.

anonymous asked:

wtf is with these "oh Robbie has depression uwu" or "sports had ADHD" they're fucking tv show characters stop giving them mental illness so you can feel special about yours. They're not trans, or gay either they're fictional characters.

Lol it’s just a headcanon dude. You don’t gotta believe it, were just having fun. Chill.


it’s the final round of TV’s top couple 2017 and malec is in the top 2. the poll ends on monday so there’s plenty of time left, but we’re already behind by like 40%. let’s change that!

vote for malec and in exchange i’ll give you a blog compliment!

- you don’t have to follow me; anyone can participate!!
- reblog this post to spread the word
- message me the % malec is on when you vote
- remember you can vote as many times as you want
- blacklist #alice does blogrates if you don’t want this on your dash


I just gotta say

Otayuri is not something that you need to think of as a taboo.

As an american, yes the age of adulthood is 18. That doesn’t really mean shit here.
I’m saying this because everyone is so floored at the idea of a 15/16 year old and 18 year old dating.

It happens ALL the time. Everyone dates people older than them even while they are considered “children”(come on, trying to make it sound worse than it is “TEENS”) and adults.

To be honest, I don’t get why anyone is so strung up about it.

You have to understand that consent is different in so many countries and that your country’s age of consent is not superior to any other country’s laws and does not put you above another person to tell them what they consider culturally appropriate is wrong.

You are wrong for deciding that you can say that.
So posting all of these “otayuri shippers/supporters should be punched” and all that bullshit is not only immature, but shows you think you know it all.

If someone you follow posts that and you don’t like it, unfollow them or blacklist the tag.

Don’t try to police other people’s blogs because of something you don’t like.

Be nice.

Don’t be an asshole who thinks they run everyone else’s blogs.

You can argue this all you want, but it will not change the fact that age of consent is different for different people. So don’t.

Your country’s laws are not more correct or better than any other country’s. They chose what they deemed fit.

And you are not more politically correct than someone else just because you think a fictional relationship is wrong.

“Oh it’s not about it being fictional, it’s about the idea of normalizing pedophilia”
Bro no, it is not.

There is a HUGE difference from
“children and adult” dating
“teen and adult"dating.

HUGE difference. So just stop trying to make this into something it isn’t. No one is saying they’re gonna start sending their 5 year old to go live with their 35 year old boyfriend. If you think that will happen, you have a very strange sense of cause and effect.

Please don’t police other blogs. It is not your place to.

I’m so tired of all this ship hate I keep seeing at the moment, both on my dash and cross-tagged.

Draco and Pansy are allowed redemption. Redemption and change is not a bad thing.

Draco and Pansy were both cruel bullies in their youth. People grow up and change as they become adults. That is okay.

Just because Harry and Hermione were bullied in their youth by Draco and Pansy (and arguably Draco and Harry were actually rivals because Harry defended himself pretty violently at times) doesn’t make a relationship between them abusive. 

A relationship is only abusive if there is current abuse happening in it. Previous attitudes years before do not affect the relationship if both people have moved on from then and made changes. (Having a partner who used to be abusive and is actively trying to stop with their partner’s forgiveness is a different story and not relevant here)

Shipping people with Draco and Pansy does not mean they condone bullying or erase their behaviours in youth. Just like Thomas Harris writing the Hannibal books doesn’t mean he supports cannibalism. 

Fictional people have fictional feelings which do not need to be dfended. Real people have real feelings and do not deserve to be hated on or harassed. If you do that then you are just an asshole, and also a bully that you claim to hate so much

People can ship who they want. If you don’t like something then don’t read it. Blacklist it. Click the x if you find something that wasn’t tagged. People should tag their work, but otherwise have no responsibility to protect people on the internet.  . 

You don’t have to like or support every ship. You can talk to other people about those feelings. But don’t cross-tag and don’t harass people. It’s that simple. Don’t put a fictional character above the emotions of a real human.


I’ve been thinking lately for a while after talking to multiple people over the past few months who REALLY love platonic content between shiro and keith but don’t enjoy or feel comfortable using the word “br0ganes” for whatever reasons they have that we really ought to have some kind of other term for this relationship available so it’s even more accessible. 

so….SO. this is my Proposal guys, bc it has felt like there’s been a divide between “romance” and “brothers” where people who enjoy them purely as friends with a close platonic bond have nowhere to turn. no romance doesn’t always mean automatically family, but if it does for you then that’s absolutely okay.


this is not a commentary on any interpretations of this dynamic please don’t misunderstand this and turn it into that bc i just will not engage nor do i have time or energy for that lark. i’m trying offer something nice for a lot of people who i know are feeling this could be a good thing for us all. 

this is intended to create a new platform for this dynamic, no drama will be acknowledged. if this suggestion doesn’t appeal to you, stick with the tags you have nobody is telling you what to do or control your fandom experience!!! Basically: interpret them however you want, that’s great enjoy yourselves. 

Anyway, i’m rambling away but yea, i think we could open up some new and really exciting doors exploring their platonic dynamic in an environment that may attract people in a positive new way!!! 

So here is my suggestion - take it or leave it, your choice - why don’t we take up the word “Friendsheith” as a tag that could be for strictly PLATONIC shiro & keith things? 

  • it’s fun and silly!! it’s a dorky pun …. gotta love a pun hahah
  • it means exactly what it says quite literally there is no way it can cause any confusion: friendship + shiro + keith, very simple!
  • it could actually benefit everyone in different ways:
    • if you’re looking for brother au content / brotherly interpretations then it also makes it easier to find that content as platonic content will be tagged elsewhere 
    • if you’re not looking for that or inherent familial nuances: you can find purely platonic shiro and keith content! 
  • it would create a new bracket for shiro and keith that feels a little lacking in the fandom 
  • no risk of crosstagging in any of the pre-existing tags as it’s one set word. 
  • you could still blacklist sheith if you wanted to and it wouldn’t show up or be a bother. 
  • clear separation between sheith & brother au so things are not tagged with both in the same post which can or might upset people
  • would start an entirely new tag for purely platonic exploration of this dynamic without polarising anyone in the fandom from content they want to engage with 

i think there’s real potential in the fandom for this to be something that could spark up some fresh open content for these two devoid of tension between anybody.  

  • if it’s not a word that you want to use, then this post probably isn’t for you - which is completely fine because you do you!! 
  • Also, you still have the other two words to choose from and use in your content 8) 
  • Win-win situation for everybody tbh in my opinion? 

The only thing that could come from this is the prospect of even more content!! So… yes *drops mic* that’s my idea folks 🚀 🚀 

Marta here! Yesterday we reached 10k followers, which is absolutely insane, and we want to thank every single one of you who are following us! This is so amazing, we are so dedicated to this blog and we love when one of you tag your posts with #Architstudy so we know anybody out there want us to see anything! And thank so much to everyone who sends us lovely messages in our post and in our ask, you always made our day! 

So, we did blog rates when we reach 2k followers and it was really great cause some of you who had never talked to us before did and it was lovely to meet you and get to know you a bit better, and we want to do it again!! Btw, I (Marta) am thinking about doing a sleepover party soon, in case you don’t know, it is a day dedicated to talking to everyone who wants in the community (I’ve never done one before) and I wanted to ask you if anybody would want to talk with me if I decided to do it at the end!

Some rules for getting a blog rate from us:

  • You have to be a studyblr or any kind of blog study related!
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That’s it! Easy-peasy right? So, we’ll check out every blog who wants a blog rate and we’ll follow most of you cause it’s been a long time since we don’t do a follow spree, so don’t be shy! 

This ends on July 31st of 2017! We’ll tag them with #Archiblogrates in case you want to blacklist them and the format of the blog rates under the cut!

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He made her that friendship bracelet. She made him happy.

[Everything in these brackets can be removed when you reblog.

So, this fandom being what it is, I know that there’s not a lot of love if you ship Noodle with anyone in the band. I get it. I’m not trying to make anybody deal with stuff they don’t like – I will always tag “2nu” if I upload something that is unambiguously shipping and you can blacklist. Hell, you can even block me, I won’t care. I also have no intention of putting it in the main tag. However, I’m gonna post what I want to post, so consider this your fair warning. You can respond as-needed and everybody can stay in their own lanes :P]

Please support Writscrib

People are already trying to accuse them of being pedos, abusers, etc. and condoning such actions due to the fact that they refuse to bend on their harassment policy and the fact that they don’t bar potentially triggering content from their website. 

They (from what I know) plan on adding a blacklist and/or user panel so you can control the content you want to see and blacklist the content you don’t. Which means you can actually blacklist things that are potentially triggering for you without having to take away someone’s right to create it. 

They support creative freedom and don’t play favorites by favoring certain political views or sides when it comes to dealing with stalking, harassment, etc. They actually plan on doing something about it, regardless of the political alignment that the person on the receiving end is. 

They actually support creative freedom. Even if you can’t back their website, please follow their blog @writscrib where they answer questions as quickly as they can and accept ideas for potential features. The mod team is fully transparent and open with their stance concerning harassment and how it will be handled. 

I normally choose to post Mashima’s artwork here, and nothing more. This blog was not made for any purpose but to share Mashima-senshi’s art, I have had no intentions of speaking out, or spreading any word. However, I was greeted with this in the mailbox and this is not okay

Here are the reasons as to why:
1. Anon hate is never okay. It shows that you are a coward who do not have the guts to speak out with your identity attached, likely because you’re afraid of the repercussions. If you do not have the guts to speak out openly about your apparent disgust, you do not have the right to speak out at all, especially not a blog where his work is being shared and loved. That being said, hate in general is not okay. 

2. If you would like to word your dislike for a well-known artist, kindly structure your distaste clearly. We Do Not Type like this in a normal setting. I assume you were attempting to state your opinion of “Hey, do you know that Hiro Mashima’s drawings are disgusting? I hope someone will fucking kill him one day. He is not a great artist at all in Fairy Tail. Story is horrible!!!” At least, that was my inference, I had a little trouble at the end. 

3. Let’s break down point 2, shall we? Firstly, we do not need to know that you find Hiro Mashima’s drawings disgusting. What are you doing on a blog that does nothing but post Hiro Mashima’s artwork if you find it disgusting? It seems you may have a problem. If you find something disgusting, I suggest that you stay away from it. Perhaps you can try a blacklist function, it is easily found with a quick google search. Going to a blog that posts nothing but something you find disgusting may mean that you have an issue, please see a doctor if it persists, it is not healthy for you to continually visit something that contains things you find disgusting.

4. Secondly, hoping that someone will be killed simply because you dislike their drawings is a very dark thought. It is extremely unhealthy to channel so much hate over drawings that does not belong to you, and can be avoided if you take the steps suggested in point 3. Mashima-sensei has done nothing wrong to you, it is not as though he has threatened your family, or harmed you in any manner; such hate is unwarranted, especially if your only beef is with his drawings. If you phrase this in another manner, it can be taken as a death threat, and you may and can be reported for that. That will get you in a whole lot of trouble, as the police may be involved. 

5. Thirdly, we have established that you find Mashima’s artwork disgusting, and in your opinion, lacking. However, do note that the term ‘great’ is a subjective term. For example, you may think that you’re being oh so very great when you send an anon hate ask like this to a Hiro Mashima artwork blog, but in my personal opinion, I think such an action is quite the opposite of great. On the other hand, I’m sure many others following this blog for his artwork would agree that his artwork is rather great in their opinion. As this is a subjective determination, I will leave this as such.

6. Based on inference, it seems that you were attempting to tell me that his art in Fairy Tail is not great. Please be gently reminded that Fairy Tail belongs to him. He created the manga, and the style, and the art for the characters. Be mindful that the canon appearance, art style, literally everything, belongs to him. You may think that it’s not great artwork, but in Fairy Tail, it’s as canon as it is, which technically makes it the greatest, especially if you’re measuring upon the likeliness of artwork with canon. 

7. If you find that the story is horrible, you may choose to drop Fairy Tail like I know many have done. What is the issue here? I find it hard to understand why you continue to apparently torment yourself with art and story that you do not like and find horrible. Like previously mentioned, Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima, What he chooses to do with it, and what he ultimately does with it, is his own choice. You have no right to dictate his actions or decisions. If you dislike it so much, please leave the fandom. No one is stopping you.

8. Lastly, I just want to say that I do not advocate hate in any forms. If you dislike something, the smart move is to unfollow, blacklist, and avoid. Going forward to send messages like such to a blog that enjoys what you do not is honestly not the action you should be taking. You take the fun and happiness out of others because you dislike something. One can not expect everyone to like the same thing, and on the same note, one cannot expect everyone to dislike the same thing. You would not like it if I came up to you and said horrible things about the things you like, you would not like it if I came up to you and said that someone you like, and I quote “I wish someone will fucking kill him one day.” Even if you can not enjoy something, you should not take that enjoyment away from others. It is never okay to hope for someone’s death, especially over such a small thing as artwork or manga that would not be detrimental to your life. 

People who come to this blog came here for Hiro Mashima’s artwork. If you do not have that intention, or like them, please just leave. There is no place for your hate here. This is a place for people who enjoy Hiro Mashima’s artwork to unite and connect. 

If any word is spread in this post, let it be this.


I would like to say something about the deleting spree that’s happening lately on tumblr.Because of all the reports that were sent against hallow-sims for no apparent reason ,tumblr blacklisted their website.It’s really not their fault that some devious people decided to send reports against them , imagine there is someone who just doesnt want you to be around and does everything in their power to have you gone so the final result of their actions is to make tumblr to blacklist you. They didnt do anything wrong , they were just another blog sharing content for us.It saddens me to see this happening because they really dont deserve it and they dont have any fault in what’s happening.
From now on tumblr will delete any blog that’s posting links to their website.Reblogging and anything else wont get your blog deleted.Just dont write the whole name of the website with the www.
They are really sorry and they never wanted any of this to happen , they tried contacting tumblr about this matter , they sent many messages to tumblr support but they ignore and never reply.
Please , dont blame them , they as creators tried only to bring nice cc for the community , for all of us so we can enjoy our games more.This could happen to any of us and unfortunatly we cant control the actions of other ppl.
I hope you understand and i hope this can teach us a lesson to be more kind to each other and stop the hatred.They suffered enough and i hope no more people will go through the same hell and i dont wish it to anyone.
Thank you for reading

stop telling real people to kill themselves over shit that doesn’t actually matter.

you’re not helping anyone. you’re not saving the world. you’re not stopping pedophilia. all you’re doing is adding fuel to the fire and hurting real people. the anti movement just harms people. that’s all it does. i have yet to see a real change the anti movement has made.

you want to make change? get up, go outside and start volunteering your time, talent, and treasure to a real cause that actually combats these issues. online policing and sending death threats won’t help anyone. what are you trying to achieve?

and stop hiding behind csa survivors and stop hiding behind minors. people are responsible for themselves. beyond tagging their works creators don’t owe you anything. they don’t have to stop making content you dont like. please just block them and move on. download xkit and blacklist tags you don’t like. that’s so much better for you and other people than sending death threats, creating block lists, and tearing people down.

if you’re uncomfortable with a ship that’s ok. you dont have to like it. if you dont want people who ship it to follow you that is also okay. if somebody asks me to unfollow them for any reason i will because i understand that they’re trying to control what they see and i honestly applaud that. i actually think its okay to hate on something as long as you do it within your tags and dont try to cross tag. what’s not okay is telling people they should die for what they believe. nobody deserves to be told to die. nobody ever does and nobody ever will. there are going to be some people who say ‘yeah but this group of people does’ and let me tell you something: you have no right to condemn any group of people for any reason whatsoever.

if you disagree do yourself a favor and just block me.