so bishonen

It’s so late but here’s the third one for the bishonen challenge!! D: The tsundere horse from RF4, Dylas! To be honest, I really couldn’t decide at first between Leon and Dylas, but when I saw how Dylas can cook I just had to get him XD I like how he prepares the lunch everyday hahaha. Also, I had to redraw him a lot of times just so I could get his face and hair right and it’s still now wavy OTL (what’s with that eyebrows anyway? -_-) Still I like how this one turned out XD I’m deciding on who to draw next on my list!

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Baozi & Hana (ゝ。∂)

Well, I’m quite a bishonen hunter, so these guys can’t slip out of my sight! And here’s what made me love their cosplays :
1. They are male! xD

2. They did BL cosplays (。♥‿♥。)
cute uke!Hana and cool seme!Baozi

3. Both of them can be beautiful and handsome at the same time, see…

4. Detailed costumes, awesome armors, setting and other props

5. Their flawless, high-skill make-up

6. The daily un-cosplay(?) Baozi & Hana are real lookers

Yup, that’s Baozi and Hana for you!
and oh, did I forget to mention how fvcking hot Hana is? L(・o・)」

Look at that tempting lips~ ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ
enough to make fangirls dying out of nosebleed!


Asoiaf Old Hollywood fancast
↝ Paul Newman as Aegon I Targaryen, the Conqueror

“Aegon, First of His Name, King of All Westeros, and Shield of His People.”