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Riverdale Appreciation Week (And a half)

Day 4: Scene
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I am choosing this scene in episode 3 because it is the first real interaction we get to see between Betty and Jughead.

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We get to see how comfortable they are in each other’s presence and get a glimpse at the fact that they have been friends for a while. Their conversation is so natural and honest and filled with chemistry.

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We get the iconic “Juggie” nickname!

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We get to see Betty choosing Jughead as someone to help her because she knows that he also has a thirst for the truth. They bond over this mutual desire to figure what happened in their town.

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We get to see Jughead pretend to give demands but end up agreeing anyways even though none of his demands were really met. (Because we all know that Betty is his weakness)

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And we get to see them already finishing each other’s sentences and being on the same wavelike!

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Sometimes I can’t help but think about the fact that it must have been so terrifying for Betty to confess to Archie about how she felt purely because she thought she wasn’t good enough for him. I mean Cheryl used to call her fat and her parents were always focused on Polly, so because of her low self-esteem, she tried her best to make herself better. Then when she finally confessed her feelings to him, he said she was too good for him, too perfect. So not only was the rejection of her first crush painful but the extra sting that she transformed herself into this perfect person all to be met with the exact. same. rejection.

Betty Cooper deserves the world.

I absolutely 100% believe that Riverdale Veronica will try to pick a fight with everyone who doesn’t agree that Betty is a literal perfect angel, and Betty will have to stop her every time because Ronnie is a rich kid who can’t actually throw a punch.