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~Looks like someone didn’t watch Frozen


Derek’s sniffling, and his eyes are welling up with tears, but he’s not crying yet. Make it to your room, he’s telling himself, just make it to your room. He keeps his head down, not making eye contact with anyone he passes as he speed-walks to his dorm. There’s a group of people waiting for the elevator once he gets into the building, so he veers towards the stairs, taking them two at a time up to the third floor. His hands are a little shaky as he keys into his room, but he manages to get in before sinking down to the floor, his back to the door.

He’s crying, now, silent tears running down his cheeks. He grabs his phone out of his pocket and calls the only person he wants to talk to right now.

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  • Ishida: OMG I spend the whole week drawing smut Kaneki and touka... well, I will start the chapter tomorrow *leaves the drawing in his desk*
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Editor: Hey, is the chapter 125 ready?
  • Assistant: I think it´s in his desk.
  • Editor: *looks at Ishida´s fan art* Emmm... excuse me, is this supposed to happen?
  • Assitant: *Looks at all the draawings* Wha..what? this is not what we...damnn Touka!
  • Editor: I like it tho
  • Assistant: We should ask him...
  • Editor: ...
  • Editor: I wanted this since I started to work with Ishida, I´m sending it

Fanart of Mae bae from “Night in the woods”!

This game is so beautifull and it has such unique characters! 

I wouldn’t know about it if not @therealjacksepticeye who recorded Let’s Play with it!

Thanks a lot Septic! Watching it while you play it made me smile, laugh and sometimes sad!

((Be still such lil cute bean ♡

i just started crying cause they cancelled sense8 and …. i don’t know what to do with myself. that show was SO IMPORTANT, it was so beautifull made, so wondrously created (as a budding filmmaker and lover of travel it inspired me in ways i cannot comprehend), it had the best diversity i have single-handedly seen of any show and …. now it’s gone. on that GOD DAMN CLIFFHANGER, of all things. we’re never gonna see the sensates all together. we’re never gonna know if wolfgang’s okay. we’re never gonna know if the sensats actually find the happiness they so deeply deserve. my heart hurts today, a lot. thank you, sense8. so long, and farewell.

((p.s. can we crowdfund a third season i want to but the budget for the show is damn huge pls ideas are appreciated))


Juninho! Our Juninho I may say so. I wish you a happy birthday all the best. I’m sure you are an honest man wonderful Father friend of my wonderful daughter without explanation. And I will never forget what you did at the time he knew of surprise that he would be a father. Was it worth as a man. What many do not, run away. I love you . Juninho! God knows everything about us is greater than our self-condemnation. He who receives Christ will never receive the condemnation of God. Te Amo ❤️ 🙏🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

True story behind illustration. Where did he get eggs? Where was he going?
It’s mystery. He is a mystery (꒪⌓꒪)

Wet grass is aggressive.

So far easter event was pretty much horrible for me on one version i care about. I like the idea of sending eggs to friends, and i am gratefull for all eggs i got(thank you all :*), but i’m also frustrated because i could barely send any eggs myself. Not only it’s hard to find “easter bunny” during exploration, so far i didn’t find it while using whole 110 regular energy of my legendary familiar with 360 luck, only with potions and i am out of those. I probably won’t be able to get all clothes without gold like that.
I have no luck with it and on pl version biggest ammount of eggs i managed to send in one day was 4 because i end up with bug not allowing me to send anymore every day so far.

But i got illustration already! 

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