so beautiful i can't look away


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

Without saying a word in response, Ash pulled at the lapels of his leather jacket to bring him closer before roughly pressing her mouth back over his.

Johnny smiled against her lips; eyes still at half-mast as he took her in once more as she kissed him.

Any previous trepidation or fear about whatever was to come tonight had silently drifted away; replaced with love and admiration for this girl who changed his life for the better. There would be no telling what to completely expect or if it would go right, but what was life without a little risk? If neither of them took any, they probably never would have ended up together, yet here they are almost a year later. All Johnny knew for that whatever happened tonight – he was going to embrace it.

With that thought, his eyes slipped closed and he pulled her closer to deepen the kiss.

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Jessica Jones, you are a hard drinking, short fused, mess of a woman. But you are not a piece of shit.’

There are thousands of things I love about this panel:

1. Lucy is beautiful af
2. Lucy is SO cute
3. Natsu looks like he’s realizing how cute, beautiful, and all around amazing Lucy is
4. And Natsu is just staring at her like he can’t look away
6. Natsu’s abbs
7. Natsu’s scarf around his head

And I could ramble on but just wanted to comment on how cute Natsu and Lucy look in this panel.

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This whole situation has saddened me also as I had recently started freckle watch alongside ring watch to appreciate Robert/Ryan's beauty but ED have ruined that by making me that upset at him I can't look at him without feeling sad 😩

ahhhh anon watch ssw on repeat and allow yourself to get so distracted by ryan’s beautiful freckles in natural daylight that all your worries simply disappear 💐

(is that how sadness goes away? i have some bubblewrap going if u want some comfort padding? *squishy*)

  • Me: I can't believe they made Lefou gay.
  • Some random straight person: Your being homophobic Anna. This is so revolutionary for Disney. You should be excited.
  • Me whose actually offended that they are disrespecting Howard Ashman's legacy by making the buffoonish throw away side villain the gay one when we had the candlestick and clock: *looks at the camera like I'm in the office.

What is it
about car crashes
and how you know
you shouldn’t look,
but you can’t seem
to turn away?

That’s how I feel
about your eyes.
From the day I first saw them
to right about now,
staring at them across the room,
wishing I was closer to them
so I could study the patterns
in a grey-blue sea
that never seem
to stay the same.

And the way the light shines on them, your long lashes
casting dark shadows
onto your cheek bones.

In a novel of everything
I find beautiful about you,
I could write three whole chapters
about just your eyes,
and how they speak, even when your at a loss for words.

Story time

Okay so I was at an academic decathlon state competition this weekend and I saw this girl there the first day. She was absolutely beautiful, I could not stop staring. She caught my eye and smiled, and even though I knew I should look away because if I didn’t and she looked over again, she wold definitely know that I was staring, but I just couldn’t. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, her hair is in a super cute pixie cut that fits her face beautifully, she was dressed in a suit and tie (it looked so perfect on her) and she still was the most perfect person there. The second day I saw her again, but this day her hair wasn’t done up, she still wasn’t wearing any makeup, but then I lost her. I couldn’t find her anywhere, and yes I was intentionally looking for her. My friend and I looked everywhere and saw her in passing occasionally, but I didn’t get a full view of her face until my friend and I lost the rest of our team. We had just walked out of a building and we couldn’t see our team anywhere so I looked at her and said, “crap, did we seriously lose our entire team?” and of fucking course, the girl that we had been trying to find was right behind us and looked at me and said, “You guys can stay with us, if you want. It’s just us, but maybe your team will walk by.” and I swear on the lord above I feel like she totally knew that we were basically stalking her. But then one of her friends had to point out our team (who was right behind us?? How did we not see them???) so my friend and I walk over and she tells me that the girl was “looking” at me. I didn’t believe her. Every time after that I tried to find her and couldn’t bring myself to talk to her so I promised myself that after the award ceremony I would go find her. I COULD NOT FIND HER AFTER THAT and I kind of started to freak and got all regretful and sorry for myself. 

But then, as our team was getting on our bus to literally leave town, I saw her and her team walking through the parking lot, so I point her out to my friend and she’s like, “okay, let’s go.” I started walking towards this girl and then I got super nervous and turned around because none of her team saw me yet. but then I knew I would regret it so much if I didn’t at least try to become friends with her or get her number, so then I literally turned around and ran towards her group. My friend called my name, causing half of the girls team to turn around and gawk and this girl running through to them, even though they were only a few yards away. I couldn’t just stop then.

I finally caught up to her and she looked at me and I swear I don’t know where my brain went but I said something along the lines of, “Hi, I wanted to thank you for being super nice to us and I was wondering if you wanted to be friends?” and by this point I was shaking. She looked at my with this gorgeous smile and said, “yeah, yeah sure, let me just get my phone out” and she was pulling up her contacts and I put my number in, trying so hard not to let my voice shake and trying not to drop her phone because I was shaking so bad and my heart was beating faster than I ever thought possible. 

Before I gave her phone back, I text myself off of it so I didn’t have to risk dropping my phone trying to pull it out of my pocket. But we said goodbye after she commented on me running after her through a college parking lot. 

Long story still really long, I got a beautiful girl’s phone number, we have been texting, we are trying to hook up our gay best friends together, and she is literally so nice and so fun. She is definitely gay so that’s a yay for me! I just don’t know how old she is because her guy friend is 18, so I hope she’s a bit younger for my sakes.

So I walked into the room and she was RIGHT THERE LIKE TWO STEPS AWAy and she goes ‘Meagan!!!!’ And we hugged and she goes 'oh my god you wore the dress’ and we hugged again and she told me I looked beautiful in it and that it looks amazing and I complimented her I was like 'no but look at you’ and then she was saying about the concert and not performing for a week and I was like I’m so excited for OOTW!! And she said it was probably her favourite song to do on the set and then she was like 'did you wanna grab a picture?’ And then I was like omg I don’t think I looked in the camera and she told me how photographer always takes 2 and then told me if I looked in the black square then I did it right and then it was time for me to go and she said she loves me and she opened her arms for a hug and I thanked her for the package and everything and then said I love you as I walked out and she was like, love you too!! and then I CRIED