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favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

Belle and Adam at some point in the future
  • Some people: When did you fell in love with the Prince, Belle?
  • Belle: Well, you know, I am not really happened gradually... I can't really fix on one moment...
  • Adam: *raises his eyebrows at her*
  • Belle: *blushes and looks away from him*
  • Belle: So, um, yeah, that's how it was...
  • Some people: Oh, that's nice. *they leave*
  • Belle: ...
  • Adam: ...
  • Belle: ...
  • Adam: It was the library, wasn't it?

Thing is, no matter how the mixtape originally made its way from Dean to Cas, it certainly got its meaning when Dean said “It’s a gift. You keep those”

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Hooray for fluff! Can I ask for “Your bed head is really cute.” for Hannigram please? (Eeeee, your writing is so beautiful, I can't wait!)

Anything for you ♥ Post-season 3 cuddle husbands.

On the rare mornings that Will woke before Hannibal, he liked to lie in bed and watch the way the rising sun played upon his features. Pale grey at first, illuminating Hannibal’s skin like that of a marble statue. Then a warm rose that crept across his cheeks and progressed into the vibrant gold of dawn.

Sometimes he would twitch and turn away from the light. Today he stayed, mouth slightly parted and hair fanned out on the pillow. He looked younger like this, almost boyish.

Deceptively innocent, Will thought as he traced the crinkles at the corner of Hannibal’s eye. Hannibal’s nose wrinkled. He opened his eyes, blinking slowly and stretching beneath the covers like a cat.

“Is there something I can help you with?” he asked. He smiled at Will, sleepy and amused.

Will shook his head. “Nope, just looking. Your bed head is cute.”

The longer Hannibal’s hair grew, the more unmanageable it became in the mornings. A piece stood almost straight up on the pillow. Will combed his fingers through it in a failed attempt to tame it.

“You remember the morning I came over for coffee?”

“When you told me about your troubles with sleepwalking?”

Will nodded. “You were in that silk robe and pajamas. I couldn’t help but think to myself that waking up next to you must be an exercise in lowered self-esteem if you always crawl out of bed looking that put together,” he said. “Nice to find out I was wrong about that.”

“You did call to give me fair warning that you were coming over.”

Will remembered that call. He’d been so panicked, and then Hannibal had answered the door. He’d almost forgotten what he was there when he’d seen him. Hannibal had looked like something out of a Macy’s catalogue.

“Still, most people would throw on an undershirt and call it good.”

Hannibal shrugged and placed a hand on Will’s waist to drag him closer. “Perhaps I’d hoped to leave an impression on you.”

“That impression being?”

“That I might be someone you’d consider to waking up to.”

Will arched a brow at him. “That’s awfully manipulative of you. Arrogant too, considering we’d only recently met,” he teased.

Beneath the blankets, Hannibal sandwiched their feet together. He shifted closer until their foreheads were touching on the pillow. An errant strand of his hair was wedged between them. Will brushed it away with a soft laugh.

“But it seems I was successful,” Hannibal said, “and so the extra effort was worth it.”

“Even if it did take a few years to pay off.”

Hannibal kissed Will, sweet and gentle. He smiled.

“Yes. Even then.”

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Growing Together

An unexpected guest arrives in Skyhold, reawakening memories, awakening insecurities, and making quite a turmoil in the Inquisitor’s life.


Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan

“This is ridiculous.” Demetra murmured, rubbing her tired face and looking at two very specific people in the courtyard. Luckily alone on the ramparts, the Inquisitor bit her lip, the taste of her lipstick spreading in her mouth.
One of the two people she was observing tossed her head back, laughing, her hand gracefully leaning against the man’s arm. Demetra wasn’t sure she liked seeing the two of them so close.
Not that she was jealous. Not at all. Why should she?
Cullen was just talking to their new guest in Skyhold. Just talking. A friendly, nice chat in a very open space, under the eyes of other people. It wasn’t as if they were hidden in some alcove, she reasoned, looking at them from the ramparts. The silvery laugh of the woman echoed in all the courtyard again, reaching the Inquisitor herself. And hitting her like a punch in her guts, destroying all her well crafted thoughts.

Elan Surana.

One of the few mages escaped from the massacre of Kinloch, saved by the Hero of Ferelden and her companions. Demetra knew about her, of course, even before she appeared in Skyhold.
One night, chatting while waiting for the sleep to come, Cullen had confessed her about his youthful and impossible infatuation for the mage who was his charge. It hadn’t been a problem, for Demetra. She knew he had a past, and she surely wasn’t going to be jealous of something happened when she wasn’t in his life. She had reassured him with kisses and tender words, happy that their relationship was being built honestly and openly.
Beside, past couldn’t hurt her.

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Game Grumps said if you watch this you get to be friends with them, sooo… (You will not be disappointed)

Ne v.s. Ni
  • Ne: Do you see it, Ni? The stars? The universe? It's all so... infinite, it has no number, no limit, no end. What do you think?
  • Ni: You always do this.
  • Ne: It's vast, cold and careless! The stars outnumber every grain of sand on the earth! I'm so moved... so moved that it was our consciousness, the collective human mind, that stared into the sky and dreamed to map the unknowable... A beautifully futile goal... *single tear*
  • Ni: It's not inherently futile. Just because the universe is plausibly infinite doesn't mean it can't be understood.
  • Ne: It's beautiful BECAUSE it can't be understood!!
  • Ni: Then it's not beautiful. Beauty lies in understanding. The universe is beautiful because we have witnessed it. Because we have found beauty within it.
  • Ne: well... sure, Ni. However isn't the thought that all we know is but a brushstroke in the universes grand painting exciting?
  • Ni: Why would I allow my breath to be taken by nothing?
  • Ne: It's something!
  • Ni: Not yet.
  • Ne: You don't even KNOW how big it is! You cannot, with any certainty, say that what you know even MATTERS in the grand scheme of things. You don't know but a pixel in a million trillion megapixels! You don't know but a molecule of water in the ocean! One letter of a novel! You know one NOTHING of an INFINITE MASTERPIECE!!! WHAT -DO- YOU KNOW Ni?
  • Ni: I know. Exactly. What is. *pregnant pause* I know how many atoms are in a cell, i know what cells make up my mind. I know how many minds are on this planet. I know how many planets are in this solar system. I know how many systems are in this galaxy, i know how many galaxies are in our constellation. I know how many stars are in this galaxy. I know how old it is, know wide it is, and I know what kind it is. You think you see the bigger picture, Ne? You have nothing but a fuzzy lens in your eye that sees nothing but an idea. I see every detail, my picture is vibrant and beautiful, max resolution, stunning to behold. You only see what you want to see, Ne. I refuse to delude myself like that.
  • Ne: ...You're right...
  • Ni: Always.
  • Ne: I just... can't reconcile infinity for what is finite. I can't look at all this an think that's all there is... Have you ever just looked at the stars and just... felt comfort knowing that there's always more?
  • Ni: ...Yeah.
  • *long silence*
  • Ne: Hey Ni?
  • Ni: Yeah?
  • Ne: Tell me... If you're so sure, that is... Just how big is the universe?
  • Ni: At the moment... the edge lies 13.8 billion light-years away.
  • Ne: *gentle smirk* That's only counting the light that has reached us...
  • Ni: Shut up, Ne.
How do you think others see you?

(( Take a moment to think about this… 

I had a conversation with some friends the other day. They were mortified by a funny picture someone had taken of them. Mortified to the point that they couldn’t look at the picture without becoming depressed.

“If that’s how I look when I’m having fun, I need to work out.” 

“I look so ugly.”

“Everyone laughs about this picture… it just makes me sad.” 

So I brought up this point. How do you look at your friends? 

Do you see an ugly picture of them and think, “Wow, they’re hideous. That’s how they look all the time.” or do you look at it and simply think that it’s hilarious, because it’s nothing more than a funny face?

Do you view your friends based on their ugly pictures… or do you look at them and see the cute selfie they took that day.

We, as humans, generally see our friends in the best possible light. Most of us look at each other with a screen that seems to filter out all of the blemishes that are, apparently, front and center.

My acne is so horrible, my hair is so thin, I’m so overweight, I’m ugly

How do you look at others?

If you see others at their most beautiful… If you look at gorgeous, filtered selfies of your friends and think “they are so beautiful”… if you think your friends genuinely look like the pictures they post, the pictures that make them feel confident…

Then doesn’t it stand to reason that they look at you the same way? Why are you any different? Why are you suddenly standing alone in this? The people you surround yourself with… the people you think are so wonderful and beautiful… they all see you the way you want to be seen.

Now let yourself see it.

Get rid of the feelings of despair, shame, and self loathing where others are concerned. Stop thinking that everyone’s judging you based on those unflattering photos. If you can look at someone’s beautiful picture and think it looks just like them… then believe people when they tell you how beautiful you look.

This is your life. Don’t waste it by stripping away your own power. ))


Jessica Jones, you are a hard drinking, short fused, mess of a woman. But you are not a piece of shit.’

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I absolutely adore your cat au! I'm like Viktor with my Siberian, since she's like Yurio and hates being picked up and held! I can see Yurio being the type of cat that will allow you to look and admire him but if you try to hold/pick up/touch him he'll automatically saunter away quickly like he's thinking "No, you can only admire my beauty, you can't touch me" like my cat tends to do! I can also see him shoving a paw in someone's face if he's stuck being held like a baby

That’s exactly like Yura, omg!!!!

My sister has this beautiful multi-tone cat that also doesn’t like to be held or carried. She’s so beautiful though, I just want to pet her. The struggle is real.

But she’ll saunter over and sniff your fingers to say hi, and I feel blessed 100% of the time when she does.

Favourite colour No. 1
  • *Back then*
  • Shinoa: "Say, Yuu-san, what's your favourite colour?"
  • Yuu: "It's blue. Why do you ask?"
  • Shinoa: "Just curious~ So, blue in general or do you have a special preference?"
  • Yuu: "Hmm...I guess a bright blue that's neither the colour of the sky nor ice. The kind of blue that captivates you and you can't avert your eyes from anymore the longer you look at it. A could get lost in over and over again."
  • Shinoa*thinking back at Shinjuku*: "Ohh, could it be that you associate that colour with something or rather someone?"
  • Yuu: "What? No. That just came to my mind just now, nothing more."
  • Shinoa*sarcastically*: "Of course, Yuu-san, of course."
  • *Now*
  • Shinoa: "Hey, Yuu-san, what's your favourite colour?"
  • Yuu: "You already asked that a little while ago."
  • Shinoa: "Really? Oh, right, I remember. It was blue, wasn't it?"
  • Yuu: "Yeah, back then but...not anymore."
  • Shinoa: "Not anymore?"
  • Yuu: "No, I guess red more now."
  • Shinoa: "Red, huh? What kind of red?"
  • Yuu: "A red that's almost the colour of blood. The kind of red that seems threatening but at the same time so utterly beautiful that you can't help but stare into all day long. A shade of red that shimmers with so much emotion and is so full of life that it's impossible to look away from."
  • Mika*approaching them: "Yuu-Chan, I'm ready now, can we go?"
  • Yuu: "Yeah, we can.*sighs lovingly with a dreamy gaze* I love red."
  • Shinoa: "...You're so oblivious it hurts..."
Howl's Moving Castle (2004 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "I feel terrible, like there's a weight on my chest."
  • "Lets run!"
  • "Don't fight them, _______."
  • "Sorry, I've had enough of running away, _______."
  • "Now I've got something I want to protect. It's you."
  • "A heart's a heavy burden."
  • "I know I can be of help to you, even though I'm not pretty and all I'm good at is cleaning."
  • "Well, the nice thing about being old is you've got nothing much to lose."
  • "You, you sabotaged me!"
  • "What a pretty color."
  • "You completely ruined my magic potions in the bathroom!"
  • "Wow, _______, your hair looks just like starlight."
  • "Yeah, but no-one really believes that."
  • "Come on, it's not that bad."
  • "They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst."
  • "I see not point in living if I can't be beautiful."
  • "I specifically ordered you not to get carried away!"
  • "I'm a scary and powerful fire demon!"
  • "There you are sweetheart, sorry I'm late."
  • "To me, it looked like the two of you were just leaving."
  • "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't torment my friend."
  • "You're being so obedient."
  • "(S)he bullied me!"
  • "I'm your new cleaning lady."
  • "I can't stand the fire and gunpowder."
  • "I saw him/her do this once before when a girl/guy dumped him/her!"
  • "I'm just setting things up so all of you can live a comfortable life, _______."
  • "I have this weird feeling you're going to leave."
  • "I wonder what _______ disguised himself as?"
  • "After the war, they won't recall they ever were human."
  • "Those dopey guys have absolutely no manners."
  • "Here's another curse for you - may all your bacon burn."
  • "Knowing you'd be there gave me the courage to show up."
  • "It looks like your true love is in love with someone else!"
  • "It was a pleasure meeting you, even if you are my least favorite vegetable!"
  • "When I think of castles, it's not what I picture."
  • "When you're old, all you want to do is stare at the scenery."
  • "I've never felt so peaceful before."
  • "Seems everyone in this family's got problems."
  • "It's all so familiar yet I know I've never been here before."
  • "And while you're at it, make hot water for my bath."
  • "The mark maybe gone but the spell is still there."
  • "Don't worry, I'll follow behind you in disguise."
  • "I'm so sorry but that would be confidential information."
  • "Someone just told me you floated down into our balcony!"
  • "You shouldn't keep flying around like that."
  • "No one else does any work around here."
  • "I'm fatter than ever and yet the wind blows right through me!"
  • "Sorry, it looks like you're involved."
  • "_______ only does that to beautiful girls/guys."
  • "You sound ghastly, like some 90-year-old woman."

(A fourth, and the shortest installment of my Strangebatch fic–I was supposed to be finishing up the actual first chapter, and this happened midway through.  Sometimes the characters just take over!)

by sobeautifullyobsessed, dedicated to my romantically minded mutuals who continue to support and encourage me  💗 💗

part one

part two

part three

Teyla broke from his gaze—his questioning gaze—and looked down as she took his right hand in both of her own.  Tenderly, she traced the scars on the back of his hand; but not like she had that day she had worked her pain-relieving spell.  Her gentle touch was no healer’s touch this time—though innocent, it felt as intimate as a lover’s touch.  It was the touch he had been craving since the day he’d been forced to accept that his old life was irrevocably gone–although he hadn’t known until this moment, how badly he’d been missing it. 

Stephen’s breath caught when she raised his hand to gently brush her lips across the back, before laying a soft kiss upon it. Teyla tilted her head so she could nestle her cheek against his scarred flesh, eliciting a low moan of mixed surprise and delight from him.

She looked up at him, her dark eyes wise and solemn, a small, soft smile playing at the corners of her mouth.  “I’ve only ever found them beautiful, Stephen.  Your beautiful scarred hands—they are part of what makes you…you,” she told him, wonder in her voice and on her face, “Through pain and sorrow and despair, they brought you to your destiny.” Her smile spread, lovely as dawn after a stormy night, as she admitted shamelessly, “They are the first thing that I came to love about you, on a list that grows longer each day.”

With that, she laid his hand over her heart, and then rose on her tiptoes to whisper against his ear, “And if you be moved to—one of these nights–I would have your beautiful hands touch every part of me.”  With a kiss on his cheek, Teyla withdrew, turning away without looking back, closing her door, and leaving him standing alone—wholly astonished, and dizzy with sudden joy, that so bright a soul could find him worthy of her love

okay y'all know i’m never gonna shut up about this so summer beach rhink au in which randl are young and stupid and flirty, they kinda like messing around with each other and kinda like messing around with girls too, they’re just looking for fun whatever form it comes in.

so they end up on the beach one sunny june sunday in trunks and no shirts, sitting side by side in the sand and peoplewatching as they often do when two beautiful girls come up and take the vacant towels a few feet away.

one of them’s a bit damp, all tan skin and long, dark hair, a black bikini top and drenched jean shorts, legs for days and a diamond nose stud. the other is blonde and cute and laughing, peach top all shoulders and clavicle, eyes like the ocean and rosebud lips. they sit down in a pair, paralleling the boys, and immediately take notice of their slack-jawed faces.

neither rhett nor link has ever seen any woman so lovely, and they immediately get blushy and fidgety as they lock eyes. randl, feeling utterly blessed, whisper to each other, and the girls do the same. it’s a few minutes of shy glances and giggles before link is fluffing his hair and stretching out. rhett’s begging him not to get cocky, but link’s already there, puffing his chest out and flexing, flashing the two a crystal-white smile.

rhett feels embarrassed as hell, but when he looks back, he notices the dark-haired beauty giving him a curiously sultry look, and when he glances to link, it seems he’s got his eyes on the blonde. rhett blanks for a moment, wanting so badly to talk to them, when link begins to stir. he whispers that he’s going over, and rhett puts his hand on his thigh to stop him.

link takes his hand and brings it up to his mouth. he kisses his knuckles gently while giving him his prettiest eyes, and rhett smiles. when the two of them look to the girls, they’ve got wide eyes and a slight blush, knowing smiles suggesting they like what they see.

before randl can even breathe, the blonde wraps her arm around her friend’s waist and leans over her shoulder, placing her mouth on her neck in a way link knows well. the girl in black gives the boys a pleased look, then takes her babe’s hand. when they finally rise and walk over, something is known, predetermined, and the four of them have never been so interested.

they proceed to spend the rest of the day flirting on the sand, getting names then getting frisky, and eventually shacking up at the girls’ beachside cabin for some well-deserved summer lovin’ :)

You’re selected to be in RuPaul’s drag race and you think you’re not going to need to sew, dance, act and…….lip sync? lmao

The formula is so clear, you need charisma, nerve, uniqueness and talent. When we get to the final six they all start to lack one of this things. Valentina didn’t have the nerve ( I mean, it takes a little bit of nerve to think you’re gonna get away with not knowing the lyrics in front of RuPaul)

But girl??? I understand the nervous breakdown, I understand shutting down. I’m a dumb bitch with anxiety. But I take full responsibility when I’m acting like a fool. Especially when I see all the other girls desperate trying to learn the song and I just stand on the couch not doing the same.