so beautiful holy shit

can we just have a moment to appriciate how dazzlingly gorgeous david castro is please like shit that is one beautiful man

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Shiro likes soft Allura.

It’s not to say he doesn’t like strong Allura. His heart swells with pride and admiration when she squares her shoulders and commands in a steady steely tone. His cheeks can’t help but burn when they spar, when they work out, when her sheer strength is on display and he can truly see how powerful she is. He loves those parts of her.

But when Allura allows the tension and stiffness to seep from her shoulders, when her eyes soften, when she allows herself to breathe, that’s when Shiro gets truly and utterly swept away.

Because her pink tattoos darken - almost like a blush - when her squeezes her hand, she shrieks in pure joy when Shiro sweeps her off of her feet, her face lights up when she talks about her home.

Because she never looks more comfortable than when she’s in soft dresses that are poofy and swishy and utterly frivolous, but she never can wear them. Because when she cries she tries to stop herself, she claws at her face and tries to push her tears back in, tries not to be weak. Because she has suffered just as much as he has, but she is the true leader of their group.

So Shiro tries his best, tries his damnedest to let her do these things. He spoons feeds her green goop and giggles with her when it ends on her nose. He tickles her until she can’t breathe and she’s crying from laughter, he blows raspberries into her stomach and neck and watches her shriek in surprise. He braids and brushes her hair until she’s half asleep, he carries her into her room - their room - and curls around her and waits until she falls asleep before he lets his breathing match hers.

She’s a princess after all, but Shiro’s gonna treat her like a queen.

(I don’t know if this is too late, but this is sort of a comfort b/c of nasty anons and bad times. Hope you feel better Grell!)

i have no idea how long this has been buried in my inbox but shit i just found this and holy hell this is AMAZING THANK YOU




The PTR has a bunch of new emotes, and I swear they’re bringing us all closer as a people