so beautiful and majestic


  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

  • me reading about skyrim and listening to its music: literally in tears. this game is so beautiful and majestic. what a fantastic adventure
  • me actually playing skyrim: suplexes a guard into the ground wearing nothing but my underwear

my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?



It’s not odd at all to have a connection with a home, a place where bits of your life happened. But what about a home that you have no personal connection to other than noticing it’s sheer beauty peering out from amongst a thick blanket of trees? I cannot even begin to explain the flood of excitement and admiration that washed over me the first time I spotted the house I will from here on out refer to as Margaret. Like with most places I find, I was out on a random weekend drive. While speeding down Route 2 in Mason County, West Virginia toward Point Pleasant, a road I’ve been down countless times, something in the distance caught my eye that I had never noticed. I quickly turned around and headed off the main road, dropped my car into 2nd gear and began to slowly ascend up a narrow one lane back road. As I grew closer and the trees parted, I simply could not believe what laid upon my gaze. How could something so beautiful and majestic just be sitting here all alone? Needless to say I immediately fell in love with this antebellum gem. Dozens of questions about this place flooded my curious mind as I drove up the muddy and narrow driveway. That was in December 2015.

Over the past year or so I’ve been periodically making the 45 minute drive to shoot photos of Margaret. No matter what my mood she always made me feel better. I don’t know why I immediately felt such a strong connection with a home that I’ve never lived in. Perhaps she knew I would be coming along one day and admire her how someone once had. I sure as hell can’t fathom why someone would leave her behind. Sadly while on a recent visit, that same moment of laying eyes on her as the trees parted that made me fall in love, this time made my heart fall to the pit of my stomach. At first glance at a distance I thought maybe someone was demolishing the home. As I drove closer I realized that it was far worse. Margaret had been torched. I looked at my girlfriend and just kept saying “No! No! No!” as we drove closer. How!? Why?! I had just visited a few weeks prior and everything was fine. Judging by what’s left (or rather lack there of) it appears she burned for a while. Who the hell would do something like this? One thing is for certain, I will miss Margaret dearly.

4: Comet Victor from @butleronice Galactic AU!

I just found out about this AU yesterday and BOI IT IS BEAUTIFUL! 

Victor’s hair is so majestic in this AU (I’m a hardcore Long-haired Victor fan haha). so I thought, today’s sketch had to be the Comet Victor ^^

p.s: I know that this pose is really irrational, since Victor wouldn’t be just casually sitting there, in the space–duh. But I just liked the pose, and it gives me this 999-years-left-to-meet-Yuri-again and all-alone-in-the-space vibe, which is very emotional to me eheh :’)


I finally beat this game yesterday after owning it since March. Good god it was incredibly dark and unexpectedly disturbing, but still so damn good.

Bless you, you adorable, beautiful, majestic, but creepy ass birdo.

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You know, the Fennekin line had so much potential. I was so excited for it to evolve into a beautiful majestic four legged fox, but then Nintendo decided to make Fennekin have Stand Up Syndrome, like with every other fire type starter. I admit, Braixen is kinda cute, but only a 5/10.

I’m not sorry