so beautiful and majestic

  • me reading about skyrim and listening to its music: literally in tears. this game is so beautiful and majestic. what a fantastic adventure
  • me actually playing skyrim: suplexes a guard into the ground wearing nothing but my underwear

  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien



orchestra according to the flutes
  • flute: so wonderful, what a blessing, we are incredible always
  • piccolo: where are the earplugs
  • oboe: thank fuck the person we need to tune to is right next to us bC WE CAN’T HEAR OURSELVES
  • clarinet: all these flute solos are revenge for you taking all the wind band solos tbh
  • bassoon: woah, we have a bassoon? didn’t notice…
  • contrabassoon: who the fuck farted in the back row while the double basses were playing...
  • trumpet: why do you exist and why is your instrument shinier than mine
  • french horn: um rude, you can’t have the angry AND the beautiful solos choose one and give the other to ME
  • trombone: nyoooOOOOOM
  • tuba: i think I found who was farting in the back row…
  • violas: eh
  • cello: so beautiful, too good for this world, too pure
  • double bass: such majestic elephant sounds, but we’re jealous that you only play 3 different notes most of the time
1st WC contest in Peyongchang
  1. This weird wind. Or just no wind sometimes.
  2. Polish still pissed off because of lack of accommodation and food in Korea so making shitty jumps.
  3. This one lady which checks her look in the looking-glass just before the contest.
  4. Austrian and Polish supporters, thank you for being on the hill!
  5. Fettner waving to the supporters after his second jump as if he was the queen of England.
  6. The golden serie of breaking hill record by Welliger, Kraft and Leyhe.
  7. Breaking records is the reason I love new hills so bad!
  8. Mr Horngacher, maybe it is a high time to replace Hula with any young talent?
  9. Lanisek with his joker smile still in the game!
  10. Sexy Hayboeck with face hair.
  11. Krafti and Welli small talks. <3
  12. Except of these new records – the contest was, uhm, boring.
  13. Cameraman showing waving flags during the flower ceremony - beautiful moment!
  14. Austrian anthem so majestic!
  15. Krafti, Welli, Stoch – established podium squad.

Title: Book…Need…

 Summary: When Dwalin goes in search of some book Thorin needs for a meeting, he expects it will take only a few minutes and then he will be done.  Little does he know he is about to find something else in that library.  

 Warnings: None?  Awkward Dwalin…does that need a warning?

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

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 “I’m not some errand boy…pick up his own book…”  Dwalin grumbled as he made his way down the hall.  His feet slammed against the floor in protest to his ‘assignment’.  Any passersby would clear out of his way as he moved, not wanting to anger the dwarf any more than he already was.  

Dwalin let out a sigh of irritation as he finally turned the corner and pushed open the doors to the ancient library of Erebor.  There was a time when it was majestic, held so much knowledge, beautiful even.  But now…it was a wreck.  Smaug had left no place in this mountain untouched, which was obvious now that Dwalin saw the cave in near the back of the library, effectively stopping them from getting to over half of Erebor’s collection.

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