so beautiful aaaaa


They both lowkey cant stand each other but everyone thinks they do gay porn together 

BUT AH thank you for such a sweet comment! and I find that fucking hilarious that u actually work in a mall, I only have the pleasure of working for subway lmaO im so sorry u have to think of this garbage au whenever u go to work 

cyto-platonistt  asked:

I really love your art so much you're actually one of my favourite artists! We're the same age and you inspire me a lot, i love how you do animatics they are so beautiful aaaaa you're an awesome person i'm so sorry people have been treating you bad you don't deserve it i love u,,

aaahh tysm for the sweet words !!!

yuuri katsuki w/ perpetually cold hands

- him sneaking up on people and putting his freezing fingers on their faces because he loves how startled they get
- phichit being the main target for these attacks because 1) it gets him every time and 2) yuuri can catch him right as he takes a selfie and the pic always looks ridiculous
- yuuri never apologizing but just smiling mischeviously because he never regrets it ever
- not even that one time yurio almost decked him bc his natural reaction to getting startled is to hit the thing that disturbed his peace
- he uses it to make the triplets stop being brats by like putting his hands on the backs of their necks so they chance subjects to “yuuri get your freezingg hands off of us p le ase oh my god”
- his hands get numb after skating because they were already cold to begin with
- victor warming yuuri’s hands up for him in his own hands or pockets or whatever
- this results on victor also being a target for yuuri’s ice hands
- he’d be good to have around on a hot day because u can just put his hands on ur face and they cool u down


yuuri with cold hands

EDIT: bonus if he has rlly cold feet too (I’ll leave it up to your imaginations)

oddly enough a lot of the chubby people ive seen in media have slender arms so you know

shoutout to the chubby people who don’t have sleek and slender arms

s/o to the girls who have chubby arms.

s/o to the guys who have chubby arms.

s/o to the pals who have chubby arms.

you’re all so beautiful and ily.