so beautiful

milliedollgraves  asked:

id love a little name poem! ♡ millie

† ・ ♡ ゜ † ・ ゜♡ ゜ † ・♡ ・ †
porcelain angels in each corner of the room, lovely heart shaped boxes filled with bones, some broken
odd antiques and rows of dolls on every self, dolly lashes collecting dust like tiny snowflakes
bowed stockings, vintage lingerie, and pink dresses with satin ribbons and milky white lace
pearls, chunky chokers, soft cheeks and black velvety hair
dreamy nights with clouds of smoke
glittered silk flowers
heart shaped tombstones
a sparkling moonlit angel sings to ghosts in the graveyard
they try to catch every sung word like precious pale pink ribbons in the wind