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milikaamasio: Happy Birthday to my now adult child, @dinahjane97 who still watches cartoons with her little sister Regina and plays tag with her little brothers!! Who still buys fkamuna things like teddy bears, and stickers ! Who sees a homeless and gives everything in her wallet ., who has no sense of Time (Which drives me crazy) may you enjoy your 20’s!!! The Good Lord has so much more in store for you because of your naturally giving and hard working, loving heart ! May you always remember where you came from and all the struggles you faced to get where you are today! Always remember to stay humble and be prayerful in all your decision making so that He will direct you always 😘


An anon asked about HP YoonMin stories, and I was going to answer it yesterday, and now I can’t find the ask.

So here’s a little list of YoonMin and Hogwarts for the anon and you guys.


“I used to have to work in boiling hot rooms all the time, so I don’t see why anyone else should be comfortable now!”

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Shipping Moriel despite having it canon that a queer woman does not love him romantically is disgusting. Just as bad as any ableist or racist post this fandom sometimes creates.

Hello Nonnie. So this is really hard for me to talk about publicly now on Tumblr, so please bear with me.

I think in many ways - yes, you’re absolutely right. Mor has canonically stated she is not in love with Azriel, so to continue shipping her in canon with him erases who she is whether you read her as bi or not. And that’s not cool. Period.

Obviously, I shipped Moriel to the moon and back. And obviously, I just wrote two small drabbles for them. I understand if they offended you. And I apologize if that was the case. I try to tag appropriately so that doesn’t happen, but I want you to know those two pieces were sort of farewells from me to them in terms of fic and that I have zero plans to write fic (at all) in the future, if that’s what this ask is about.

I met Mor and Az at a time in my life when I was quite literally trying to find reasons to stay, to keep going. Their love story in ACOMAF pulled me out of that place where I was really scared and alone. And the only reason I trusted them when they offered me their hands out of the dark was because I thought they were doing that for each other. Obviously, I was wrong. But letting go of - saying goodbye to that safe space has been extremely difficult for me. So while I completely understand your concerns, I hope maybe you and others will have patience with me as I sort this out. I’m trying to be more open and move on, but losing them feels like… my father dying, my boyfriend leaving, my friends moving, all of it all over again that led me to that place Mor and Az found me originally. And it hurts so much because I trusted them. And now I know it was just a joke all along and I fell for it hard.

So that’s why I’ve still been hanging on to that little sliver I found in this story. But I understand why my position on it isn’t justified anymore and so as I’ve said since ACOWAR’s release, I’ll certainly be keeping any thoughts on it to a minimum, if at all, on Tumblr so that Mor can live on in fandom as the magical beautiful woman she is. I hope you understand. <3


So, I’m not sure how to go about this. I’m not really in a mood to hunt down pictures of someone else to be my character, so I’m probably just gonna be myself. If nobody minds. But, I’m rusty on roleplaying, so please bear with me here. Mostly looking to roleplay with WWE rp blogs.

Preferred Wrestlers to Roleplay With: Jeff Hardy, Baron Corbin, Big Cass, Pete Dunne, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley, Sami Callihan, Shannon Moore, Raven, AJ Styles, Enzo Amore, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Tama Tonga, Aleister Black, TJ Perkins, Corey Graves, etc. (There might be others, but they aren’t coming to mind right now.)

These are in NO specific order, but you also have to be willing to do explicit/smutty roleplays, whether it’s public, or if it’s through private messaging.

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When I was a kid, I loved watching brother bear. I watched it all the time. Kids aren't inherently racist towards native Americans The movie did bad because people didn't want to take their kids to see cartoons in the movie theater when there were plenty already on tv. Even now, people would rather see a cg movie in theaters over a 2d one. Disney wants to try again with a steam punk movie. If it doesn't do well, people shouldn't assume that people don't like steampunk or women.

ya, i went to see it in theater when it was out, was so good, it’s very sad that it was underrated. it’s like princess of the frog that was the last 2d animated movie of disney, sad really, i really miss this medium,traditional animation had a lot of charm

Actually the steam punk movie, hoolabaloo, is made by ex disney animator. Disney have nothing to do with this

Yuy, Heero  <>
Maxwell, Duo <>


I took Remy to the Pine Meadow’s Emergency Vet Clinic at 2130 UTC. When I came home from work he started sneezing and coughing and refused to eat. They have him antibiotics and said he had a cold, but they wanted to treat him just in case it developed into pneumonia. He’s fine. After the first dose he ate everything in his bowl. I brought his cage in my room and gave him his bear. He seems fine now. (Photo Attached)


REPLY: Maxwell, Duo <>

Oh man, thanks so much, man! He looks pretty happy there. Thanks for taking him to the vet and everything. Trowa said something about vet clinics like those costing a lot of money, how much do I owe you? - Duo

REPLY: Yuy, Heero <>

Don’t worry about it. He was still coughing this morning. I’ll keep an eye on him.


Break me in pieces Ch. 11

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Ivar x OC

Warnings: mentions of death and violence

Ch.1   Ch.2   Ch.3   Ch.4   Ch.5   Ch.6   Ch.7   Ch.8   Ch.9   Ch.10 

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Ivar could not bear this any longer, he couldn’t stay like this without his Ylva. He was going crazy and it was not fun for anyone to watch. Eventually he went that mad that he killed Lagertha with his bare hands and now he was waiting for his half brother to come home so they could finish this forever. He waited for Bjorn’s return for two reasons, to kill him and be able to lead his people and because Hvitserk returning would mean Ylva was coming back.

Ivar was sitting outside waiting for the ships to arrive, but before his brothers arrived, Ylva reached the shore. She came to stay by his side and took his hands on hers.

“So you finally revenged your mother?” she whispered in a soft tone, looking at her ex-husband.

“I did, and it felt good Ylva. It felt so good to have her under me, seeing as she took her last breath. The only thing that misses is you.” His voice was sending shivers down Ylva’s back and she sighed when Ivar kissed her lips lightly but she pulled apart fast.

“I can’t, Ivar. Not yet.” Ylva got up and left, wanting to be away from the man that hunt her nights and her days. She knew she will give in if she stood there one more second so she needed to take some distance and wait for things to settle before she went back to the only man that she ever loved.

When the ships arrived she was there, greeting Hvitserk as he pulled her in his arms and held her tight against his chest as he was feeling whole again. But the happiness was shattered when Bjorn found out about his mother’s death. He tried to attack Ivar but people held him back. You walked between the two of them and placed your hand on Bjorn’s face, your lips pressing lightly to his.

“I’m going to help you, Bjorn Ironside, to revenge your mother’s death, we’re going to make this cripple pay.” you announced making some people cheer.

Ivar felt his body burning with anger and betrayal. Once again Ylva was leaving him for his brother. Once again she was breaking his heart, once again he was hurting him more than anyone could. His heart was so broken, so shattered that he started to think that it was dust, not a piece anymore. He started to think that all that was left from him was an empty shell. The dust left by the sand on the deck.

It was not easy to support Bjorn’s need of control and his need of power but Ylva had to do it so when the right time will come she will do her thing. Ylva was on the battlefield, waiting for Ivar and his army to arrive. She was impatiently bouncing, ready to hurt someone but that was not Ivar or his people. Ylva had other plans.

As the army started to rise Ylva knew that her people would wait for her signal When Bjorn yelled, Ylva did too, her people coming from the back and attacking Bjorn’s people. It was the betray that filled Bjorn’s eyes with anger and he came to fight Ylva. She tried to fight back but she was weak from her lack of sleep and the loss of strength. Bjorn’s sword pierced through Ylva’s stomach, making her fall on her back, as blood started to pour out. 

Bjorn turned aorund just in time, he started to fight Ivar but this time he failed. Ivar fought like never before. He never felt this angry, this hurt, this lost that he felt when he saw Ylva collapsing on the ground. Ivar would allow people to hurt him and talk shit about him. He will allow people to try to hurt him but nobody got to hurt his Ylva. Pushed by all this rage he killed his brother in the clearing. He did not cared about Bjorn, he did not cared that now nobody from his family wanted to lead the kingdom, all that he cared about was his Ylva, his woman, his lover. He crawled to her, nervous, frightened, frustrated. He wasn’t even aware that his brother was calling for him. He just wanted to get to her, he needed to get to his lover.

Ylva was still conscious but she didn’t dared to get up, she was already dizzy and she knew that if she would get up, she would die so she stood there, cursing herself for losing nights crying and thinking about Ivar.

When Ivar reached her, his face was dirty with blood and contorted with fear. Ylva reached out for him, resting a hand on his cheek as she smiled tiered at Ivar.

“I love you, Ivar. This was the last time I tried to break you.” Ivar smiled back at her and kissed her lips tenderly. 

Hvitserk came with Ivar’s chariot and forced his brother into it.

“I know that you need her now but she needs to be treated.” He put Ylva on Ivar’s arms and looked at the tow of the disappearing. Ivar forced the horse as much as he could, he didn’t even wasted time stopping at the healers house when he arrived in the city. The maidens took her in and Ivar followed looking at his unconscious Ylva.

The healer worked on the wound and then looked at Ivar a little bit disappointed.

“She is badly, my king.” Ivar’s was burning the woman with his gaze, looking at her with anger and pure thirst for blood.

“Then heal her.” he ordered and looked at the woman that took some steps back, afraid of the man in front of her.

“I can’t save her, she’s the one who needs to want to be saved. She’s not among us anymore, she’s between the worlds and I can do nothing more than heal her body, but I can’t make her soul come back.” Ivar felt his heart shatter again. She lied when she said that it was the last time, Ylva was going to break him over and over not even caring that he’s suffering. She was going to break him until he would die, because that’s what they were doing. They were breaking each other over and over again until there was nothing left but dust.

IDWL #6 snippet:

(also known as “the Skywalker-Organa-Solo-Hux family reunion,” as told by Shmi. thank you all for being so patient while I work on this. ♥ )

Poe and Finn act like the married people in holos. They’re endlessly teasing and flirting with each other, looking for excuses to grab the other by the hand or around the waist, like they can’t bear not to touch. Their children seem used to it, rolling their eyes and laughing. It’s kind of fascinating to Shmi, but at the same time, they’re so openly affectionate that she’s embarrassed just to watch them.

Her dads don’t behave like this. She sees them kiss now and then, and she’s plenty old enough to know what it means when she hears the rhythmic creaking of their bed through the wall at night (she also knows to hurriedly put on her headphones to block the noise), but they’re not especially affectionate with each other. They don’t have pet names, they don’t wander around holding hands, and they bicker over petty things.

Despite this, Shmi realizes for the first time that she’s never doubted that they love each other, in a deep and consuming way. If they didn’t, she thinks, they wouldn’t have stayed married all this time. One of them would’ve bailed by now, surely; neither of her fathers seem the type to ignore the escape shuttles while the ship’s exploding.

As it is, Kylo and Hux fight like Tusken Raiders, but they always end up in the same bed at night. Shmi walks past their wedding holo every day, on a shelf in the sitting room, and they still look at each other the way they did in that picture—like they really see each other, completely. Like they understand something that nobody else does.


kdrama posters: the princess’ man edition

 “it must have been so hard to bear. how did you manage to survive such harrowing pain? if my death can quell your suffering in any way, i shall happily die a hundred- a thousand times for your sake.” 

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So, update on baby boy. We are in the hospital under observation. Biggest risk for him right now is sleep apnea. :/ Other than that things are looking okay. Husband has gotten time off of work approved (I think) and I am ready to sleep for a long time.

Oh thank goodness you caught that early. Sleep apnea is no fun = ^ = are they gonna be putting him on any sleeping mask machine thingies to help him breathe better at night? You guys make such great parents ♡ good job taking care of your lil baby bear ♡ if he could talk I’m sure he’d be thanking you rn too

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hey! so im just curious.. you're doing three different dnd campaigns that are somehow related?

sort of?

two of them definitely are. box o’ rox is the main campaign and the one we’ve been spending the most time on. the flower children were involved in what was technically a two-shot, so they’re done for now, though they may come back in the future. that two-shot also started in the same in-game week as the box o’ rox.

monster factory hasn’t begun yet–it’ll likely be a one/two-shot as a break after we finish the first leg of box o’ rox to figure out what’ll happen to them next–but it’s not directly related to either the rox or the flowers.

most of the connections happen to be tangentially through NPCs, though there’s a few exceptions…

it, uh. it would take a while to lay out how everything is connected, we’ve been spending many, many hours on this, lmao. and we’ve been MEANING to get the group’s tumblr set up….. (squints at bae……..)

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


some rwby volume 4 doodles! was going to add more qrow pictures to this set, but then i ran out of time and motivation ;;