so bear with this for now

  • ok but eddie would totally learn knitting to make richie a christmas sweater??
  • he’d be super secretive about it because he wants it to be a surprise
  • so every time richie climbs up to his window, he has to quickly throw everything under his bed/blanket/pillow/ANYTHING so that richie doesn’t see
  • “you don’t have to hide your porn from me, eds”
  • “beep fucking beep, richie”
  • richie is high key very curious about what’s going on and continues bugging eddie about it but eddie is standing his fucking ground
  • anyway so it’s their gift exchange day and eddie wraps up the present up in a super neat and beautiful box
  • it takes richie .5 seconds to tear apart the wrapping and eddie’s hard work
  • but when he opens the actual box and sees the sweater, his heart just???
  • it’s maroon with a gold R in the middle (no I didn’t use mrs. weasley’s sweater as a reference WHUT)
  • he’s super quiet, and eddie gets nervous that he doesn’t like his gift because he’s worried it looks like shit
  • “it'sokifyoudon'tlikeit. youdon'thavetowearitoranything. hereletmetakeitback”
  • “NO”
  • and then richie breaks his heart because he says “no one’s ever made me anything by hand before” so softly and he looks like he’s got tears in his eyes which makes eddie want to C R Y
  • “oh my god, dumbass. just take it off. you look ridiculous.”
  • “nuh uh eddie bear, i’m wearing this every day from now on”
  • turns out, it fits eddie perfectly so he ends up keeping it. but don’t worry, eddie makes richie a new one except this one has an E on it instead.
13.06 Tombstone

1294 words, deancas, coda, fluff, cuddling, love confessions 

“I told you. He’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear.”

Dean sips his coffee slowly.

There’s a grumpy pout on his face, the proof for how disgruntled he wants everyone to believe that he is, but the little smile that sneaks in whenever he brings the cup to his mouth gives it away.

“So,” he says. “Angry bear sleeper, huh?”

Cas shifts in his seat. He laces his hands together. Diplomatic.

“You’re very aggressive when you cuddle.”


The first time isn’t that aggressive.

They’re sitting side by side, in the war room, chairs squished so close that they might as well be pushed together, and Cas is trying not to fidget as Dean presses Play on the third cowboy movie of the day.

“Can’t we stop now?” Cas pleads and Dean nudges him with his arm.

“It ain’t a marathon with only two movies, dumbass,” he says and he swings his arm around Cas’ shoulders.

Then he promptly falls asleep.

And of course, that makes Cas very huffy. Because Cas happens to be an angel of the Lord and he isn’t able to escape the endless torture that Dean inflicts upon them by tumbling into the bliss of dreams (Cas doesn’t understand the appeal of cowboys). So Cas glares at him, openly and ruthlessly, hopes that his irritation can be felt by Dean even as he snores on. The title of the current western is fitting. Tombstone. It echoes all of Cas’ exasperation and Cas wishes that maybe he were under a tombstone right now.

But then Dean’s head drops down onto his shoulder.

Dean sighs contently, lets out a warm breath that tickles Cas’ neck, nuzzles Cas’ cheek in his sleep, and Cas thinks that maybe this is pleasant.

So he endures it.

He lets his own head rest against Dean’s.


The next time is when Dean’s ill.

He’s delirious with fever, in bed while Cas hovers over him anxiously from a corner. Sam’s gone, out to grab supplies and medicine because even though the Winchesters always have it handy for hunts, of course today’s the day that it just has to run out.

“Why can’t you just mojo it better?” Dean grumbles and he’s got his back to Cas, insisting that this is the only way that he’ll be able to sleep with Cas in the room.

“I told you, Dean. Angels have no jurisdiction over the malevolent nature of viruses.” Cas pauses, grave. “They are a class of evil all on their own.”

And Cas goes on. He seats himself in a chair by Dean’s bedside and Dean reluctantly turns around to face him. Cas talks and as he does, he notes the expression of suffering that obscures Dean’s features, certain that Dean is afraid of the sickness. He describes the evolution of these creatures and as he does, he places his hand over Dean’s own in an effort to placate. Cas says many things. He marvels at their unliving nature. He preaches vehemently against the idea that God could have created such abominations, and assures Dean that surely viruses must have sprung from the pits of hell.

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EXPOSE RICHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg. he going to kill me you guys. 

he wrote me a song once and i didnt even laigh when i cried over itt?

he helped me confront the guy at the pharamcy about no giving me the bullshitt pills anymore

he is the strongest person

he is noting like his father evn though that is his biigest fear and it breaks my heart because he is NOTHINGG like him and he is going to be such an amaizng dad

richie is so smart and he isuse to pretend hewasnt and i am so glad he is proud of it now

he deserves so much more from everyone

no onef ucking deserves him

i want to kill wentwroth. like. i would go to jailto see that fucker dead.

richie satrted flossing for me

richie loves ben and calls him a teddy bear when he isn;t around

ricie really wants miek to have a song fro him like he does the animals on his farm

richie is just the perfect fucking person?

guys…its ahrd to explose someone when youre in love…


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do u ever just like ... scream .. about dan and phil ... and how they changed u as a person ... and not even in a cringey way .. im talking like ... in a I Think About These Beautiful Boys On A Regular Basis And Because Of This I Am Failing Half Of My Classes kinda way .. u know? because same

ohh yeah wow big mood… everything that happens during the day can be related back to them in my head.

breakfast time? did you know dan and phil wait for each other to wake up so they can have breakfast together while watching an anime? it’s a good system they’ve gotten through quite a few.

oh the radio is on now. dan and phil had a radio show. I miss that.

there’s a cat in the yard! ……… and bear save the world

it’s raining…. *sniff* he’s gonna drown walking to boots….

that candle smells nice! hey does anybody wanna know what dan and phil’s favourite candle scents are??

that was a cool word you just used. did you know that phil lester studied linguistics

this pillow is soft….. dan howell… is also soft…….

oh that… that happened in 2009 huh? yeah… that was a .. a big year… an important…. *tearing up* excuse me I have to go

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New lore snippet??? What???

//On the PBE they have slowly been releasing a whole bunch lore snippets/paragraphs for champions, the little blurbs you can read in client to get a general sense of the character.  

This is what Varus’ says

“One of the ancient race of darkin, Varus was a deadly killer who loved to torment his foes, driving them almost to insanity before delivering the killing arrow. He was imprisoned at the end of the Darkin War, but escaped centuries later in the remade flesh of two Ionian hunters—they had unwittingly released him, cursed to bear the bow containing his bound essence. Varus now seeks out those who trapped him in order to enact his brutal vengeance, but the mortals’ souls within him still resist every step of the way.”

So Varus is no longer a tragic man trying to avenge his family and cling to what little humanity he has left to fight off the Eldritch horror in his body before he succumbs to it.

Varus is now an angry Darkin who likes to kill.

So we traded one of the most tragic and sympathetic characters in League…for another Darkin who likes to kill.  Just like the other 2 Darkin we have.

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More king and dark gang au fluff

“Mama?” Dark is half asleep when King shuffles into his office, buried in his notes as he tries to figure out what needs to be done to keep the gang-his family- safe in these coming months.

“Mama…?” King asks again, more hesitant this time as he sees Dark’s head lift and lower a few times.

“King.” Dark murmurs after a moment, rubbing his face.
“What is it, darling? A nightmare?” He asks, watching as King nods his head vigorously and hides his mouth behind his bear stuffed animal.

“Why didn’t you got to Baba and Pops?”
“‘cause they were asleep?” King says uncertainly, and Dark bites back a laugh.

They both know that King came to Dark because he likes Dark better, even now. Neither of them will say it though.

“Alright. Well. Mama is heading to bead now too, so why don’t you come sleep with us. Does that sound good, King?” Dark asks, and King nods his head up and down with a shy expression on his sweet little face.

Dark chuckles tiredly, stooping down to bundle the small boy and his toy into his arms.
“Off we go then.” He says, and his heart warms as King’s head drops bonelessly against his chest.

He does love his son, it’s always a wonder to know his son loves him too.


Hi! Happy Wednesday! And (if applicable) happy almost thanksgiving!

Holiday chaos, hopefully it is sufficient for now to say I’m still jamming away at EL! Things have been trucking on (comparatively anyway) very smoothly; though I STILL can’t give any dates because the script STILL isn’t done, and as unpredictable as that’s been, I really don’t feel comfortable giving a date I know I may not be able to keep! So please bear with me, but! I am! excited! 

On Friday I’m gonna post up something or another–at least a gif~

Have a fantastic week <3 

Bias tag

I’ve been tagged by the always so kind @ozzballer. Thank you for thinking of me, dear! *sending virtual bear hugs*

Rule: List 10 biases from 10 DIFFERENT groups.

(Why??? This is too hard… Anyway, here we go… an incomplete list as you can guess)

1. Young K - DAY6 (no need to justify myself)

2. Yan An - PENTAGON (I swear Kino is also ruining me these days, so I’m pretty sure I’m double-biased now but I don’t want to break the rules so yeah)

3. Changkyun - Monsta X (look at my babies getting their 1st win, I’m so proud *-*)

4. Mark - NCT (adorable little bean and a multitalented miracle)

5. Mark - GOT7 (yeah it seems that I have a thing for Marks :D)

6. Jin - BTS (i think it was obvious from my icon ^^)

7. Chen - EXO (the dork with the voice of an angel)

8. Chani - SF9 (my only bias who’s younger than me lol)

9. Dino - SEVENTEEN (what can’t he do seriously?)

10. Taemin - SHINee (no matter if it’s adorable Taemin or seducing Taemin, I have never regretted that he’s my bias)

Originally posted by marksontrash

I’m tagging the cuties aka @yeongwonhi-nuna, @dat-town, @lily-blue, @lthyl, @meetevil, @gukyi, @sonnenfuchs, @llynnfics, @parkjaeins, @httpsung, @kkaebaek, @heony-k, @jminiebiased, @7abshy, @robotkeychain, @sageok, @jahehyung, @belazygirl and anyone who feels like sharing (a part of) their bias list with me! ^^

i made cookies with my mom and i was happy but now im sad because nobody ever seems to get along with their family and people tell me that i wont have to see them one day but i dont want that because i complain and rant and have panic attacks because of my family but i love them, i really do.

i love my mom that does so much for me even if she completely overbearing. even when she cant see it isnt good, she does what she thinks is best for me.

i love my dad who just a big soft teddy bear that gets mad easily. he isnt good at dealing with frustration but at least he tries to apologize.

i love my brother even tho he’s always locked in his room and doesnt talk to us anymore.

i dont want them gone i just dont want them to control me.


From now to next month, most likely. I was thinking about it, but I have a lot of things to do until the end of the year. My graduation is in January and I have to finish everything by the end of December: my presentations, assignments, tests, exams, everything. Besides that, I usually have more workload on these months. And I don’t know why people have to yell at you when they have a problem… I’m stressed as well but that is not the way to solve things. It is the price you pay when you deal with people everyday, I guess.

I’m not completely gone from here though. I’m still going to post whenever I can about my biases, specially if it is Mario related, but I’m going to answer links requests on weekends, so please bear with me >.<

That’s all for now. I’m always willing to talk about everything, but if I don’t answer right away, now you will know why ^^U

- To you all that wanted happy tododeku, *mmuuah*

**Do not repost/use without permission

Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


some rwby volume 4 doodles! was going to add more qrow pictures to this set, but then i ran out of time and motivation ;;

medical au where yuuri and phichit are pediatric nurses who bond over their favorite animals!! ( 。・ ∀ ・。)人(。・ ∀ ・。 )

(more of the yoi medical au here)