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Mens Practice Day 1 Group 1 Practice in the Books!

Edit: I put the video on my drive so hopefully it’s working now!

Yuzu actually came out briefly during ladies and gave hugs to Tracy and Brian. He looked like a junior coach.  

This is my first time watching practices and it’s so exciting!!  I recorded all of the first group and got some nice close ups. My camera cut off the last couple of minutes but the jumps were all done.  Overall a fairly solid practice.  Yuzu did flub the 4S combo in his SP run through but at least he got the 4 sal in. Very interesting to see him doing a 4t/.5/3S, a 3axel out of an ina bauer  and spread eagles. Makes me wonder if those changes are in store for his free skate. We’ll see. I’m glad I brought my stress ball and Pooh Bear. Now I just need a glass of wine lol.  

Shoma’s practice was okay and he seemed in good spirits. He made some good jumps then botched some.  It’s not uncommon for him to have a so-so practice and then have a better skate during game time. 

Since youtube took it down you guys can find it on my drive:


We had a great weekend seeing our son one last time on campus before he graduates. The time goes too fast! He worked to get his accounting degree, which takes 5 years, in just 4 years. He’s moving to Boston in the late summer for a job so we are already making plans to go see him there.

Mother Bear’s pizza is a thing at IU. For some reason, I never went there the 4 years I went to school there and haven’t been the last 4 years of college visits. We got it in toady before we headed out. Now I realize what I was missing! Yum!

About Westallen...

I’ve been meaning to share for a while, but since I don’t care for drafting, proofreading, editing, and revising, I hadn’t gotten around to do it.

I was drawn to the show because Iris was being played by a black woman. So when I saw a promo for 2x03 in my YouTube recommendations (when Barry catches Iris as she jumps off the building), I decided to start watching. My sole inquiry regarding the show was the following. “Is Iris West anything like Karen Page from DareDevil? Because if so, I hate her already.” Bear with me now. The answer I got was something among the lines of ‘she is annoying at first, but she hasn’t been as bad this season.’-Now I understand why I got that answer.

So, I binge watched all of season one almost throughout a weekend, mind you, expecting the see this annoying Iris I was told about. I finally caught up when they were on the Earth 2 episodes by then having completely forgotten about the whole “she is annoying” bit. I must’ve missed it. 

Once I was caught up and had to wait week to week for new episodes, I did a little research, found out Iris is the love of Barry’s life in every possible reality and started wondering why that couldn’t get through people’s head(naive me, I know). I came on tumblr, found and follow blogs that I felt I could learn more from, and it was/has been and overall pleasant experience.

What came as a shocker to me was learning that ‘snowbarry’ was a “thing”. The first time I read the moniker I said to my self, “What’s that?!” Then I read something on how they had such chemistry and whatnot. I must’ve missed that too. I can tell you sincerely, not being a westallen ‘stan’ at this point, I could not see what people were talking about when it came to Barry and Snow.  I don’t think I felt as a Westallen fan until season 3, I liked them a lot, but I cannot say that I was quite there yet.

I love the hell out of Candice Patton, I’m happy and proud-even if it might not be my place-that a beautiful, talented, young black woman portrays this character so beautifully. I’m grateful that I get too see it, that if I ever have children, they’ll get to see it. That black girls all over are able to see what our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and mothers even didn’t get to. I’m grateful that I found blogs that value her and her work, that share these feelings, and defend them fiercely.


First let me say I’ve been a follower from the beginning and the blog keeps getting better and better. I really appreciate how you guys respond to inquiries in such a illustrative and effective manner. Now onto my request:

I have quite the gift for analyzing and typing others (it might sound pretentious, but I’ve been hearing this for many years so bear with me), but can’t seem to apply that ability to myself.

I’m absolutely sure I use Fe/Ti and Se/Ni, but I don’t know about the order. I’m 99% sure I’m an Extrovert, so that leaves ESTP and ENFJ. I have no problems in being brutally honest with myself, so I read material on inferior and immature Ti & Ni here in the site, but it seems like I can display negative behavior partaking both functions at different times, so it didn’t help.

Could you guys do a type contrast or maybe breakdown how would the two types approach the same situation, like say, analyzing or typing someone else?

Thanks for the time and consideration,



Hi There! I feel you, typing oneself can be extremely confusing. I have had similar problems in the past. In fact, looking back, I feel my confusion was a bit indicative of my true type. As a Fe-dom I would learn off of my surroundings adapting, in order to better relate to those around me. This process is so on-going its almost undetectable; and as a result, my surroundings would tend to be an influencer when determining my type.

I found the most grounding determinant to be getting tune with my other functions, particularly my introverted intuition. In my experience however, I’ve found introverted intuition to be a silent process, have patience when using it. I also find I tend to use my cognitive functions differently depending on its place in my function stack. I don’t necessarily use my extroverted sensing the same as someone who has it as their dominant, or even their auxiliary for that reason. My extroverted sensing will support my upper functions

I imagine studying how you use your functions may prove to be an enlightening experience. Why do you use which functions and for what purpose? Consider some of the following contrasts regarding functions and their position stacking:

  • Dominant Fe vs. Tertiary Fe – Dominant Fe works to attain peace by identifying the values of those around them and comes to identify them as their own. They absorb their relationships and may feel to certain extent they are a culmination of their experiences with others. Tertiary Fe manifests as an understanding of the emotions and motivations of those around you. Used as a supporting function to enable you to get what you want/need out of a situation.
  • Dominant Se vs. Tertiary Se – Dominant Se desires to emerge and engage fully in ones sensory environment, with out hesitation, wanting to be lead by experiences immediately available. Tertiary Se manifests as a sense of confidence to quickly revise or act upon input taken in from ones environment, even if one prefers planning before hand.
  • Auxiliary Ni vs. Inferior Ni – Auxiliary Ni develops as an intuitive understanding of how various events are likely to unfold; and then how best to apply retained foresight to go about achieving ones desired out come. Auxiliary Ni users will tend to have a general life outline or goal and tend to gage decision on wether their outputs will bring them farther or closer to that goal. Inferior Ni may manifest as a frustration towards over-analyzing, especially something that is already seemingly clear. Inferior Ni users may also have a distaste for over-planing when there is a succinct and direct approach.
  • Auxiliary Ti vs. Inferior Ti –  Auxiliary Ti develops as a sense of how a logical order or system in their surroundings can be changed or adjusted to fit ones own desired outcome. Ti as an inferior function, manifests at times as a critic, of others and itself. It naturally seeks to find objective truths, even when harsh; if immaturely developed, inferior Ti can be used as an advantage against others, but when mature used as a useful tool to guide others.

On a final note; go to your loved ones and those closest to you and see if they have any valuable insight. I was surprised when my best friend since childhood (an INFP, btw) pegged me as an ENFJ even while I was confused myself. Come to find out, my parents had also typed me as an ENFJ since the second grade. Others can sometimes see you better than you can. They aren’t in your head all the time, listening to the plethora of conflicting messages you are telling yourself by-the-minute. They see what moves you, what inspires you and especially what drains you. Family and friends can be a great resource when pondered constructively.

Let me know your thoughts, I’de love to hear more of your progress!


- Teilani, ENFJ Mod.  


The nicest ladies have left my ward :(

Margaret was 90 but had such a great sense of humour??? We shat on Trump together. Anne was 70 with dementia so she kept forgetting why I was in but she p much adopted me every time I explained. She also snored like a BEAR. Now it’s good old Brenda who sleeps all day but shares her pneumonia stories with me.

I might need a blood transfusion now.wish me luck. I’m going to try to bond with Brenda.

Ok so the fic I was supposed to finish yesterday is now in the marination stage, so due to being outed by @gurguliare as a closet fan of ‘mob psycho 100 tumblr posts as tagged by gogol when i have no idea what is happening in the actual source material’ she got me to do another osmosis post:

-Alternate Title: “Punch Him In The Brain With Your Brain”

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I'm now imagining that because Ryan's kingdom is so poor, he made sacrifices so that his people wouldn't be the only ones suffering and his table was often less than full. Of course, when the other kings find out (because he's awfully skinny underneath those rather thread-bear robes) they lavish him with proper meals (and kolaches).

tbh I doubt that Ryan would’ve eaten less or anything like that, but it’s certainly an interesting way we could’ve taken it!! Especially once Gavin and him start getting closer and Gavin becomes determined to make Ryan eat more. And give him lots of sweets of course

sincerest apologies. (this is going to be kind of long, bear with me.)

hi darlings, i just wanted to post this to let you know about what’s kinda going on in my personal life at the moment.

so, i do have two matchups written up and pretty much ready to post, but as soon as i post those two i’m going to be taking a little hiatus for a while. long story short, i haven’t had a job in almost three months now and i’ve tried so hard to get myself out there and really be persistent in finding a new one, but nothing’s worked at all. this means i’ve basically had no money whatsoever for three months.
i cosplay a lot. it’s one of the few things in life that makes me truly happy- but when i don’t have money to buy materials to make/finish them, i just… fall into this huge pit of sadness. and i live with parents who think that cosplaying is a waste of time and money.
i had the thought of maybe wanting to do art or writing commissions to get the money, but i don’t exactly have an appealing art style and i get writer’s block very easily. then there’s the whole paypal/bank account thing (which i won’t go into detail with, but long story short it wouldn’t work out either), so i’m basically just a sobbing mess right now.

and i want to apologize from the absolute bottom of my heart to everyone who’s still on the matchup queue- i PROMISE you i will get to your results. one thing i will never do is go back on a promise to get you matched up with a jojo character. it’s what my blog is for and i’m so thankful you sent a request to me- i’m so honored and flattered.

it might sound a little selfish, but if anyone wants to send me anything to cheer me up at all, i could honestly use it. it’d make the tough times easier but that’s completely up to you.

you all are some of the most amazing people/blogs i’ve come across to follow me, like what i post, request something from me… thank you all. i shouldn’t be inactive (if you wanna call it that) for more than a couple days. just some time to breathe and get my emotions back to zero from the negative i’m at. 

if you took the time to read this, holy shit thank you so much for understanding. like i said, i won’t be gone long, just enough for me to get back on the ground.
:3 <3
~admin eboni

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5 x sprace! Omg I'm dying 😆 also I put the list of prompts on my blog, hope that's okay! ~make-up-a-headline

((This is a perfect prompt for these two. Bless.))

((Also I’m on my phone again so please bear with me.))

5. “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!” - “Don’t throw Scissors!”

Race was coming home after a long day at school. His college classes were kicking his ass, and he was happy to be home and could finally relax. He also wouldn’t mind spending time with his boyfriend too. After he unlocked the door he flung it open, only to watch a pair of scissors fly past his face and hit the now open door with a thud before hitting the ground. His head immediately turned to where they came from, seeing his boyfriend with a very shocked expression.

“Spot what the fuck was that?” Race picked up the scissors and closed the door, giving Spot a stern look.

“Well, you see that’s hard to explain.” Spot looked to the floor. He knew it was stupid for him to do.

“I’ll wait. Explain it to me.” Race crossed his arms and continued staring at Spot.

“Well, I was bored. We don’t have a dart board, we should get one by the way, so I made one with cardboard and started throwing the scissors at it.” Spot shrugged. Race whirled around and saw the cardboard on the wall. He walked over and took it off, sighing with relief that there were no marks on the wall.

“Sean Conlon,” Race didn’t use Spot’s real name often, so he knew he was in trouble, “what would ever make you think that was a good idea? We aren’t allowed to make marks in the wall! If those scissors had made it through the cardboard and into the wall? Do you know how much we’d have to pay for that? Definitely more than we could afford! Not only that, it’s dangerous! Those scissors could have hit me when I first walked in!” Race then slipped into Italian, something that happened when he was lecturing someone. Spot stopped him before he finished his rant.

“Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!” Spot shouted. He glared up at his boyfriend, who had been pacing back and forth while lecturing him.

“Don’t throw scissors!” Race looked like he was about to combust, so Spot stood up and pulled him into a hug, just holding him for a second.

“I’m sorry. It was stupid of me and I’ll never do it again. I promise.” Spot was rubbing calming circles into Race’s back and he sighed.

“Thank you. It’s alright.” Race placed a small kiss on Spot’s neck.

“Bad day?” Spot asked, sitting him and Race down of the couch. They stayed close, cuddling.

“Bad week.” Race groaned and cuddled into Spot’s side even further. Spot smiled.

“Okay, why don’t we order takeout and just relax a bit? Take it easy tonight.” Spot was rubbing Race’s arm and could feel him relaxing.

“That sounds nice,” there was a pause, “I’m sorry for yelling at you like that. I was taking out my stress on you and you didn’t deserve that.” He looked up at Spot. Spot just leaned down and kissed him quickly.

“I maybe didn’t deserve that big of a lecture, but I did deserve to be yelled at. It was a pretty stupid thing I did.” Race laughed, causing Spot to laugh too.

“You’re right, but you also do stupid stuff all the time so I shouldn’t have expected better of you anyway.” By the time Spot processed the words Race said, he was already off the couch and beginning to run out of the room.

“Race! You little shit, come here!” Spot yelled and started running after him. Race started laughing down the hall in their bedroom.

March Recommendations!

So, I love fanfiction but a lot of the books that are out nowadays have gotten into the horror aspect, which is fan-fucking-tastic in my eye! So we’re gonna go over a bunch of books that I’ve been reading. Now bear in mind, so I don’t run out of books to read, I HAVE to read multiple books at once. Otherwise, I run out extremely fast. I’ve been known to read seven books in a week, and that wasn’t even speed reading. It was leisure reading. Might need to invest in a Kindle to help that out a bit.

Let’s get started!

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Hellooo, so could you tell us your absolute must-reads on ffnet or AO3? And also, please (i beg you) give me writing tips! I'm totally desperate cause I have all these ideas but i cant bring myself to write them....

Hiya Chickadee.
I don’t have time for a big long list, but one I’d really plug is  Fire and Ice and it’s continuation Embers and Frost by SkyleafAlchemist19. They’re amazing corssovers of OP with ‘Rise of the Guardians’, and while my heart aches so much for Ace, it’s updated every week (usually around Wednesday) and I’ve been promised a happy ending by the author. So that’s that. 

As for writing tips; I’m slowly working on it; I’ve got a page on the blog and I’m trying to write a post called ‘Starting a Fic’, but I’m also running this blog and writing Marines (because Justice just isn’t cooperating right now) so please bear with me. I’m doing as much as I can, promise,

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Larries need to learn the definition of shading. Also so now every single time a tomlinson post a pic w a baby that means they r shading "babygate"? How about years from now when freddie is still louis child and one of them post a pic w a friend baby are they still shading it?

The way they cling to March as an End Date for Babygate speaks to how Larries cling to things that comfort them, regardless of the reality of the thing they’re clinging to.

They will cycle through these same things forever if they’re in this fandom. Blue, green, teddy bears, the idea of using babies as weapons while paying tribute to your mother on Mother’s Day, everything ending in March, all these things will be used by Larries because they’ve used them before and they think that means they have some intrinsic value that can’t be shaken.

It’s such a bizarre fandom when you’re outside of it. Everyone stuck on this endless repetition that never leads them to anything besides more babies, more girlfriends, less Larrie, yet they sit here constantly claiming these old “signs” and “codes” are leading them closer than ever to the finish line.

**Do not repost/use without permission

Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!

“All at once, everything is different, now that I see you…”

A little gift for you all since I can’t believe how amazing you all are?? ♡ ♡ The amount of love I’ve been receiving in the past few days was so overwhelming, really! ♡ Hope you can bear with me and this AU for a little longer! (●´□`)♡

Part 0 - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3AU Tag - DO NOT repost anywhere!

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me