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Oh hey—!!

I’m new to this, so please do bear with me. I’m open to all sorts of interactions. I look forward to roleplaying with you all!! I was looking for some people to roleplay with, it would be lovely if you guys can reblog this. Thank you so much. ;;  ♥ ♥


MikaYuu - But You Didn’t

( i’m actually still relatively new into the OnS fandom so if i accidentally got anything wrong please bear with me ;;v;; )

but that aside, yESSS I’M FINALLY DONE WITH THIS i wanted to angst mikayuu at least once before i take a possible 2 year hiatus from drawing due to school and everything (´;ω;`)

also there’s a limit to how SAI works so i apologise if anything doesn’t look right 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

TS3 to TS4 Modern Bed Conversion

HELLO EVERYONE! and FINALLY I am able to bring you this conversion! Honestly I’ve been stalling because I wanted to put out the single bed as well, however I’m having problem after problem with it, so please bear with me on the single bed. It’ll come out, but I need to fix MORE things on it. But the double bed works great so I thought I’d go ahead and put it out!

There are 32 (Anna’s palette) colors for both the bed and mattress and 9 EA wood textures I extracted.

These items have been player tested but please let me know if you have any problems!

  • Bed is $350
  • Mattress mesh and PSD for recoloring thanks to @veranka-s4cc
  • Mattress is actually colors/white but sometimes in game it looks more yellow (boo)
  • Recoloring of the bed is OK but please credit back to me. I had to edit the original EA mesh and it took me quite awhile to learn Blender.
  • Don’t upload to Paysites please!
  • I’d love to see your creations with these in it so tag #magicalgirlgamer if you use it!


Bedframe (only download ONE):
Colors ONLY
Woods ONLY
Colors AND Woods

Mattress: SIMFILESHARE | Mediafire

CC Credit:

Windows  Dresser & Side Table (green)  Small Easel  Piggy Bank  Rug  String Lights  Stacked Books  Paper Lantern  Small End Table  Clock  Elephant Planter  Heart Painting  Small Book Stack  Curtains  Sheep  Owl Pillow  Flowers  Makeup Case 


Doodling Handers for practice leads to thinking, and what are the consequences? I’ve made this blog like, what, two weeks ago? And I already have three AUs and in every single one these two nerds end up together because WHY THE HELL NOT AM I RIGHT

anonymous asked:

Your favorite RWBY ships?

Ok so: I apologize in advance.

I honestly don’t really have any. Romance really isn’t my domain, and I would be a liar if I said I really cared or knew my way around the subject at all.

But that’s just me; like I don’t want my followers to feel discouraged to ask me how I feel or think about characters or their relationships(though be aware that I have no formal education in the art of story. I have literally read one book. One.), but if you do bring it to a romantic level, know that I literally don’t know shit about it. I will give you the shittiest aromantic reply. It will take the millennia before someone will kick me off the top.

Now I understand that was probably a little underwhelming. So have these(and I drew these in the car so please bear with me and thank Photoshop for ctrl+U and ctrl+L):



A sampling of sprites from Chapter 1, which Shannon @ehrola was finally able to finish up today! Combined with some extra scene art by Laura @wildernessspirits this means that Chapter 1 pretty much has all of its visuals finished.

My plan is to work on coding this stuff in over the next week, while also writing and coding the alternate dialogue/choices for Chapter 2. My goal is that within a week or so (maybe a week and a half more like) I can release a version of the game with an overhauled Chapter 1, a prototype of Chapter 2 (which will be very barebones in terms of visuals) and a preview of Chapter 8. That’ll require me to put some time in so bear with me, and please bear with the artists working on this project.

Thanks again for your continued support.

[text on a light pink background. large text reads “ndstudyblrs” while below it smaller text reads “a community for neurodivergent, mentally ill, and other similar studyblrs” ]

Welcome to ndstudyblrs! This is a blog that hopes to provide resources and a community for mentally ill and neurodivergent studyblrs. As long as you’re neurodivergent or mentally ill, you’re perfectly welcome!


Other Info: 

  • We’ll be reblogging our members posts, along with posts in the #disabledblr  or #nbstudyblrs tags! 
  • We’ll try to provide resources to help our members with school and other aspects of life, along with general motivation through community!
  • Once we figure out the preferred messaging app we’ll create a messaging group for our members!


       Bloody Hell. The Crowd alone was enough to make the female nervous.The fact that she was lost was only adding to her stress. Regardless, she was intent on enjoying her experience. Wide, brown eyes struggled to take in all of the sights. In fact, she was so interested in a street sign that she had managed to walk herself right into another human being.

        “Oh my stars! I’m so sorry”

Please Just Reset (Bring Me to Life Parody)

(Edit: Link to the song)

[It’s pretty bad so bear with me please.

* is Sans, ( ) is Papyrus]

*Why have you done this to us?

*We were your friends.

*Living happily on the surface.

*Like family once again.

*But here we are.

*I’m still surprised you fell this far.

*What happened to that kid I knew?

*Dead like… him.

(Sans just run)

*I have to avenge him.

(You must live on)

*Cause he was all I had.

(Please Sans)

*You must pay for all the things you’ve done.

(Please leave Sans)

*There’s nothing to live for.

(It’s not worth you)

*You stole who I adore.

(Just run)

*Blood must be spilled in this golden hall.

*Now that I know how dark you are.

*We can’t both live.


*One of us just has to die.

*It won’t be me.

(Sans please run)

*You’ve tried so many times.

(It will be undone.)

*Surely you must die.

(Come on Sans)

*I have to win so this is not pointless.

(Listen Sans)

*It’s too late to flee.

(You need to run)

*They’re all counting on me.

(I beg you)

*Pap will understand, but one last thing…

*Kid, please reset.

*Please just reset

*I can’t live without my bro.

*He’s all I had.


*You understand how it feels to be alone.

(All of this time,)

(I can’t believe I couldn’t see.)

(Just who you were,)

(Until you were staring straight at me.)

*Please help me God,

*It’s happening again.

*Can’t they see that this kid is not a friend?

(Too late to stop.)

(My brother’s fate,)

(Is what I fear.)

*So just reset!

(Sans just stop)

*I have to keep trying

(I beg of you)

*Stop the anomalies.

(Live on)

*But that’s a bonus to avenging his life

(Brother please)

*Guess I’ll say goodbye

(I’ll see you soon)

*Looks like I’m gonna die

(Please Sans)

*Heading to Grillby’s,

*Pap you want anything?

*This is the end.

*It’s time to reset.