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The other night husband and I were watching a documentary about the yeti where they were doing DNA analysis of samples of supposed yeti fur, and every one of them came back as bears.

Anyway, the next night we watched a thing about some pig man who is supposed to live in Vermont. People said it had claws and a pig nose but walked upright like a man. Now, I happen to know that sideshows used to shave bears and present them as pig men. So every piece of evidence they gave of this monster sounds to me like a bear with mange.

So now the running joke in our house is that everything is bears. Aliens? Bears. Loch Ness monster? Bear. Every cryptozoological mystery is just a very crafty bear.

Bears. They’re everywhere. Be wary. Anyone or anything could be a bear.


kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)


YOOOOO So I’m sort of definitely absolutely late on this, but I still wanted to post cool stuff from last weekend’s con just for the sake of posterity. It’s probs gonna be in like 3-4 posts, so you might(?) experience a little spam. try to bear with me here folks.

dating Mingyu would include

Note: this is my first time so please bear with me

Also note: the reader in this is shorter and younger than Mingyu.

  • if you’re smaller a lot of teasing
  • “Hey jagi can you reach up and get me-oh wait.”
  • lots got glaring BECAUSE of the teasing
  • him using you as a arm rest
  • “Mingyu stop.”
  • “No, I’m comfy.”
  • calling you short evERY DAY
  • being the little spoon when it’s time to cuddle
  • having him cook you food even if you decline
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • “Just try this!”
  • “No.”
  • “Just do it.”
  • “Ugh, fine.”
  • him spamming you with texts when he’s away or even at practice
  • “I miss you.”
  • “You’ve only been gone for a hour Mingyu.”
  • “So?”
  • Him freaking out whenever you call him oppa
  • “Babe, can you say it?”
  • “Say what?”
  • “You know what.”
  • You’d stare at him confused until you realized.
  • “No.”
  • “Jagi.”
  • -note the ton of pouting-
  • “Nope.”
  • After he’d just stop asking and continue to pout.
  • Which you eventually gave into.
  • “Oppa.”
  • You have no idea how happy you made this child by calling him that.
  • Him always wanting to play with your hair or do it.
  • “Babe can I do your hair?”
  • “What? No.”
  • “Please?”
  • “No, the last time you did it I had a huge knot that we had to cut out!”
  • Holding hands, literally everywhere.
  • Like, you’d be in the supermarket and he wouldn’t let you go get milk without him.
  • “I just need to go get milk, wait here.”
  • “No, I’m coming with you.”
  • “Mingyu, you’re not a child.”
  • He’d end up coming with you, gripping your hand so you don’t leave him alone.
  • You know that post about if a dog could talk?
  • Yeah, that’s Mingyu.
  • Being best friends with the Seventeen members.
  • Mainly Wonwoo.
  • He practically lives at your house.
  • “Babe, can Wonwoo come over?”
  • “When did you ever have to ask?”
  • “Good point.”
  • “and when was the last time he didn’t come over.”
  • “Right.”
  • Listening to the members say how gross he is.
  • “He’s still in the bad habit of wiping his snot on us.”
  • “You thought it was bad when he did it to Jun’s hair? It got on my face!”
  • “Not only that, he’s constantly talking about your sex life.”
  • **NSFW below!**
  • Speaking of your sex life
  • Your two were inseparable
  • Like a few times you just spent the whole day in bed.
  • And you weren’t just watching TV.
  • With Mingyu it’s unpredictable how the night goes.
  • Sometimes he wants to be passionate, sometime rough and possessive.
  • him constantly complimenting your body
  • running his hands along your curves
  • kissing up your skin until he meets your lips
  • expect his head between your legs a lot
  • he’d probably expect something in return
  • but he won’t make you
  • lot of heavy breathing instead of moans
  • some moans but not a lot
  • “you’re so beautiful”
  • “how’d I get so lucky?”
  • “Mingyu.”
  • “yeah?
  • “Shut up?”
  • anyways
  • dating mingyu would be 
  • fun
  • exciting
  • very passionate

anonymous asked:

Hey khiwatari-san.. I'm kinda follow yr updates in twitter and it seems that u're busy with works. Thanks so much for translating axk and still didn't give up till now. Love u so much!! ;) and is there any other anime/manga that u have been following right now?? I've already watch what youtube had recommended me :\

Yes, work is very busy lately, actually, it has been busy since mid 2016… and sorry for making everyone bored with my rants on Twitter.  Since twitter is so convenient and usually it is the only app that works when my phone internet signal is weak I always spam on Twitter XD  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEARING WITH MY RANTS!!

I have not been following too many anime/manga lately for obvious reasons stated above. There isn’t anything this season that caught my eye immediately like AxK and BSD~

For anime, I am following:

1. Boku no Hero Academia

2. Clockwork Planet- recently got into this because it’s the same author as No Game No Life, but I like the latter better 8D

And for manga, I just finished reading “Akuma ni Chic x Hack” by Tanemura Arina-sensei. I think her works are the only shoujo I am reading right now and everything else I read is shounen XD (I own every manga of hers except “Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi” and going to buy the two volumes of Akuma ni Chic x Hack later~)

Manga I am following are Aoharu x Kikanjuu (obviously), Bungo Stray Dogs (obviously), Boku no Hero Academia.

Some series I am following the light novel instead of the manga version, including Sword Art Online and No Game No Life~


🌈FIDGET SPINNER GIVEAWAY 🌈 ❄Likes and reblogs count as an entry! ❄Must be following me! ❄I will end this when I reach 700 followers!(I’ll let you know when I’m close!) ❄(No fake blogs/no spamming!!/usual rules etc) ❄Please don’t hesitate to shoot a message! ❄Only shipping in USA unless you will pay! 🌈THANKS SO MUCH DOLLS!🌈

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uc berkeley 2021


after frantic hours of soul searching and chatting with people (primarily @thebearwilleat lmao sorry girl–btw she’s graduating from cal soon so spam her with congratulations messages) i finally decided to become a golden bear! 

ucla was a beautiful californian paradise but it just wasn’t for me. something just didn’t feel right. 

both excited and scared for the next 4 years; here’s to hoping that i pass chem 1a and actually make it through the pre-med reqs to declare MCB or IB HAHA i need prayers

thank you to the many awesome appblrs @physicsfanatic @studythesunshineflowers @harbingerofbooksandbakedgoods @think-ings @crystalflowerbomb and the others that were there for me to rant/vent/stress together with when college decisions were rolling out!

i guess i’m officially an ex-appblr now but if anyone wants me to revise their essays, talk about colleges (especially the UC’s) or want advice about high school and the admissions process here i am

and if you’re an appblr ‘17 be sure to PM me and tell me where you’re going!

btw my blog will consist mainly of Cal swag and images of the campus so sorry in advance 

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So how cute were those Panlie moments in WBB!? I never thought I would ship a bear and a Bigfoot but here we are! Sorry to spam but no one else I follow ships them.

Like jesus christ Panda is so me when it comes to romance before I realised I was gay. 

hi friends ❤ 2016 finally died and i wanted to celebrate it with this follow forever.I know I´m a little late with this (i´m a slow bean) but I wanted to send a little thank you to all of you, cause you definitely made the past/ this hell of a shit year much better! I´m very thankful for all the god friends I met on this page through the year! I love you all and I hope you will have a great 2017, I wish you the best, may you be happy, reach your goals and be by good health!

Since some off you might wonder: I follow with my main blog @floverleaves 

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Not so recently I hit a huge milestone (not so huge, but it’s important for me haha) and like always… I am late to thanking people because most of the time I just end up being really awkward. The thing is I have people I have to say thank you to, so bear this with me. This is not going to be a follow forever or anything like that because I just suck at systematically doing stuff, so I am just going to do this free-style. :)

Warning: This is going to be long because you know I talk way too much sometimes. Me enrollo como las persianas I would say in Spanish (I roll up like the blinds would be a very rough translation in English = I talk too much)

Really, this is already not going well and I just started,but to every single person who once decided that I was worth following -I spam quite a lot sometimes-  thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Can you imagine Luke dressing his lil baby boy Grayson up in the softest brown bear onesie???? He puts him on your shared bed and basically spamming his entire snapchat with snaps of Gray giggling and gurgling at his daddy and the last one is of Gray scrunching his face up because he’s bored of this game now and he wants his daddy to cuddle him and so Luke captions it “grizzly gray” before lying on the bed pulling his grizzly gray into his arms and nuzzling their identical sloped noses together before pecking the tip of Gray’s nose and whispering “love you grizzly bum”