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Dating Clay Jensen Includes...


Warning: profanity

Request: here

Note: yup im doing another imagine i have a day off tom so imma try to do most(if not all) requests tomorrow??

  • Thinking he was hot
  • Yeah not cute
  • Not adorable
  • Just straight up hot

“Um hi you’re hot”

“Hi-um what?”

  • Bffs with jeff he’s your main man

“Jeff i love you bud.”


  • Clay just like ??? help ? me? Please ??
  • Clay helping you out a lot after jeff passes
  • Jeff was your best friend
  • Brother even
  • You’ve known him your whole life, you can’t just lose someone that fast
  • Uncontrollable sobbing on her shoulder
  • Falling asleep on him
  • Having a weird habit of slow dancing with him after dates and you just fall asleep on his shoulder the GUY IS A TEDDY BEAR DONT JUDGE
  • Hugs cuddles dis guy don’t have blankets so he just call you


“Heck no we cuddled 5 minutes ago, get a blanket son.”

“We could make a son ;)”

“Who took my clay.”


“I don’t like your shirt.”

“I don’t care. I LOVE IT.”

  • I said open not agreeable…
  • Play fights 24/7
  • Clay’s actually not innocent he reads smut fics ab doing the do with your crush O.O
  • Jkjk well we don’t know for sure

“I want to marry him.”

“I want to marry you.”



After the formal (in wHICH YOU ASKED HIM #BREAKING DA STEREOTYPES) you just go over to his house and his dad just yells, “use protection.” insert mother and father arguing ab dis.

You both r v dedicated in the relationship and sometimes care too much about the other,

But since when is caring too much a bad thing?



  • Yet,,,, Clay buys the shirt anyway?? Like you were saving him from embarrassment for at least 15 years.

“You loved her?”

“I love you.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“Please just trust me.”

“I’m so sorry Clay. I need-I need time.”

You love each other dearlyyyyy

Get married

4 kids

1 son just like he wanted ;)

Naming one daughter’s middle name Hannah, just so you won’t have to tear up too often but she lives in your heart

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Ouma, Nagito, Makoto, Fujisaki, Shuichi and Ki-bo playing horror games with their S/O?

Omg I love horror games although most of my friends don’t, I hope you enjoy!

Request: Ouma, Nagito, Makoto, Fujisaki, Shuuichi and Kiibo playing horror games with their S/O

Kokichi Ouma:

Five Nights At Freddy’s

- “Ouma - kun it’s just a mechanical bear…”


- “Check the door!”

- He quickly flicks the light on to find Bonnie standing in the door way

- “Nope.”

- He presses the button and closes the door

- “This is so stressful S/O - chan how do you play this for fun?”

- He flicks the camera’s back up and looks around

- “I find it fun”

- As soon as he flicks the camera down, Chica is there ready to jumpscare him

- He literally falls off his chair so you quickly catch him

- “What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.”

- “You died Ouma - kun, see you’re in the suit now” You point to the game over screen and he sighs

- “So…. Wanna play the other 4 games and an RPG version of it which is cute?”


- “Scared?”

- “Nishishi~ I’m a liar S/O - chan, I was…. Faking my reactions so you’d have fun…”

- You wrap your arms around him and give him a quick kiss on the cheek

- “Okay then, I’ll play with you this time though!”

- He sure prefers that option more

Nagito Komaeda:

Resident Evil Series

- “Komaeda - kun! Let’s play Resident Evil 6 together okay?”

- After showing him how the controls work the two of you begin

- He picks the first campaign and each time there’s something that references past games you make sure to explain it to him

- He’s not really the type to be scared of games, he knows it’s all fictional

- Except when a jumpscare happens

- He just sort of leans back a bit before trying to kill the creature

- “S/O - san, do you find this fun?”

- “Yeah! Most people say it’s stupid, oh pick up that herb, but I like this game!”

- After completing one campaign he seems somewhat bored so you quickly spring into action

- “You can play Resident Evil 7 now! It’s better in VR so…”

- You put on the goggles for him and again explain the controls to him

- He seems a lot more scared now, he even flinches at times

- “This is amazing! It’s almost like I’m the- AAH!”

-You can’t help but giggle, it’s rare for him to scream

- At one point he lifts the goggles and looks around the room

- “You know, I much rather prefer this house rather than that weird… Haunted one… But the story is good! I wonder what awaits me!”

- “Well, knowing your luck, you’ll finish the game by the end of the day

- He gives you the goggles for a bit and the two of you keep switching until eventually you reach the ending

Makoto Naegi:

The Witch’s House

- An.. RPG horror game? Well it’s not something he’d usually play but you seemed really keen to show him so… What could go wrong


- He’s screaming within like 5 minutes

- “Naegi - kun just go into the next room!”


- You have to quickly lean over and save him

- Once you’re safe he lets out a sigh of relief and you just start laughing

- “How about I turn the lights off?”

- “NO!”

- “Awh, I’m just teasing!”

- “You said you liked this game! It’s scary!”

- “Duh! I do like it, there’s 2 endings you can get so come on!”

- He screams again when a painting attacks him

- It takes a while but he finally gets one ending

- “No way! They killed her?!”

- “Go get the second ending!”

- Once he does he stares at you in shock

- “What a twist! I was not expecting that!”

- “It’s good right?”

- “Oh don’t get me wrong S/O - san, I’m still going to be sleeping with a night lamp on because of you but… Yeah!”

- You laugh and give him a hug

Chihiro Fujisaki:


- You asked him if he’s sure that he wants to play it

- “Mm… I want to try and beat it…”

- You make sure you sit next to him as he skillfully moves around the map

- The first page was quite easy to find, he was so happy!

- You kept cheering for him 

- … And then Slender man appeared

- “Hyaaa!”

- He instantly clings to your arm and hides, pressing his forehead to your arm

- “He’s creepy…”

 - “Haha, awh it’s okay Fujisaki - kun I’ll protect you!”

- He watches you play for a while, never letting go of your arm

- You offer him another go from time to time but he kindly declines telling you he prefers watching you play

- He decides that he’s not a fan of horror games and will most definitely not be playing this game again

- You make sure he’s okay seeing as he’s still clinging onto your arm

- “Hey Fujisaki - kun, how about I make us a nice cup of hot chocolate each and then we can play a game that you like?”

- He nods and quickly closes the game, he doesn’t want to delete it because you like it and that would just be mean!

- The two of you then play one of his games and he tells you all about it even going as far as saying how some things were programmed into it

Shuuichi Saihara:


- Horror games? He hasn’t really played games but if you want to then he can try

- You tell him that in this game you’re a journalist investigating a psychiatric hospital and that automatically sparks his interest

- You can see that he’s shaking, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to turn the lights off….

- When there’s a particularly scary moment he jumps a little and then clings onto you

- You giggle and pat his arms

- “This is… Why is it so scary… Ah…”

- “You know there’s a sequel right?”

- “A SEQUEL?!”

- “Yeah wanna play the demo?”

- “Um… After we finish the first one”

- “Okie dokie!”

- Surprisingly he’s quite good at the game even though he takes quite a long time to come out of his hiding spot, just to be extra careful 

- The jumpscares are what get him the most but he comments how he likes the general environment seeing as it sends shivers down his spine

- He offers you to play from time to time

- “This is…. Quite different from the novels I read but… I can see why you enjoy this S/O - san”

- If he seems particularly scared you make sure to hold his hand which he squeezes occasionally


Corpse Party

- Horror games? He never played anything like that

- You made a joke suggesting you should just plug the device into him


- After a brief explanation of no it’s just a joke you hand him the PSP

- It takes him a while to figure out what each button does but he gets the hang of it soon

- He seems quite relaxed at the start of Chapter 1… Until the end that is


- He’s the kind of person who would question the actions of the protagonists

- “Why would you split up that is obviously a bad idea!”

- “What? Why would you do something you found on the internet?”

- When the plot twist happens it takes him a while to process what just happened

- “Wait no that’s not… But… But why?!”

- You can basically hear cogs turning in his head as he tries to figure it out

- You make sure to tell him to save regularly because there’s a lot of bad endings

- Bad endings? He’s intrigued now

- He spends ages trying to 100% complete the game and when he finally does he’s very proud to tell you that

- “Um… I’m really happy for you Kiibo - kun!… There’s a lot more games though haha…”

- “Let’s play them all!… Just don’t leave me alone please”

- Who knew robots could get scared

The Joker x Reader -  “Baby”

Imagine the Joker calling you nothing else but “baby”.

(Huge grin):  “Oohhhh, baby!”

“Stomp on his head harder, baby, otherwise we’ll be here all night!”

“Baby, did you see my socks?”

“Bring that map closer so I can see. No, baby, I don’t need contacts.”

“Guess what stupid Batsy did, baby!”

“Take it all off, baby!”

”Baby, we’re out of grape juice.”

“Careful with that, baby, or your pretty face will blow up to pieces.”

“If you’re not behaving Daddy will have to punish you, baby.”

(Keeps on shooting):  “Why won’t he just die, baby?!”

(Takes splinter out of your finger):  “The things I do for you, baby.”

(Heavy breathing):  “Don’t stop, baby.”

“Why won’t Batsy pay attention to me, baby?”

“No, baby, I’m never wrong.”

“You like what daddy’s doing to you, baby?”

“You think I should tan more, baby?”

“Baby, can you dye my hair?”

“Bring you ass over here, baby!”

(Alarm blaring):  “I think I wasn’t supposed to touch that, baby.”

“Baby, do you have any idea how exhausting it is for me to be so perfect?!”

“Hey, baby, look at the beautiful diamond necklace I bought for you. OK… I stole it.”

(You watched him do it):  “It wasn’t me, baby.”

“I got this, baby.” (Fucks up shit even more)

“Hey, baby, wanna full around?”

“What do you mean I have to shave, baby??!!”

“I heard you the first time, baby; I just didn’t feel like answering.”

(Warehouse is full of dynamite):  “I think we need more explosives, baby.”

“No, you shut up, baby!”

“Baby, can you wash my Batsy T-shirt?”

“Come on, baby, sit on the bear skin rug with me.”

“What do you mean you’re not in the mood, baby?”

“…because I say so, baby, that’s why.”

“When do I ever act childish, baby?!”

“You’re so asking for it, baby.”

(Gets into a fist fight):  “Hold my earrings, baby.”

“Nobody tells me what to do, baby! Fine…give me 5 minutes.”

“Of course I tell you I love you all the time, baby; you’re just hard of hearing.”

“No way, baby, I never stare at other girls; I just glance.”

(Has about 5 heavy gold chains around his neck): “This is too subtle, baby; I need 10 more.”

“Nobody’s prettier than you, baby, except me.”

“You’re the only one for me, baby, but if you die…I have needs.”

“Wanna bet I can make you scream louder, baby?”

“What do you mean we’re going to have a baby…baby?”

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Imagine comforting Evan through his breakup.

It was very late at night, I was up that night eating chips and watching X-Files over and over again on Netflix. My phone began to rang, “Who would call this late,” I said to myself as I reach over to my phone, to see that it was Evan who was calling me. “Hello?” I asked with a confused voice. He had been absent for a while now, him becoming famous made him too busy to really communicate, which I did understand. “Hey, did I wake you up?” He asked, I could tell something wasn’t right with his tone. “No, not at all, I’m watching X-Files,” I said with a slight laugh. He cleared his throat and sighed “Good, um. I’m kind of outside your apartment. I need someone right now, and I know it’s selfish, because I haven’t been around much, but can I come in?” I didn’t know what to say, “Of course, Evan.” “Okay, good, give me like 5 minutes.” Evan got upstairs and knocked on my door. I looked through the peephole, and he was holding a stuffed animal in front of it. He was so funny, and did such quirky things. I smiled and opened the door. “Hey,” He said with a smile, looking down at the teddy bear. His dimples showing. He walked in and set the teddy bear down “I got it for you, it’s dumb I know. I’m a cheesy guy,” he said with a shrug. “I love it,” I said as I hugged him. He buried his face into my neck and sighed. I led him to my couch and we both sat down. He didn’t say anything for a while then I asked him “Evan, are you okay?” “No, I’m not okay,” He said with a laugh, then I noticed he began to wipe his eyes to try and not cry.

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“Emma, she left. I came home and all of her stuff was gone. She left this note, that said ‘don’t try to talk to me, it’s over.’ I just… Wish she would tell me what I did, I don’t know what I did and it’s making me crazy,” He said burying his face in his hands. “I need to say this, Evan, because I care about you. Emma was awful to you, and you know it. She cheated on you, in front of you even. She beat the shit out of you, you tried to take some of blame of it, and then you bailed her out of jail the next day. You are probably one of the most amazing guys I have ever known, and you deserve so much better than that.” I said scooting closer to him, he looked up at me and that’s when he just began to sob, hard. He stopped to dry the tears off his face then smiled at me “I’m fine,” he said showing his dimple in his cheek.

Originally posted by mirianabiondi

I gave him a concerned look and then sighed “Somehow I don’t believe you, you need someone better who isn’t going to hurt you. Someone who will treat you like you have always to deserved to be treated, someone like…” “You,” He spoke bluntly. My heart pounded “What?” “Someone like you?” He said again drying his face, and sniffling.”What are you getting at?” I said with a confused laugh “You have been friends with me since… High school, were nice to me when I was the geeky fat kid that everyone made fun of. You are probably the only person who doesn’t ask me for anything, because I am famous now. You’re just… You. I would some times think about  you, especially when Emma would come home all drunk and shit, being completely rude and obnoxious. I would think back to that one day, when I left to start filming Murder House, you hugged me. You told me that you knew I would do great things, and I remember thinking what if I would have kissed you like I wanted to, what would have happened? I would have pursued you. It’s times like this where she cuts me deep that I think about what could have been.” I was speechless, as my eyes were watering. “You’re just… hurt.” I  said looking away, trying to hide my own 10 years of pain I felt in my chest wanting to let him know how I had always felt about him. Even when he was that “chubby, geeky, kid,” he claims he was. He shook his head “No, I’m not just hurt. It’s true, you were my high school crush,” I giggled “You were mine,” I said with a smile “I was not! I was not okay in high school, I looked like a fat, lesbian,” I started to laugh at him “No you did not, Evan that’s such bullshit,” I said playfully hitting him. “I remember that one day, when you went with me to prom, I got you that flower that ended up giving you a horrible asthma attack and we spent the night in the ER.” He said laughing “You were always so sweet to me, even when I almost killed you with a flower,” He smiled, and that’s when he grabbed my hand, pulled me forward and began to tickle me “No!” I screamed in protest as my whole body convulsed. That’s when I head butted him and we both stopped, holding our heads “Fuck your head is hard,” He said groaning. “So is yours!” I yelled with a laugh. “Let me look, I’m sorry, you know better than to tickle me, Evan. All concussions are your fault,” I said, gently brushing his blonde curls aside. “I think you’re going to live,” I said laughing. He looked at me, his brown eyes gazing over my face. He took his hand and touched the side of my face, his finger tips gently touching my skin. He leaned forward then to kiss me and I pulled away “Whoa,” I said. His facial expression changed, and his face grew red “I’m sorry, I just… I don’t know. I think I should leave. I’m sorry,” He said as he got up, I could tell he felt rejected just now, and my heart hurt at the thought of hurting him. I stood up and ran to him. Grabbing his hand, “Evan, don’t go. It just surprised me is all, I didn’t think that you would do that. Besides, you just literally got out of a relationship with someone. I don’t want to be someone’s rebound,” He turned to me and held my face in his hands “You are too good to be someones rebound, don’t ever think that about yourself. This is not me looking for a rebound, this is me getting the veil off of my eyes, to see what I should have done years ago. I need someone who is better to me, like you have been.” he said. He then, leaned down and pressed his lips into mine passionately. I felt my knees buckle as I put my hands on his face too. His tongue moved around my bottom lip, then he bit down on it, tugging it gently, then chuckled as I let out a small sigh. He continued to kiss me, parting my lips with his tongue, eagerly exploring my mouth. I rubbed my tongue against his as he laid me down onto the couch, laying on top of me. 

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The smell of his leather jacket, and his cologne filling my nose. He always smelled so good. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I felt like I was melting in his arms. His fingers moving down my bare thigh, sending chills down my back, goosebumps rising on my skin. I began to breath heavily, as he moved his hand up my shirt, and grabbed my chest, maneuvering under my bra to feel my nipple under it. My head began to pound and I let out a moan as he pinched his fingers around it. That’s when he pulled off my shirt, then accidentally turned the TV back on, the theme music blasting loudly we both jumped then started to laugh “Fuck,” He said as he reached looking for the remote, then turning it off. He looked back down at me and blushed “I’m so awkward I’m sorry,” He said as he leaned back down “I just don’t ever know what to say or do,” He started to kiss me again, unhitching my bra from behind me, I then unzipped his jacket and pulled off his shirt too. He moved his hand down my side, and moved his finger back and forth on my panty line of my shorts. He then slipped his hand down the front of my shorts and moved his fingers between my lips. He slowly slipped 2 fingers inside of me, and rubbed his thumb over my clit. He kissed along my jaw line, and down my neck as my breath caught, I let a small moan escape my lips. That’s when he sat up for a moment, and began to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down a bit, to show his bulge in his boxers. I sat up in front of him and pulled them down, to reveal how hard he was. I looked up at him as I wrapped my hand around it, and started to take him into my mouth. He exhaled sharply, looking down at me, grabbing my hair in his hands. I twisted my hand around his length, my mouth going up and down his shaft, taking brief moments to stop only to flick the tip with my tongue. “Fuck…” He muttered out, as I heard my name escape his lips. He sat down and I stayed on my hands and knees, to which he reached under me to still finger me. He rubbed my clit fast to a point I felt I may cum, then he stopped push his fingers deep inside of me. “Fuck, I can’t take it,” He said as he stood up. He then he pulled down my shorts and my panties. I arched my back so that he could have better access to me. He teased me for a bit with it, as he only rubbed his tip around my opening. Then he pushed himself inside of me, filling me with every inch of his length. I felt him grab onto my ass, and he started to go hard and slow. Going deep inside of me with every thrust. He kissed my back and the back of my neck as he did. He started to go faster and harder, the sound of our skin hitting echoing through the room. I moaned as he continued to go more and more, until I could myself nearing my climax, he pulled out and started to stroke himself, He turned me over and put himself between my legs, moving his face down, and began to flick his tongue over my clit, “Oh my god,” I muttered, when he started to finger me at the same time, he kept stroking himself as I came closer and closer. I pushed up against his face, and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt myself start to climax as I started to arch my back. He then finished himself, cumming onto my stomach. He both caught our breaths back, as I looked my stomach “It’s… Everywhere,” I said jokingly. He started to laugh “Yeah… I cum a lot.” He said as he got up, and grabbed me a paper towel. “ So, what now?” He asked me as he helped me get my clothes back on “We can finish this show?” I said reaching for the remote. “No, I mean. What now, between us. What does this mean?” He asked me as he buckled his pants. “What do you want it to mean?” I asked him with a smile. He sat back down and pulled me into his lap “I want it to mean something, I want to see where we can go,” He said kissing my forehead. “Okay, we will see where this goes,” 

Hiveswap, Cherubs, Fantrolls, First Guardians, Limebloods: How Does This Concern Me?

New year, new theory! With Hiveswap hot on our heels it’s fitting that we kick 2017 off with a bang, right? Gotta get my bets in before the races start! You know what they say right? Go big or go home.

So let’s make the first theory of the year a Hiveswap plot forecast!

Let’s talk about how the fantroll we saw for 2 panels might actually tell us how Doc Scratch and cherubs factor into the plot of the game.

This is definitely a lot more interesting than the Handmaid.

Longish post warning. We’ve got some potential to discuss.

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Texts from your baes when you've been having low days

One Piece edition

I apologize for the scarce One Piece posts lately ;w; Modern AU just because I can’t imagine OP having cellphones like that would change everything XD

You have new messages from Luffy!

From: Luffy, 5 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

You have new messages from Zoro!

From: Zoro, 23 minutes ago
Alright, spill

From: Zoro, 22 minutes ago
What’s with the long face

From: Zoro, 22 minutes ago
Also don’t think I didn’t notice about your the sudden change in your weight

From: Zoro, 21 minutes ago
I’ve been benching you too many times I would’ve noticed even if it’s just a few grams difference

From: Zoro, 18 minutes ago
Spill the beans or I’m going to make you

From: Zoro, 13 minutes ago
Alright. A tickle war it is

From: Zoro, 9 minutes ago
You asked for this. Don’t get mad when I slice open your house gate’s lock

From: Zoro, 8 minutes ago
And the front door’s

From: Zoro, 8 minutes ago
And your bedroom’s

You have new messages from Sabo!

From: Sabo, 12 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 12 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 12 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 11 minutes ago
I head that symbolizes “hugs & kisses” in text messages, was I right?

From: Sabo, 8 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 8 minutes ago
Please don’t be sad anymore

From: Sabo, 5 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 5 minutes ago
I’ll give you all the kisses and hugs you need

From: Sabo, 4 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 4 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 4 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 3 minutes ago
Okay, text messages kisses are cute but I think I prefer kissing you directly

From: Sabo, 3 minutes ago
I’ll kiss your troubles away, okay? ;)

You have new messages from Ace!

From: Ace, 27 minutes ago
hey thisa thing s pretty xool and habndy hh

From: Ace, 25 minutes ago
o crep hiw do youy deletwe stuff

From: Ace, 21 minutes ago
ok i got it

From: Ace, 20 minutes ago

From: Ace, 20 minutes ago
whos the guy i have to accidentally set on fire

From: Ace, 19 minutes ago
i mean it’s always random thigns tht get burned so

From: Ace, 19 minutes ago
im sure i can burn people if im around them long enough

From: Ace, 18 minutes ago
and if it means getting you to smile i dont mind doin the extreme prank

From: Ace, 15 minutes ago

From: Ace, 12 minutes ago
or do you prefer cuddles

From: Ace, 12 minutes ago
i can be your prsonal heater

From: Ace, 11 minutes ago
ooooo thats it imma melt your troubles

From: Ace, 11 minutes ago
bc im your personal heater??? get it????

From: Ace, 8 minutes ago
im imagining you laughing and now i wanna see you laugh

From: Ace, 5 minutes ago
im at my limit so you better unlock the front door cause im coming over

You have new messages from Law!

From: Law, 20 minutes ago

From: Law, 18 minutes ago
I think you’ve been getting too much stress lately.

From: Law, 15 minutes ago
So I’ll be coming over in 6 with polar bear documentation videos and a few snacks.

From: Law, 12 minutes ago
I’ll even be gracious today and buy some of those unhealthy snacks you like so much.

From: Law, 10 minutes ago
Also dinner’s on me so don’t bother preparing. No, it’s not what you would usually refer as “rabbits’ food”, I swear on my tattoos. It’s your favorite.

From: Law, 7 minutes ago
And I’m staying over tonight to make sure there’s a spare futon or guest room to use.

You have new messages from Kid!

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
What’s with you lately

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
You look like shit

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
And not the shit looking face like when I forgot out 100 days anniversary

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
How to describe it…. It’s even more… Shitty

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
I don’t like it

From: Kid, 5 hours ago
Talk to me gdi

From: Kid, 5 hours ago
[F/name] stop being childish and reply

From: Kid, 5 hours ago
You know what, I was worried but if you’re being like this, fine whatever suit yourself

From: Kid, 3 minutes ago
I’m sorry, okay. Now can you open the door because it’s freaking cold outside and all these food and movie cds are heavy as fuck

From: Kid, 3 minutes ago
Also I look so fucking stupid carrying a hugeass bouquet of flowers

You have new messages from Killer!

From: Killer, 7 minutes ago
[F/name], are you okay?

From: Killer, 6 minutes ago
You looked a bit off today…

From: Killer, 6 minutes ago
And you left early

From: Killer, 5 minutes ago
Are you saddened by something?

From: Killer, 4 minutes ago
You can talk to me, it might make you feel less burdened…

From: Killer, 3 minutes ago
If you’re okay with it, can we meet in private tomorrow, maybe?

From: Killer, 2 minutes ago
I could even come over to your house if you don’t feel like going out?

From: Killer, 2 minutes ago
Please take care and stay safe, alright?

From: Killer, 1 minute ago
I love you

You have new messages from Marco!

From: Marco, 25 minutes ago
you up for pasta

From: Marco, 23 minutes ago
ok how about tacos

From: Marco, 20 minutes ago
korean bbq

From: Marco, 17 minutes ago

From: Marco, 15 minutes ago
y are you being so picky

From: Marco, 14 minutes ago
ok fine then ramen????

From: Marco, 10 minutes ago

From: Marco, 6 minutes ago

From: Marco, 3 minutes ago
sigh thats it im picking you up in 7 no buts

From: Marco, 3 minutes ago
we gonna dine in your fave diner

From: Marco, 2 minutes ago
so you better tell me whats happenin

You have new messages from Rocinante!

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
I haven’t seen you all day today

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
Have you eaten proper meals?

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
And lunch?

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
Where are you?

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
Are you well???

From: Rocinante, 2 hours ago
Love, I am worried

From: Rocinante, 2 hours ago
I checked your house, but no one answered.

From: Rocinante, 2 hours ago
I just noticed that the lights are all off, are you not inside?

You have one voicemail from Rocinante! 

“Where are you? I went to the places I could think of. Please at least tell me that you’re safe so I can– Oh!! I see you! Wait there and I’ll run over!”

You have new messages from Shanks!

From: Shanks, 5 minutes ago
Babe I miss u

From: Shanks, 3 minutes ago
You haven’t contacted me lately

From: Shanks, 2 minutes ago
I heard from your friends you’ve been feeling down these days

From: Shanks, 2 minutes ago
Well I know just the thing

From: Shanks, 1 minute ago
I got you a surprise

From: Shanks, 0 minute ago
Now turn around ;))

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Hey ot8! Could you please write more Annabeth and Piper friendship? I just love these two a lot

“I hate that song.” Annabeth said.

“You love this song.” Piper replied turning down the volume of the radio. “I have hear you hum this song too many times to count.”

“I hum this song because you’re always singing it and it’s stucked in my head.” Annabeth said. “Besides i’m driving, i should be the one choosing the songs.”

“You’re driving because you don’t trust me behind the wheel.” Piper said while opening a new packet of gummy bears. “This is why we are going to arrive in New York in a week instead of 3 or 4 days like we would if you actually let me drive.”

“Not gonna happen McLean.” Annabeth replied while she took a gummy bear from the bag.

They were driving to New York where Annabeth was going to drop off Piper at PRATT before she driving to Ithaca. This was the last time they were going to be together before going to different Colleges. It was so weird that after being together since 5 grade, when Annabeth’s family moved to San Francisco, they will finally be apart. Annabeth had trouble accepting the fact that her best friend will no longer be a 15 minutes walk away.

“And that’s why i’m on music duty.” Piper said changing the song from her phone. “Besides you have a terrible taste in music.”

“Piper your iTunes library is 99% broadway. You have no right to insult my musical taste.”

“You’re right, besides you have a worst taste in boys.” Piper said and throw her a gummy. “Do you want me to remember you your horrible dating life.”

“I am about to kick you of the car McLean.” Annabeth said without taking her eyes off the road. “How long until Davenport?”

“Around an hour or so?” Piper said checking her GPS

“Ugh i need more caffeine.”

“Or you can let me drive.” Piper said. “How you feel about Imagine Dragons?”

“Better than listening to Katy Perry.” Annabeth replied. “I made a promise to your dad about you not driving and i’m gonna keep that promise.”

“i crashed the car one time, one time!” Piper said.

“And that was the most stupid car crash in the history.” Annabeth replied. “Besides you don’t even have a driver license.”

“Thank god i won’t be needing in in New York.” Piper said and she kept quiet for a while. “You will visit me at least once a month.”

“We will take turns visiting the other.” Annabeth said. “And at least one skype call a week.”

“And we will text each other when we can.” They have gone through this list since they realized they were going to live in different cities. It was their way to reassure the other that no matter what they were going to be there for the other. They knew there were going to be days or weeks when they won’t be able to talk with each other, even less travel to see the other. Architecture and Fashion Design will keep them really busy but they had to do this because if they didn’t the idea of being away of their best friend would break them. They promised they wouldn’t cry when they said goodbye in NYC (of course they were going to cry) because it was not a goodbye it was a just a new adventure.

“And we are going to spend the breaks together.”

“And you’re going to finally be able to appreciate broadway.”

Annabeth groaned. “You already have the list of the musical you’re going to take me this year, don’t you?”

“Of course i do!” Piper replied. “You’re finally going to see them and understand the magic of the musicals. Besides i also have the list of the museums we’re going to go before the musicals.”

“You know, i think i can spare an extra night in New York before going to Ithaca.” Annabeth said, with a little smile on her face.

“I would like that.”

“Me too.”

I went blueberry picking so I made a pie. The recipe is a bit winged (loosely based on my grandmother’s cherry pie recipe), so bear with me.


  • 2 C flour
  • 2/3 C vegetable shortening
  • Water to bring dough together (Done by estimate. No one volume will always work)
  • Enough blueberries to fill your pie tin to a mound
  • Juice of ~1 lemon ( plus more or plus zest if you like)
  • 1 1/3 C sugar
  • 5 T minute tapioca, 6 if you want a really solid pie, or if your tin is very large
  • 1 T butter, chunked
  • Sugar, to top

Combine berries through butter (leave butter in small dots throughout mixture) and let it sit while you make the pie crust (if using store bought crust, just let the berries sit at least 10 or 15 minutes so they can develop their own juices and get more flavorful).

Cut shortening into flour until there are no pieces left. This can be done by hand but it is best to handle the shortening as little as possible so it doesn’t melt. If you have a pastry blender, this is best, but I often just do it by hand. Add water in small volumes until the dough comes together and is a little bit wet to the touch. Split into two and roll out.

Cut the first half of the dough in a large circle (larger than your tin), and place in tin so that all walls are covered. Cut off any extra, but do allow some to drape over the edge to prevent shrinkage in the oven. Using a fork, poke some holes in the base of the crust to prevent air bubbles. Fill your crush with your berries. Cut the second dough into strips for a lattice, or into another large circle with holes for vents. Top your pie as desired and coat with sugar. (Any extra pieces of dough can be put on a baking sheet and covered in cinnamon & sugar to make a little treat)

Bake pie at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce to 350 and cook for 25-45 minutes. Check at 25, 35, and 45 minutes, and remove the pie if the crust is sufficiently browned, and the berries are bubbling. Let your pie cool and congeal. If you cut it up too soon, it will be a soupy mess(But warm pie is SO inviting).

i’m trying to not cry and freak out. my birthday is may 3rd and im going to be homeless again for a few months a couple days after my birthday, not sure if im heading out on may 4th or 5th, but by the 5th for sure.

donations/birthday present donations are always a life saver (paypal button connected to my accnt i can access w/o internet is on my sidebar) but im going to open up SKETCH COMMISSIONS to try and get something going i can work with. 

im mostly concerned about having a high-quality dog food fund (we’re going to be exercising hard for miles and miles every day and cheap low-quality food will not fly), but if i cant afford it i’m going to have to rehome my dog. he protects me and watches my back, this is literally a last resort just to keep him happy and healthy. there are a lot of bears and cougars and really weird junkies out there in the woods so the idea of rehoming my dog makes my blood turn to ice with anxiety. i love this dog and we’re really bonded but this is like an… old fashioned “this dog guards my life and literally lets me sleep at night” thing. 

for sketch commissions: ill draw anything, ill draw the gnarliest nsfw porn im so desperate, gemsonas, OCs, characters, whatever. 

$5 for a 20-30 minute sketch, +$5 for each additional character. ill work fast and try to give you the best sketch you ever bought for this cheap.

since they’re sketches im not going to get too detail-oriented with requests, please keep it generally vague so i can run with your request. not worried about bust/waist up/full body, it’s based on whatever i can achieve in 20-30 minutes. wont get into color but if i have time i’ll throw in shading and make it look nicer.

my art tag is here if you need to browse and get an idea of what sketches would be like, i dont have time to do examples. if you’d like to request a commission please send me an ask so i can set up a pending line. you can pay after you receive the sketch. let me know if you have any questions!!


theflyingdoe asked me what my Croatoan Day kit would look like, so I set a timer for 5 minutes (cause Croats aren’t gonna give you an hour head’s up before they come knockin) and grabbed stuff from around the house.

  1. This is Teddy, my stuffed bear. She’s been with me since I about 4 years old. Obviously, she’s not much use against the Croatoan horde, but I think everyone should bring at least one personal item to give themselves comfort and keep em goin, and Teddy is mine.
  2. Toilet paper. This is a no-brainer (worth its weight in gold, apparently). I have a 12-pack in my bathroom, but it wouldn’t fit in this shot.
  3. Salt. It’s not gonna protect you from the virus or infected people, but I’d bring some just in case I encounter other supernatural baddies. Also good for cooking.
  4. A Chinese Cleaver. This is my weapon of choice. A cleaver is sturdy, can be used for simple cooking tasks, and yet is strong enough to hack through underbrush if the need arises.
  5. Waterproof matches. Fire is good. Good for cooking. Even better for a salt n’ burn.
  6. Sonic Screwdriver. Wait a second. This isn’t real. Why did I grab this? Sorry, I’m mixing up my fandoms here.
  7. Portable lantern. When shit hits the fan and you’re stuck camping out in places that aren’t well-lit, a lantern like this goes a long way.
  8. Pain relievers. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, I think.
  9. Wire clippers.
  10. Floss + Toothbrush. Just because there’s a demonic virus goin’ round doesn’t mean I want cavities. Plus, floss can double as string in a pinch.
  11. Basic first aid kit. This is a little bag I usually have in my purse. It contains bandages, spray-on Neosporin, hand sanitizer, antacids (post-Apocalyptic food isn’t exactly gentle on your stomach, okay), chapstick, nail clippers, wet wipes, etc).
  12. Knife. It pays to be prepared. If you get separated from your weapon of choice, always carry a backup that you can stash somewhere on yourself (yeah, I clip this onto my bra).
  13. Wire. I grabbed this with some vague idea of setting up snares for catching food or setting traps for Croats.
  14. Samulet. For luck, cause I’ll sure as hell need it.

How about you, followers? What’s your Croatoan Day kit look like?

But its not bed time yet
  • Daddy: in bed, time for sleep.
  • Me: but its not bed time yet! (It's not, its like 45 minutes to bed time, I looked!)
  • Daddy: nope, its bed time
  • Me: *yawning and talking* but its not bed time yet...
  • Daddy: *herds me into bed* you're to sleepy so bed time early, lemme tuck you in.
  • Daddy: *tucks me in and sits on the other side of the bed to play with my hair*
  • Me: *whines a bit* s'not sleepy time tho...
  • Daddy: shush, I give it 10 minutes before you doze off. *hands me my bear and penguin*
  • Me: nu uh...
  • Me: *is a puddle of sleepy in under 5 minutes*

♡ sleepy wonwoo would be so cute bcs omg don’t get me started

♡ you know how he loves wearing oversized sweaters?? one day you two would be just chilling and it’s cold outside so you scoot closer to wonwoo to find yourself being engulfed by a huge teddy bear all of the sudden and then everything seems warm??

♡ you were confused bcs WHAt wonwoo r u ok why r u suddenly hugging me

♡ and you probably wouldn’t get a clear answer bcs wonwoo’s eyes were closed already and everything that comes out of his mouth are blabber

♡ you ended up being squished and it kind of hurts so you tried finding a position where wonwoo can take a nap peacefully

♡ failing tho bcs wonwoo is a heavy teddy bear and he won’t let you move an inch

♡ he kinds of drools a little bit on your shirt but it’s not like u can do anything

♡ waking up wonwoo 5 minutes later because u cannot handle his drools being all over ur shirt

♡ wonwoo getting startled when you smacked his forehead bcs ‘WONWOO I trIED TO WAKE U UP KINDLY BUT U WONT LISTEN’

♡ falling back asleep when you start on giving him a lecture

♡ ended up being awake few seconds later bcs u smacked him again

♡ wonwoo pouting bcs u wouldn’t let him sleep

♡ 'u were drooling on my shirt’

♡ 'NO I DONT’ /ya see what I did there/

♡ 'the proof is on my shirt pls wonwoo’

♡ 'i don’t usually drool uk… It was just because I was really sleepy… ’

♡ 'wonwoo just… pls….’

♡ whenever he wants to sleep he always gives u this stare that’s like half cute and half sexy and like he doesn’t say anything and so it makes u nervous

♡ and sometimes suddenly he could just start on leaning towards you until he’s like 1 cm away from your face and you could feel his breath fanning your face

♡ and you’re like 'uHM! wonwoo!! what!!“

♡ but he’d just keep on staring at u in close proximity like wonwoo pls

♡ then suddenly he fell on ur shoulder and ure like 'GOOdness’ and then u heard him snoring few secs later

♡ dang him trying to work u up but to fall asleep on u is2g

♡ some days tho he would give u a quick peck before plopping on ur shoulder

♡ his sleepy kisses are sweet and soft and it always manage to get the butterflies in ur stomach fluttering with the way he holds the back of ur head ever so softly and bringing you closer to him with such tenderness

♡ sleepy days with wonwoo would be pleasant bcs u two doesn’t really do anything and doesn’t talk a lot but the silence doesn’t kill and it’s during these days that you and wonwoo manage to get out some heartfelt conversation consisting of wonwoo giving ur hand kisses from time to time and making u blush into deep shade of red that always make wonwoo laugh prettily (so u don’t mind)

So yeah, I saw the Hobbit. I don’t think I’m qualified to really say anything on how the story went and such, but I will let you know that I am extremely hot and bothered at the moment and probably will be for a few days.

That is all.

I'm worried for Molly

I’ve gathered from past interviews that Gatiss and Moffat have a particular affinity for “The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes.” In that version, Sherlock had a fiancee who died sometime before their marriage. So, I’m worried that the plan they referenced, the one that nearly brought everyone to tears, involves killing Molly, not Mary. Which would rip my shipper heart out and doesn’t bear thinking about. 

Okay, so maybe “The Plan” for series 4 and 5 goes something like this:

Series 4 opens with the inevitable showdown with Fauxiarty. Team 221B wins (of course), but during the course of events, Sherlock and Molly acknowledge the feels (yay!). Over the course of the following episodes, their relationship develops and… wait for it… they get engaged. HOWEVER, in the final minutes of the final episode, Molly is tragically killed by the real villain of series 4, the puppet master behind Fauxiarty and subsequent bad guys. WAIT! Don’t go yet!

Still with me? Now, series 5 opens with a hardened Sherlock hunting down Puppet Master and (not) dealing with his grief while John tries to keep his friend from self destructing. Loads of lovely character development and brOTP-ness. John and Sherlock have a final showdown with Puppet Master and, in destroying the one who killed Molly, Sherlock is seriously injured. He lives, but he is unable to fully recover physically. Unable to continue The Work, he can’t bear to be in London anymore and decides to retire. 

His plan is to take up research into the collapse of bee colonies. Mycroft decides to be pushy big brother and  purchases a bee farm in Sussex for him. Sherlock fusses at the interference, but only halfheartedly. After a touching farewell to the Watsons, he goes to Sussex Downs. Mycroft has arranged for Sherlock to pick up the keys from a neighbor. When the door to the cottage next door opens, Sherlock is stunned to see a familiar face. 

They stare at each other for eleven minutes and 21 seconds. 

“I’m your new neighbor, Sherlock Holmes.”

“Mo-, uh, Meg Harper. How do you do.”

“I believe my lying, evil, brilliant, meddling brother left my keys with you.”


They stare at each other for seven minutes and 15 seconds before Sherlock has Margaret Harper (formerly known as Molly Hooper) pressed up against the cottage door with his tongue down her throat.


“Okay, no more than one bite of each dish,” I say. My resolve is almost immediately broken at the first table, which has twenty or so soups, when I encounter a creamy pumpkin brew sprinkled with slivered nuts and tiny black seeds. “I could just eat this all night!” I exclaim.

What season is it? It’s pumpkin season! *excited crowd cheering*

Fall is in the air, that wonderful time of year when all your wildest pumpkin fantasies become reality!

Our neighbor harvests pumpkins for a living and she always gives us some. Doesn’t matter if we want them or not… Just look how big they are. You could kill someone or make a crib for your firstborn.

I love pumpkin, especially pumpkin soup. Katniss seemed to really like hers too. The book did not specify what kind of pumpkin soup she ate in the Capitol. We don’t know if it was sweet or savory kind, so I decided to go with savory. Honestly tho, there’s nothing quite like a proper pumpkin soup. Yummy.

English is not my first language so bear with me.

To make Capitol pumpkin soup you gonna need:

  • 1kg of pumpkin
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 3 cups of vegetable stock
  • salt & pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • greek yogurt or just a very creamy yogurt or whatever

It’s super simple and takes no time at all to make.

#1 Hire cute kitchen help.

#2 Peel your pumpkin, remove seeds and other nasty stuff, then chop it.

#3 Chop whatever else there’s left to chop.

#4 Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan. Add your chopped veggies and pumpkin. Cook for 5 minutes.

#5  Add vegetable stock. Cook everything for 20 minutes until your pumpkin is soft. Add salt and pepper to taste.

#6 Now comes my favorite part 


DESTRUCTION! *buzzing with excitement*

Blend everything together until smooth *race car noises*.

And… that’s it *wipes sweaty forehead*

Serve it with a blob (is this the right word? lol) of yogurt and sprinkle some poppy seeds on top to make it more true to the book.

SMACZNEGO *wink wink*

previous recipes

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I don't think many people ask about this or even if they do but do you have any tips related to making covers for books? If ever getting published it will probably be changed to another but I really want a cover for my novel right now (otherwise I feel like it's incomplete) and need tips on keeping the cover professional.

1. Free Stock Images - (There are other sites but this one is pretty cool). I suggest searching out images that have a strong focal point. 

2. Basic Photo Manipulation (If necessary to create mood, etc.) You can do it online with sites like if it makes it easier.

3. Use the cover generator at You have to sign up, but if you use your own images and don’t opt for any paid stuff it’s totally free. 

My Quick (Slightly Lame) Tutorial:

Original Photo from Morguefile

Slightly edited and cropped

I literally did this in 5 minutes, so bear with me if it’s kinda crappy. Just showing you that you can easily whip something up even if you have 0 graphic design skills.