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too many secrets between us

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muses: heir!jungkook x unknown!reader x eventual!jimin
genre: fluff. friends to lovers slow burn.
type: college au
word count: 3.5k


If there is a euphemism for them, then wind would be one. Akin to the soft - almost innocent caress of the wind, secrets tend to be harmless, one might even deem it needed, for the greater good or one’s own gain. But one too many might cause a stir, and disturbances, almost too often, may very well cause a disruption of a greater margin than expected, much like the artless blow of wind in a meadow that grew in velocity, picking up sticks and stones as it travels to an unsuspecting city, bringing along destruction in its wake.

Jungkook has a few of his own. Secrets, that is. He keeps them in locked in the hollow part underneath his chest. Locks them with a key and threw away the key. Thought it’s safe if it’s unaccessible even to him. But oh boy, was he wrong.

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Everything you need to know about Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812!

Lately I have been totally obsessed with a Broadway musical called Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. I finally convinced one of my best friends to take a listen to the soundtrack, but I wanted her to fully get a feel for the show before she did. It can be confusing, especially because it’s sung through (like Rent and Hamilton) and because it can be a struggle to grasp the musical concepts the first time you listen to it. So I figured I would post this so that anyone who wouldn’t have the chance to see the show or who didn’t have a ton of Broadway background knowledge would still be able to enjoy this soundtrack! 

Disclaimer: This post is going to be exactly the opposite of spoiler free. 

Why you should listen to Great Comet:

  • It had the most Tony nominations out of all of the Broadway shows this year (12!)
  • The director is a Jewish female.
  • Three women have played Natasha, all of whom are women of color.
  • The actors are all relatively new to Broadway— this is their big break, for many of them. And they kill it.
  • The ensemble won two awards for best ensemble, which isn’t surprising because the energy is insane. They got the ACCA Award for Outstanding Broadway Chorus, and the Chita Rivera Award for Dance and Choreography. 
  • It’s a weird, complex, smart, insane, energetic, fascinating piece of work.
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime musical when you see it in person. The soundtrack gives you insight into why that is.
  • If you want to get a vibe for the energy and chaos and insanity, watch the Tony performance! “The Abduction” is featured in here, and it’s my favorite part of the musical. “Balaga” into “The Abduction” fucking slay.

The Set-Up:

Before we go into the plot, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the set-up of the show, because, honestly, the plot is the least important part, in my opinion.

When you walk into the theater, the first thing you hear is the strains of loud Russian music wafting towards you. Although the entire show doesn’t sound like this, it is really good at getting you into the mode of that classic Russian music. A lot of the exposition is written in that style. Personal character songs/moments are more stylistically pop, hip-hop, musical theater, soulful, etc.

Great Comet started off, essentially, as dinner theater. As such, the production is in the round. There’s audience members sitting in seats along the stage. They get to be up-close with the actors (sometimes the actors do interact with you, but it’s not cheesy, cross my heart. I hesitate to tell people that because they usually write it off immediately but TRUST ME, I’M INCREDIBLY JUDGEMENTAL. They don’t talk to you or anything, they just play off of your reactions at specific moments for comedy. Oh, and they yell at you in Russian if you’re filming them. Which… fair.) There’s also ten or so people sitting quite literally on stage at tables, in the midst of the action, as well as people sitting directly next to the pit, which is very small and visible in center stage.

Then you can sit in orchestra, mezzanine, and rear mezzanine. In orchestra, you have something like a catwalk curving through the audience. You will get people dancing right next to you all the time, followin’ dat yellow brick road. The distinction between the mezzanine and the rear mezzanine is that there’s a little, mini “stage” (more like a box) set up for the ensemble to dance on. They’re up there basically 75% of the show (as well as onstage. They’re all over the place all the time. Directing this musical must have been a goddamn nightmare.)

(Note: Any seat in the theater is partial view. You’re not going to be able to see the people on the catwalk from the rear mezzanine. You won’t be able to see the people dancing up on the rear mezzanine from the orchestra. It’s a trade off. Just for some perspective of the theater!)

Another beautiful thing about the theatre is the lights. They’re all around the entire auditorium, so no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll probably have these beautiful, small yellow lights next to you that look like stars. They move up and down (physically, not in brightness, although obviously that happens too) throughout the show, so that sometimes you feel like you’re standing out in the night with the characters, looking up at the stars that they are gazing at.

A really cool, small touch is that there are little round tables with these lovely purple lamps on them that glow up and down with the lighting. Which, by the way, is tremendous. The lighting design is ridiculous. But so is the set design! There’s little posters of Russian historical figures all around the theater. 

The Pit:

Remember how I said the pit appears to be small? The reason for that is threefold:

  1. Actors frequently play instruments. You’ll see an ensemble member in combat boots, a plaid skirt, a tight jacket, and a giant-ass clarinet. Anatole plays the violin. You’ll also see cast members coming out to beat a drum or something to that effect. (The show is super meta, but we’ll get to that later.)
  2. The pit also has to be small because Pierre spends most of the show chilling down there, reading his books at his desk. Sometimes he plays the piano or the accordion or little symbols or, you know, a little bell. He’s just chilling. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I have slightly lied to you because technically the pit is NOT that small— it’s just that not everybody can always see them because the musicians are spread around the theater. When they were in rehearsals, the director and music director and writer of the show sat all around the theater to listen and found that spreading the orchestra around the theater meant that each person sort of heard something unique. Obviously when you’re in the rear mezzanine, you’ve got musicians that are closer to you than the people sitting orchestra do, a vice versa. Therefore, you hear the arrangements differently. It’s very beautiful.


Now that that’s out of the way.

Great Comet actually has very little to do with the actual comet (sorry, science nerds.) Actually, the part of the title that you want to pay attention to is the names at the top— Natasha and Pierre. Spoilers: these characters actually don’t interact in the context of the show until the second to last scene. But they symbolize enormous turning points in each other’s lives, which is why I think they’re the title. Natasha is the start of the show (she’s the first character you’re introduced to.) She is also the start of Pierre’s ending shifting into something new. Which I’m not going into right now, but just know that the fate of Pierre’s heart is tied to Natasha’s heart.

Natasha is a young girl visiting her godmother in the wildly social site of Moscow, Russia during the war. She and her cousin are staying with Marya D. while they wait for their fiancés to return from aforementioned war. Over the course of the story, Natasha (naïve, innocent, lovely Natasha) becomes seduced by both the Russian society and by its most handsome playboy— Anatole.

Antonole is like… he’s like a 19th Century Russian fuckboi. He’s like… oh my god, he’s 19th century Chuck Bass. Natasha is season one Jenny. Sonya is Vanessa. Helene is Blair. PIERRE IS BLAIR’S SHORT JEWISH STEP-DAD. This is an amazing analogy.


Now that you have some backstory, let’s talk about the characters! Most of what you need to know about them can be found in the first song— the prologue (or, for the full version without acting): This is all in your program, you are at the opera. Gonna have to study up a little bit if you wanna keep with the plot. Cuz it’s a complicated Russian novel, everybody’s got nine different names. So look it up in your program, we appreciate it, thanks a lot.

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anonymous asked:

DAI companions (and advisors, if you're able) react to a teenquistor having a panic attack?

Cassandra: She does not know what to say at first. It is not that the Seeker has never felt panic, or never succumb to fear, but this is beyond her experience. She has seen others, those touched by war and stricken by the memory of it, suffer such episodes, and so knows the basics. She does not touch them, only stays at their side until the moment passes and then offers what she can for them. If it happens in the field she takes charge, either halting their progress or taking the lead if time and their surroundings do not allow for  pause. But she never judges them, and if they speak to her afterwards she is frank.

“You are young, and yet you already a great burden Inquisitor. I do not think less of you for being struggling through what those older than you cannot imagine. I am at your side, whatever you need.”

Solas: For all that much of his learning comes from long study with spirits Solas does not need their wisdom to identify what is happening. Magic will be no help, only overwhelming an already struggling mind, and so he only stays by them and speaks softly until they are calm again.

And when it is over, when the terror and the shaking have passed, he takes them to the solarium and pours a hated cup of tea.

“It is a natural thing, particularly for a young mind. Your spirit is overwhelmed, and so must find a way to compensate. There is no shame in needing to step back, to breathe and resettle yourself. And if you need a haven I am here.”

Varric:For all that Varric hardly ever censors himself or his own experience- and indeed, only elaborates on the facts to make a better story- one acedote his public will never hear is how he woke, shaking and afraid, for nights after the Conclave. His sleeping mind could not comprehend even the though that Hawke might have been there, might have died with such a sudden and terrible ending. It took long moments then, sheltered by the bedroll and a hastily lit candle, to calm his pounding heart and gasping breaths. 

They were some of the worst moments in his life, and so when the author sees the same thing in their young leader he knows the cause. If they can bear to be touched he urges them to sit, to put their head down and just breathe until its passed.

“It’s okay kid, we’ve got you. Just let it out, we’ve got your back. Nothing’s going to touch you here.”

Sera: It’s not a prank and it’s not fun, and the first time Sera is alone with the Inquisitor when something triggers them the Red Jenny isn’t sure what to do. She just needs them to friggin…friggin stop and tell her what to do! But they can’t, and they are scared, and in that moment the teen goes from Herald and Inquisitor to one of Sera’s people. Its not even a conscious shift in the young elf’s mind, but it overtakes her all the same, and she finds herself speaking to the Inquisitor like she might to one of her people after a bad job.

“’S no worries, yeah? Shite happens, we get past it and do it again. Just gotta keep breathin and..and have some pie! Pie’s good for eating and for throwing We’ll throw some pies and it’ll be all settled and even. Just…just come on back, yeah?”

Vivienne: Panic attacks are not so uncommon amongst young mages new to the circle, and as First Enchanter she is aware of several techniques that help ease the transition. So when the Inquisitor struggles with just such an attack Madame de Fer is prepared for it. If they will allow touch she gently leads them to either her bower or a more private, quiet corner where they will not be disturbed. 

And if not she uses her imperious manner to drive onlookers about their business and build a private area for their young leader, cooling or warming then with magic as they need it.

“There now, my dear, simply handled. Breathe now, darling, deep breathes. All will be ell. I am here beside you.”

Blackwall: He knows the feeling, remembers the mind numbing soul clenching fear of a panic attack as he watched a carriage burn, watched a mentor die, watched a sky split open. There’s no shame in it, and especially not for the young thing they’ve yolked the world to. He stands quiet guard by their side, stern glare deterring all those who might try to hamper the Inquisitor, and later takes them somewhere quiet so that they can feel safe.

“There’s no shame in fear. It keeps you alive, keeps you safe. Maker knows you have plenty to be afraid of, and not much time to do it. I’m here, if you ever need me. Or come to the stables– the horses are good company if you need something solid to hold onto.”

Dorian: The first time he had ever felt that level of raw, uncontrolled fear was uring a duel, when a Terror spell had gone awry. It still lingers in his nightmares sometimes, the sensation of cool marble against his face and the inescapable fear that he was going to die, that he could not breathe please Andraste he couldn’t even see–

It’s a terrible feeling, and a spell can be reversed. But panic attacks have no such cure, and having ridden out one or two on the ride south he’s learned the signs. There is no magic to stop it, alas, though if sound or light exacerbate the issue he casts barrier to block out both. And after he leads them not to the tavern or the wine racks, but to his quiet alcove and a cup of tea magicked warm again.

“Thee you are. Sister Leliana is above, Solas is below, and yours truly shall be stalking vint like through the shelves. There is no place safer than this point in Skyhold, and no place more comfortable than this chair. Nap or drink your tea as you like– no one will bother you, and you need only to shout and I shall at your side.”

Iron Bull: In actual fact the Iron Bull is pretty good at triggering panic attacks. its a tried and true Ben Hassrath interrogation technique, when used on the right person. And he’s been with a partner or two in his time, who have pushed themselves too far in a power game and need someone to help calm the waters. If they are okay with contact he gets them to their quarters and enscones the young Herald in a pillow and blanket palace of ingenious design. Designed to create a feedback loop of comfort and security he lets it work it’s magic, and stays with them until they are calm again.

“Reactions is a funny thing. Fear is good, it’s healthy and it keeps you breathing. Panic gives you strength, either to run away or to fight. But sometimes when there is nothing to fight and the panic come you freeze up, can’t get out. Nothing wrong with that, it’s normal. You’re doing fine, boss.”

Cole: “Reaching for the threads but they are slippery, too many too much  I can’t I can’t no breathing no thinking have to run away have to get away. Trembling shaking, something is wrong, something is happening, can’t can’t can’t. You can though, there’s nothing stopping your breathing. You are safe in Skyhold. The air doesn’t want to hurt you.”

In the end Cole serves as a better messenger than comforter, but becomes the most efficient watch dog against future attacks.


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This Is Us -Chapter 19

Good Vibrations

Earlier Chapters: Chapter 18, Chapter 17, The Rest

I know it’s shorter than I normally would do-sorry! 

“You bought me a what?” Claire asked in astonishment as she held the baby blue toy in her hand.

Jamie’s ears went pink but he doggedly carried on.

“A vibrator.” He said.

“Well, er–yes, obviously. Why?” Claire could hear the starch creep into her voice, as much as she would have preferred to be completely clinical about it.

“Well, ye ken sometimes it uhmm.” Jamie looked away, red creeping into full flush now. “I heard that many women find them verra helpful.” He explained.

“Did you?” she said. Jamie backed up three paces hearing the note of menace in her voice.

“From whom, Jenny?”

“God, no, Sassenach!”

But something had given him away, some tell.

Her eyes narrowed. “Then who? Who did you hear this piece of sage womanly wisdom from?”

“Marsali…” he said quietly.

Not for nothing, Claire was learning to read Mr. Fraser and knew enough to pay attention to what he didn’t say as much as did.

“And?” she demanded.

“Geneva.” He admitted.

Her arms crossed in front of her, she tapped her fingers on the opposite forearm and waited him out.

He added, “and Geillis.”

“WHAT?” She shrieked rounding on him.

“Perhaps I’m no’ explaining this right.”  Jamie ran a hand through his hair.

“You got that right!” Claire huffed as she launched.

He had time to get his hands up in front of his face as the toy bounced off his forearms.

“Why in the hell were you discussing our sex life with them?” Embarrassed to enraged in under a minute.

“No!” Jamie quickly tried to correct her impression. “What do ye take me for Sassenach?”

Her look of withering scorn caused him to flinch. He tried to explain.

“I wouldna. It’s only that there is a new mmphm shop just opened off Centre and they were talking over lunch about it. They didna ken I was in the little conference room next door reviewing a new campaign. I needed the extra tables to spread out the photos. Anyway the door was opened and the discussion went on for a bit– what ones were the best, for what reasons. So, I went there a few days ago and picked up one of the ones they talked most about.”

Claire’s sense of outrage had calmed somewhat.

“But still, why?” she asked.

“Would ye maybe sit with me?” Jamie gestured to the couch.

Claire let out a martyred sigh and gracefully acquiesced.  

Jamie tried to grab her hand but she pulled it back. He reached again and held firm. She would not look at him so he waited. And waited. 

Finally she looked at him.

“You have been struggling with this for a long time and I dinna pretend to ken what ye need every time. But I’ve noticed that most of the time ye need a certain amount of pressure on yer….” The flush had returned to his face.

“Clitoris?” She bit out with medical precision. He nodded.

“And to be honest, Sassenach I’m usually way ahead of ye and it there are times when it takes a while to catch ye up and even then sometimes it doesna happen for ye. I ken it’s no’ as….satisfying for ye as it could be if we just had a wee bit of help.”

“Oh?” Claire’s indignant tone impossible to miss. “So basically I’m a lot of work?”

The look he gave her caused her feel slightly ashamed of her attitude but she squelched it. She practically vibrated with righteous indignation.

“Next you’ll order porn channels for the TV.” She humped.

“We can try that, too if ye like.” He stared her down.

Damn it how the hell was he on the wrong side of this one? He was trying to do a good thing. He never expected Claire to feel a stigma about it or think he was judging her and, for that matter, didn’t appreciate her judging him. 

If it works, it works. Why did she have him on the defensive? Why was he letting her?

“You ken usually it’s the man who feels threatened by sex toys.” He observed.

Direct hit and she didn’t like him calling her out. He watched her normally easily readable face shut down, a hardened expression came over her.

Jamie forgot sometimes that Claire had her own doubts and uncertainties. He loved her confidence and self-assurance. That she might think herself less than he did seemed impossible to believe.  

“I’m sorry if I offended ye, Sassenach. Or gave ye the wrong impression. I thought….Why shouldn’t you be in charge of your own pleasure? I thought ye might like that, think it fun. God, Claire, I thought we could talk about anything under the sun.”

He sounded a bit surprised and disappointed in her. She was having none of that.  

“Maybe we could, I wouldn’t know, you didn’t discuss it with me at all you just decided.” She said.

And just like that, the moral high ground slipped from his feet.

I will post Chapter 20- Jealous Jamie a little earlier  -on Thursday. And it is much longer. Seems to me we are all gearing up for an angsty fall … I hope I catch the mood right….

Drunj!Der Yells About Outlander

Thoughts on Ep. 301

Ermagherd guys. It’s been 84 years but the new season is finally here! And not gonna lie, I was about 50/50 excited and nervous for the new episodes to come out because ugh season two…

But I actually really liked the episode! I felt the things I was supposed to feel! I wanted to punch the people I thought I’d want to punch! I yelled a lot of things at Frank because I still hate him! My desire to smash the patriarchy grew three times! It went by really, really fast! Can they all go by this fast so it’s not like waiting 84 more years for Jamie and Claire to get back together? Cool.

Anywho, ramblings are under the cut. I split them up between Boston and Scotland just to keep it organized but I *loved* the editing of the episode. And the direction. Good job, new director guy!

(omfg i forgot how long i get when i write these things and also how fucking long it takes to like proofread and format once i’m sober…)

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Viva Las Vegas

This was requested! (Requests are indeed open, too.)

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You had a late start to your morning, your alarm hadn’t gone off because of daylight savings time, and your mother had to wake you. It was a Sunday, but you promised your mother that you’d wake up early for piano lessons.

“(Y/n), time to get up! You have lessons in half an hour!” Your mother called, knocking on your door until you woke up. You went to take your blanket off your legs, but wound up rolling off the mattress and hitting the ground with a loud thud.

“I’m up!” You groaned from your place on the ground. You sat up and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. David Bowie was playing through the door, it was assumable that your mother was playing the music in the kitchen of your small apartment.

After your parents separated, your mom had moved you away from your original home with your brothers and sister, to a small apartment in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’d found a job at a high ranking office building as a data analyst, but you still lived frugal lives due to the debt from the divorce, and all of the bills she had before.

You swiftly changed your clothes, and finally opened the door to reveal your your parental unit with curlers in her hair and a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth, “oh, good, you’re up.” Her speech was muffled from the brush.

“Yup,” you said, popping the ‘p’, before pushing past her to go to the bathroom. When you looked in the mirror, your hair was a mess and you had black makeup smeared under your eyes that you forgot to remove from the day before.

Although, you didn’t have a problem with that. It was good to recycle, after all.

You quickly brushed your hair out, not finding a comfortable place to part it, and splashed water over your face to help you wake up. Your mother entered and spit out the foamy substance in her mouth before getting started on the curlers in her hair.

“Mrs. Urie said to just meet Brendon in the studio, so I was gonna drop you off on my way to work, is that ok?”

“You trust me with Brendon all alone? What about what happened with Amanda?” You asked her. Amanda was your half sister, she had snuck out multiple times before you moved away to see a boy she was dating. When your father found out, he wasn’t happy.

“Well, you’re not Amanda,” she stated, “I trust you.”


After both of you were finished in the bathroom, there wasn’t much else to be done besides get your shoes. You slid on some beat up boots and a leather jacket your best friend had given you before you left, and you both were out the door. Once you were driving toward the studio, the windows rolled down as to keep the car cool. Your mother began to talk about what that day was going to entail.

“I have a few meetings today with the board, so I won’t come get you until around four, is that cool?” Your mother asked. You nodded in response and watched the buildings fly by with a whoosh sound.

“I wonder what piece Brendon wants to teach me today,” you thought out loud. Your mother chuckled in response to your day-dreaming state.

“He mentioned something at dinner the other night about making his own piece, maybe he’ll let you help,” your mother suggested. You shrugged your shoulders. Brendon did not confide in you, or talk to you like you would your best friend, he was always very busy with his girlfriend.

You did go to the same school, so you knew about this girl. Her name was Jenny, and you didn’t like her. There were many reasons to say so, but it was primarily due to the fact that you two were in completely different groups. Her friend group constantly bullied you and your only friend.

However, Brendon seemed happy with her, so you didn’t bother him about it.

Your car pulled up to the studio. It was a relatively large square shaped building with vines growing up the sides. It had two levels, but only one large room per level. On the farthest side from the street, a large chimney stood high and proud. There was a staircase leading up to double doors, and there was a small parking lot in front of them. The doors opened to the second floor, where Mrs Urie had many projects for the church they were involved with. You never took the stairs up, because your guys’ (Mr Urie said that he didn’t buy the studio just for Brendon and his wife, it was for all family) space was on the bottom floor, you took the side door that led directly into it. You swung the car door open and tentatively stepped out.

“Have a good day, sweetheart!” your mother called before pulling away from the studio. You waved her off before turning toward the building and walking toward the door.

You twisted the doorknob and let yourself in quietly. Immediately, you heard the sound of Brendons beautiful grand piano and his voice filling the air. You carefully walked further into the room and smiled lightly at how amazing he sounded.

“You’re incredible,” you stated. You could only see the back of his head, but you could tell he was smiling. You took a seat on the bench next to him and finally got a good look at him. He was freshly shaved, a pair of glasses sliding slowly down his nose as he looked slightly down at the sheet music. His fingers danced across the keys gracefully, even when you sat down.

He seemed entranced by the song and didn’t stop you when you placed your hands on the keys and playing along with him. Once the song ended he looked over at you with a goofy smile on his face. You had an odd feeling in your gut when you were around him, your hands never stopped shaking and if he touched you, your stomach would explode in a million butterflies.

But it wasn’t a crush. It couldn’t be.

You wouldn’t let it.

“I have good news and bad news, which do you wanna hear first?” he asked, the smile not leaving his face.

“I guess good news,” you answered.

“My mom told me that I’m not allowed to charge you for lessons because you and your mom are basically family by now,” he said, making extravagant hand gestures as he did.

“And the bad news?” you asked, only slightly concerned.

“We’re doing hand independence exercises today,” he groaned for you. He hated them as much as you did. When playing piano, you had to learn how to play independently with little to no thought at all. You never had much of that, so once a week you did exercises to improve upon the independence you already had.

“Do we have to? Can’t we just, you know, listen to Fame and get high like last week?” you asked with a little smirk on your lips. The week before, after your lesson had finished, you both had to wait for his mother to come pick you up and take you home. You had three hours, so you played David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC and smoked the rest of Brendon’s stash.

“No, we can’t, you weirdo,” he chuckled.


Hours later, you finally finished the work and got started on an actual piece. Brendon leaned back and only assisted you when you forgot where the notes were. Suddenly, as you were about to finally finish the piece, the door to the studio swung open to reveal, none other than, Jenny. She sauntered in, and didn’t wait for you to stop before flopping herself in his lap and sending you a glare.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, babe, but why are you here?” Brendon asked, giving you an apologetic look.

“I saw your mom at the church and she said you wouldn’t be attending, so she gave me the address,” she giggled innocently, batting her eyelashes at him. You groaned internally and wanted to gag. That was supposed to be your safe space, a place to get away from people exactly like her.

“Does your mom still have the landline upstairs?” you asked Brendon, playing with the hem of your shirt awkwardly. 

“Yeah, why?”

You didn’t answer, just getting up and walking up the stairs before he or Jenny could argue. The room was dark, save for the small light coming from the stairs leading down to the ground floor. You quickly walked toward the phone on the far right corner of the dark of the room and dialed the number of the man who could save you from the awkwardness. It rang twice before the familiar voice rang through the receiver, “hello?”



Dallon didn’t have to be asked twice before he came to get you. He never asked any questions when you called him, he knew better than that. You always ended up telling him what happened anyway, but it was always on your own terms.

“Hey, pretty lady, need a lift?” he asked as soon as you made it up to his car, the window rolled down. He had sunglasses on and an unlit cigarette in his mouth, you guessed he was just about to get his lighter out when he pulled up.

“My knight in shining armour,” you sighed before hopping in, granted unceremoniously, the car through the open window. You ensured the seat belt was buckled and Dallon skid out of the parking lot, “she showed up unannounced, and was all over Brendon like I wasn’t even there.”

“You mean he didn’t kick her out as soon as she sat down? I thought you were supposed to be getting lessons from him,” Dallon questioned. He was never Brendon’s biggest fan, he always thought he was a bit too big for his britches. You never agreed with him, but he did have a point.

“It’s not like I’m paying him for anything. Would you want someone like me with you when you had a rich girl hanging onto your every word?” Dallon rolled his eyes at that, “he deserves everything that he has.”

“If he doesn’t buck up and tell that fuckin’ girlfriend of his that they’re your lessons, he’s gonna get a punch in the face,” Dallon grunted. He finally took the lighter out of his jacket pocket, flicking it a few times before actually getting a flame. He lit the fag (do not comment on this fucking word, it means cigarette) and took a long drag from it. Smoke puffed out of his nose before he blew it out of the window.

He was always protective of you, especially after you told him about your parents. He wanted to be a big brother figure, one that would help you if and when you needed it. You both had similar styles, more punk than you thought you looked. He had hair down past his ear on one side, and a full undercut. If you ever saw him without his leather jacket, you got worried. He never left home without it. He also had a switchblade always tucked into the inside pocket of the jacket, something his mom gave him before she died so he could protect himself. Luckily, he never used it.

“It’s fine, I just wanna go home and watch a movie or somethin’,” you sighed, looking out the window at the buildings flying by with the same, calming whoosh. Dallon shook his head, but drove you home. You both pulled up to the apartment complex and you were surprised by Dallon getting out of the car with you.

“If you think I’m leavin’ you alone in that apartment, you’re fuckin’ high,” he said, his voice was gravelly, like usual.

“I wish I were high, I sold the last of my stash for groceries,” you sighed, Dallon gave you a once over before sending you an unmistakably mischievous wink, “why am I not surprised?”


The next day, you had school. Dallon had ended up staying the night, on accident, so he offered to drive you to school. Your mother was okay with it, she always was.

Whatever would let her sleep in a little longer.

Thus, you were in Dallon car, on your way to a place you did not want to be. You pulled up to the to the front of the high quality school. It was quite tall, being three stories, and very wide. However, it’s size didn’t make up for the crowded halls with its almost three-thousand students and staff. Dallon shut the car off and turned to you to bid you goodbye.

“If anyone talks shit, you know what to do right?” he asked, taking your hand from its spot on the seat belt buckle, “kick ‘em where it hurts.” he gave your hand a final reassuring squeeze before dropping it and letting you step out of the car. You leaned over, placing your elbows in the open window.

“I know, dad,” you mocked, “am I taking the bus home?”

Dallon glanced at you one more time before turning the car back on, “not on my watch, pretty lady,” he said, winking at you before taking off. You spun on your heel and walked toward the front doors of the high school.

You had no friends at the school, Dallon graduated when you were a freshman, and you had the Urie family. You never bothered to make any other friends.

You pushed through the crowd, the smell of excessive amounts of hairspray made you want to vomit, but you held your breath as you made your way to the third floor, and into your first class.

“Good morning, (Y/n),” your English teacher greeted you as you sat down.


You had one class with Brendon, anatomy, but you couldn’t talk to him. His girlfriend also had the class.

“So, Mr. Urie, tell me what range of motion is happening when I point my toe toward the ground?” your anatomy teacher questioned. Brendon’s eyes widened and he looked from the teachers face to the board multiple times before you decided to help. As much as you loved him, or hated to admit you loved him, he was never good at remembering anything from anatomy.

“Plantarflexion,” you whispered from your seat behind him, hoping he’d hear you.

“Plantarflexion?” he said, although it came out as more of a question than anything. The teacher grunted, begrudgingly, in approval and Brendon let out a sigh of relief. Jenny didn’t seem pleased that you were giving answers to her boyfriend. Her eyes bored holes in the side of your head, begging you to look over so she could tell you to stop talking to her partner before she did something she’d regret.

Her words, not yours. You’d heard the speech from her many times.

However, you continued on with your work and didn’t get her a glance.


“You left so abruptly on Sunday, I was hoping you would have stayed longer,” Brendon said. He had found you at your locker after Anatomy, “My mom missed you.”

“I thought you wanted to be with your girlfriend,” you deadpanned.

“I wanted to be with you,” he pouted. Damn, that pout would be the death of you.

“Brendon, you know that when she is with you, she is with you,” you emphasized, “I’d rather not be around someone that is all over my piano instructor while I’m trying to learn.” you heard a giggle down the hall and turned to see Jenny, in her big hair and denim jacket wearing glory, approaching you and Brendon. You scoffed, turning back to your locker to put in the combination. Once it was open you retrieved your history textbook, and slammed it shut. When you turned back, Brendon was being dragged away by the girl he said he loved. What a surprise, you thought, not using him, my ass.


It was the next Saturday, and you were thrilled to not have school. All you wanted to do was sleep in and hang out with Dallon at his dad’s corner store, but your mother had other plans. She woke you up at eight in the morning, told you to get dressed and to get in the car when you’re done. You groaned in protest, refusing to get up. That was, until she took your comforter by the corners and pulled it off of you, leaving you cold and uncomfortable until you complied. You begrudgingly got up from your bed and stumbled out of the room and into the bathroom. Your hair was disheveled when you looked in the mirror, and your sweatpants hung low on your hips, that in partnership with the slightly risen hem of your shirt, showed the waistband of your underwear.

“You have ten minutes, sweetheart!” your mother called when she heard the sink’s water start to run. You groaned loud enough for her to hear, the only reply was a chuckle and, “it’s not my fault you didn’t wake up at a good hour.”

Five minutes later you emerged from the restroom with slightly fixed hair, minty fresh breath, and a clean face. Your mother had left clothes out for you on your bed, though it was only jeans and a t-shirt. You changed into the clothing and slid your boots on before finally emerging. You found your mother waiting for you by the front door. Once she saw you, she stood a bit straighter and opened the door for both of you to exit.


“So, are you going to tell me why you woke me up at eight on a Saturday?” you finally asked. Unlike most times, the windows of the car were rolled up. You could still slightly hear the sound of other cars rushing by yours. It was quite cold outside, most likely because of the early morning, and like most days in Vegas, there were already people walking on the sidewalks and driving in a rush to get to their jobs.

“Well, the church Grace goes to is doing a potluck and I thought you and Dallon would want to go,” she stated. She pulled into a turning lane that you never noticed and flipped on her blinker to turn left.

“Dallon doesn’t like church,” you murmured.

“Well, he’s meeting us there, liking church or not, the promise of food persuaded him,” your mother chuckled.

Your mother pulled up to a small building that you had never seen before. She shut the car off and didn’t give you a second glance before stepping out of it. You saw Dallon walk up to her to greet her, and she pointed toward the car, probably explaining that you were lagging behind them.

“Hey, pretty girl, hurry up!” he called as he walked toward the car. You finally swung the door open and stepped out onto the gravel of the small building’s parking lot.

“I’m comin’, slick,” you called, trying not to slide through the gravel when you slammed the passenger side door. Dallon reached you before you could start walking toward the building, and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, “what’s with you?” That’s when you smelled it. You knew the smell of cannabis by that time, and you knew how Dallon acted when he was stoned, “this is a church event, Dal!”

“Yeah, but church boy knows how to party,” Dallon laughed. Church Boy, you thought that’s his nickname for Brendon.

“Where is church boy?” you asked.

“With the girl you hate,” Dallon said, way too loud. Luckily, people were too busy eating and chatting to hear you.


You had sat down at a picnic table that had no one else sitting at it, and Dallon had his head in your lap. You combed your fingers through his hair to keep yourself entertained, and he seemed to like it, falling asleep in your lap. As if out of thin air, Jenny walked up with a drink in her hand and sat down across from you, her two bitchy friends following suit. She gave you a sickly sweet smile. Her friends sat on either side of her and gave you the same look.

“How are lessons going, (Y/n)?” the blonde girl asked.

“They’re going ok,” if you didn’t interrupt them, they’d be better, “Brendon’s a good teacher.”

“I know he is,” she said sweetly, but her eyes told a different story. She looked around, her friends doing the same, like they were making sure no one was looking. Then, she took her red, plastic cup and splashed it all over you, and her friends did the same. Dallon shot up, red punch covering his face, and looked around. You were covered in the liquid from the head down and sat in quiet shock before Jenny started to talk again, “don’t talk to him, don’t look at him, if i catch you with him, you’re in for a lot more than juice in your face.”

You looked at her face, she was so smug and thought you wouldn’t fight back. You stood from your spot, Dallon watched you from his spot on the bench. You stepped up to her, she was a similar height to you, only standing a centimetre taller than you.

“Listen, bitch,” you start, “I don’t know what I did to you, I don’t want to know, but that does not mean you can blatantly threaten me and dump disgusting, obviously spiked, punch all over my best friend. Piss off, cunt.”

Then, your face stung.

You didn’t know what happened fully until you saw her red hand go back to her side. Ouch. You didn’t know what came over you, but you found yourself taking her by the hair and dragging her toward the parking lot.

“Kick ‘em where it hurts,” you muttered under your breath. She clawed at your hands in her blonde locks, that felt like straw due to the amount of hair spray in them, but you continued to pull her away from the crowd, toward her car. When you reached the gravel, you finally pushed her with so much force toward the ground, she slid a solid foot and a half, “I better not see your fucking face ever again, bitch, because in your own words, ‘you’re in for a lot more than juice in your face.’”

Her lip quivered when she looked up at you, but she didn’t move.

“You should really go,” you heard a voice behind you say. You slowly turned your head and saw Brendon standing with his arms crossed.

“Thank god, baby, she hit me and pulled my hair!” Jenny cried from her spot in the gravel.

“No, I meant you, Jen,” Brendon stated, “Everyone saw you, I’m not stupid. In fact, I really don’t want to see you again, either. We’re through.”

“You can’t break up with me!” Jenny screeched. She stood up, shakily, and approached Brendon. She tried to pry his arms from their crossed position across his chest, but he didn’t budge. When that didn’t work, she tried kissing him, but he stood like stone. She had an angry look on her face when she pulled back, “I can ruin your life, Brendon Urie!”

“Then you might wanna leave and get started,” he deadpanned.

Jenny gave him a glare and left the potluck without another word, her two friends following closely behind her.

“Sorry about that,” you apologized. Brendon chuckled and shook his head, taking a step toward you.

“About what?”

“You just broke up with a popular girl because of me,” you murmured.

“That only gives me the chance to do this,” he chuckled.

Then Brendon Urie kissed you.

And you loved it.

A/n: there won't be a sequel because i like the way it ended, so don't ask -ro

     So, I was trying my best to decipher the cockles subtext from J2M semi panel from Jibcon 8 to find out exactly what the sleeping arrangements really were. My conclusion is, basically there were “barely” two bedrooms, “BARELY” Jensen insinuates. Then Jen goes on to talk about one of the bedrooms, but stops himself. We’ve all pretty much can gather what’s going on when Jensen does this. Then Misha steps in to talk about Jared sleeping on the floor, but Jensen made sure to point out he was in a whole other room. 

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Jensen gets a bit extra when the curtains fall a little. The audience took this as a joke as if Jared and Misha were doing the sex, but he was trying to just stress he was not sleeping with Misha and Jared was on the floor next to “their” bed. Which is what I gathered from this whole exchange. I was paying attention to both Jared’s and Misha’s reactions for any sign or tells of what the truth may be out of the hilarious chaos. So there’s clearly something wrong with the other bedroom, but Jensen caught himself before explaining bc he needed then to state where he slept! Smart! But now I’m curious as to what was wrong with the other room? haha This happens a lot in Cockles stories, things get left out. At some moment of course JenMish had some sexy times, but not when Jared was around, so no actual hanky panky actually went down the way Jared jokes about. In conclusion, ergo, Jared’s, “the audience wish they knew what’s real and what isn’t, I wanna believe.” Oh I believe 😂 and before J2 left for work, they both definitely set down and watched gay porn together based off Jensen’s reaction to the graphic nature of the porn bc he was shaking his head in agreement as if reliving the memory of it and I was like, and Jenny, how would one know exactly the details of said pornography?Pffft I’m dying…😂😂🤣🤣

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     Do y’all agree or disagree? Do you have another point of view or something to add? Let me know, my ask is always open! Even if you just want to be random! 😘💖💫👠💄💋💎👑

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A cringe worthy request. Haha! I hope someone does this though: Maybe a moment during their marriage (after making love, perhaps?) when Laoghaire realizes that Jamie will never look and love her the way he does for Claire. What would be her realizations? Maybe a comparison of how Jamie treats her during their union vs Jamie’s union with Claire? :)

For this prompt I thought it would be fitting to revisit one of my older fics. This is set in the Wounded Pride AU and is basically just Laoghaire’s perspective as the early events of that fic unfold. 

– Mod Lenny

Wounded PridePart One, Part Two

If she’d had any doubts remaining, listening to him as he told her to leave, to go home––to go home so he could go back to that witch and explain, as if she didn’t deserve an explanation too––watching him turn his back on her and walk back to the house, his shirt askew and his breeks barely buttoned, had settled her opinion.

Jamie Fraser was a coward.

Laoghaire stomped around Balriggan fighting the impulse to throw something or break the furniture. None of that would do her any good; they were her things, not Jamie’s. She wanted to break something that belonged to him, wanted him to feel the hurt and anger she felt.

What had happened to the gallant young man who’d stood up for her in Leoch and taken a beating meant for her? He’d been meant for so much more than what he’d become and so had she. If he’d married her then, before that witch interfered, both their lives would have been better. He’d have become laird of the MacKenzies, she was sure of it; so many had lamented him throwing himself away on a Sassenach wench.

And she’d been married off to her father’s choice, though at the time, she hadn’t cared. Nothing mattered during that time when Jamie had been lost to her.

Laoghaire thought that they’d been given a second chance when Jenny Murray had invited her to Hogmanay and Jamie had been standing there… like he was waiting for her. Feeling his hands on her waist while they danced, seeing him smile and hearing him laugh… She’d been so sure. She knew that the war had changed him––it had changed a good many men––but he hadn’t been so bad as others and it all seemed well enough at first.

But he was a coward. Not the same kind of coward her second husband had been, but it turned out he was a coward all the same.

She should have seen it when he’d left for Edinburgh, when he couldn’t bring himself to look at her anymore. Why hadn’t she seen it?

Light reflecting in the looking glass on the wall near her bed blinded her momentarily. She shifted her position so her head blocked the source of light at the window behind her. It caught her hair––still fair though her blonde locks were bleaching closer and closer to the dull white of old age––and lent her an angelic glow. She was a little thicker than she’d been in her youth, her curves more pronounced and soft, but she could still see the lovely lass she had been when she first loved Jamie Fraser.

That was it, really. She loved Jamie, even if he was a coward. Her love for him had blinded her to his flaws… but that didn’t mean she didn’t still want him. There had to be a way to fix him, to help him find his way back to the man he’d been when she first loved him.

And she was damned if she’d let that witch take him from her a second time.

She strode through the room to the front entryway calling for the girls.

“Marsali, Joanie, fetch yer cloaks back on,” she told them. She had to get a stool to stand on to reach the place behind a supporting beam where she’d hidden the pistol Jamie left her before heading to Edinburgh. It was heavy in her hand as she checked it over. He said he’d loaded it for her so all she had to do was cock the hammer back and fire.

She didn’t think it would be necessary but where that witch Claire was involved, it was better to be prepared. All she needed was to talk with Jamie and having this would ensure he listened to her. Once she reminded him of what he owed to her and the girls, he would come back to her and this time things between them would be different.

The walk back to Lallybroch didn’t seem to take as long or maybe it was the sense of purpose she felt driving her forward.

She spotted Ian in the distance as she approached and watched him turn away. As she and the girls finally reached the yard, Jamie was striding toward her with Claire, Jenny, and that whore’s son, Fergus trailing behind him.

With the gun clutched tight in her hand and hidden by her skirts, she stood her ground as Jamie’s angry voice reached her.

“Did I no tell ye to go on back to Balriggan?”

“Aye, ye did and so I went—as a good and obedient wife should—but ye said nothing of coming back again, now did ye.”

She knew she needed to send the girls off, to get the others to go back in the house and let her and Jamie talk things through on their own. However the sight of Claire standing just a few feet away had her palms sweating against the smooth wood of the pistol’s grip. Had she no shame? After having been caught in such a state, how could she bring herself to face any of them? And given the fury she’d heard from outside as Jamie went back inside to placate her, why was she even here?

The name of Ned Gowan jolted her back to focus. He was going to set her aside, to pretend that everything between them had never happened.

“Ye intend to shame me then. Ye intend to abandon me and leave my bairns to starve while ye take up wi’ yer whore again.”

Jamie’s rage soon brought him right to her face. It was the closest he’d been to her in months. She could feel the heat of him but it wasn’t the sheltering warmth she’d once imagined it to be. He burned as though he would consume her and leave her a pile of ash to be blown away, to vanish on the wind.

“Ye’ll no talk of Claire like that—not afore me. I’ve no intention of letting anyone starve but I’ll no have ye disrespecting Claire like that. Ye kent well how I felt when we wed—”

“I did not!” she exclaimed, her anger mingling with an ache in her chest. She didn’t want either of them to see her cry but especially not the witch. “I needed a man, it’s true, but I believed ye loved me as I love you. Aye, I do still love ye, James Fraser—though I dare say ye dinna deserve it,” she snapped.

“Ye may be right. I likely dinna deserve it,” he confessed. “From you or from Claire. But from you, at least, I never sought it nor do I want it now.”

It felt as though she’d been slapped right down to the stinging and watering of her eyes. Her grip on the pistol tightened and her finger slipped to the trigger, her thumb resting on the hammer.

He was a coward. He was standing there making excuses, saying he would do the honorable thing for her girls and acting like that would be enough. If he had any real honor…

“The honorable thing? Ye mean to do the honorable thing? Ye wouldna ken the honorable thing if it smacked ye in the face. Ye mean to choose that woman when she’s no children to provide for, no property to tend, while I have both—”

“She may no need me… but I need her.” He glanced over his shoulder at Claire.

Laoghaire was back at Leoch watching the pair of them together in the hall after they’d returned from collecting the Laird’s rents and announced they were married, watching Claire lean against Jamie’s shoulder as the bard played. Laoghaire was watching from the kitchen window as they laughed returning from the stables for dinner, Jamie’s arm around Claire’s shoulder and hers wrapped around his waist. Laoghaire was listening to one of the kitchen maids whose sister had been at the trial in Cransmuir and had seen Jamie force his way through the crowd to stand between Claire and her accusers, vanishing with her in the chaos and never returning to Leoch. Laoghaire was smiling as Jenny brought Jamie around the edge of the dancers to introduce them and remind Jamie that Laoghaire had been a friend of Claire’s back at Leoch. Laoghaire was holding Jamie’s hands as they stood with the priest only to hear Jenny gasp and murmur a quiet prayer before the ceremony was finished. Laoghaire was lying as still as she could beside Jamie so he wouldn’t know she was awake and could hear him whimpering Claire’s name into the pillow. Laoghaire was watching Jamie ride away with everything he’d need for Edinburgh in his saddlebags and a hollow promise that he would return to check on them as soon as he was settled. Laoghaire was standing in the doorway staring at a naked Claire writhing and panting in bed, her legs draped over the shoulders of Jamie’s equally naked and aroused body so that only the flaming tendrils of his hair were visible from between her thighs.

Laoghaire cocked the hammer and raised the pistol, aiming for Jamie’s fiery hair.


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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 //

Part 9~


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Fairy Tail Chapter 539 Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, this freaking chapter

Our cover is the GMG arc. Maybe this whole conclusion will turn out like the GMG arc, starts off good, then becomes bad, then becomes absolute garbage.

So we open on the random where Blue Pegasus is stationed. As they all begin to notice cracks in the sky.

Y’know what makes Jenny’s tears more sweet, the fact that Anna and Ichiya don’t show up in this chapter meaning there is a possibility they didn’t survive the christina explosion. I know I shouldn’t expect them to be dead but honestly wouldn’t that be a little interesting?

I just love all these looks of absolute terror.

My friends the king is back

Okay questions. First I understand eating the magic but the way Anna described it sounded like this wasn’t just magic but it actually was a space in between time, while Zeref said it’s overflowing with time magic which means Acnologia can eat it wouldn’t it still be hard and take time to get out of a rift in time and space? Second I never thought controlling the magic you ate was a problem for DS, in fact I believe it’s been a signature thing about how the DS body will adapt and incorporate what it’s eaten. In fact, we see that later on. Third I’m really just trying to hope this isn’t a new “level” of power because he’s already strong enough as it is, so I’m interpreting it as he’s just refueled himself from using up a lot of magic.

Acnologia whips out a technique called “Eternal Flare” (which sounds like he stole it from Atlas Flame) but hey lets check it out!

Thats… Thats my king’s roar! Okay if people don’t know I wrote a “How I would end Fairy Tail” and it has a big fight with Acnologia and he uses a technique I thought up called “King’s Roar” where he uses his breat attack (Y’know the energy blasts) and rains hell down upon the everyone. This is the same thing! This actually reminds me, there’s a fellow reviewer of mine named @ac-fairytail who made a prediction list and surprisingly a good chunk of her predictions actually came true. Well now with this our suspicions about Mashima just spending time on tumblr might actually be true.

Also literally 2 pages are devoted to destruction caused by this technique. On the one hand I like this for creating this sense of scope but on the other it seems like this eating away more page space than it needs to.

So we cut to Erza sinking and wow this is pointless, I mean regardless of the fact that she is basically invincible we see that focusing on her actually isn’t even for the future of the plot. I mean you are probably not going to do a damn thing this climax, Erza.

See! Wendy is taken! Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on the character that will actually have an effect on not only the future chapters but also the character who we’re suppose to feel scared for? No lets focus on Erza again!

So apparently eating time magic gave Acnologia Ban’s fox hunt because we see he’s just grabbing all the DS from first, second, and third gen. Also this scene with Lucy and Gray, first off my god the re writing ENDs’s book actually worked? The hell? To make sense of this I’m still under the theory that maybe there was an organic link transfer to Lucy from the book and that’s why Natsu didn’t die. Second, wow are they so oblivious to not notice the glowing light just sucked away their friend. Also this is my other problem with the chapter and it’s something we will get into post chapter follow up. 

So Natsu (And most likely the other DS) have been taken to this newly forming structure in the ravines of time where we see human Acnologia. Okay I made jabs saying that Natsu vs Zeref is just ripping of Haru vs Lucia. Well maybe I was wrong. With being inside this area of time and a black sky plus the falling stars, this is basically a pseudo version of the star memory battlefield in Rave.

Post Chapter Follow up: This was honestly an okay chapter. What it does good is very obvious, it brings back Acnologia but what I really need to give credit to this chapter for is building tension. Watching just how big the strength of the widespread destruction is, plus the sheer terror of this situation really draws the reader in.

Now even though it’s okay it has some very hard to ignore flaws, the first being the moment of focusing on Erza. Why would you focus on someone who will most likely not be involved in the climax and is someone we obviously don’t fear will get taken by Acnologia. Now this isn’t me hating Erza it’s me hating the structure of the story telling. Speaking of structural problems, it bugs me is this chapter in context with the previous one we saw Natsu disappear then the cracks in the sky, but that’s not how the linear story telling went, the cracks are happening before the disappearance. It bothers me that Hiro wanted to have his cake and eat to because last chapter he did “death” of Natsu and the cliffhanger was the cracks even though that’s events out of order. It’s not even like this is so nitpicky that it doesn’t need to be fixed because in Tartaros when Mashima had the dual plots of Erza stopping face and Natsu facing Mard Geer he made clear distinction in the time difference of the events told out of order.

The biggest problem I have is the Acnologia plot convenience beam coming and grabbing all the dragon slayers. While I’m happy that we may get DS vs Acnologia we still don’t have any clue of what the DS have been doing and why we should now care. Wouldn’t it be so much better to use that breather chapter to check up on all these guys? What has happening to crime sorciere, how did they feel about Jellal just blowing them off or are they okay with it? What’s been going on with Sting and Rogue after their Larcade fight? With Gajeel and Laxus we see what they’ve been up to but the others are just being grabbed without enough build up of why we should care about the characters if their just going to be thrown into something with no build up, other than they are dragon slayers.

This chapter isn’t not bad it really is pretty decent, but it’s failings are still very note worthy.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • Average but done decently
  • good tension building
  • But some poor structure
Great Shift

Part 4 - David

(Part 3:

My first minutes as a girl were the worst minutes of my life. Despite the fact, that I wasn’t in my original body, I had to cope with the fact, that there was some guy fucking my newfound pussy. Don’t get me wrong, it feels nice and all, but I was suppose to find out by myself, not by some other guy, who I don’t even know. I am not gay, but If I were born as a girl, this would have been the man of my dreams. Captain of the football team, hot stud, packed with muscles. 

But after the swap, we fucked, but then stopped for a little while. We were in the bathroom, just two teenagers. He said:“what the fuck. How is this possible?“ Then he seemed to notice his new long dick, huge muscles and his newfound beauty. He looked at his phone and was amazed. I tried to talk to him, tell him who I am, that I am not who I look like. But all he said was:“Shut up bitch, I am horny and you are mine now!“ Then he basically raped me right there. When he finished I just sat there on the toilet, while he left with a laugh and shouting:“See you later my new sex toy!“. I was speechless. I was fucked by a guy. In a girls body. I cried. For the first time in years… I was a college professor of economy. A young one. I was just 34 years old! But now I am even younger. I have to be like 18 or 19. Well, my ID says I am incorect. I am even younger. I am 17.

I got out of the stall. In the mirror was a young girl, who looked horribly sad. I should put myself together, before anybody sees me. I got out of the bathroom and headed towards the exit. I haven’t been on this highschool for a long time. Suddenly, it hit me. Maybe my wife is gonna be here. She works as a school therapist. The halls were full of people, screaming, crying and running around like fools. There it is, the doors to her office. I stood there, waiting if I would hear something inside. I heard moaning. I stormed inside. There was a gym teacher fucking my wife senslessly.

„Hey Jenny or somebody else, wanna join us?“ the gym teacher, Eric Andrews, said with a huge grin on his face. My wife’s body was laughing too.

„Who are you guys?“ I asked, hoping it wasn’t my wife who was cheating me in front of my new given eyes.

„I am Jacob, your classmate, we sit together at biology. I used to bet he biggest nerd, who could never even look at a girl. And look at me now, the destiny gave me a different oppurtunity“ Said my wife’s body.

„And I am Stephen, I tried to hit on you once. Yeah I know I don’t look like I did before, which is deffinitely for the better. All that fat is gone and I got these muscles instead.“ He basically screamed enthusiastically and kept fucking my wife’s body.

I didn’t say a single word and just stormed out of there. I haven’t spoken to anyone. Horrible thoughts kept rushing in my head. I headed to my appartment. Hoping that Anna would be there.

I unlocked the door and found a police officer sitting on my couch. A good looking one I have to admit.

The guy ran towards me and hugged me as hard as he could. I knew it was her, we both begun to cry in happiness that we found each other, but also cried because of the horrible situation. We were now 20 years apart, both different genders and also deeply traumatized. We watched the TV to look at the news. So many people died in accidents after the swap happened. The worst were probably in over crowded cities, airplanes and many other risky places to be. They said they still don’t know the exact numbers, but will try to inform us as soon as posibble. It was weird, looking at an 8 years old girl reading the news, but we are gonna have to get used to this. My wife was still hugging me, olding me closely.

„Honey, can I asky ou for a favor? This body has needs, which I still can’t control and that I don’t understand enough. You were a man before. Could you please give me some sort of walkthrough? I could give you one too, if you would like.“ I accepted her offer, not very happy about it and we went to the bedroom. We sat on the bed next to each other. We took our clothes off, looking at each other. I knew I still liked women, but Anna didn’t seem to have such a problem. Her ne dick was hard, but she was still too afraid to even touch it.

„Don’t worry, i tis not gonna bite you or anything. Just grab it a move slowly up and down. Yeah like that. There. Now find the right technique for you that is gonna bet he most pleasant.“ She seemed to like it, but still looked too nervous. Then it was my turn. She tol dme how to masturbate in her body, where to find clitoris and how to do it right. It was actually funny. Two strangers in our appartement, jerking off in our bedroom. We started to touch each other, to make it more intimate. I even gave her first blowjob and she accidentally let go and shot all of her cum in my mouth. I was disgusted a spit all out. I couldn’t handle it. Her dick was flacid again, so she offered me to lick my pussy. I have never experienced better feeling than this. I could compare it to sex with a dick, but it felt completely different. Before I was finished she stopped. „Why did you do that?!“ I shouted at her desperately. She just smiled and thrusted her dick in me. We were bound, togehter, probably forever.

Part 5: Soon!

Little Ham Man *Alternate Ending + Continuation* Chapter 4 (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Okay so YES this is a new chapter, I changed the last one into a continuation of chapter 3 because it was just really short!

Make sure to follow @midnightokieriete and read Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) before reading the continuation! 

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John’s POV

My eyes widened as Y/n watched the carriag- I mean car with Lafayette in it drove away. As soon as Y/n got in the car, I started asking a bunch of questions.

“Why would you let them take Laf? What’s going to happen to him; where are the even taking him? What-”

“John, he’ll be fine,” she let out a sigh. “They won’t hurt him, but he can’t leave until we get him out.”

“Then lets go get him out!”

“We can’t, John,”


“When Laf jumped into the mirror, he ended up at the pizza place. The place was closed when he got there so when he left the officers must have thought that he broke in.” I shrugged.

“And? We’ll just tell them what happened.” Y/n gave me a look before I realized what I had just said. I flashed her an apologetic look and she just nodded before we drove off.


When we were back at Y/n’s place, I kicked my shoes off and flopped down onto the couch beside her while she scrolled through her phone. Neither of us had anything to say, I was too lost in my thoughts worrying about Laf and the others. At least we knew where Laf was, but the rest of our friends could be anywhere. I knew Y/n was worried; after what happened to me that night she and Laf went to the pizza place. I regretted that night, having to watch her be in so much pain because of me and not being able to do anything to help. After her losing Jenny, I don’t think that she would be able to handle another loss so we needed to find the others asap.

“J-John!” Y/n’s voice broke my thoughts. I turned to her with a concerned look.

“What’s wrong?” She basically shoved the phone into my face. I looked at it and my eyes widened. Jenny was FaceTiming Y/n.

“Answer it!” I encouraged her. She shook her head.

“I can’t John. I don’t know what to say!” I could see the frantic look in her eye and I know that she wasn’t going to answer it, so I took the phone from her and answered it before shoving it back into Y/n’s hands. She gave me a look before looking down at the phone.


“Yo, yo, yo! How ya doing?” The person on the other end said. I raised a brow. The voice sounded very masculine and not like Jenny at all. I looked at the screen and saw a man in a car; from the looks of it he had his phone on his lap. Y/n was confused as well.

“Who is this?”

“What do you mean? It’s Jimmy!” Y/n and I looked at each other, eyes wide and in complete shock. 

“Oh, hey Jim.” I looked at her, still very confused. 

“Hey,” he responded with a laugh. “Listen, I got some guys saying that they are trying to get back to a Y/n and I realized that I knew a Y/n so I called. Do you know a uh-” he turned his head around. “What’s your name again? Alexander?” He turned back to us. “Yeah do you know an Alexander?” 

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Yes I do, do you have anyone else with you?”

“Yep,” we heard Thomas say. “It’s me Thomas, Phillip, Aaron, Herc and James are here as well.” Y/n let out a sigh of relief. 

“Can you bring them over?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in twenty.”



Your POV

When Jimmy pulled up, the boys jumped out of the car immediately (Aaron and James not as fast). I couldn’t help but run into Thomas’ arms. I smiled up at him.

“I’m glad you’re okay!” I heard Herc clear his throat and let out a laugh before hugging him too. When Jimmy got out of the car, it was hard to act normal. I wanted to confront him about it, but it was already pretty late and I needed sleep so I decided to bring it up another time.

“Thanks for bringing them,” I said as I gave Jimmy a friendly side hug.

“No problemo, but mind telling me who they are?” I shifted uncomfortably as he leaned in closer to my ear. “Especially that James guy?”

“Maybe if we meet up tomorrow for coffee or something I can explain everything.” Jimmy stuck his tongue out. 

“Ew, no. That sounds formal. Just come over to my place and I’ll hook us up with some snacks.” I rolled my eyes.

“K, that’s fine.” Jimmy smiled and walked back into his car. 

“Bye guys! Nice meeting all of you!” He waved. The guys waved back as he drove off. We all turned to Laurens as his stomach let out a loud growl. He let out a nervous laugh.

“Anyone up for pizza?”


Instead of going out for pizza, we had them deliver to us. It took a little longer because this pizza place was farther away than the one that Laf appeared in (I’m trying so hard not to use the word spawn lmfao). We all sat in the living room with the lights off and watched a movie. No one brought up the fact that we had jumped into a mirror and ended up in a different time zone, no one even mentioned Laf’s absence. John probably told them anyway. 

One by one, the boys started to fall asleep and by the time the movie ended, they were all knocked out. All of them except for John. As I got up to tiptoe out of the room, I felt something grab my arm to my surprise.

“Y/n, can we talk?” I recognized John’s voice.

“Can’t this wait until tomorrow John?” Even though it was still dark, I could see John shake his head.

“No Y/n, its really bothering me.” I sighed before leading him into my room. I turned to him as I flicked the lights on. 

“What is it?” John sighed and took out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. I gave him a questioning look as I opened it and started to read.

Disclaimer: This next part was written by @midnightokieriete. I repeat, I DID NOT WRITE THIS PART! After the line is my writing.

When you’re in this constant state of, i don’t know what’s going to happen to me, it’s hard, it’s terrifying to try and stop thinking that way. I mean, we’re here. Under the most extreme and strange circumstances, we are here. We are here, with you, Y/N. And you are taking care of us. You are making sure we are fine, we are able to live another day. You are making sure that I’m okay. Every time you look at me, I, I don’t know how to react. Do I pretend like I’m fine?

Or do I tell you, that I get this unknown feeling in my chest, and every time i look into your eyes, I see the stars align? The world is whispering to me, and it’s telling me your name. It’s telling me that you are the one, the one I’ve been looking for all along. Is that why I’m here? Is that why we came three hundred years in the future, to meet you? My first instinct was to run away, to ignore the thumping in my chest cavity and live life without you knowing how I feel.

That’s why I’m writing this down. You, Y/N, you made me into this. I’m a complete mess. When you smile at me, I am undone. I am attached to your every breath, to your every gaze. But the others, the others, I see what’s happening. They are realizing that they care for you too. It hurts, to see them hold your hand, or touch you. Do they value you as much as I? DO they think of your smile, hours after it’s gone?

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t send this letter to you. In fact, I will hide it. This is the only way I can express how I feel about you, to let it out.

I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being. With every grin, with every word, with every breath, with every blink, with every movement of mine, I am yours.

Oh how in every waking moment of mine, I wish for you to be mine. To wake up next to you, to drink that coffee with you, to walk you to your school, to meet everyone who has had the pleasure to meet you. I want to know you, I want to see you at your most vulnerable, to see you at your best and worst. I want to experience life. With you.

But now, I have this question ringing in my head. Do you consider me yours? Or am I just a nuisance, a man that you treat like a child? Is John Laurens, the man far from his time, worth the time of day?

As I am writing this, I think I know the answer. But I still need to know. I need to hear it from you.

Am I, Miss Y/N, a man you could love? Someone that you could see a future with, someone that is desperately in love with you? Could, you possibly…

Sorry, I am rambling on. You were gone for a while, and I am on my way to see you outside. I hope Lafayette and you had a nice time together.

Why am I still writing?

Lafayette loves you, you know. I’m not quite sure if he knows it yet, but I see the way he looks at you. The way his smile widens every time you waltz into the room, gracing us with your presence. It hurts, because, you smile. Oh, your smile to him, it’s different. It’s more special. More intimate.

Why can’t you see me? I am right here, I am waiting for you. Just look at me, see me for who I am, see me.

See me.

Ah, it is my time to place down this pen. I will see you soon.

Time to eat that deadly slice of pizza.

“Y/n, are you okay? Y-You’re crying.” I felt my face. It was soaked in tears. John wrapped his arms around me as I stood there in shock. That’s when it hit me. I loved John. Why was I so hurt over his death? Sure, he was my friend and all but the grief hit me on another level. I love him. I also loved Laf, Alex, Herc, and Thomas. How the hell am I supposed to deal with this?

“Y/n, I didn’t mean to make you upset. Please ba- Y/n, don’t cry.” I looked up at his worried face. He looked hurt and it killed me.

“John, you didn’t make me upset. It’s just I can’t believe..” I trailed off.

“That I feel this way?” 

“Yeah,” was all I could say.

“Why is it so surprising?” 

“The fact that you could love someone like me. The fact that there are so many people out there, and you choose me. The fact that I was so oblivious,” I rambled. John took a step closer.

“Y/n, I know you love Laf and Thomas. I also know that you love Herc and Alex. I see the way you look at them,” he took another step closer. “But if you give me a chance, I could prove to you tha-” I cut him off by smashing my lips with his. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back.

Y’all I’ve been so inactive and I hate it, I’ve been mad lazy lately. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter.

Also thinking about making Jimmy and James a thing? 

Also also this is not proofread because its 2 in the morning and I have no patience lmao. I’ll try to come back and fix any mistakes when its not an ungodly hour to be awake.

- A-a-ron (aka hamiltrashitty)

anonymous asked:

Do you know if Jamie tells Willie about him being his son? If so, could you post it? Thank you!

They do eventually talk. Jamie avoids William when he can, since he knows people will figure out they are father and son. Eventually Jamie and William come face-to-face and William figures it out. Due to circumstances Jamie leaves and Claire is left to tell William about Jamie and Geneva, William inherited the Fraser temper and basically rips the stairs apart and smashes a chandelier. But I do love Jenny who witnesses all of this and her response is “Like father, like son, I see. God help us all.”

William finally confronts Jamie in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. Here is that book excerpt.

“I have come to take my farewell,” William said, very formally. His voice was less firm than he liked, and he cleared his throat hard. 

“Aye? Where is it that ye mean to go?” Fraser was wearing his plaid, the faded colors muted further by the dimness of the light, but what light there was sparked suddenly from his hair as he moved his head. 

“I don’t know,” William said, gruff. “It doesn’t matter.” He took a deep breath. “I— wished to thank you. For what you did. Even though—” His throat closed tight; try as he might, he couldn’t keep Jane’s small white hand out of his thoughts. 

Fraser made a slight dismissive motion and said softly, “God rest her, poor wee lass.” 

“Even so,” William said, and cleared his throat again. “But there is one further favor that I wished to ask of you.” 

Fraser’s head came up; he looked surprised but nodded. 

“Aye, of course,” he said. “If I can.” 

William turned and pulled the door shut, then turned to face the man again. 

“Tell me how I came to be.” 

The whites of Fraser’s eyes flashed in brief astonishment, then disappeared as his eyes narrowed. 

“I want to know what happened,” William said. “When you lay with my mother. What happened that night? If it was night,” he added, and then felt foolish for doing so. 

Fraser eyed him for a moment. 

“Ye want to tell me what it was like, the first time ye lay with a woman?” 

William felt the blood rush into his head, but before he could speak, the Scot went on. 

“Aye, exactly. A decent man doesna speak of such things. Ye dinna tell your friends such things, do ye? No, of course not. So much less would ye tell your … father, or a father his …” 

The hesitation before “father” was brief, but William caught it, no trouble. Fraser’s mouth was firm, though, and his eyes direct. 

“I wouldna tell ye, no matter who ye were. But being who ye are—” 

“Being who I am, I think I have a right to know!” 

Fraser looked at him for a moment, expressionless. He closed his eyes for an instant and sighed. Then opened them and drew himself up, straightening his shoulders. 

“No, ye haven’t. But that’s not what ye want to know, in any case,” he said. “Ye want to know, did I force your mother. I did not. Ye want to know, did I love your mother. I did not.” 

William let that lie there for a moment, controlling his breathing ’til he was sure his voice would be steady. 

“Did she love you?” It would have been easy to love him. The thought came to him unbidden— and unwelcome— but with it, his own memories of Mac the groom. Something he shared with his mother. 

Fraser’s eyes were cast down, watching a trail of tiny ants running along the scuffed floorboards. 

“She was verra young,” he said softly. “I was twice her age. It was my fault.” 

There was a brief silence, broken only by their breathing and the distant shouts of men working on the river. 

“I’ve seen the portraits,” William said abruptly. “Of my— of the eighth earl. Her husband. Have you?” 

Fraser’s mouth twisted a little, but he shook his head. 

“You know, though— knew. He was fifty years older than she was.” 

Fraser’s maimed hand twitched, fingers tapping lightly against his thigh. Yes, he’d known. How could he not have known? He dipped his head, not quite a nod. 

“I’m not stupid, you know,” William said, louder than he’d intended. 

“Didna think ye were,” Fraser muttered, but didn’t look at him. 

“I can count,” William went on, through his teeth. “You lay with her just before her wedding. Or was it just after?” 

That went home; Fraser’s head jerked up and there was a flash of dark-blue anger. 

“I wouldna deceive another man in his marriage. Believe that of me, at least.” 

Oddly enough, he did. And in spite of the anger he still struggled to keep in check, he began to think he perhaps understood how it might have been. 

“She was reckless.” He made it a statement, not a question, and saw Fraser blink. It wasn’t a nod, but he thought it was acknowledgment and went on, more confident. 

“Everyone says that— everyone who knew her. She was reckless, beautiful, careless … she took chances …” 

“She had courage.” It was said softly, the words dropped like pebbles in water, and the ripples spread through the tiny room. Fraser was still looking straight at him. “Did they tell ye that, then? Her family, the folk who kent her?” 

“No,” William said, and felt the word sharp as a stone in his throat. For just an instant, he’d seen her in those words. He’d seen her, and the knowledge of the immensity of his loss struck through his anger like a lightning bolt. He drove his fist into the table, striking it once, twice, hammering it ’til the wood shook and the legs juddered over the floor, papers flying and the inkwell falling over. 

He stopped as suddenly as he’d started, and the racket ceased. 

“Are you sorry?” he said, and made no effort to keep his voice from shaking. “Are you sorry for it, damn you?” 

Fraser had turned away; now he turned sharply to face William but didn’t speak at once. When he did, his voice was low and firm. 

“She died because of it, and I shall sorrow for her death and do penance for my part in it until my own dying day. But—” He compressed his lips for an instant, and then, too fast for William to back away, came round the table and, raising his hand, cupped William’s cheek, the touch light and fierce. “No,” he whispered. 

“No! I am not sorry.” Then he whirled on his heel, threw open the door, and was gone, kilt flying.

mine - jennie

Jennie blackpink scenario, where you (rebel) and Jennie (popular girl in school, goody two shoes) you two always hated each other since kindergarten basically childhood friends you were oblivious & dense that jennie actually has feelings for you since you guys were kids but was afraid to confess to you. Until one day hanbin tries to harass or teasing her until you came in to save her & then you finally realized your feelings for jennie and then happy ending!

genre: idk fluff?? angst?? 

character pairing: female reader x jennie kim (blackpink)

warnings: mild cursing, mild violence, ITS MOSTLY FLUFFY SOOOOO


Originally posted by rookiesmonster

School. The only word in the english language that could make me groan and want to curl up into a fetal position and die. Well, school and Jennie. THE Jennie Kim. The only person who makes school seem like the Bahamas. I don’t know if it’s the way she smiles at every passerby or the fact that she literally is everyone’s friend. Maybe it’s the fact that her hair is always neatly brushed or the way she obediently follows the rules. Maybe it’s the fact that Jennie and I could not be more different, even if we tried. Jennie was the type of girl to apologize for doing extra homework or for even catching a cold. Her goody two shoes personality set me on edge because not only did she like to follow rules, she tried to help those who broke them.

But not me. Nobody could save me from the destructive path I was headed on. And quite frankly, I didn’t care. I liked my life. I liked how peaceful it was and I got to do whatever I want and whenever I want. And while Jennie may have everyone else wrapped around her pinky finger, there was a select few who shared the same loathing towards Jennie Kim. And that was my crew.

We cruised the halls and skipped class. Hell, we even smoked outside behind the building where we all knew that there was security camers that could catch us, but we couldn’t find it in us to care. But there was one thing I would not tolerate in the crew: bullying.

I mean sure, there are people I have teased, but I would never full on make someone’s life hell. I know I’m low, but you’d have to be knees deep in hell to be low enough to torment someone consistently to the point where the victims life has become a living nightmare.

So when I seen Hanbin grip the books of Rose, one of Jennie’s high maintenance friends, and shove them to the ground, anger boiled within me. Hanbin knew my rules, and he explicitly broke them regardless of who’s around.
My hands curled into fists and I started to pick up my pace to meet the chaos at the end of the corridor. But something made me stop in my tracks. A voice, to be specific.

“Hey! Leave her alone, Hanbin,” a small voice spoke, cutting through the halls and reaching my ears. I knew that voice from anywhere.

“Yeah, or what pip squeek. What are you gonna do about it?” Hanbin scoffed, pushing Rose aside to give me a clear view of the person he was speaking to.

“You know the rules. (Y/N) wouldn’t take to kindly to you breaking her biggest rule,” Jennie stated.

“Maybe I don’t give a damn about her rules,” Hanbin gritted, shoving Jennie into the lockers behind her, the metal rattling amongst one another as she slid down them and fell to the floor. For a fleeting moment, Jennie’s eyes looked up to meet mine and I swore I have never felt so many emotions at once.

Sympathy, anger, concern… love.

I shook the thoughts away and continued my way down the hall to where Hanbin was now gripping Jennie by her collar and lifting her to her feet.

“Hey asshat!” I yelled, causing Hanbin and Jennie to look up at me.

“Oh.. (Y/N)! I–I uh, I was just–”

“You were just what? Bullying?” I ask, my face warm from anger. Hanbin released his hold on Jennie before standing in front of me entirely.

“No! I was just teasing Jennie, right?” Hanbin nervously states, looking towards Jennie, who was clearly seconds away from fainting.

“Teasing my ass. I see you lay hands on another person again, I will handle you myself,” I threaten, making Hanbin nod once before he tries to slip past me. I grip his arm tightly and yank him back to his previous spot.

“Where in the hell do you think you’re going?” I ask.

“T-to class?” Hanbin guesses.

“Without apologizing to Jennie? I think not,” I scoff. I cross my arms over my chest and wait for Hanbin to initiate his apology.

“J-Jennie. I’m sorry for picking on you. It won’t happen ever again,” Hanbin bows. Jennie offers a small smile before telling him to scurry off to class, to which he gladly does, his body disappearing around a corner.

“You didn’t have to make him use the bathroom in his pants, ya know?” Jennie teases. I scoff before looking at her. And I mean REALLY look at her. Has her eyes always been this beautiful? Were lips always so pink and cute? How am I just noticing these things?

“You know you can curse? It won’t kill you,” I chuckle, watching as she nervously scratches at her arm.

“Cursing is bad, though,” Jennie cutely pouts.

“Why are you cute?” I mumble to myself, smirking at her.

“Huh?” she asks. I wave it off and lean against the lockers next to us.

“Well, thank you again (Y/N) for helping me. And for making him apologize. It was really sweet of you,” Jennie smiles, tucking a piece of her behind her ear.

“I’m not sweet,” I grimace, watching the cute action and admiring it. What is going on with me?

“You really are though. I don’t think you realize how sweet you can be. It’s one of things I like most about you,” she giggles.

“You like me? How?” I ask, completely baffled at her confession.

“How can I not? I’ve known you for so long that I’ve grown to love you’re tsundere nature. Knowing that you may tease people without taking it too far and making sure nobody ever gets bullied is so cool to me. And even though I tell myself that it’s just you being you, I can’t help but love the way you care so passionately about bullying,” Jennie smiles, her cheeks growing a shade of pink that has now become my favorite color. I kick of the lockers and walk to her, watching her eyes grow wide at my smirk.

“Jennie babe, you know nothing about me other than what you’ve seen inside school walls,” I say.

“But I want to know more,” Jennie whispers, finally looking up at me. My eyes look down to her inviting lips and I throw caution to the wind and kiss her. My hand snakes to the small of her back as I push her into me. I can tell that’s not what she was expecting because for awhile it’s like kissing a wall, but once her mind processes that, yes it’s really happening, she starts to mover her lips against mine.

I’m the first to pull away and I watch her slowly open her eyes and see her smile at me in way that only she can make look beautiful.

“So is that you accepting my confession?” she asks hopefully.

“That’s me claiming what’s always been mine.”

The Bangtan Gal Chapter 58- Two Different Pages

Summary- Jen reveals she accidentally caught Rap Monster watching naughty videos in the studio and reveals another bombshell which shakes ARMY on Tumblr. Jen makes it known that it isn’t wise to disrespect her. 

Words- 12,000+

Genre- Mainly Jungkook fluff, Rap Monster fluff, dash of angry Jungkook and Jennie.

A/N-  Longer chapters when I take my time, right? Deal? I was not planning on this being so long but I had a bunch of ideas coming and decided to just add it in. Lemme know what you think. Enjoy!

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I Need A Healer

This is a continuation of this story Born Out of Time. We’ve had a few request in the form of fanmail come in and I’m happy to continue it! 

Enjoy! – WTT

The Laird’s bedroom in Lallybroch Estate hadn’t changed in the decade since Claire had last been there. Bree’s condition steadily worsened, slower than what it had been in the 20th century, but still worsening. Her face was broken out with a light sheen of sweat, and the color was that of chalk—save for the bright pink fever flush of her cheeks.

Jenny fluffed pillows behind Bree’s head, her face held a look of concern.

“How did the bairn come to be so sick, Claire?” Jenny asked, her arms crossed tightly across her chest.

“I don’t know,” Claire said, smoothing a lock of sweat soaked hair from Brianna’s forehead. “One day—several years ago—she fell ill, ever since then it has been a gradual decline.”

“Several years ago? Ye mean to tell me this bairn has been sick for most of her life?” Jenny said aghast.

Before Claire had a chance to explain further, the door to the bedroom slammed open.

“Madonna, I am here to help petite fille!” In a swirl of silks, Master Raymond appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

“Master Raymond?” Claire said astonished. “What? How—?”

“Ah! I knew you were in need of my services, so here I am,” he said with a deep bow.

Jenny, for once, was speechless as this eccentric man commanded the room. Claire noticed when Jenny was starting to come-to, grabbed her arm holding her back, and watched with rapt attention as Master Raymond inspected Bree.

“Ahh my petite, fille malade, I know what ails you so,” Raymond whispered to Bree. Bree’s eyebrows furrowed, though her eyes never opened.

“Madonna, where is the Red Man? Where is your husband?” Whiskey colored eyes met whiskey colored anguished eyes.

“I-I do not know.” Tears began to well in her eyes as she thought of Jamie. She knew if she made it to Lallybroch the likelihood of Jamie actually being present was, in fact, a long shot. Claire had hoped she’d be able to ask Jenny, Ian, or someone on the estate as to his whereabouts.


Claire and Raymond both looked at Jenny whose voice was gaining strength.

“He’s on parole at a nasty estate called Helwater. Instead of being transported to the Colonies, his punishment was to be sent to Helwater and be an indentured servant. That servitude wilna be up for another six years, at least.”

Jenny turned to Claire. “I’m sorry, sister. I should have told ye sooner, but I’m still no’ sure what ye’re doin’ here, and alive at that! We all thought ye were dead and had no notion of this bairn. I’m no’ saying we are no glad to see ye, it’s just, how are ye here? Jamie was convinced of yer death!”

Claire’s tears ran freely down her face. “I’m not sure you’d believe me if I told you, Jenny. Where I’ve been….what I’ve seen and experienced is something you’ll think I’ve gone mad if I tell you.”

Jenny pulled her arm free from Claire’s grip and crossed it defiantly across her chest. Jenny arched an eyebrow and gave her a look only a determined Fraser could give and said, “Try me.”

Claire squared her shoulders and looked Jenny directly in the eye, “I’m from the future.”

Master Raymond smirked, and motioned for Claire to continue, not that she was paying attention to him; she was busy watching as Jenny’s mouth gaped like a fish, struggling to find her words.

“You can call me mad, a Faerie, a witch even, but I am none of those things. I’m plain Claire Fraser, the same sister you knew and loved all those years ago. Healer, surgeon, mother, wife:  all titles that I am and am proud to wear. I don’t know what all Jamie told you about my…disappearance, but it wasn’t as easy as you might have believed. I wanted to die with him; he is my heart and soul, that’s never changed. I, and now Brianna, are able to travel through time.”

And so she began detailing everything that had happened to her: her first journey through the stones, her desire to get back to her first husband at the time, how Jamie became her life, and the horrific day when Jamie sent her back through the stones to protect their unborn child.

“He had no choice in his mind. He didn’t want to risk me losing this miracle of a child we longed for, after Faith—we never imagined—I never thought—but that isn’t the point. He meant to die on the battlefield and he knew I would die with him. Brianna,” Claire smiled looking down at the ailing child, “Brianna was and is my world. She’s my piece of Jamie that got me through the anguished years apart from him, and she still does, even being here. She’s been sick ever since she was small.

One day, it got so bad that she’d fall over every attempt she made at walking. It scared me to no end. At my work, I had all of the best surgeons and specialists look at her, all of them told me it was hopeless. Here I was, a surgeon, able to heal most people that walked through the door, yet I could not help my child.”  Fresh tears sprang to Claire’s eyes.

“Bree was getting worse, and with her worsening condition came these vivid dreams. Dreams of the Scottish countryside. She could detail out every inch of Lallybroch estate, including you, Ian and who I assumed are your growing children. She spoke of a man who lived in a cave and would tell her stories. I didn’t know what to believe about that man, but I hoped and prayed somehow she could see her father.

That’s when I decided I didn’t care about society, my job, the rules of how things are supposed to be; I booked us a flight to Scotland first thing the following morning. We met an old friend of mine, she has a way of knowing and understanding things that are not of this world. She sent us back. Now here we are. Bree’s condition has slowed and I’m reunited with the family I’ve always loved. But I need my husband, Jenny. Is there a way to get him back?”

Claire’s tale sent Jenny’s mind whirling. “Ye mean to tell me that’s why ye ken the stuff ye do? About the potatoes you told me to plant, the famine ye rightly predicted, everything?”

Claire nodded.

“Did ye ken how that awful day at Culloden would end?”

Again, Claire nodded. “I did know, but I didn’t know the specifics of who would die and who would live. I knew the basics and the horror that was to follow.”

Jenny nodded, and began pacing the length of the room. “Jamie knew all of this as well.”

She stated rather than asked. Claire didn’t say anything.

“Ah, this is all well indeed ma’am, but do you know how to get the Red Man back? You said he was a place called Helwater, oui?” Master Raymond spoke up, his palm resting on Brianna’s forehead.

“Aye. I could send a letter, but I don’t know what good that’ll do. It takes months for us to get correspondence back.”

Master Raymond shook his head and looked down at his kin, “The girl is dying. We need both parents together.” He looked up at Claire, whose hand had covered her mouth in anguish. “Madonna, do you remember the day you lost your first child?”

Claire nodded; nothing could prevent her from forgetting Faith.

“Well, I had you call the Red Man to heal yourself.  The only way to heal this child is for both of you to be here for her to call upon. Since the child has never met her father, he needs to be present for her to draw from.”

Claire nodded, her eyes searching his. ‘Help. Please. Do whatever you must,’ her eyes beseeched.

“I can fetch him. I dinna ken how easily or fast it’ll be done, but I can get him,” Jenny spoke up.

“I can’t ask you to do that,” Claire said.

“Aye, ye can and ye will. I ken ye aren’t about to leave this bairn on her own. Let me bring him home.”

16 Days of Outlander - Day #12 Lallybroch

Lallybroch is easily my favorite episode of the back half of Season 1 - I’m a huge fan of Jenny and Ian and love the way the show approached Jamie’s return (I’m not really surprised though since the Anne Kenney wrote it and she’s basically my favorite of the show’s writers). 

Favorite Location: the Laird’s room. I love that the show defaults to this shade of blue so often (it’s already appeared several times in the promo pics for Season 2). I’m not sure whether it’s wall paper or tapestries but I’m absolutely in love with the wall decoration in Jamie and Claire’s room. The carved mantle and four-poster bed in that rich, dark wood are also an aesthetic I heavily subscribe to and the lighting somehow manages to make the room appear larger than I think it actually is - a true feat given such a dark color palette in the decoration. 

Favorite Costume: Claire’s quarter day dress. I told you all this dress would be making a reappearance. I think what impresses me most is how perfectly the fabric was cut and sown so the lines of the tartan align perfectly with the lines of Claire’s body and that the tartan’s symmetry is maintained. Also, those three-quarter sleeves are the ideal length and looseness for maintaining mobility and function. 

Favorite Music Moment: drunk Jamie. This was the track I was most looking forward to on the second volume of the show’s soundtrack (it kicks off the Tracking Jamie track, for the record). The whole scene is pure gold and the lilting way the track is played in imitation of Jamie’s drunken state works perfectly. And the resumption of the track as Jamie faces breakfast with a hangover while Claire smiles on with a smug sympathy… There are many times in the books when we get to see Jamie drunk and while this isn’t a scene that appears in the first book, it is definitely in keeping with some of drunk book Jamie’s more charming escapades (I wonder if we’ll hear a variation on this theme in future if they include some of those other drunken encounters between Jamie and Claire). 

Favorite Minor Character: Ian Murray. Having been around Frasers pretty much his entire life, Ian Murray is basically a walking “how to handle Frasers” manual. He’s able to deftly defuse the tension between the siblings, leaving Claire in awe and seeking advice. The chat between the two of them in the hallway is one of my favorites from the show and I really wish we could see more of their relationship (maybe next season). 

Favorite Line: “kick them harder.” Coming from a family that’s stubborn on one side and more level headed on the other (I generally fall on the level-headed side though there are certain issues where I definitely dig my heels in stubbornly), Ian’s observations and advice to Claire stick with me. 

“Once they’ve dug their heels in there’s no budging them and you don’t want to get between them when their danders are up[…] You can tug on their rope or give them a wee kick in their backside and they might move, or you might get bit for yer trouble.”

“And then what?”

“Kick them harder.”

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Claire dumps Jamie out of bed. So I know there are people who don’t care for how the show portrayed Jamie upon returning to Lallybroch (that Jamie is too conscious of his responsibilities and capable to make the mistakes he does in the episode and that he wouldn’t be so pompous, etc.) and I understand why that criticism creeps up, I just happen to disagree with it. Even in the books, a lot of the incidents Jamie tells Claire about growing up at Lallybroch demonstrate that he isn’t/wasn’t always tactful or respectful (the incident with Mrs. Fitz during his first trip to Leoch comes to mind). Add to that the fact that it’s his first time home since his father’s death and that he is now saddled with the actual responsibility of being laird (a very different thing from his position at Leoch where, much as he manages to navigate the tension between Dougal and Colum, the responsibility for making the calls and enacting them still falls to Colum), and I think it’s completely believable that Jamie would revert a bit to his younger attitudes - I always go back to How I Met Your Mother and their “revertigo” episode. Anyway, what I love about this scene is the way that Claire is able to get through to Jamie (taking a bit of Ian’s advice). It also ties in so nicely with the earlier scene where he chastises her and tells her that she shouldn’t reprimand him in front of people because it’s just not how things are done in his time. She bites her tongue through a lot of the episode, letting things go where her natural instinct is to push. But here, she finally gives into her instincts and lets the honesty flow - it’s not a public disagreement but Jamie needs to hear what she’s saying and because it’s coming from Claire like this, he trusts it and sees the truth in it. 

Favorite Performance: Laura Donnelly as Jenny Murray. Donnelly and Heughan play siblings so well. The frustration Donnelly channels through Jenny during her altercations with Jamie is something I relate to strongly, right down to the “let him figure it out for himself then” attitude. I feel like it really emphasizes what comes out during the scene in the graveyard where Jenny and Jamie make amends - she blamed him in part for their father’s death and some of her treatment of him stemmed from that resentment, the need to punish him. But what I think truly makes this her episode is the way she laughs during the flashback with Black Jack Randall - it’s a huge part of what makes that scene so uncomfortable and compelling. 

Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation, Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: first ‘I love you’s. Again, it isn’t a scene that is depicted exactly the way it transpires in the book, but they managed to capture all of the spirit of the exchange in such a way that the material is elevated in some ways. Peace has been achieved within the family and Claire finally feels like she’s somewhere she belongs, like she’s home. That so much of the scene is one continuous shot/take is downright amazing. It’s cute and funny and sweet and heated and intimate and just… everything that I was hoping that scene would be. I don’t think I’ve ever watched this episode without stopping to rewatch this scene at least five times. I often forget that there’s a little bit more after it (that damn cliffhanger). 

Playing With Fire - Part 3


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Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader x Nate Maloley 

Summary: After finding Nate in his apartment, Cameron is extremely confused and seeks Y/N (reader) to explain what the heck is going on. 

Word Count: 2,800+ 

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