so basically that kind of explains why I chose this quote

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Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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Francesco Gabbani - Italia 21 (translation and explanation)

So, this song was deleted from YT last week and I was very upset, since it’s one of those older songs from Francesco that made me instantly like him.
I knew that it needed both a translation and a ‘paraphrase’ (like you would with a Latin version in high school LOL) to fully understand it and that took me SO LONG. It was very hard and I believe it’s still not complete yet: there’s something I still don’t get.
But! The most is done and I hope you’ll like it!

This is “Italia 21″ (Italy 21).

I’m not sure if this song was already traslated, I’m just gonna post my version :D
I’m not a professional translator so there might be some mistakes. I just hope to convey the message of the song to non-Italian speakers.

Uno. Pane e vino certo non ci manca
Due. Neanche il sole in quest’Italia santa
Tre. Una penisola col tacco a spillo
Quattro. Tutti parlano, ci manca solamente il grillo

One. We surely don’t lack bread and wine
Two. Nor we lack the sun, in this holy Italy
Three. A peninsula wearing an high heel
Four. Everybody talks, last thing we need is the cricket


- Bread, wine and sun are what Italy is known for in the entire world. So it’s religion, that’s why the ‘holy’ adjective.
- Italy is said to be shaped like a boot. We also call the southern regions in Apulia “tacco” (heel). I believe the “high heel” reference is related to fashion, another thing we are known for worldwide.
- We have a common saying: “Il paese è piccolo, la gente mormora” (it’s a small town, people talk) which means that basically in small communities everyone knows everything and always voices their opinions. Italy is pretty much like a big “small town” and everyone always likes to talk. We’re very good at talking and having all kind of opinions.
- The “grillo” (cricket) reference is what made me instantly fall in love with this song right during the first listening. It’s pure genius.
It has a double meaning: the first is related to the Jiminy Cricket (or Talking Cricket), a character from famous Italian author Carlo Collodi’s book “Pinocchio”. It basically says that since everybody likes to talk already, we really don’t need to hear from the Talking Cricket, known for being Pinocchio’s conscience and dispenser of good advices, but never listened to. The second reference I believe it’s about Beppe Grillo, infamous ex-comedian and now leader of political movement “Movimento Cinque Stelle” (the links lead to Wikipedia, if you’re curious about them).
The most interesting thing is noticing how Francesco made a subtle criticism of this (known for being loud and obnoxious) politician by using a word play and a very ironic and cultured reference.

Cinque. San Gennaro, grazie che ci Sei!
Sette. Senza di te che numeri giocherei?
Otto. La nazione piscia controvento
Nove. Ma noi siamo tutti fieri del Risorgimento

Five. St. Januarius, thanks for exSIXting!
Seven. Without you, which numbers would I bet?
Eight. The nation pisses upwind
Nine. But we are all proud of our Risorgimento


- St. Januarius is a very important saint in the Italian culture, especially in the Neapolitan area. The “number betting” thing is related to another popular tradition (mainly in Naples, I believe) consisting in praying the Saint to suggestions about which numbers to play at the Lottery.
- Number six of this list is the “sei” at the end of the first line. Once again a word play: the word “six” is written and pronounced exactly like the second person singular of the “be” (essere) verb.
- Another saying: “Chi piscia controvento si bagna i pantaloni” (who pisses upwind wets his own pants), which means “never take challenges too big for you”. Related to Italy I believe it may mean that we consider our nation much bigger and more influential than how it actually is and we take challenges way bigger than our real potential. Why is that?
- Because we are conditioned by our long, rich history and heroical past. One example above all might have been Ancient Rome or the Reinaissance period, but Francesco wisely chose the Risorgimento: when Italy was reunited under the same flag and monarchy after a series of wars, battles and campaigns against foreign occupation. Why is that? Maybe once again to be very ironical about Italians being actually proud of being united in one country, since there are still a lot of differences and fights between North and South.

Dieci. Chi svolta il mese con il contagocce
Undici. A chi la polpa e a chi le bucce
Dodici. Per fortuna arriva il 1° maggio
Tredici. Abbiamo tante, tante fave ma non c’è il formaggio

Ten. Those who turn the month in dribs and drabs
Eleven. Some get the pulp and some the peels
Twelve. Luckily, the 1st of May always arrives
Thirteen. We’ve got lots and lots of beans but we haven’t got the cheese


- “Svoltare il mese con il contagocce” (turning the month with the tear dropper) and “a chi la polpa e a chi le bucce” are there to express how the economy has a lot of flaws in Italy, especially in the relation between riches (who has got the “pulp”, the money and wellness) and poors (the ones having difficulties gaining enough to live by, month after month).
- The 1st of May is International Work Day and it’s an holiday. It’s also sometimes used as a “middle point” during the working year.
- Fave e pecorino (broad beans and sheep cheese) is a typical dish of Central Italy and Rome in particular. It’s a 1st of May tradition to eat them together, especially because since it’s an holiday and it’s Spring, people used to go have trips and pic-nics in the countryside, where they bought beans and cheese directly from the farmers. Francesco is using the dish as another way of saying we’ve got the side dish (vegetable or beans), the theories and good words, but we haven’t got the main course (the cheese), what matters.

Quattordici. C’è chi magna e non fa una piega
Quindici. Ma alla fine cosa ce ne frega?
Sedici. Tutti fermi, inizia la partita
Diciassette porta sfiga. Il corno in terra, cazzo! E’ già finita

Fourteen. There’s who eats and doesn’t bat an eye
Fifteen. But in the end who cares?
Sixteen. Everyone stay still, the game is on
Seventeen brings bad luck. The lucky horn on the floor, fuck! It’s already over


- I am having some difficulties pin-pointing where the first sentence is from. It looks like another saying (”magna” is generally the dialect version of “mangia” and it’s mostly associated with Roman dialect) but I’ve never heard anything similar (it might be because I am from Northern Italy, tho). Anyway “non fare una piega” litterally translates to “don’t make a wrinkle” and it’s used both to say that something makes complete sense or that someone has absolute no reaction to something. So basically who eats (presumably those rich people from the previous verse?) doesn’t care about anything/anyone else and/or no one questions it.
- “Cosa ce ne frega” is, imho, the best way to describe the Italian attitude toward problems. It basically means “what do WE care?” with a very personal connotation. How do you solve unsolvable (or very hard) problems? Whatever, who cares anyway… not our business.
- Italians love football and that’s common knowledge. To quote Winston Churchill: “Italians lose wars as if they were football matches, and football matches as if they were wars.” So true, Winston.
- We are also very supertitious. The cornetto is one of the many objects believed to be lucky charms. I have no idea why you have to put it on the ground, tho? (Neapolitans, explain please!). The number 17 is also believed to be very unlucky (that’s why you need a corno to nullify its powers. But while you complete the rituals, you get distracted and the match ends!)

Diciotto. Viva l’Italia col microfono in mano
Diciannove. Canto anch’io che sono un italiano
Venti. Un bel bicchiere di rosso e due pennette
Ventuno. Due cazzeggi all’osteria e un Tressette

(Osteria numero sette! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Il salame piace a fette
dammela a me, biondina
dammela a me, biondà!)

Eighteen. Long live Italy with a microphone in the hand
Nineteen. I sing I’m an Italian as well
Twenty. One fine glass of red (wine) and some penne
Twentyone. Some messing around at the pub and a round of Tressette

(Pub number seven! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Salami is good cut in slices
give it to me, pretty blonde girl
give it to me, blondie!)


- Pretty sure the “Italia con il microfono in mano” is a reference to Sanremo, the most famous singing competition in Italy. It may also mean in general everything that has to do with Italian music, tho. Something along the line of “long live Italian music!”, even though his relationship with the industry at the time wasn’t the best and he had struggles surfacing as an artist. Would he ever imagine, at the time, that he would win Sanremo two years in a row? Bless you, Francesco.
- A quote from the famous “L’italiano” song by Toto Cutugno. Just like “Italia 21″ that song too was an attempt to describe Italy and the Italians from within.
Another fun fact: Toto is the last Italian singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest. Is this a lot of foreshadowing or not? (Maybe too much!)
- A glass of wine and pasta. What’s better? Here’s a quick and easy prescription to happiness, by every Italian ever.
- “Cazzeggio” is litterally “a thing done with one’s dick” and means messing around, having fun with friends by basically doing nothing. Tressette is a popular card game in Italy.
- What follows is something we call stornello, a type of folk song which basically has a standard melody and ever changing lyrics. They are usually very funny, irreverent and sexual. “La canzone delle osterie” is famous everywhere and Francesco used it to end the song in the most carefree way.
- He rhymed “sette” with “fette” but I really don’t know how to explain if “salami is good cut in slices” is a sexual reference. Salami can definitely be associated with something sexual (c’mon…) but I have no clue about the rest. I’m an innocent soul XD
- “Give it to me” is DEFINITELY sexual. Especially referred to a pretty blonde girl XD That too is usually part of the standard stornello lyrics ;)

Wow, this took SO LONG.
I hope it helped understand this song in depth, even though something is still obscure even to me, after translating and spending a lot of time looking things up on the internet.
Have fun find other interpretations, maybe? ;)

Stay With Me (Part 1)

“If only it was us against the world. Tell me, would you stand for all we’re worth?”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1258
Warnings: Mild language
A/N: Here we go, new series, oh mercy! Don’t worry, ‘Heathens’ is still going, I’ve just had this on my mind for so long and I needed to get it out! I really hope you like it, there’s quite a few parts planned for it so feedback is appreciated!

-Takes place directly after the events of CA: TWS
-Title and quote inspired by this video/song. (I’m such trash for MCU video edits)
-GIF credit

one | two | three | four

To say that you were exhausted was a huge understatement at this point. You were downright drained. Today had been nothing short of chaotic and it didn’t look like it would be letting up anytime soon. People were still crowding the streets in a frenzy and emotions were running high. There were so many questions and just far too few answers being given.

Then again, it wasn’t everyday that three giant, glorified hover-boards crashed and burned into the Potomac River. How the hell does someone go about explaining that one…without causing more panic.

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So Shinra talks in volume 13 about how Izaya’s heart is more fragile than anybody else’s and how he is actually more human than anybody else. By the anime appearance, I could say, “he is just a cold-hearted manipulative monster”, and that that is all there is to it. But, in volume 9, he actually punches a telephone pole to the point of it swelling up at thought of his “only ‘friend’ by normal human standards(Shinra)” being mad at him.

Which means it’s probably subconscious, what Izaya does and the way he lives.

Furthermore, Izaya actually isn’t a sadist. He just thoroughly enjoys being a part of both the good and bad actions of humanity.

By definition, he is an anti-hero and just happens to support all humans in their (with reason) decisions. My therapist says that Izaya could be diagnosed as having Schizoid Personality disorder after I explained his character.

The fact is, unlike the anime, the novel’ narrator(AKA the creater himself) confirms that Shinra is Izaya’s only friend and also the first one to see through him to his true nature(just as he saw through Celty, Aoba, Shizuo, and many others, (and Izaya even says himself, “Damn him” when Manami tells him that she had talked to Shinra instead of teasing her or averting the conversation as you would expect him to do)).

People say that there is nothing to like about Izaya, but the fact is… If you truly go to him as a friend with no other alternative manipulative motives, and you accept him, not to change him, you’ll be surprised by the length he’ll actually go. Two quotes about Izaya that are proven to be a fact in the novels are by Shinra and Kadota.

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Overthinking: The Shitennou’s Namesakes

I have been doing a lot of personal research into gemstones, crystals and their differing types. It was a hobby of my mother’s when she was alive and I also wanted to research different stones and minerals anyway for a project completely unrelated to Sailor Moon. However I also have been looking into my own fanwork for the fandom, and in doing so it required me to look into the different gemstones that villains in the manga are named after. The most significant that will come to mind of any of them though are the Shitennou (and Beryl).

Below I have made a list of interesting findings about each of the meanings behind the stones. This information comes from several books and sources and put into exclusively my own words/interpretation, so if you wish to verify any of the information it is easily found through getting some Gemstone based books (both scientific and spiritual) as well as cruising the internet.

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On the value of life - a study about Eve

I was driving my car to work this morning listening to The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, because if there’s a thing I do is consume a lot of great music, and I found myself having an interesting internal dialog. I thought “Oh man, I will never achieve the greatness that is Pink Floyd. This is some pretty good stuff.” And this took me back to something I had the misfortune of read last night. A thread of commentaries that were supposed to be about the “sexism” in Only Lovers Left Alive but the only thing that was stuck in my mind is “you’re a useless piece of shit who will never achieve greatness.” Pretty ironic how words can easily backfire.

I won’t reply directly to that thread (actually there were two) because there were a lot of hateful words going around and I don’t feel like my blog needs that. Instead I will do something I don’t usually do. Write. And why is that? Because I felt that a movie I love was being painfully misinterpreted and this time I felt like speaking up.

Long story short, some people feel like Eve is, and I quote, “fucking useless” and Adam is a genius. And this was deliberately thought because of their gender. This was their opinion and I will respect that opinion but I also have the right to speak mine. And I feel this is a very ignorant point of view and itself full of prejudice. Their argument is that Adam, a man, is the genius, the music creator, the book writer, the inventor, the science lover. Eve, a woman, is only there to nurture him to hoard books and do nothing with her life.

First, we don’t know Eve’s backstory. We don’t know what she has achieved. She is a 3,000 year old former druid, probably knows every language, dead or alive, to ever exist. That’s not the main focus of the film though. But even if she hasn’t produced anything, created a genius masterpiece and instead dedicated her life to absorb every piece of culture, to absorb knowledge, to fight for humanity, what is really wrong with that? What is really wrong with never achieving greatness? But admiring greatness? Inspiring greatness. Appreciating nature. Nurturing. Friendship. Kindness. And dancing. Why is this any less than a genius hermit?

Adam and Eve are pieces of a puzzle. Equal pieces. There is no Adam without Eve. He would long be gone without her. This is the focus of the film. Survival. This beautiful symbiosis. Let’s invert the genders here for a while, I find out how their theory is flawed. Let’s imagine Adam was a woman, secluded, having to hide her geniality from the world, depending on a man to survive, to repress her suicide impulses. A woman depending on a man. Much like The Deep Blue Sea. But oh that would be so misogynistic in the 21st century.

How about we focus a bit on how all the goodness, all the light, all the life in this movie comes from a woman. A woman who “hoards books” to consume knowledge. A woman who wants to live, who wants to explore. Who accuses and calls out her lover of not living his life. Of being so obsessed he misses entire periods of human history. Do you really think she went through all those things she mentions during their call and did not left her mark? Let’s not forget though, these thousand year old vampires can’t expose themselves very much. I would like to sit and talk with Jim, Tilda and Tom. Asking what Eve does. What Eve has done. Maybe she supports charities. Maybe she has inspired great humanitarians. She goes around the world doing good things, spreading knowledge. One of my favourite things is that deleted scene on the bed when she explains Stonehenge to Adam. And blood on a stick everyone? She does start the film in Tangier, very far away from Adam, what is she doing there?

There is no perfect scenario. People online are “designed” to find offense in the smallest things and by that only manage to offend an even greater amount of other people. People who perhaps feel they have achieved nothing in their lives. Or haven’t they?

This is something I constantly think about. I look at all these great people we see every day through our screens and I can’t help but think “Damn, I’m useless. I’ve done nothing.” But no, actually no. I’m 25, I have a Masters in Science. I used to work in a lab. I could have found a cure to something. But I dropped that life because it made me miserable. I’m no less than a musical or science genius. Instead I absorb, I consume their work, their knowledge. That’s how I chose to spend my life. Not time wasted if it’s time I enjoy wasting. I will never be like Pink Floyd but I do appreciate their music. I will never solve the mysteries of the universe, but god do I admire astrophysicists like Stephen Hawking. I will never do public speeches about feminism, but Emma Watson inspires me to fight for my rights. So no, Eve is not useless. Eve is every single one of us. That doesn’t make her less than Adam, in fact it only makes her more human, more real.

Obviously, and if you have paid any attention to my insignificant existence on Tumblr I’m not trying to hate on Adam. Au contraire. I love Adam because I’m so much like him in some things (except the genius thing, you know). Always blaming the rest of the world for the terrible things that happen, never really trying to change them and avoiding human contact.

Happy World’s Kindness Day.  

PS - Dismiss my basic english. I wish I could write better. I prefer to read though.

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Hi Copperbadge, I'm considering writing a blog, and I was wondering if you had any advice, since I enjoy yours, both here, and the extribulum blog. In particular, how do you decide what pseudonym to use, and what to name the blog?

I have so much advice, anon, on my god. So much advice. But in many ways it depends on what your goals are. Because if you want to run a blog to network and build a readership, that’s a very different set of advice from if you want to just have a good time or yell stuff at the internet or hang out with friends who also have blogs.

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Jared & Jensen M&G Report - #PHXCON

This was my third time doing M&G’s with Jared and Jensen at a con. During the first con I was at, I was too stunned by them (Jared in particular) to say much of anything and didn’t actually ask any questions. During my second time I had questions for them, and I managed to ask Jared but then someone stole my question for Jensen and my back up question was more a funny question than anything else.

So I was happy when about two weeks ago inspiration hit for what I wanted to ask them:

Supernatural has been on the air for ten years now, and while season eleven has been confirmed we know the show won’t go on forever. Throughout the years you have had a front row seat to watching the story of Sam and Dean grow.

To Jared: How have you seen the character of Dean grow over the years, and what would you like to see in the character before the show ends.

To Jensen: How have you seen the character of Sam grow over the years, and what would you like to see in the character before the show ends. 

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CS + “I can’t take a chance that I’m wrong about you”

Requested by Anonymous

The anon who requested this very significant quote has asked me also if I think this sentence had a deeper meaning because it was a parallel to Neal and how she trusted him and he broke her heart. I promise Anon that I will answer your ask in the follow meta.

I think a lot of the times in OUAT we should take an extra attention into the exact words of a sentence. Here for example, Emma wasn’t saying to Hook she doesn’t trust him, or that she can’t, instead she kind of used a double negative there and practically said that she had a feeling about him, a good hunch, but she couldn’t risk finding out if it’s right. 

In “Tallahassee” we saw Emma’s first flashback into her relationship with Neal and at the end the entire episode concluded with that one quote. Actually, the entire episode was to explain us that one quote, and that quote was also a summary of everything we have seen from Emma in this episode.

The “I can’t take a chance” part was a conclusion of the flashback part, in which we have learned why Emma can’t take a chance on Hook. The “that I’m wrong about you” was a conclusion to the present part of the episode and basically to everything Hook made her feel during it.

you see, it was a parallel to Neal, but it was a parallel for only the beginning. It was a parallel in Emma’s mind to the feelings that she had. She chose to shut down these emotions because of the past and did sort of an “anti parallel” at the end.

“Tallahassee” was the episode that I fell in love with CS and as that moment arrived I should have felt sad and partly I was, but I was also content and it’s thanks to these exact words that the writers chose to use. As she was saying them I could just tell, what Hook could tell later on, that she had feelings. Maybe it wasn’t love just yet, but she knew her heart was at risk and the last time she followed her heart with a guy she ended up being betrayed and broken. 

The development that we have seen from Emma since then is remarkable. Not many people could come back from that so enormously because Emma didn’t just start to take a chance on him, she KNEW that she was right about him and I think the most amazing proof for that is that she holds on to her faith in him not only against herself, or her parents, or Regina, or whoever in Storybrook, but also against Killian himself. Whenever he felt insecure about who Killian truly is she reminded him that she does know. 

She reminds him that she will forever take a chance on him because she’s not wrong.

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

Full “CS + word” list made so far

anonymous asked:

You cant explain everything about Beth and Daryl you know. How about the fact that he wanted to stay with her all by himself in that funeral house? That's practically a redneck wedding. He wanted to live with Beth and everything that comes along with that. Carol was off wondering the countryside and he was swooning over Beth happier than ever. It stings doesn't it. When Beth comes back that will be revealed to Carol and neither she or you are gonna be able to take it.

Hi there “friendly”,

I am sorry that you find my Daryl and Beth “explanations” so troublesome and rest assured my blog or my posts are not nor have they ever been meant to focus on explaining the basic concept of that particular “relationship” in any sort of direct way. 

This is very much a CARYL blog and everything that a label like that entails - meaning that I post articles, quotes, opinion pieces, analysis posts, discussions, debates and questions that address Carol and Daryl individually and in turn “together”. 

When Daryl and Beth are indeed addressed here it is to either answer or respond to questions such as the one you sent in or if a parallel involving Season 4 comes into play because whether you choose to acknowledge them or not, there are some significant parallels there that connect Daryl and Carol during the time they were separated. 

Daryl was accompanied by Beth and Carol by Tyreese and the girls in 4B and while they were obviously going through their own personal experiences, Daryl and Carol were also connected through those journeys by the story the writers chose to weave by creating overlaps in what was going on.

“You cant explain everything about Beth and Daryl you know.”

Since it seems as if you’ve read my posts involving this then you’ve seen that when I do bring up Beth it’s never in the context of her individual relationship with Daryl but more as a reference to the situation which is reflected by a similar circumstance in what Carol was going through at the time. 

I try to look at the overall situation and point out the parallels in Carol and Daryl’s story because CARYL to me is about the journey to the destination and the moments that are leading them somewhere. From what I can gauge from your message is that your way of watching is more about isolating the scenes themselves and thereby your conclusions are limited to a particular event. There is nothing wrong about appreciating the interactions that way BUT you can’t begrudge me or anyone else who watches by connecting the dots in between.
It’s not so much that I am “explaining it away” but more about me taking into account that there are instances outside the funeral home that reflect what happened inside it. 

I don’t have to “explain” Daryl and Beth away romantically because to me Daryl and Beth didn’t happen “romantically”. Even if there was some ambiguity perceived by some in the 2 episodes and few days they were on their own, the bottom line is that ultimately there was absolutely no “love” connection shown on screen between Beth and Daryl in Season 5.
If the “romance” factor was discussed as a possibility (taste in the air) it obviously didn’t materialize on screen at all which in essence makes it irrelevant.

“How about the fact that he wanted to stay with her all by himself in that funeral house? That’s practically a redneck wedding”

This particular point has been twisted so much and misinterpreted to such a degree that it almost makes me think that the scene you are referring to is so isolated and off-kilter that it might as well happened on an entirely different show. 

The only way your interpretation can be a positive one for TWD and for Daryl Dixons as a character, is if it’s taken out separately or portrayed by someone else.
What you are saying makes it sound as if Beth replaced everyone Daryl loved and cared for and he had forgotten all of them in just a few days and was more than happy to just settle in and play out some sitcom fantasy. That’s not the Daryl TWD fans know and celebrate. 

The only way your “version” of Daryl is believable, realistic and likable even; is if the only thing that ever happened to him was that funeral home and the only person he ever knew was Beth. 

Luckily for the rest of the fandom and Daryl loyalists, your interpretation of what had happened is not just shipping biased but also seriously skewed;

Daryl; “Maybe we stick around here for a while. They come back, we’ll just make it work. They may be nuts, but maybe it’ll be all right.”

Beth; “So you do think there are still good people around.

Daryl doesn’t say he wants to stay in the funeral home “by himself” with Beth. 

What he actually says is that maybe instead of moving on, they could stay and wait for the group whose house this actually is and see if they could “make it work” with them. Beth had convinced him that maybe the owners could be “good people” and if that was indeed true then maybe they could “stick around” and see if “it’ll be all right”. 

This wasn’t about “playing house” or some kind of marriage proposal (redneck or not) - they found a safe place, they fully expected for the owners to come back and they were willing to “stick around” and stay with them if they didn’t turn out to be “nuts”. 

Daryl Dixon couldn’t articulate or admit openly that Beth was the one who changed his mind about good people still existing…and you guys are talking weddings?

Emily Kinney said, herself;
“They never really told us what it was supposed to be… I think it was a situation where they were getting to know each other. First, they were just trying to get along at all, because I don’t think that they saw each other’s point of view very well. And then as the story went along they maybe became friends, and I do think that it started to sort of go, “Oh, what more could this be? Could it keep going into something else?” (X) 

Last time I checked - Falling In Love - comes before marriage or as you said before “everything that comes along with that”

“Carol was off wondering the countryside and he was swooning over Beth happier than ever.”

The reason why you might think me talking about CARYL parallels is me trying to explain “Daryl and Beth” away, could be because you either didn’t watch or didn’t pay attention to Carol’s journey in the “countryside”. 

If you had then surely you wouldn’t be saying she was “wondering the countryside” during 4B! 

Carol with Tyreese and the girls JUST LIKE Daryl and Beth found a house they contemplated settling in to.
Mika, very much LIKE Beth seemingly convinced Daryl about “good people”, almost talked Carol into her own positively naive mantra of “everything always works out like its suppose to”.
Carol dropped her guard with Lizzie and lost Mika JUST LIKE Daryl dropped his guard and lost Beth. Both mini “groups” left their apparent “safe haven” under tragic circumstances!
Wise words - “The signs are all there - you just know how to read them”!

Daryl Dixon was not “swooning over Beth”;

“Beth has meant a lot to Daryl. It wasn’t so much lovey-dovey feelings; she had hope in her. Hope in anyone is hard to find in this world.” (X) 

At the most “if Daryl had feelings he didn’t understand them” which is exactly what he said about Carol as well; 

“Never say never…I think if he felt those feelings before, he didn’t quite understand what those feelings were. But I think there was a part of him that was open to that.” (X) 

Daryl Dixon was not “happier than ever”. The statement you are referring to was said by Denise Huth in the commentary but not in the context you are trying to imply - Daryl and Beth were happier in the funeral home then they’ve been since the fall of the prison, which is VERY DIFFERENT from what you want to believe.

“It stings doesn’t it.”

NOPE! Didn’t feel a thing!

“When Beth comes back that will be revealed to Carol and neither she or you are gonna be able to take it.”

I honestly have no idea how to respond to the whole “when Beth comes back” thing because I don’t understand how this is even debatable - filming spoilers implied her death, social media tracking strengthened the evidence of her TWD departure and then the actual scene where she was shot in the head and lost a significant amount of brain matter kind of confirmed her DEATH.
Or so I thought! 

To reiterate the point every interview and statement by TPTB, the cast, Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus, Talking Dead memoriam, the media…new footage, new promotional material etc - confirmed her DEATH…so yeah…She’s not coming back!

Even if say hypothetically Beth does return (she won’t) I can pretty much guarantee that both Carol and myself will be perfectly FINE with that and will most definitely be able to “take it”. 

The difference between the way you seem to view Beth and the way I personally see Beth are obviously very different BUT I assure you her presence or absence is not going to affect the way I watch the show or the way I expect Carol to react to it. 

The thing is Carol to me is much more than her relationship with Daryl and my expectations or concerns about her story and her ability to “handle” anything are not tied exclusively to HIM nor are they even remotely tied to Beth living and dying. 

It makes me sad that you don’t seem to view Beth the same way because frankly she should be celebrated, loved and talked about way more without Daryl in the picture and most definitely without bringing CARYL into it.
She deserved to have her life on TWD mean a lot more than what the majority of her fans seem to be so set on perpetuating even more.

I really-really hope your expectations of 5B go beyond Beth coming back because i think that’s the one thing that we don’t even need to watch the show to know! 

I am sorry!

Sincerely - Sanja “A Non-Repentant Caryler”

Korrasami is Canon x Heteronormativity

I have to admit that Korrasami was not my huge takeaway from The Legend of Korra mostly because it didn’t speak to me in that manner. Seeing the reactions (both negative and positive) of a lot of people toward Korra and Asami’s relationship reminded me that–outside of my close circle of friends–society is still pretty heteronormative. 

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Olympic/pro-swimmer!Haru hints in episodes 7 and 8

Okay so because I was away at the time I didn’t really get a chance to talk about the pro!Haru themes in episode 7. However, after seeing episode 8 I’m kinda glad I didn’t because I now wanna talk about everything that’s been happening over the past two weeks together.

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Give Me Love Chapter 16

College roommates AU where Karma is not entirely fond of lesbians and Amy is unfortunately her roommate.

“I—” Amy’s gaze drops to the towel and she blushes. “Well, I just thought you looked beautiful.”

It’s not the answer she’s expecting and her grip slackens. She leans back, knowing that she’s probably a blushing mess. The words make something in her chest flutter and it’s probably the stupid butterflies again, making her feel like she’s going to puke out the pizza she had last night.

“Me? Beautiful? Amy, I’m not even wearing make-up and my hair’s all messed up and I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet,” she murmurs, nearly cracking a smile when she sees Amy looking at her with the softest expression. “I’m not beautiful, Amy.”

“Right and I’m the president of the United States,” Amy mumbles.

Previous chapters.

A/N: I am so sorry it took so long for me to update but exam weeks are coming and I am super busy nowadays. So the next chapter, which is when all the fun starts,might take longer as well. Be patient guys! :)

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Guess Who’s Back? Back Again {TVD 7x18 Sort of Spoilers Maybe}

Alright guys, you know the drill. I write my review in real-time which means that if I say something that isn’t right or doesn’t make sense in the first few numbers, it might get rectified in the last ones. I am anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon so that will probably spill through in my reviews. I will also most likely mention anti-blackness and misogynoir. If you don’t want to read then don’t, no one is forcing you, if you do have some qualms with my opinions by all means, express them, in a civilized way because I will drag you if you come for me. Fair warning. This is just my opinion, it’s supposed to be fun, encourage discussion and hopefully you guys think I’m funny too. Alright, let’s get started!

1. OK here is the thing about TVD they have some half-way decent ideas buried in the show. Like the souls of heartless vampires being released into the world and animating the nearest dead flesh they can find, like that could be a cool concept in the right hands, me and my friend were talking about this, except instead of it being a sideplot it would be the MAIN plot, not something shoehorned in in episode fucking 17/18 of the season. It would be a main plot for at least half the season because you can milk so much out of that. What IS the main plot this season anyway?!

2. I’m still mad that the show didn’t just hire another actor to play Stefan in another person’s body and just used Paul instead. I don’t know, it comes off as cheap and unimaginative to me. Like imagine watching another person enact who Stefan is, what different qualities would come out of that character? That was why Michael playing Klaus actually ended up being kind of great. I was sceptical about it when it first happened but Michael did it *so* well, it was still very Klaus but Michael brought out a certain humour to Klaus that Joseph does so subtly but when Michael did it, I went Omg Klaus *would* say that. The moment I enjoyed it was when he looks at his phone and says, “This incessant woman!”

3. Oh good. Another actor IS playing Stefan. I don’t know why they couldn’t have just done this last episode too! Like did they think we wouldn’t get that someone else is playing Stefan so they eased us into it by making Paul play himself in Marty’s body and then someone else in Stefan’s body? Like we aren’t DUMB.

4. I don’t know why but I like Ian’s “I had to improvise” I swear, when Ian isn’t trying to be that funny is when I actually find Damon hilarious. Because subtlety.

5. Whoa, Alaric looks hella old here. OK here’s the thing about Calaric. I actually think Matt and Candice work well together, they don’t have the chemistry she had with Michael or Joseph obviously, but it works because Calaric isn’t supposed to, they’re supposed to be a team, they’re supposed to be compatible and in fact I think Calaric has that Power Couple, mature relationship SCers keep saying Steroline has, but. But. Calaric is still weird as fuck and no one is talking about it. The show had that one scene where the students said some next thing about how Caroline is pregnant for Alaric and that was done well but it’s fucking weird and uncomfortable and disturbing when your high school teacher who knew you when you were 16 and human is now the father of your not-children and you’re now marrying him. Like there’s a serious ick factor to that that the show isn’t talking about it and it’s bothering me.

6. It’s also hella conservative and conformative and heteronormative that the show said Caroline decided to marry Alaric because it was best for the twins; a heterosexual nuclear family isn’t always the answer. Unless the show proves that quote wrong, it’s something that they really need to address.


8. And they ruined it IMMEDIATELY. “I cared about him more than anyone else in the world and he walked away like it was nothing.” Are you. Fucking. Kidding me? Abbie is still alive. Jeremy, even fucking Jeremy, is still alive. You cared about Damon more than you cared about CAROLINE? ELENA IS STILL ALIVE. STOP ACTING LIKE SHE’S FUCKING DEAD. And DAMON, DAMON IS THE ONE YOU CARED ABOUT MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD? WHY THOUGH? WHY? WHYYYYY?

Oh my GOD. They didn’t make her say Damon’s name so it’s possible it’s Enzo and if it turns out to be Enzo would make me fucking bewildered and baffled because you don’t KNOW him, booboo but I don’t think I would be as upset as I am now because it’s plainly ridiculous. But I have a feeling that this is about Damon because “I’m not going to let that betrayal define the rest of my life” so you have to talk to a therapist about that but not about the fact that you literally died and watched your father get murdered by a man who looks like your best friend’s ex-boyfriend, like that you’re just good with? It would make fucking SENSE that Damon leaving breaks Bonnie to this point if the show packaged it as the last straw, like she was strong for everything else but Damon leaving just triggered all of her repressed resentments and heartbreaks and it’s everything flooding in and she’s overwhelmed so she has a psychological break. I could get with that because then we could go back and explore the different low points in Bonnie’s life that led to this moment. But no, this is just about Damon fucking going to ground. I CAN’T DEAL.

9. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, are we meant to believe that Bamon is a reciprocal relationship because Damon in a roundabout way is asking Alaric how Bonnie is doing? Bonnie is in a fucking psychward, talmbout how she can’t let Damon’s betrayal define her life and Damon can’t even straight out ask how she’s doing, he has to be fucking Damon about it, and we’re meant to believe that that’s an even trade? Get the. Fuck. Out of here. Now.

10. I mean, did Stefan honestly abandon Caroline though? She chose the twins and she chose Dallas and that’s perfectly valid but if there was anything the show did portray is that there was no room for Stefan in that choice because they didn’t act like that team, they didn’t act like that in sync couple. Last week Valerie said something along the lines of she knows what it feels like to be on the outside looking in of the Steroline relationship but that’s false, Stefan was constantly on the outside looking into the Calaric relationship and Caroline was on the outside looking into the Stelerie relationship. Steroline hadn’t built a dynamic this season for anyone to be on the outside looking into it. They weren’t a part of each other’s lives at all.

11. I also find it funny that most of the time when Damon tries to coerce someone into doing something they don’t want to do, it’s about Stefan. Like when he gets Katherine to tell him where Caroline and Tyler are he has to explain to her that Elena has vampire blood in her and she would have to compete with Elena for Stefan’s affection for eternity if she doesn’t help him. And now he has to tell Alaric that Caroline will care if Stefan dies if he doesn’t help him.

12. Of course an actor is playing Stefan now. Because he isn’t ACTING. He’s dying.

13. Haha Steroline is being Brucas with the letters. I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if when they finally reunite, Stefan says, “There are 82 letters in here and they’re all addressed to you.” (Yes, I know the Brucas “letter” speech by heart. Shut up.).

14. OH this explains why the anon was in my inbox talking about how they’re trying to turn Steroline into Allie/Noah in The Notebook with the letters he wrote her and how The Notebook is a Stelena thing since Nina characterized Stelena as basically The Notebook kind of romance. OK, to that anon, if you read my reviews, I say don’t sweat it because Steroline just doesn’t have the passion, the intensity, the connection of a The Notebook romance, that remains Stelena (and even Forwood) and it’s funny because SC is not supposed to be a The Notebook romance anyway, Julie is flipflopping here. If anything, when done right, Steroline would be “When Harry Met Sally.” But they’re not done right. So they’re honestly just Jack and Jen from Dawson’s Creek. Or Willow and Xander from BTVS.

15. OK Paul as a serial killer licking blood from his lips is way too sexy, like I’m actually mad at myself by how sexy I find this moment. Oh my God.

16. WHY IS THIS SERIAL KILLER SO PETTY THO? Like why is his preoccupation fraternities?

17. Also Paul playing a serial killer is just Paul being himself. Like I know I said that last week but I’m like Serial Killer Dude isn’t speaking right now, I just feel like Paul is talking. 

18. Also Damon, did you really think you could just walk into a frat house and be like Yo Serial Killer Dude come rescue my brother? Like why didn’t you just start off with a sneak attack from the jump?

19. My internet is shit so the video is now buffering at 9 minutes so I have to switch sites.

20. I can’t believe it’s only been 9 minutes and I already have 20 things to say about this episode.

21. OK see, Serial Killer dude doesn’t come off as threatening just because he’s telling Damon over the phone all of the terrible thing he’s done and why Rayna wants him dead. It would be more disturbing if as they were talking he was directing his victims on how to kill each other since that’s his forte. Like can we see him actually do shit that’s disturbing?

22. OK Damon has been gone for three years, how the hell does he have the same number?

23. I mean, couldn’t they have just set up somewhere on campus, Alaric sniper shoots a few vervain darts into Not Stefan’s body, goes into the frat house, drag him out and then he and Damon just take his body and transport it back to Marty/Stefan? Like why isn’t this an option?

24. Alaric’s smile when he hears Not Stefan say “This sense of disappointment is what it must feel like to have you as a brother” is actually SO well-done because LOL YES.

25. “Oh no, Damon was not my boyfriend. He was … I don’t know what he was.” “That’s even worse.” Oh god, the Bamily is going to have a field day with this exchange. I can’t blame them. It’s a very pointed reference to romantic Bamon. It just makes me angry because Damon is the epitome of ain’t shit dudes and I can’t get over what an abusive asshole he is to Bonnie.

26. OK at least Bonnie didn’t actually have a breakdown over Damon and she checked herself into a psychward to protect herself. Like that actually gives me a lot of relief. Of course, I still think what they made her say about Damon in the beginning is supposed to be true.

27. OK so a black person didn’t die in this episode (so far I’m only 20 minutes in, not even 19) but a black woman was a victim of Not-Stefan and killed the entire frat house just like how last episode the black man invited Not-Stefan into the frat house. So if we are not dying, we must be the bringers of death. OK TVD. Trash.

28. OK so there’s a white paramedic and a black paramedic. Not-Stefan knocks out white paramedic with a, what is that, a … I can’t find the name right now but basically something that looks like a fire extinguisher and black paramedic sees so tries to run and then Not-Stefan speeds up and brutally feeds on him/rips open his neck. Again, trash. T R A S H. I have a post about this/conversation about this, when POC die on this show it is inherently more violent and brutal and pointed.

29. I mean, dying sick Marty can run away but the black dude gets torn. OK. OKAY.

30. OK so the pills Enzo gave Bonnie that have Rayna’s blood in them suppress magic and so The Armory can’t find Bonnie as long as she takes them because they can’t do a locator spell on her but it also means she has no access to her own magic but now it also means that if she keeps taking them she’ll die? WHY?

31. I also love how Bonnie is suddenly of importance to The Armory because she’s a “Bennett Witch” but so was Grams, so was Lucy so was Abbie, where was The Armory then? This is the problem when you insert a new order halfway through a season and say that they’ve been around forever and make up rules for them that don’t fit into the current canon of your show. Like why couldn’t The Armory actually be a new thing?

32. I have a lot to say about this episode but it isn’t particularly engaging, which is funny, it’s just something I could vaslty improve on if I had the resources to. Not to sound conceited or anything.

33. “I’ve read your journals, Stefan. I know you’re a deeply sensitive, literary sort of fellow” OK but the passage you read said “my heap of garbage brother” or some shit and the SCers tried to dissect what else was on that page from a screencap and it was literally all about how Stefan was going to fuck Valerie senseless and it wasn’t even poetically written. Like come on. Stop acting like Stefan is still Stefan when you’ve taken away everything that makes Stefan Stefan.

34. “Only a Bennett witch can…” of course only a Bennett witch can, it’s always been a fucking Bennett witch, but guys, there are OTHER BENNETT WITCHES. Unless you specifically say that Bonnie is the last descendant of that line, then I’m done with all of you.

35. Oh they brought up Lucy. Who disappeared. Well at least they did that. Yay, half a point or half a gold star sticker.

36. I wonder if Valerie will die.

37. OK SEE? Valerie and Stefan’s “hallucination” is SO MUCH BETTER than Steroline’s “hallucination.” Elizabeth and Paul play off each other with such less effort, they kiss, he touches her when her nose bleeds, the “You are my real life” and he actually sounds like he means it. But Valerie’s nose is bleeding so I’m like, yeah she’s going to die.

38. Stefan also looks a thousand times more concerned about Valerie than he has about Caroline all season. His hands are on her shoulders, his eyebrows are furrowed, he’s telling her to stop doing the spell. THIS is Stefan. THIS is the Stefan non-SCers have been missing.

39. Oh look, Valerie doesn’t die. But Bonnie had to die for Jeremy. OK.

40. “Ric, I’m trying here, man…” Damon, you’ve literally done nothing to try and win Alaric back.

41. This entire conversation that Alaric and Damon are having right now about how he got to be happy because Damon was gone and how he wants to return to that life and not be around Damon and actually LEAVES, is the conversation Stefan and Damon should have.

42. AND THEY RUINED IT. “Bonnie is undercover in a psychward in Nashville. You might have better luck winning her back.” Bonnie and Stefan are the two people who should be the most fucking resistant to Damon. And this is the problem with the show. They’ll make Alaric be the brutally honest one because it’s a blow that he’s not around but Damon isn’t completely anchor-less because Stefan is still around and there’s the hope of Bonnie so he isn’t really on his own and he won’t learn if we don’t SEE him ACTUALLY LIVE with the consequences of his selfishness like holy FUCK guys.

43. OK so a) it’s really sexy to me when someone answers a question to Stefan and he says “Mmm” in response, it’s sort of like this groan thing, lol, b) I like it because when Stefan does it he’s familiar with the person who’s talking to him and he did it with Valerie. HE IS STEFAN WITH VALERIE this is why I like Stelerie.

44. Like even the way he SITS next to Valerie, he’s right beside her, they’re touching, it’s romantic, with Caroline there is such a huge gap between them.

45. And of course the dialogue is going against the action. And it’s fine that Valerie says that Stefan will never love her the way she loves him because they aren’t the forever ship and it was clear, but let’s not pretend that he loves Caroline the way Valerie loves Stefan, he loved Elena that way and only Elena. Steroline is not this romance that they’re trying to build, guys. Like they really aren’t.

46. Even when Valerie has her goodbye kiss to Stefan he clenches his jaw afterward, like very Stefan. And it’s bringing me back to the kind of boyfriend he could be if the show would just not shackle him (or Caroline) to a romance that simply doesn’t work off paper. And Stefan actually looks genuinely sad to see Valerie leave.

47. Yes it’s cute that Enzo picks Bonnie up and twirls her around. No, it’s not cute that Kat is doing all the work when they kiss and it feels like she’s trying to sell me on how in love Bonnie and Enzo are. Yes, it’s a bit hot that Enzo looks pissed that Bonnie was scratched on the arm. No, I will never ship them.

48.  Oh wow, the more Enzo and Bonnie talk, the less chemistry Kat and Michael have with each other, it’s like they don’t know how to talk to each other as a couple and only know how to do snippy banter. Yeah because professional chemistry suited for one kind of interaction.

49. I mean I DO have to laugh at the fact that Enzo and Bonnie are supposed to be having this really intense moment and they’re hugging each other and then you just hear “Bonnie?” and her eyes snap open and it’s Damon standing in the doorway with flowers. And it looks like he’s being cheated on. Omg this is too much and hilariously messy because I don’t want her with EITHER of these men.

50. AND THE DRAMATIC WAY BONNIE SLAMS THE DOOR IN HIS FACE. LMFAO. OH MY GOD. It would’ve been so much more meaningful if Bonnie just stared at him stone-faced and closed the door. Like sometimes subtlety works guys. JFC.

OK final thoughts. It should’ve been Stelerie. Paul was hot this episode. I don’t understand what the point of Psycho Killer Stefan was. I’m glad Bonnie was back because Kat brings a lot of energy to the screen.  I think another problem I have with Damon and people “reading” him is that I mean in the moment he looks … embarrassed but I don’t actually see him process what’s being said to him, I don’t actually see their points land, he legit just looks like “oh wow I screwd up, huh?” it doesn’t look like it actually moved him on an emotional, psychological, fundamental level. The Bonnie thing is going to be full of sooooo much fuckery I can tell, some of it will make me laugh and some of it will make me really pissed.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Day-After Thoughts and Episode-Related Rapid-Fire (4.16: Best Laid Plans)

“Why did my parents send you?”

“They didn’t think you’d listen to them.”

“They were right.”

Oooooooo, Lordy Lordy! This shit is getting gooooood!

Alrighty then! :-D This was a set-up episode. The last one, don’t worry. Starting two weeks from now, it’ll be pedal to the metal… sort of. Kind of. Well… the next episode is going to be a breather episode, so… it’ll be slow in some cases, but not in others. Basically, with the next episode, they’re going to transition from the set-up episodes (4.12-4.16) to the “action” of the season (4.18-4.22), so the next episode is sort of going to be a half-and-half. Anyway, this set-up episode was largely dedicated to setting up the Sorcerer’s, Peddler’s, Apprentice’s and Author’s arcs.

Yes, I said the Peddler and the Author separately because as I said, and as the episode proved, the Peddler is not the Author. Henry is.

Notice the dropped quill, after the Apprentice trapped him in the book. Obviously, the Peddler doesn’t have it anymore. Thus, he doesn’t have the power to write the books anymore. Someone else does. Someone else has the ability to write the storybooks, and has been after the last Author was trapped. Hmmm… Henry, maybe? And instead of writing them with a quill, the Sorcerer made sure that Henry would be able to write them with his heart instead. And as an added precaution, he didn’t inform Henry of any of this. All of that minimizes the risk of Henry doing what the last Author did—manipulating events to suit the story that he wanted to tell.

On a side note, I’m getting several messages about this: I’m not entirely sure where this idea that Henry is the “next” Author comes from. He’s the Author right now. He was the “next” Author after the Sorcerer trapped the last Author in the book, but he has since become the actual, current Author. I mean… someone has to have been writing Emma’s and Killian’s story for the last… two in-universe years. That someone is Henry. Again, he’s not writing the book that he has right now. Henry is writing another book right now. A book that he doesn’t have. A book that’s somewhere else. But regardless of where the book actually is, he’s writing it right now. So… Henry is not the “next” Author, he’s the current Author. And I guess I’m just not getting where the whole “next” thing is coming from. Anyway…

Okie dokie! Now that I’ve established that I still believe Henry is the Author, the Peddler is an antagonist, this was the last set-up episode of 4B and all that stuff, I want to explain something I’m SUPER excited about before I delve into everything else, and I’m just going to explain it here right now before I get too sleepy to type, and I know I’m probably going to forget it by morning, so here we go… Complex psychological issues ahoy!

To start off, I want to thank this asker for pointing it out, because it probably would have taken forever for me to notice it if you didn’t:

Anonymous said:
I dunno. It seemed to me, how emma reacted to snowing’s secret and her face when she asked killian why’d they sent him and she said “they’re right”, it seems to me like she KNOWS she’s pregnant. It’s a possibility, but what really convinced me was her face and that answer “they were right”. she wouldn’t have listened to them cause she is pregnant and knows it? Maybe?

This is why I stuck that quote and picture at the top of this article and not any other line or reaction shot, or anything.

Emma knows that she’s pregnant.


She just hasn’t told Killian yet. She came close to telling him in this episode, at the docks, but she chickened out at the last second and kept it to herself. And it’s going to come back to bite her in the ass in the next episode because Killian is most likely going to find out from a third party and not from her. But I’ll get into all that later because that’s not the best part. The best part is Emma actively chose to walk the EXACT same path her mother walked RIGHT after hearing about all the mistakes her mother made!

Don’t you see??? THAT’S where it’s getting good! :-D First, Emma’s state-of-mind:

Now… there are two vitally important lines from the start of this episode that you have to take note of:

KILLIAN: To get their happy endings, they intend to darken your heart, love. To turn you into a villain so you’ll no longer be the Savior.

HENRY: What? You can’t just un-Savior the Savior.

KILLIAN: As I said, Gold has a way. He can use the Author to do it.

That line from Killian was the first important line from the loft scene at the beginning. The second most-important line from that scene is from Emma:

Hey! No one, not Rumplestiltskin or some author, gets to decide who I am.

Okie dokie! Got those two lines? Because now that you’ve taken note of it, here’s the sucker punch of an explanation:

At the beginning of this episode, Emma was under the impression that she had complete control of her fate. She was a good person because that’s the kind of person she wanted to be. She had free will. Nobody decided who she was but her. Everything about her was her choice and her choice alone. By the end of the episode, however, she finds out that’s not true. Her parents decided who she was. Her parents decided they wanted her to be a hero with light magic and everything. Her parents made her into the person that she was by magic.

Thus, at the beginning of this episode, she had complete faith in the power of personal choice and deciding one’s fate for oneself, but by the end of the episode, because of what her parents did to her, she suffered a complete loss of faith in the power of personal choice in ensuring a good future. At the beginning of the episode, putting faith, trust and hope in another human being was enough for her to be sure that the other person would turn out good, but by the end of the episode, after having learned that her parents ensured her goodness by magic, all of a sudden, putting faith, hope and trust in another person became very difficult for her to do.

Does that make sense?

Knowing that her own personal choices and free will probably weren’t good enough to ensure her goodness shook her to the core. Because if her choices probably weren’t good enough to ensure her goodness, what’s to say her baby’s choices are going to be good enough to ensure its goodness too?

Add that to the fact that the baby’s father used to be a villain, AND she most likely suspects that the baby she’s carrying is a product of True Love, and thus has the same potential for great goodness or great darkness that she had when she was a fetus, and you have one EXTREMELY worried mother-to-be. You following me?

So, basically, this is what’s going through Emma’s mind right now:

  • I’m pregnant.
  • My baby is a product of True Love and it’s going to be very powerful.
  • My baby can grow to either be a very powerful hero or a very powerful villain because it has the potential for great goodness or great darkness.
  • The baby’s father used to be a villain.
  • My own personal choices weren’t good enough to ensure I became a hero because now my parents are telling me they made me good by magic.
  • If Killian used to be a villain, and I’m only good because my parents made me that way by magic, rather than by my personal choice, then what about my baby? Killian is a hero right now, but he used to be a villain. I’m only a hero because of some magic spell. So what’s our baby going to become? It’s got more villain going for it than hero right now. Is it going to turn out to be a villain?! Is my baby going to turn dark?!

Sound familiar? Well… familiar-ish? It should.

These were the exact same thoughts running through Snow’s mind when she went on her warpath to try to ensure her baby’s goodness. Now Emma is thinking along the exact same lines! Hell, by the end of this episode, Emma was doing the exact same thing that Snow did back in the Enchanted Forest—she was trying to find a way to ensure her baby’s future goodness. And the way she thought up to try to ensure her baby’s goodness is via the Author.

This is why Emma was so possessive of that page and key after she heard Snowing’s story. See?

Hell, the first thing she does is she flinches away from Killian (used to be a villain), and backs away from her bad news parents, all while holding that page and key like a lifeline. By this point, she’s decided that those two items are the key to ensuring her baby’s goodness. They will lead her to the Author, and the Author most likely has a way to fill her child’s heart full of light. After all, if Gold wanted to use the Author to darken her heart, then the Author must also have a way to “lighten” a person’s heart as well. Thus, Emma thinks that if she could just talk to the Author, ask him some questions of her own, she’d be able to find a way to ensure her child’s goodness and decide its fate, just like her parents did.

“‘Cause now I have some questions about me!”

Look at her face. Look at the desperation in her eyes. Remind you of someone?

Those questions aren’t about her. They’re about her baby. Would her goodness (which her parents ensured) be passed down to her baby? Is the magic spell the Apprentice put on genetic? Is her child’s fate secure? And if it isn’t, can the Author somehow write a good fate for her child? Can the Author ensure that her child would become a hero too?

“But if they did, and he’s still in there, he still has the ability to alter the book, to alter the course of things!”

Thus, in this episode Emma became just as desperate to find the Author as Regina and Gold have become, but for a different reason than either of them. Regina wants to secure her happy ending, Gold wants to change the rules and ensure his happy ending, but Emma wants to find a way to ensure her child’s goodness and ensure its happy ending too, though not particularly caring about her own.

In other words, after hearing her parents’ story, and hearing about their mistakes, and hearing about why they did all that… Emma then blatantly decided to walk the exact same path that they did. She outright decided to make the exact same mistakes as her mother. Hence, that quote I put at the top of this post:

EMMA: Why did my parents send you?

KILLIAN: They didn’t think you’d listen to them.

EMMA: They were right.

So it was a very conscious decision on Emma’s part to go ahead and repeat her parents’ mistakes. Right after hearing their story. But… then… it was rather because of hearing their story that she made the decisions that she made regarding the Author, the book, ensuring her baby’s goodness, etc. in the first place. So… yeah.

Now, moving on to not telling Killian. She hasn’t done it yet, and that’s largely because she doesn’t know how to tell him. As I said, she nearly did it during that episode, when they were talking at the docks.

Here’s her trying to psych herself up to telling him:

Here’s her about to blurt it out:

Here’s her having second thoughts:

Here’s her having third thoughts:

Here’s her chickening out:

So she hasn’t told him yet. She hasn’t told him, but she definitely knows. And like I said, it’s going to come back to bite her in the ass in the next episode because Killian is likely going to find out, but not from her. He’s going to find out from someone else. Either the Peddler or Maleficent.

The next episode is where she, Killian, Snow and Charming all chase somebody out in the woods, correct? It could either be Henry or the Peddler, or both. It doesn’t matter who they’re chasing. What matters is they’re out in the woods. What happened in the woods in 4.13? Snow and Charming found out from Maleficent that they were expecting a child. So if we go by parallels between these two couples, Killian will find out from someone else that Emma is expecting, and the true source of her desperation to find the Author will be revealed.

GOD! I can just picture that scene right now! Emma is desperate. She’s searching through the woods like a blood hound for the Peddler because she wants to ask him all these questions. Killian is tagging along to keep her safe. Her parents are trying to win her forgiveness, and Henry probably heard that the Peddler escaped so he goes out after him, too. Then Emma, Killian, Snowing, Henry—all of them stumble onto the Peddler (or Maleficent, it could really be either one). Emma starts desperately asking him all the questions that she has about her “goodness”, and then the Peddler (or Mal, maybe) calls her out. “Why are you so desperate to find out—” And then he’ll realize that she’s walking the same path her mother walked in the Enchanted Forest, and he’ll reveal her secret to everyone: “You’re carrying a child.” He’ll take extra pleasure in Killian’s reaction, and then he’ll either break Emma’s heart by telling her there’s nothing he can do, OR he’ll simply take off again. Either one. Doesn’t matter. What matters is someone makes the reveal and then takes off (just like the Mal did with Snowing in 4.13). Cue the drama. ;-P

I could not have written a better reveal for Emma’s pregnancy myself! This is GOLD!!! :-D

Okie dokie! Now that I’ve gotten that out, let me talk about everything else (Henry’s, Peddler’s and Apprentice’s finale arcs, Rumple being on a clock, how the 4B storyline is ALL the important elements from the past three seasons combined into one, etc.) and tack on a Rapid-Fire to the end. If you sent me an ask within the last 24 hours, chances are it’s here,UNDER THE CUT. I got 45 asks in total in here. I’ve tried to proofread it, but I think I’ve gone cross-eyed by this point, so I apologize for any typos, grammatical errors, or just plain babbling nonsense. :-P Enjoy!

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