so basically ive had it with my family

I am laughing about the reviews for Yooka-Laylee. Because all the complaints are of the exact same flaws as the N64 Rare games. Bad camera? Banjo had it. Big empty worlds? Donkey Kong 64 had that and so did Tooie. Same with the other criticisms.

Sounds to me like they made the exact kind of game people wanted. A game that resembled the ones you grew up with from Rare.

The Banjo games, while incredibly fun, are also messy, flawed, occaisionally clunky, and full of frustrating tasks. Donkey Kong 64 is a tedious mess of segmented collecting with repeat bosses and challenges. Conkers Bad Fur Day has some of the slowest clunkiest controls ive experienced in a game and is way overpraised for basic family guy humor. my blood chills at the thought of ever playing the single player campaign again

But still many of if not all these games are fan favorites. The rare games of the era werent perfect but they were fun. And there was atleast a few that would gel with your interests. The reviews of YL dont seem to be bashing it to pieces, but make it sound like a fun game that could have given more considering the hype and time spent. More content, tighter camera angling, etc. They gave us a game just like the classics but without the nostalgia to defend it

Im not too pressed as i figured this would happen when they said who was working on it. You dont refrain from making the same mistakes when the gaming community considers your pre-buyout work to be untouchable.

Speaking as someone whose favorite games are psychonauts and harvest moon 64 (in other words my favorite games are not flawless at all), from what i read i am not scared to play YL. I might enjoy it and i might not. But i want to give it the chance. If i can excuse the banjo games and suffer through conker, then i will probably be fine with this one. And maybe with enough support they can go back to the drawing board and make a true successor to the genre starring these characters.

I’m grounded. Wanna know why I’m grounded?  Yesterday I was gonna ask my mom to drive me two hours and back to a sleepover so I needed to get her in a good mood and I like, cleaned the whole house and stuff. Now, you know the cleaning cloth right? So we have two of them: one for the floor and one for the table. And heres the thing ; THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE BLOODY SAME. So being the genius I am I used the floor cloth for the table and my mom walked in and saw me and she frEAKED out. She flipped. I mean, I don’t even know HOW she knew-she has like, x ray vision or something but she fucking flipped. I mean, she threw-out-the-table flipped. I’m not kidding, she made me hold one end and grabbed the other end and literally made us go downstairs and THREW IT OUT. So heres the problem: the table we threw out was the coffee table from the living room. And we had guests over that night. So my mom was all like “ we can’t give them tea because wheRE WILL WE PUT THE SNACKS  BECAUSE THERE IS NO COFFEE TABLE”. So what happened, the guests had to hold the tea in their hands - which was like this big thing   because ?!?!?!?!  mother’s logic Dishonour on me, dishonour on my family, dishonour on my cow- such shame I brought on my family because the guests held the chai in their damn hands and why thats a big deal I don’t KNOW ASK MY MOTHER  so anyway, for dinner we had to shift the guests to the dining room. And we NEVER use the dining room. Ive lived in this house 2 years and I think we used the dining table a grand total of two times. Once, last night when we had dinner with the guests, and once this morning when I ate breakfast there. So basically we had to shift the guests to the dining table for dinner. And what happened? There was India vs Pakistan cricket match on the tv. And if you’re not Indian let me just tell you that that shit is a crime to miss and a question on your patriotism if you don’t watch it. So my dad got mad because he and the ‘uncle’ wanted to watch the match while eating but they couldn’t because why? oH YEAH BECUASE THERE WAS NO COFFEE TABLE. so they had to miss 3 overs of the match and in those 3 overs what happened? LITERALLY NOTHING HAPPENED but oh they missed three glorious overs of their life and so after the guests left my dad got mad at my mom and my mom ratted me out so they both turned around and got mad at me and so basically I’m grounded why?oh BECUASE THE TWO CLOTHS LOOK EXACTLY THE FREAKING SAME

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Beanie you were robbed?? What's your snap about??

mmmmmmYAH lol this summer in south africa. Ive already talked about it on here and its kind of exhausting to go into depth with it because ive told the story so many times. basically i woke up to my parents screams due to 2 men with machetes breaking into our home and screaming they were going to kill all of us. They were high on some weird crazy drug the police said which is why they were so inexcplicably violent, coming back into the house after they had already taken basically everything to just try to hurt us. They didnt see me because i hid in the shower and they didnt get my phone because i fell asleep on top of it (lol) instead of plugging it in at the charging station. The police said it was likely an inside job. very scary experience, by far the most horrifying thing ive ever been through was having to go off of noise alone and hearing my dad screaming to just take everything and please do not kill his family while they were screaming back how they were going to kill him. Def thought i was going to die, i just remember throwing a shirt on and then realizing it was this STUPID!!!! graphic that said “i dont want FEELINGS i just want new clothes” and thinking how i was going to die in that and that that would be my legacy. really bizarre but thats what i was thinking. i thought they had guns because i couldnt see anything, being the only young woman in the house i felt very volatile to say the least. they never saw me and my uncle came in and called police and fought them. He got stabbed in the face and there was lots of blood just due to them throwing lamps and glass on the floor and our bare feet running over that but overall it could have been 5000x worse. thats it

Myst IV: Revelation journal (2008)

In June 2008, I passed my third year exams at the faculté (History studies) and then, immediately after, suffered some kind of burnout. I was still living at my parent’s home, and they had just bought a computer - the one they had before barely worked. For the first time, I had a real Internet access, and most importantly, I could play games that the previous one couldn’t run.

So I decided to play Myst IV: Revelation (I had already been a Myst fan for a good part of my life at this point… and it was about to get a lot, lot worse. Or better).

I basically lived in that game during ten days, approximately.

And guess what I’ve just dug up?

My Revelation journal!

The text at the top says “I have found the frequency”.

Trying to fix Atrus’ machine and talking about his attitude towards his family problems (“the fact that he trapped Gehn on Riven or his sons inside books is typical of his "yeah-I’ll-deal-with-this-later” attitude…“).

"D'ni letters all look the same…” “Just like in real life, I’m scared of vast empty places. I spent far too much time in that kitchen, just because it looked like a safe place!” “Looking at the portraits in the living room, I noticed Anna wasn’t there. Maybe Atrus didn’t have anything to take pictures when she was still alive.”

Trying to make a map of Spire and failing remarkably. It’s titled “Map of Spire (not finished) (and approximative)”.

Getting really pissed off by the Spider Chair (I called it la machine infernale at the time, “the machine from Hell”), drawing chibi Sirrus, and getting really excited because I found the right frequency for ONE crystal out of four.

“It’s 5 PM already and I just noticed I forgot to eat (!), so let’s stop for today.” Then getting completely and hopelessly lost in Haven.

Tons of notes on the Haven fauna. “Did Achenar come up with all the creatures names himself?”

Trying to solve the Mangrees puzzle with a malfunctioning mouse is a nightmare.

“I don’t really trust Achenar, but to be fair I don’t trust Sirrus AT ALL, so I kinda like the violent environmentalist better than the affected psycho, somehow.” Also trying to map Serenia and bam, CHAOS.

Getting really pissed off by the Ancestors puzzle because it’s completely abstract and you can mess it up by accident. “Done. Ok. What’s next? Next I’m out of the dream. Kay… What was the point??”

“The door is open >:) Color code? It looks complicated O_oU The marbles that Sirrus uses, as Achenar told me? Looks like that disk from Spire? SHIT I HAVEN’T NOTED THE COLORS O_O …had to go back to Spire… I’m so stupid… stupid code… I HATE YOU SIRRUS” “I was so pissed off I turned the computer off.” “IT WORKS!!” “I’m, well, ATROCIOUSLY happy to go through that door.”

Positive and negative points, and then some post-game thoughts. “What can I say? Waoh. That was like a big musical colorful slap to the face.” “Feels like mourning something at the end of the game…” Basically everything I didn’t like was in Serenia.

“It’s interesting that the main colors of the prison Ages are the exact opposite of the colors of the books.” “Retrospectively there were so many evidences of Sirrus’ culpability. The thing that broke the bridge and knocked me out at the beginning was one of his bombs…”

(next page) “Achenar would have killed himself on Spire. Sirrus would have been devored after a couple of days on Haven.” “There’s no way in hell that Sirrus’ plan could have worked without anyone noticing there was something wrong with Yeesha.”

An Achenar quote, and “Long live Myst.”

i’d like to make a personal headcanon that elizabeth has secret pockets in her outfits that conceal small daggers and or pocketknives. so that in case of an emergency where she had to protect herself, whether it be some random person on the streets trying to snatch her or after being kidnapped before, that she can basically whip them out and cut a bitch because no no one dares mess with the midford family like that again. especially not with itty bitty lizzy midford !

ellie's positivity post of the day

positive things that have happened lately simultaneous to all my crying and bad news and etc!!! 
today i got a postcard from jenn in the mail and i  LOVE h er!!!! i am constantly filled with adoration for her and its nice to feel full up like that even if means spending a lot of time being scared that she doesnt know how much i love her lol! its worth it!! also i had baskin robins today and it rocked!! 

 jiarra came over to give me a beautiful lamp she made for my bday and an oreo cheese cake and made a cute bday banner and she rules and makes me feel less dense!! ! 

also its basically been my birthday for over a month now which is the best! 

this weekend i also i went to st. pete over the bridge with balloonpony and ufo-trip to pick out the new addition to their family and the view was beautiful even tho it makes me nervous that in that moment dolphins were on either side of me and i was basically in a dolphin water sandwich 

anyway I had the honor of meeting the beautiful enigmatic charming  Sweetie Belle who i can tell will be my friend in the future 

and sprinkle wound up to be an enormously strong muscle hunk….  i didnt know snails were so beefy but they have managed to throw around all the rocks and plants and little dishes ive put in there and its silly. i am quite literally surrounded by love support and kindness on a day to day basis and i am really grateful for it. ive connected to a lot of old ppl and new ppl and both are rewarding and wonderful like luci and bridgie and katye and dayare and all the cute professors i have! my parents are being very sweet and supportive of me and sending me little gifts all the time. i should do these positivity posts more often but habits exhaust me lately but regardless i just wanna document that in very lows there are still high highs to be found!!!! im not givin up on u mother earth! im still revving up and excited to be alive in this amusement park called life! xoxo gossip ellie