so basically i love them all and this album okay

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Thanks for asking ♡

who was my first bias: DK I think! I was so attracted to his smile (and I still am lol)

who is my current bias: Jisoo and Seungcheol (SORRY CANT CHOOSE OKAY- but I basically love all of them I want to hug them all ugh)

favorite era: Very Nice and Going Seventeen!

most played song by them: Probably Very Nice and the entire Goinf Seventeen album lmao (I was a trash during this era…)

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hey im pretty new to bastille and all that, and you seem like you know a lot about them. can you tell me about all their albums and about them and maybe some good interviews??? thanks so much i love your blog<3


okay this is bad blood

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they also released all this bad blood, which is basically the same thing with a couple of extra tracks that they didn’t release on bad blood originally (like poet, the draw, skulls, etc)

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the band has four members: dan smith, will farquarson, kyle simmons, and chris “woody” wood (don’t call him chris ok). the band name comes from dan’s birthday falling on july 14th, which is bastille day (when the bourgeoisie stormed the bastille in 1789 during the french revolution) (yeah they’re huge nerds)

okay first off dan smith has the voice and appearance and personality of an angel yep he is beautiful but he is also very pessimistic and does not realize how talented he really is (just listen to their music for proof yep) and he is also a hUGE DORK

okay will farquarson is the most sarcastic man alive and look at his beard wow and he has this hilarious obsession with rihanna. he is honestly the funniest man ever and literally lied about his instrument playing skills just to get into the band. if you don’t think that’s admirable then idk about you

okay next is kyle simmons um his obsession with cats is really remarkable and he is so cute because he gets so excited about things that he stutters a lot and he is the keyboardist but sometimes plays bass without breathing somehow. also his shirts are quite iconic

lastly we have woody who is basically the kindest and most huggable person ever he is the drummer and i hate to break it to you but his hair is probably ten times more luscious than yours