so bamf it hurts

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Hi. Sorry upfront. I only watch SPN when Misha/Cas is there in the episode. I truly want to enjoy these episodes but I guess I am missing what the rest Cas fans are seeing. Dean's (Jensen's) reaction to Cas saying he was dying was subpar when compared to what Jensen can portray using just his face. It was like he was muted thinking fans screaming Destiel instead of genuine concern. Is it more important to want Destiel than to want Cas to have an arc where he is a BAMF. So hurt and confused. :-(

Hi lovely,

I think wanting a Cas arc is the dream of every cas lover, only recently have we gotten a cas centric episode and it was great. Maybe we can hope for more with Andrew at the helm. And it’s also valid to want destiel as well, it’s there even if it isn’t officially recognized by the writer or actors. Both Cas and Destiel are important, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about wanting all of these things.

I think Dean’s reaction to Cas almost dying is about perception and maybe abbot about real life experience. For example, many people interpreted dean’s reaction to Mandy flirting with Cas and then trying to set him up with her as he was jealous and doing what a ‘good buddy’ should do for his best friend. I didn’t see it that way (I saw it as the writer’s trying to push the heteronormative/no homo bs once again), but that doesn’t make them or me wrong.

As I saw it, when Cas was hurt and whining and foaming and saying his last goodbyes and telling Dean and then the others that he loved them, Dean was in denial. He didn’t believe what was in front of his eyes, he was fighting with the reality of Cas’s impending death and his wishes for that to be a nightmare. Dean’s jaw was clenched, his eyes full of despair and his expression shattered, i even noticed quivering lips, and then there was his body language. He was a protective guardian barely leaving Cas’s side. He was brimming with righteous fury, remember how he was wearing those brass knuckles and his muscles tense? Remember how he went off on Crowley and how Sam looked at him and then exchanged looks with Mary. How they didn’t try to approach or comfort him? He was fucking murderous. But those are just my observations.

Sorry for the long answer, it’s a flaw of mine. Hugs~