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Why Delphine Cormier is Important

So I know I freaked a bunch of people out about Delphine in this post here, so I thought I would make up for my sins by posting a few reasons about why Delphine is important to the story and we need her to stick around.

Delphine has a history with Project Leda.

We don’t know what this history is, how exactly she got involved and working directly for Leekie, but we know she had been with him for some time before she started monitoring Cosima. Which means that she is the only monitor (aside from maybe Paul but it is still not clear what exactly he knew about Beth when he started monitoring her) that knew about the clones before she started working. She was aware of Jennifer at least, and most likely Katja because of their symptoms. This makes her backstory as a monitor unique and interesting because she went into the monitoring business knowing full well that Cosima was part of an experiment.

Delphine is the highest ranking scientist on the show.

Science is an important aspect of Orphan Black. It is a sci-fi show after all. And because of that, we need characters around who are doing science and talking about science and being geek monkeys! Of course we have Cosima (obvs), but she is still only a PhD student (if she is even still studying, like what happened there?), as is Scott. Leekie and Ethan are both dead, and there is no one on the list of new cast members who seems to be filling their roles. Therefore, if we want some super awesome science stuff to happen, we are going to need some help, and Delphine is pretty much the only candidate right now.


So this is a sci-fi, action, thriller show, but romance has an important role in the story as well. I mean audiences prove time and again how willing they are to get caught up in a romance and stick with a show to see that played out (I’m convinced this is why Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air). Cophine has always been the main romantic focus of the show. Sure we had plenty of other relationships, a few with actual romantic tingling feelings, but Cophine was always at the forefront. And with the recent sad lumberpunk news, it seems that it is the only romance (other than the Hendrixes) that has any longevity on the show. The Hendrixes are fun and all, and I am loving their development into an actual relationship you root for, but Cophine is just that core relationship you root for on the show and it can’t be replaced.

Dyad and Rachel Duncan.

And of course, Delphine’s role extends beyond Cosima and science on the show. We have seen her many interactions with Rachel, and her role as interim director of Dyad. Of course Rachel had her shipped off in the finale, but we know she returns, so there is going to be some sort of confrontation there. Of course this opens the door for her demise, as I suggested in my original post, but I think it would be much more interesting storytelling to see Delphine and Rachel struggle, and to see Delphine continue her development from pawn of Dyad to actual badass stand-up-for-her-girl-and-her-clones BAMF! Like I want this so bad it hurts!

So those are just a few reasons why Delphine is important and shouldn’t be killed off! I hope this helps to quell your paranoia clone club. My apologies :D