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wholesome domestic prompts
  • i brought you home flowers just for the hell of it, no it doesn’t matter that we’ve been together for three years and i’ve never done this before, they are pretty (and so are you i love you)
  • we, the blankets and the pet have tangled into an irreversible knot on the couch and if no one comes save us this might be our end 
  • we wanted to cook but now we are dramatically singing a duet with kitchen utensils in our hands, this is quality Performance™ 
  • i’ve had a horrible week and you just brought me home my favourite treat
  • no, when i said i wanted you to help clean the house i did NOT mean you should do it wearing only, exclusively stockings, you insolent FOOL
  • one of us has to get out of bed to make pancakes and it’s not going to be me ok just go and bring me nourishment
  • it’s been TEN YEARS and you STILL don’t know how to properly tidy up the dishes!!!! these plates go here, but these almost identical ones go there, is it that hard??!? what, no, they look nothing alike!
  • you can’t go to work because i need cuddles
  • i’m sick but no don’t worry about me, go to work, no really i can handle myself, love, it’s…. ok that sounds wonderful i’m giving up pls stay
  • we have guests over…do you really think it’s an appropriate time to affectionately grab my butt and kiss my neck… in front of the entire table….ok
  • ‘i know we both don’t believe in marriage but let’s get married for tax benefits’… ‘listen i know i said that but if you don’t even try to be romantic about proposing so help me god. try. again.’
  • it’s raining but we’re sitting sheltered on the veranda, cuddled side by side, reading our books, and if you ask me then the weather and the moment can stay like this forever
  • sometimes i just can’t stop kissing your stupid face

when Jinki suddenly cried at the end of swc4  and his whole crew comforted him …


and if it was just how you wanted, you’d be glued to his bones


Seven Deadly Sins → Akatsuki 


“What is the weirdest or funniest thing that’s happened to you guys on set?” ()

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not sure if this one sent but... why vampire Daniel? why a vampire? that seems to be kind of very specific. idk just curious

Well I made a monster au edit of a screenshot bc I was bored and it had vampire daniel in it and i was like,, thats Some Good Shit™  and then I started rping Vampire Daniel w a friend of mine and found out it was rly fun!! and so I made this blog on impulse and BAM!! vampire daniel! I hope that’s a good explanation :)  - mun 🌈

There are stars so distant
The light that left ‘em ages ago just came into view
That twinkling we’re seeing now
May be from a star that burned out ages ago
When I was young like you

That’s the way
That’s the way our people are
He ain’t gone long as he shines on
In our hearts
And just so we know
Right where you are
God lets the light outlive the star

- Roger Alan Wade, “The Light Outlives the Star”

Five years ago on this exact day, Ryan “Random Hero” Dunn, age 34, passed away in a drunken car accident.

Now, as I have stated in a previous drawing of mine, I became a fan of Jackass and CKY over half a year ago. For years, I always thought Jackass was “stupid” and “pointless,” but over the past several months, I’ve really gotten into it, and have also become a fan of many of their related productions as well. Soon, I realized that Ryan Dunn died one year after Jackass 3D, and then it made me feel sad.

Often times, I think about Ryan Dunn, and how he was one of the most fearless and badass people of the CKY and Jackass crew, how he was always making his friends laugh, how much his death affected his fellow crew members and other acquaintances, and how close he and Bam Margera were.

Bam and Ryan did everything together. They would hang out all the time on Viva La Bam and their other ventures, they would always prank others (and each other), and most of Ryan’s stunts in CKY or Jackass would involve Bam in one way or another, or vice versa. Hell, when Jackass 3D was being filmed, Bam was on the verge of wetting himself in the fat suit, but rather than letting his friend stand there and pee himself, Dunn helped him pee out of the fat suit instead.

And while he may not have been as dauntless as Steve-O, he still had the balls to do things that most of his friends would have never done, from going up against one of the toughest boxers from Japan, while knowing damn well that he didn’t stand a chance against her, to swimming in a local septic tank (likely containing his and Bam’s own poop) just for the hell of it, to shoving a toy car up his ass just to see how people would react.

He also had a very friendly and funny personality, too. He was always cracking jokes with his crew members, always knew how to make a person smile, and often made quips about the things that would happen to him.

It isn’t hard to see why Dunn’s death made Bam so depressed. However, I hope that Bam’s Family Therapy recovery will help him start a new chapter, and carry on the legacy of the Random Hero.