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am i dumb or are they dumb

1. why sky ppl even have to fight for the place in the bunker. they like.. FOUND the bunker??? they OPENED IT??? like grounders would just die without them in first place???

2. luna ilian roan and octavia are gonna fight in conclave n only one person is supposed to be alive in the end but like ??? its not gonna happen obv since they wont kill zach and marie’s characters in one ep huh

3. why does clarke wants so badly to save ice nation like … arent they the ones who killed skyppl-kids just because they saw snow and started playing with it

4. how many ppl trikru has. werent they slaughter like… twice. by my man bellamy (bby boy you did good) and by ice nation ???

5. for who does luna fight in conclave… fishes? all her people are dead


Can we take a moment to consider Jonathan Byers in his New York apartment at 3 in the morning? It’s been six months since he’s seen his brother, and he’s just missed Will’s 15th birthday because he had finals that day. 

And so he sits at the kitchen table with tons of pictures sprawled out in front of him, eyes tearful as he surveys the shots of Will and his friends, and has to take a moment because he, Jon Byers who so badly wanted to escape Hawkins, misses his home and his family so much it hurts. 

Three or four days later, a package arrives on the Byers’ doorstep. Will opens it and finds an album full of pictures he’s never seen. Like his brother, he sits at the kitchen table and cries, but smiles, too. 

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“yessssssssss” -She told herself when saw Kojuro, Natsu and Kanako lowering their fingers… Pora knew her marriage hasn’t begun even close to love so her husband wasn’t going to get down his finger, and neither she.

Their love was real. Almost tangible. Like a house. They had built it day by day since she had stopped avoiding him in castle’s hallways… and he had ceased to see her just as an extravagant ornament he had been given.

So… 9 points, that’s pretty good… and even better because Masamune has 9 too, she thought and giggled a little, what a good couple uh… mmm… but maybe she must do something about Shigezane… Kojuro’s expression seems gets darker with each question… Poor, poor Kojuro… 

Anyway, Pora smiled thinking she could finally calm down… the game was fun and there was no bad intention… Except for some flushes and the gloomy look of Kojuro, everyone was having a good time…

It was Lord Yukimura’s question that broke her daydream, violently, like an unexpected blow… She looked immediately towards her husband…

Oh gods… Why it had to be about the eyepatch?… Maybe… Lord Yukimura didn’t really want this alliance… She felt a cold sweat running down her spine… Masamune had not moved a millimeter, and had not lowered his finger either.
He was stiff as a statue, his expression indecipherable and his gaze fixed on a point far ahead of him… She sighed slightly … hoping that what she was about to do would work…

He was going to kill him. Sanada was going to die right there, in his own house, by his hand. He really was going to kill him. He was going to erase that stupid expression from his face. He was going to destroy every sign of him. He was going to... Masamune felt a slight but persistent tug in his sleeve… what?… ah… her… There was that smile on her face again… ‘everything is fine’… ‘Im here with you’… ‘nothing happened’… ‘I love you’… He could hear her voice even though she didn’t say the words aloud…

He saw her lower one of her fingers and wink at him.

He saw her turned toward his cousin and hit him with her elbow strong enough for him to lower one of his own fingers as well…

There she was… his Pora…The same who believed that the differences were something magical and beautiful… His woman loved the weird things, the exotic ones… failed things, broken things… discarded things. 

And she loved him. Of course.

He lowered his finger. The eyepatch and what it was hiding only brought him to her

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Stiles finding out that Lydia's guilty pleasure is karaoke and she's awful at singing is my new obsession btw

okay i really love this. and i love the idea stiles accidentally hearing lydia singing and him trying so hard not to tease her. 

imagine him coming home from work. he usually the one who come first but this time as soon as he opens the front door he sees lydia high heels that she wore to work kicked in the middle of the hallway. he smiles to himself and as he moves in the house he hears lydia softly “singing”. he walks in the kitchen and he sees her cutting food and swaying her hips to a slow song while singing badly. he wants to tease her so bad but he makes up his mind and back away from the kitchen and goes in the living room and make loud noises to let lydia know that he is home. after that they ate dinner together and chill and in the middle of the night he is awake but lydia is sleeping,her back is facing him. he then with a stupid smile on his face ,wraps his arm around her waist and pull her body closer to his as he attempt to whisper in her ear the lyrics of the song she was singing. but he ends up accidentally spitting in her ear because he can’t stop himself from giggling. 

i love talking about this.

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jk rowling was denied publishing her books several times! Just because you don't succeed right away doesn't mean you aren't great at your craft! I know you can do this i believe in you!!! Your art is amazing ;__;


you’re so kind! i seriously hope i get that chance one day. I WANT TO SEE MY SHIT IN GAMES SO BADLY

Dear anyone,

I just need to vent.

I’m scared of the future. With exams, uni, transitioning and leaving home all coming up within the next few weeks/months, I’ve been putting on a brave face. Smiling through school is difficult when all you want to do is go home and break down. And I feel trapped where I am. Trapped in this school, this house, this town.

I feel guilty for feeling so down. My parents are accepting of me being transgender, I have great friends, I go to a good school, we have enough money to have a roof over our heads and food in the fridge. I am for the most part safe, and I live in a country where it is legal for me to be myself. I am so lucky, but I want to give up so badly. I feel hopeless, like I’ll always feel unhappy and worthless, and I’ll never get the grades I need for my first choice uni even though I don’t want to go anywhere else. It’s getting to the point where I say “I’m just gonna die” and it’s not a joke anymore. I know I won’t do anything, I don’t have the guts to, but it’s at the point where I wish I did.

My parents have made their attitudes towards mental health very clear, so I can’t tell them, and despite being 18, they always want to know where I am, so I can’t go to the doctors or counselling without them finding out. And my friends have enough problems to deal with without mine piled on top. But I really don’t know how much longer I can do this alone.

I feel like I’m going insane.

- Space boy

− blackpink reaction to wanting you back ❃.

– also requested by someone on my wattpad (.rickyrolling)

– ❃ = angst (ish)


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messed up and you did too, both of you messed up fighting over something so stupid causing both of you wanting a “break” from the relationship, both of you wanted each other’s back but you wanted to see if she’ll come back to you and apologize and of course jennie did she can’t lose you she loved you so much.

“ i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings it won’t happen again i promise ”


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will feel guilty that she got angry at you and she wanted you back so badly before you get over it and find someone else because she couldn’t get over you everyday, every minute and every second you cross her mind and she wanted you back so bad so she had to make a plan and not to mess anything up.

“ i know i messed up and i’m so sorry, i need you [name]..please ”


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just like a lost puppy don’t know what to do or where to go she’ll ask the girls for help and they’ll tell her to apologize to you because they all know both of you still loves each other’s and that both of you can’t get over each other’s, she’ll take a small walk getting fresh air and then she saw you at the park on one of the swings.

“ [name] it’s been so long, i miss you please come back..”


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the most emotional one, she didn’t mean to hurt you at all she wanted to apologize so bad but she couldn’t she thought you got over her until one day she met you at a near coffee shop seeing you sitting alone she decided to take a seat in front of you and take the chance to apologize.

“ i didn’t mean it i swear, i love you i can’t live without you ”


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srry if this doesnt go here but?? ive identified as a boy for a while now but i dont think i want to transition. ive always said im trans but seeing all other trans ppl wanting to transition so badly while im here Not Wanting To makes me feel like im not rlly a boy. i Do have dysphoria and it gets bad some times but ig its not strong enough to make me want to transition?? idk maybe im not trans at all lmao

You dont have to. If you dont want to then dont. It doesnt change anything. Trans isnt short for ‘transition’ (which still some people try to claim). Its short for transgender. Its about your gender and nothing else. If your gender is male/other than you were assigned then you are trans. Other people transitioning/wanting to doesnt change that. Medical transition is something we do if we have/want to, its not something you have to do if its not something you need. You dont have to compare yourself to what other people are doing. Dont do anything you dont want to do

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💎 ~From Kireina Teine

Bellamy was busy filling a glass from the keg when he felt the familiar elbow in the rib from his overly curious co-worker. “Oh, don’t y’get tired of that?” He hissed with a roll of his eyes and passed the large, frothy mug down the bar toward his guest while he scanned the crowd for the woman that she was currently describing in hushed murmurs while practically hanging off his arm. 

Again with this rating scale of hers. He didn’t understand while she wanted to know his opinion so badly. However, the Auri woman who had found her way into the lounge was far more favorable than the ten others she’d asked him about. It hadn’t taken him but a moment to notice her, with that strawberry blonde hair.

So much for not participating in the game.

“… Seven.” He didn’t sound entirely certain about it. For him, someone might be very outwardly beautiful, but didn’t necessarily appeal to him. Besides, it was what was beneath it all that really drew him in. This girl was attractive, though, and he admittedly had a bit of a weakness for dainty, female Auri. “She has…” He cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to keep his voice at a whisper to avoid embarrassment. “… very unique hair.”