so bad it's awesome

@ any of y’all who use fidget cubes, spinners, etc. or any other stim stuff in public : DON’T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL BAD!! it’s perfectly okay and normal to use stim stuff in public!! especially fidget spinners - just because they’re a dumb meme doesn’t mean you’re weird. don’t let some bully stop you from doing what you need to do! you’re awesome! you do you!  


i showed my mom topaz’s character design (like the full-body one)??!? and she made this sound like she was mortified and fell back a little, we both started cracking up omfg

afterwards she’s like “is that REAL?! why is her torso so LONG and her legs so thin?!”

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Hey! Just wanted to say I love your Good Cop/Bad Cop art to pieces! It's so awesome!

Thank you! I’m glad you like them since they were done for what feels like forever ago. Good Cop/Bad Cop are my faves! Here are some sweet Good Cop doodles I did about 2 years ago but never put up here GOSH!

Hello everyone! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*  

Since the year is comming to an end, i thought i´d make a follow forever to thank the people who make my dashboard so beautiful every day & give me such a great tumblr experience ! ♥

I also hit my follower goal for 2016 a few days ago + I hit so many milestones over this year it´s amazing and i cant even explain how thankful I am. ♥

I truly appreciate all of you and i hope you have the most amazing holidays! ♥

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thank you all again ♥♥♥


1998 was the peak of international adoption between America and China (before they started tightening their adoption policies a few years afterwards). That’s when I was adopted! My life has been absolutely incredible ever since. 

It’s an interesting thing to have to balance your personal relationship with being born in China and being raised American. For all the daughters (and sons!!) of China who have been adopted by people from around the world, we’re pretty lucky don’t you say! I hope all of the families have done a good job giving us a marvelous life. 

I was texting with Nats guy yesterday and he asked me a question about work whether or not I’m in contact with certain organizations, and my answer was “I’m not, but I’m not an accurate representation of anything. I know my boss is.” And he says “I think you’re an accurate representation of awesomeness!” Like? That was such a gratuitously nice thing of him to say, wtf.

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U r a gr8 cinnamon roll whl draws awefully well for ur age. ur also a rly noice person. also det header iz da best shet ever!(dun take it in a bad way, i mean its awesome!)

Aww!! Thank you so so much!! Oh yeah that header is da BOMB!!


Furuya Satoru || Diamond no Ace, ep. 117 (ft. Sawamura Eijun)