so back off!

i started watching football not knowing how emotional it’s going to be in the long run

i’ve cried at knock out rounds, derbies, quarter finals, semi finals, finals, and last night i cried at an international friendly

i cry when my team loses an important match, but i cry harder when they win

i cry when my favorite players retire and hang up their boots

i get emotional thinking that in a few years, the players i grew up watching and admiring will do the same soon

football is such a beautiful sport and before i started watching it, i honestly never realized what an emotional ride it will take you on

however, i am thankful that i got into it and i feel sorry for who doesn’t watch it because they’re truly missing out

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I heard Yugi saying "So back off! Or we're gonna have a problem!" is not in the original dialogue. Is that true?

It’s not, but…

my heartshipper self is just as #alive as ever *coughs* I mean it’s still good!

Also, maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like the sentiment must have resonated with Kaiba, because this and not a threat are what got him to relent and let Yugi have his duel against Diva.

  • me yesterday: finally! after years of searching I have found The Bralette Of My Dreams: pretty lacy racerback, padded cups so the nips don't show, not too tight or loose, comes in peach AND black!
  • me today: whose body was trying these on bc they don't....... fit......
TalesFromYourServer: Table of 10 in tears.

I served a family of 10 tonite, two sets of grandparents, 2.5 sets of thier adult children and one 9 year old. One of the sons wives had just died, like just on Monday, and they were coming to eat after the funeral bc it was where the couple had their wedding reception four years ago. No one told me this.

I head to my 10 top in good spirits, “Hey yall Im D. Big group, we celebrating anything?” Man from the youngest couple responds – “No.” And my cache response is, “Thats okay! Just celebrating life then!” You can only imagine how many tears that brought. 5 minutes in and Ive managed to make half a table cry – but Im completely clueless as to why??! So I back off on the jolly sever routine and just take a bar order and let them settle in. Observing body language, I can start to see that everyone is paired up except one man, whos sitting with his arm around an empty chair - and then it dawns on me that someone - his partner- has died!

Well when the food comes out, the food runner doesnt realize he should skip the empty seat in the seat count. Really, its not his fault, the widower guy ordered a martini and a glass of wine for his wife – who would never ever drink it – and even had her purse slung over the chair. It was odd. The foodrunner must have asked if anyone was sitting in the chair, because everyone was in tears over their steaming steaks and lamb chops by the time I was able to rush over and sort the delivery out.

By the end both grandmothers had gotten drunk enough to call me over and apologize for being a group of mourning lunatics. Their daughter had only been sick for 6 months that they knew, and then passed away from ALS Monday. They both asked me about my wife and family and made me promise to never fight with them or hate them.

They all fought over the bill, but the main grandfather had given me his card before anyone even arrived – 110 on 560 but It could have been 5$ honestly. That was the saddest table of my life.

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So kind of piggy-backing off the last question - Who is your favorite sim in each family (Goths, Slaters, and Gardeners)? ^__^

Ooh, thank you!!

In the Goths I’d have to say Samuel because he’s a literal walking meme no matter what he does, in the Slaters it would have to be my precious little Ruby, and in the Gardners it’s definitely my little mushroom Nathan! (aka one of the most attractive sims I’ve ever had)

Thank you for asking this! ❤️

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)

neil and andrew’s first kiss is so important

it’s andrew giving in to an impulse he’s been fighting off because he knows deep down kissing neil would not be anything like kissing roland. because he cares about neil and he hates it but he knows that there’s no turning back now

it’s neil figuring out that he really does want this but still unsure if it’s worth the risk

it’s andrew saying ‘tell me no’ and neil not saying anything because he’s kind of in the middle of a crisis and he wants to kiss andrew, he doesn’t want to say ‘no’ but he can’t say ‘yes’ yet either

and it’s andrew pushing neil away even though he doesn’t tell him ‘no’ because he didn’t say ‘yes’ either and he knows that even if he had neil isn’t in any state of mind to be able to give consent

that kiss on the roof is the start of everything and andrew is terrified of falling but he’s really too late to stop it 

Alright so, I asked people to send me two Overwatch characters so that I could swap their outfits, and I got more than one reply. Which means THERE WILL BE MORE. And trust me, this one is cute but the rest are gonna be horrendous (for various reasons). I’m so excited. 

This lovely match-up brought to you by @miss-april-ego-radio . Thanks babe. 

does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

“I know the winter’s getting colder
But why, just ‘cause we’re a little older do
I relive it, I relive it
I’m peddling backwards
Even if I’m peddling alone
Can’t help it
I relive it, I relive it, oh”

Winter of Our Youth - Bastille [x]