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dating Newt Scamander would be like.?

  • You, him, and Leta are all friends in Hogwarts, drawn together by your outcast natures and love of magical creatures  
  • After Newt gets expelled, you two write each other letters every day
  • You miss him terribly when he’s away travelling 
  • He misses you too, so much more than he thought possible 
  • You’re waiting for him when he returns from his trip. You spend ages talking about his trip, even though you already know everything from his letters, just because you love hearing how passionate he is about his adventures
  • The time comes for him to leave for his next trip, and you’re saying goodbye before he boards his ship. He gets halfway up the gangplank before he stops, turns around and says “How would you feel about coming with me?”. You smile and tell him you thought he’d never ask. 
  • You were close before?? Well, that doesn’t compare to spending life in each other’s pockets, travelling and rescuing magical creatures as you go. 
  • The way you throw yourself into the trip and your natural curiosity about all the creatures makes him feel alive. 
  • Watching how careful and gentle he is with creatures that most wizards would kill as soon as see makes your pulse race. 
  •  The lines between intense friendship and a romantic relationship blur, and you almost slip into the latter without realising it
  • Only actually realising how your relationships look to other people when a wizard who’s offering you accommodation says “Here’s the room for you and your spouse, Mr Scamander.”  There’s much blushing, lingering eye contact and half finished sentences before the confusion is sorted 
  • “Are we dating? Not that I’m opposed to that, not at all, I’d love to be - I mean - would you like us to be?”
  • You would very much like to be
  • The conscious transition from friends to dating is awkward at first until you talk and decide to let whatever happens happen
  • After that, it’s a lot easier. You don’t feel like there’s any rush, it’s just about what happens naturally 
  • Your first kiss is really sweet and definitely worth the wait
  • Long days of working together, but enjoying every minute of it
  • Getting new creatures he discovers subtly named after you
  • He’s so awkwardly affectionate, and you adore it
  • He brushes your hair out of your face a lot. It takes your breath away every time
  • You’re the only person he trusts enough to look after all his creatures when he’s ill or otherwise unable to tend to them
  • Casually referring to any creatures that were born in your care as your ‘kids’ and then having to explain to people that you don’t actually have any children
  • Strolling through the case, hand in hand, checking on all the creatures
  • Just a lot of him playing with your hair really
  • Asking why the Erumpet gets a mating dance from him, but you don’t 
  • Patching each other up when one of you gets a little careless around a creature
  • Stealing his blue coat when you’re cold. He’s not even annoyed, just pulls the coat around you a little tighter and tucks you into his arms
  • Him reading his journal to you of all the creatures he’s ever found and studied
  • Reading every draft of his book, offering suggestions and possible edits to be as helpful as possible 
  • Forehead kisses
  • Being the only other person that Pickett is happy to be carried by
  • Cute little messy handwritten notes left on your work desk
  • 100%, without question, the sneaky, sneaky Niffler steals the ring just before Newt can propose. Newt invents looking into the camera like he’s on the office decades early when he realises what’s happened

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Let's stop and think about the fact that if Jason's mom hadn't abandoned him to Hera, there is a very real possiblity that him and Piper would've met before the series even started.

Thalia ran away because of what happened with Jason, right? So let’s imagine for a second that all of that never happened.

Thalia, Jason, and Piper would all be raised in Hollywood…

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These two were just adorable together.  Crossroads (2006) was a really good movie.  If you haven’t seen it and can; watch it.  I Netflixed then bought and regret nothing.  The ending falls a bit flat - not because it’s not a perfect happy ending, but because it just feels incomplete with a few too many storylines left dangling. (Seriously, wtf with his feet?  I thought for sure it would end up tying into his crisis of faith, but it just seemed to get forgotten in the last 20 or so minutes after having so much of the story revolve around his feet, which I find to be just as damned cute as the rest of his liferuining self.)  BUT I loved it.  Great cast; great chemistry between the love interests, Jacob Pitts and Amy Acker were both beautiful in it and it has Jacob Pitts and Amy Acker in it.  (I swear, in this scene she was so Fred I could have cried.  I miss Angel so much sometimes.)

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yooooo you know what i personally would love? A hamlet college au where Horatio is like some accounting major and hamlet is this ridiculous pretentious film major or something in the theater and they start out absolutely hating each other and go like enemies ->awkward acquaintances->friends->even more awkward boyfriends

And Ophelia is studying botany and has to deal with Hamlet’s endless rants about how annoying and smart this guy in his ethics class is and how dare he question the glory that is Nietzsche. 

But then they actually talk to each other bc of a project or something and both realize that ‘maaaaybe he’s not my worst enemy and is actually really wonderful and kind of hot.’ Hamlet starts noticing the flaws in his visions and philosophy and how he’s been blinded to people beyond the Top 2% live. Horatio stops thinking of him as “that rich-boy prick” and thinks that maybe beyond the pretentious exterior, Hamlet has a good heart. But they don’t really know how to interact with one another and it takes a very rocky acquaintanceship to get to friendship.

One late-night discussion turns into another. And another. And oh no Roz and Guidy I have to meet with a friend for dinner I can’t go to the party. Then it’s 3am and they are both hella drunk on fancy wine discussing the existence of ghosts.

The long-suffering Ophelia opens her door to a mopey Hamlet (is that not a constant state of existence for him?) and he flops on her bed crying bc “’Phelia he’s so smart and kind and he makes really good bread that he gave to me. What do I do?” She regrets all advice given a few weeks later when they are so awkwardly adorable, it’s embarrassing for her.


- you and joshua / jisoo hong will already be friends

- he embarrasses himself so easily and so often in front of you byE 

- don’t deny it he’s that embarrassing type who’s so awkwardly adorable what???? 

- he would always have that awkward laugh and eye-smile awww while he’s rubbing the back of his neck aWWW i can so imagine this bYE 

- so you sit behind joshua in class and you know him as that quiet, smart, yet handsome boy 

- you would always think of him as a cat like aww his eyes and lips 

- joshua would always glance behind to look at you and you always catch him, like boy uR TOO OBVIOUS STOP

- he would like “stretch” and turn his head around to look at you but immediately look away when you look at him with raised brows and an amused smile

- he would blush but clear his throat and remain calm while writing down his notes

- the thing is his hands got really clammy o 


- he’s the class president im crying

- but he’s always curious about you??? like you’ve noticed but you don’t say anything because it’s actually really cute that joshua cares a lot about you 

- and the fact that he’s kind, sweet, and hANDSOME

-  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- when you get up from your seat, joshua almost trips when he walks next to you

- you notice his stumble and snort slightly

- but then you feel a bit bad because he looks at you with a pink face and blinking eyes

- he’s so cute friCK ME

- he takes your bag for you and smiles at you because 

- he’s a gentleman and when he likes someone, he will bE THE ULTIMATE GENTLEMAN 

- you’d be thankful and just smile back, walking with him to lunch 

- he eats lunch with you and his friends and your friends

- he takes a lot– i repeat, A LOT– of glances at you

- your friends notice

- but being you, you just focus completely on your food

- your friends are crying because you’re so oblivious it hurts

- after eating, you stand up to throw your garbage away

- wow surprise, joshua finishes the same time

- wow


- all of your and joshua’s friends are literally like jUST DATE ALREADY FFS

- you just smile at him and walk with him, throwing your trash out and walking out of the caf because you both wanted fresh air

- well you did

- and joshua just went with you

- joshua would always nervously flip his brown hair and fix it when you’re not looking aww

- he would always lick his lips nervously as well, like omg shes beside ME

- you would walk around the school campus with him and just chat about school and sports 

- joshua would pretend to be surprised with some of the information like, “oh you play volleyball? I didn’t know! Wow, you’re amazing!” 


- he gets pink and embarrassed b/c he’s caught

- before he tries to change the topic

- he trips over a rock and falls down, grabbing onto your arm, thus, pulling you down with him 

- you fall on top of him wow cliche but you do and he’s so shocked


- you just laugh out loud like o m g what am i going to do with his kid

- joshua doesn’t know what to do

- he’s like a fish out of water


- he’s just staring at you with his eyes, looking into yours and his mouth, opening and closing

- you just laugh, because his cheeks turn even more red AWWW

- you get off of him and help him up 

- joshua immediately regretted not kissing you aww

- he just avoids your eyes bc he’s so goDDAMN EMBARRASSED 

- “sorry,” he would mumble softly and look down on the ground while his face is still cherry-red

- you would just smile and wave it off, “it’s okay. it happens.”  that joshua always fALLS OR SOMETHING IN FRONT OF YOU 

- he looks at you and just shyly chuckles

- you’re just like HES SO CUTE???

- so you just reach out and pinch his cheeks

- he’s looking at you with wide, confused eyes

- you just grin and lean up, kissing the tip of his nose

- “you’re so cute!” you’d say, laughing




- then at night, he googles, 

- “what a nose kiss means” 

- “do people love you if they kiss your nose” 

- “does a nose kiss mean im friendzoned” 

- “friendzone actions” 

- “am i friendzoned if…” 

- next day at school, he’s nERVOUS ASF BC OF THAT ONE LITTLE NOSE KISS LIKE 

- you’re just casually sitting down already when he walks in 

- you look at him and just grin, waving, “hey!” 

- joshua goes red aww

- “h-hey,” joshua would chuckle, then makE A REALLY?? WEIRD??? HAND GESTURE??? IM LAUGHING SO HARD LIKE??? I CAN SO IMAGINE THIS

- then you’d look at his hand and look back at his face like ???/

- he looks at his hand and just clears his throat and blush harder, shaking his hand and just awkwardly chuckling

- you’d just laugh behind your hand and watch as joshua laughs as well

- he sits down in front of you then his whole face becomes red aGAIN

- “What was that?!! What did I do?!! Why??!! she thinks i’m weird now!!” 

- he’d be the type to accidentally blurt out his thoughts ahhahaah awwww 

- you’d hear him and just smile, tapping his shoulder

- he slowly turns around with a clueless, blinking face

- you would gesture him to come closer

- he slowly inches closer to you

- you pretend to whisper something in his ear

- but instead of a whisper, you kiss his cheek


- you just laugh and be like, “joshua, you’re so adorable. you’re weird, but that’s why I like you.” 

- joshua almost faints like oh lord

- but he manages to flash a shy smile and whisper, “I like you too.” 


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

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What about Jellal? (the character ship thing)

My true top pairing for him is Jellal x Self Love, but that’s cracky even for me


My NOTP: More sadness

My BROTP: Meredy

My OTP: It’s probably still Jerza now that I’m thinking about it. They are just so awkwardly adorable.

My second choice pairing: Jeredy

My fluffy pairing: Jeredy as well 

My angsty pairing: Jerik

My favourite poly ship: Jellal x Lucy x Gray (How this happened I do not know)

My weirdest pairing: Jellal x Freed

Thanks for asking ^-^

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I haven’t seen the video of this moment on tumblr yet…. So here you go~


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Do u think Joker does Harley's hair sometimes like ya know in pigtails, and if he messes up do U think Harley would be ok with it

I think Harley does her own hair most of the time, but that’s probably because the few times she’s asked for help with it J didn’t do the best job lol

Harley: *looks in the mirror* Puddin’! Why is one pigtail practically on the top of my head and the other one has 3 strands of hair in it?!

J: Because I have no idea what I’m doing...”

Harley: *heavy sigh* At least ya honest, honey…”

Starbucks Barista Rey AU Part 2

Au where rey is a barista and kylo is the doctor who comes every day for his Americano

“So, where’s McDreamy?” Finn asked Rey as she came out of the Starbucks bathroom. She had just changed out of her Starbucks uniform and into a slate colored dress.

 “He’s going to be here in a few minutes – Did you just call him McDreamy? Are you seriously stealing nicknames from Grey’s Anatomy?”


 Rey rolled her eyes, but before she could retort, Ben walked in. His eyes lit up in a way that made her stomach do somersaults. He looked at her like she was the most radiant thing in the room. As he approached her, he said, “Rey, you look beautiful.”

 Rey blushed softly, “Oh thank you, Ben. You look really great too.” She had never seen him dressed so casually before. Instead of his usual tie, slacks, and button down shirts, he was wearing dark (delightfully tight) jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer. In a weird way, it was kind of hot to see him dressed like a regular person rather than in his usual business-esque attire. Now that she thought about it, this would be the first time he saw her out of her Starbucks uniform. She wondered if he was having a similar reaction.

 “What are you two lovebirds going to do for your date?” Finn said from behind the counter.

 “He won’t tell me,” Rey said with a playful pointed look at Ben.

 “It’s a surprise,” Ben said teasingly in return.

 “You two are disgusting,” Finn said, fake gagging.

 Rey shot him a glare, “Goodbye, Finn.”

 “Bye! Have fun on your date.”


“Can I open my eyes now?”

 “No. Just one more second… Okay, now.”

 Rey blinked her eyes open. They were standing in his living room and a blanket and picnic basket was set up on the floor with some pillows tucked on the edge, presumably to sit on or lean back against. A couple candles were lit. “Did you make dinner for us?”

 “Yes,” he said, a tad sheepishly, “I thought it would be fun to go on a picnic, but it’s a bit too cold for that now so,” he awkwardly (but adorably) gestured around him, “… indoor picnic.” He paused. “Do you like it?”

 “Absolutely,” Rey said with a bright smile, “it’s so romantic and sweet.”

 A look of relief flickered on his face. “Great. I’m glad.”

 They both settled on to the blanket. Ben opened up the basket and pulled out two champagne flutes. “Champagne?” Rey asked.

 “Yes… Why? Too much?”

 Rey bit her lip to prevent laughter from escaping. She couldn’t help but find his nervousness incredibly endearing, especially since he usually seemed so unflappable. “Oh god no. I love champagne.”

 He smiled as he poured her a glass and handed it to her. “I was hoping you would.”

She took a sip and relished the bubbly and sweet taste. “So what did you make for dinner?”

“Well,” Ben said as he began to pull out plates, “I made quite a few things…”


“I’m stuffed.”

 “Too full for dessert?”

 “What is it?”

 “Strawberries and whip cream.”

 “… hand it over.”

 “I’m going to have to get up to do that.” Rey was curled up beside Ben with his arm around her as they both leaned back against the couch from the floor. Ben watched as she scrunched her nose in a manner that suggested that the idea was not pleasant to her. He chuckled. “I’ll be quick.”

 Rey grumbled but didn’t protest. Ben pulled away from her and plucked the picnic basket from the floor. He took out the strawberries and whip cream before sinking back beside her. He placed the plate of strawberries on the floor by their legs. After dipping one of the strawberries, he picked up a strawberry and held it out for her. “Here you go.”

 Ben had expected her to grab it from him, but instead she ate it right from his hand. “Mmm, that tastes good.” Rey leaned over, took a strawberry, dipped it in whip cream, and held it out for him. She gave him a vaguely suggestive look.

 Ben quirked a curious eyebrow at her before taking the strawberry into his mouth. It was sweet and very delicious.

 “You got a little…” Rey wiped the corner of his mouth with her thumb. She licked the whip cream off her finger, her eyes never leaving his.

 Ben noticed a small smudge of whip cream on her lips. “You do too.” Feeling a little bold, Ben pressed his lips to hers in a light kiss. He felt her arms snake around his neck, bringing them closer together. Ben placed a hand on her waist, caressing her side gently. He sucked her bottom lip and then broke the kiss. “Got it,” he whispered.

 Rey scrunched up her face again before crashing her lips against his. This was a far more intense kiss. Fiery and passionate, the two became a tangle of limbs as the kiss deepened. Eventually, they ended up with Rey resting her head in the crook of his neck with his arms around her. They both were panting slightly.

 “I have a question.”

 “What is it, Rey?”

 “Why did you ask me out? I mean, you’re a doctor. I’m a college student who works at Starbucks to help pay off my student loans.”

 “That’s irrelevant,” Ben said matter-of-factly. “I don’t know. The first time I saw you, I just thought, ‘I really need to talk to that woman.’” He paused, a little hesitant to continue. “At the risk of sounding cheesy, when I saw you, it was almost like I was seeing the sun for the first time.”

 He couldn’t see her face, but he could feel her smile against his skin.